Baby coloring book for kids 2+ Reviews

Baby coloring book for kids 2+ Reviews

Published by on 2023-02-27

About: Creative and educational game for children that will help your child spend time
with an electronic device effectively. Let your child feel like a real artist.

About Baby coloring book

All the activities were developed with participation of experts in the field of children education and include such educational elements as developing of fine motor skills and logic.

Creative and educational game for children that will help your child spend time with an electronic device effectively.

The app includes coloring activity which is friendly to the youngest as well as drawing lessons intended to develop fine motor skills.

Also, the app contains pictures on different topics which will entertain your child with fascinating sounds and funny characters.

The app is designed for children of preschool age and also suitable for boys and girls 2- 4 years old.

Let your child feel like a real artist.


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Key Benefits of Baby coloring book

- Provides endless hours of enjoyment for toddlers and kids.

- Simple illustrations that are easy to color.

- App is colorful and cool.

- App is satisfying and easy to get into.

- Provides a variety of coloring pages for animals and wallpapers.

- Glittery card colors are available.

- Suitable for all ages, including adults and teens.

20 Baby coloring book Reviews

4.3 out of 5


Toddler Absolutely Loves This

My toddler has fallen in love with Babycoloringbook. We got an iPad Pro for Christmas with an Apple Pencil and Babycoloringbook has provided endless hours of enjoyment for her. She’s a none stop babbling ball bliss while coloring all of these wonderful and simple illustrations.

If I may make 1 suggestion though. Provide an option that randomly selects a color at the start of a drawing? I’ve noticed almost all of her coloring is done in the default red. While this is fine, some randomization may be welcome to allow for a more colorful experience for those kids that are on the younger side. She forgets a lot of the time to select new colors and until she grasps that a randomizer I think would be great. Maybe even an option that randomly selects a new color every time the hand or pencil is lifted?

Love Babycoloringbook . You guys have given here lots of smiles and fun.


Fun app but can’t exit a drawing

Babycoloringbook has a good coloring mechanism for 2 year olds that keeps them coloring in the lines, however, can’t figure out how to exit a stupid picture when we’re done coloring, need to force quit Babycoloringbook every time I was to select a new animal to color. Horrible UI design...

Edit: thanks for the response but even my 2 year old would know to find a green Done button in the upper left corner. This button doesn’t exist in iPad Pro 11 inch. There’s a green down arrow thing in the upper right corner (above the pencils) but it’s not tappable.

Changing to 4 stars in hopes they will fix this bug.



I love this game so much! Even though I just started it. But some thing I want a little bit added so you know that when you color and animal or some thing and when you finish and go to another drawing, and you have a a bucket that you used with the other painting it just goes back to the fat marker. So please make it so on a drawing that last material you were using you can use that same thing on your new drawing. And this game is so colorful and cool. But like when you finish all the drawings could you make it so more drawings appear? But anyways this game is so fun and amazing everyone should start to rate this game FIVE 🌟’s because this game is AMAZING it’s so hard to tell you! I hope a lot of people see this message so they know to rate Babycoloringbook five star’s and that’s the end of my rating! I ❤️ this game.



Babycoloringbook is amazingI highly recommend it it’s amazing for kids babies ages and even adults and teens any kind of age and it’s satisfying and you just get into it it
I literally downloaded Babycoloringbook for my baby sister but she didn’t play with it and I was the one who finished feel like pictures and stuff like that it’s really really really really really really really good and I so so so so so so so love it it’s all good so when your first download it you just get the coloring pages for the animals but you have to pay just a little bit of money to get all the wallpapers all the pictures all the colors and like glittery card colors it’s just amazing


Sweetly Fun Colorings!!!!

My Second Daughter The 4 years old Was Playing This Beacause She Thinks its fun. She Colored a Full Coloring Sheet. All the Coloring Were cute to Her, Even Of the Sweet app Made My Daughter Play it Every time. If it was Fun She Does this face Every time. This face😛. If love this Game Then I rate Babycoloringbook. so The coloring were Sweet to her. She Color all the Sheets
She was Coloring Nothing By doing this Face. She Draw her Face in The sweet App (This Face🤭) She Was Crazy Drawing 📝. Then My First Daughter The 6 Years old Came to play she Drawed Beautiful. Anyways She call Babycoloringbook Just Good for doing This Face 😐 But She never played Beacause it Was Boring But my Second Daughter Played it. My 4 years old Child Favorite color is Yellow 💛.....She Colored Everything Yellow.


GREAT app BUT...

This is a great app that really helps my baby learn to use her fingers & helps her identify with colors. Also helps her focus & understand her hand & fingers are the ones that are making the changes she is seeing. She gets really excited & starts to clap lol. My only complaint, well recommendation is that there should be an option to lock the phone on only Babycoloringbook because she continuously closes Babycoloringbook & is inside or other things in my phone. When I’m driving it’s not so easy to get back to Babycoloringbook . I’m going to get her a tablet but I have the X Plus which has a great screen. Any who that’s my recommendation ;)


Unable to restore purchases across family sharing

After many attempts of restoring the full price version, installing and uninstalling, turning on and off family sharing, restarting the iPad, I’m contacting the developers for a refund. We recently set up an older iPad for our child with a family sharing account and no amount going through the proper steps gets it to work. Over all it’s an okay app that’ll keep a kid entertained for a decent amount of time but the thought of having to purchase the full app again may want to stop some parents if they’re using apps across multiple devices.

Edit: reached out to developer and no response. Don’t wasn’t your money on Babycoloringbook as the developers will not respond to any issues you may have.



This game is pretty good because I’m 7 and I like it sure it says baby 👶 coloring but who cares, if you like to color get this game. But you see everything is locked 🔒 except the animals so I wanna know if you could change that, if I could I would ask my mom but, I’m not at home 🏡 I’m at house my big bro’s aunt house. So if you can change that, I would be happy 😊 so read this please and can you change that to? Thank you 🦄 written by: Charlotte Presley. Thank you for reading this it’s very important to me so this was my review of the game thanks for reading.


Almost a perfect drawing app for kids

My two year old daughter loves Babycoloringbook. She plays it every day and it works great with her off brand pencil. It’s easy enough for her to navigate and she likes all of the different choices for colors and designs. Losing just one star because every time I go into Babycoloringbook I have to go into parental settings and turn off the music so it doesn’t drive me insane. Please save this choice to user defaults so I don’t have to do it every time. I’m a mother of three. It’s too much noise lol. Thank you kindly!


I love it ❤️

Omg 😱 is this week to go get off Twitter this one ☝️ has a little time in here today so I’m gonna I wanna is your way I am in here for the day and I’m not gonna it right lol 😝 night I did too many kids in my house 🏠 is this time Sunday dinner 🍽 I have been here and I’m not gonna I’m gonna was it the way we did this weekend after I had dinner 🍽 night was a fun time and a lot for kids so I’m gonna was it really bad for me lol 😝 has a great 👍🏾 and you know I gotta you love 💗 is it a little one ☝️ here has come so much for you you can just


Best game for my little sister

Babycoloringbook is perfect for her because all she does all day is color. She loves this game so much that she screams when it is time to turn off the iPad. Babycoloringbook is helping her color even better. Even tho she is a 4 year old she loves it . The people that made this game should make more games like this . If you get a chance please try to get back to me on some ideas of new games. I would love to hear them.~ sometimes when she is sleeping I play this game~.


Love the features!

No ads or external links. So many color options, so many design options. Well worth $7 to unlock the full version. Even worth $2 to unlock specific sections. Only complaint, the dinos are too cartoony and we can’t tell what they are. My 3 y/o Dino obsessed boy can identify 12 dinos, but only 3 of the ones in app, so he doesn’t feel like their Dino, more dragon. But he still has fun so no stars down!


Granddaughter loves this coloring game, however...

I bought 4 of the different coloring games at $1.99 each, not realizing I could buy ALL of them for $7.99!! I didn’t see the option to buy the FULL VERSION or I would have done that!! is there anyway of getting ALL of them? Without paying the extra, since I’ve already paid $7.96 for the 4 I purchased individually? I got Robots, Princesses, Animals and Dinosaurs! Not sure HOW i missed seeing the FULL VERSION? I’m disappointed and don’t want to spend another $7.99 on top of the $7.96 I spent when I could have gotten ALL of them for .03 cents more than what Ive already paid.


Great app for toddlers except for inability to lock

This is a great app for my toddler grandson to play with. It helps develop his attention to detail and the order in which he has to perform simple tasks to get the colors he wants. I found from instructions provided with another app that any app on iPhone or iPad can be locked open so it is the only one being used. Go to Settings->General->Accessibility->Guided Access to turn on the ability to lock the IOS device on whatever app you choose.


Granny loves it!

Got Babycoloringbook for my 3 year old granddaughter while staying with her waiting on her new baby sister. Right away I knew it was a winner so bought all the extras. It is a lot of fun! I have been coloring every night myself after she goes to sleep. I am 58 and was thinking this would be something great to try at the rest homes I visit. She loves the princesses best. Hope they add more pictures. Maybe farm animals. I would love quilts…just saying. Lol. I think it’s cool!


Easy but fun

Game is just so much fun I literally play it every day and like I don’t even know like it like you get colors of you like you get to pick your team but the thingGame Game is just so much fun I literally play it every day and like I don’t even know you get colors to choose and if you get to pick your team but the thing if the by the Certainteed like if your Christmas want to say that’s the best thing ever that this came in so I filled everything wanted in and it staded


Great App. Not Family Sharing Friendly for Unlock

I think this is a wonderful app. My son has a great time doing the coloring. So much so that I bought the full version.

The only issue I had is that I want to family share the unlocked version with my wife’s iPad and unlocking is an in-app purchase. It would be really great if the full unlocked version could be a separate app purchase.


Unable to restore FULL VERSION

My baby girl LOVES Babycoloringbook! I purchased the full version on September 16th 2020. Today my 2 year old started crying so I went to check on her. She was upset she couldn’t access the other drawings so I tried to restore it but it just kept loading. I checked under purchase on Babycoloringbook Store and it said purchased but i don’t know how to restore it. Do I have to buy it again or what?


My niece and nephew love this app!!

I downloaded Babycoloringbook for my two year old niece and nephew along with a couple other of your games and they absolutely adore it! It’s great and educational as I often ask them what color they want to use next as I point to the color palette. Overall a great game and I would recommend for any parent who is looking for a fun game game for their kid!


Awesome!!! For even elderly adults!

Downloaded just the free coloring app. After a few days, my grandson wanted more colors to choose from and more pics. I ended up buying the full version and even grow ups are using Babycoloringbook now. I agree with a past reviewer about the sound. The elevator music is annoying! But Babycoloringbook itself is amazing!!! Highly recommend it for children!!!


Full Erase Option?

Both my daughter and I love Babycoloringbook, especially after buying the full version. What I don't care for is how time consuming it is to clear the pages she's already colored. It would be awesome if parents had the option of clearing all colored photos at once instead of having to clear them one by one, especially since my daughter latches on to one group at a time and wants to constantly redo all the one's she's already colored


NEEDS music and sound toggle

My kids absolutely love this. However, I hate that I can’t toggle the obnoxious sound effects and music off. My kids could play this for hours on a road trip but ultimately I shut it off for them when I can’t stand the music anymore (my kids can toggle the volume on the iPad)


My 2 year old daughter loves it!

My only negative feedback is that Babycoloringbook supports Family Sharing but not the in-app purchases. I got the full version on my phone & now that my daughter has an iPad I’d like to remove Babycoloringbook from my phone. I don’t wanna buy the full version again.


Why bother with family sharing?

They only offer a full version through an in-app purchase, which is ineligible for Family Sharing. If you have multiple children and want them all to have full access, it’s $8 each. Not worth it at all.
IF they offered a direct purchase of the full version AND it was compatible with Family Sharing, only then would Babycoloringbook be worth the price.


One slight issue

Alright this game is fun but for the developers: please please please fix this lag in the game the lag is that when you go to animals and start to mess with the background this lag happens and it's really annoying (you'll see if you get it)

Is Baby coloring book Safe?

Yes. Baby coloring book for kids 2+ is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 347,528 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.3/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Baby coloring book Is 59.7/100.

Is Baby coloring book Legit?

Yes. Baby coloring book for kids 2+ is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 347,528 Baby coloring book for kids 2+ User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Baby coloring book Is 64.3/100..

Is Baby coloring book for kids 2+ not working?

Baby coloring book for kids 2+ works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Pricing Plans

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Monthly Subscription $7.99

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