Adult Coloring Book - Pigment Reviews

Adult Coloring Book - Pigment Reviews

Published by on 2023-12-11

About: = = = Coloring is a great way to pass time and reduce stress & anxiety. Just 10
minutes of coloring can provide the same benefits as meditation.

About Adult Coloring Book

What is Adult Coloring Book? Pigment is an award-winning coloring app that provides a unique coloring experience to its users. It offers thousands of coloring pages, access to exclusive content from Marvel, and a variety of coloring tools. The app is designed to help users reduce stress and anxiety, practice mindfulness, enhance concentration, and encourage creativity.



- The largest artwork collection available with over 7,000 professionally illustrated pages. Over 600 pages for free users.

- New coloring pages added daily, and new books added every week.

- Access to exclusive Marvel content.

- Simulates pencil, markers, and paintbrush strokes for a realistic coloring experience.

- More than 25 kinds of coloring tools, including Colored Pencil, Marker, Paint Brush, Glitter, Pastel, Airbrush, Watercolor, Wood Grain, Blender, Circle Brush, Plasma, Splatter, Oil, Pattern Fill, Fade, Bloom, and more.

- "Tap-to-fill" and traditional coloring modes.

- An unlimited number of colors available using the color wheel and innovative shade control slider.

- Professional color palettes available, or create and save your own.

- Premium Access provides unlimited access to the entire library, premium brushes, and exclusive color palettes.

- Pigment Gallery to share your work and see pages colored by others.

- Share your work by printing pages, through email, text, Facebook, Instagram, Pigment Gallery, and other social networks.

- Fully supports finger, Apple Pencil, and third-party stylus inputs.

- Adjust pressure, direction, and size of stroke using Apple Pencil.

The app offers a free trial for Premium Access, which costs $4.99 USD per week for the weekly plan, $9.99 USD per month for the monthly plan, and $59.99 USD per year (58% discount off the monthly plan) for the yearly plan. The app's Privacy Policy and Terms of Use can be found on the developer's website.

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Key Benefits of Adult Coloring Book

- No contest, hands down, the best coloring app out there if you want a real coloring book experience without hauling your coloring books and tools around with you.

- Makes use of the apple pencil, it feel like coloring.

- Well designed interface, different brushes/fills/colors and basic controls.

- Ability to save a work in progress to finish it later.

- Additional two brushes have been unlocked along with two palettes and a bunch of premium pages.

24 Adult Coloring Book Reviews

4.6 out of 5


Great Program, missing feature

I guess this is a 4.8 star program for me. It’s amazing in so many ways!! I love the open tableau and freedom to color without numbers or a predetermined color palette. You can select your own and even only use the most recent colors, so when you move the dial to change the shade, you don’t have to remember where it was on the line, just go to recently used colors.
Wishes: the program would be better if you could use Freehand or Advanced to color ON TOP of the lines rather than just over them. There’s a picture of a girl with freckles... I can’t get rid of the freckles. I can highlight them, I can color match them, but I can’t erase them or change the color of the tiny black freckles dotting a large swath of area under each eye. I would also like for the blank tableau to have object recognition for the full function. If I draw a circle, I would like for the fill function to be useable to fill in the circle I just drew. That would be nice on the regular pictures too. It would make creating scenery easier.
But back to the 4.8 rating. I LOVE the free brushes and Greatly appreciate that oil is one of the default brushes along with blend. I love the amount of tweaking you can do to brush size and opacity. I Love the fill function features especially the one where you can make little blurry bubbles. I love the amount of freedom mixed with structure that allows me to look like I know how to paint 😁


Best Coloring App

No contest, hands down, the best coloring app out there if you want a real coloring book experience without hauling your coloring books and tools around with you. I’ve tried a bunch. Tap and color isn’t coloring - for me, anyway. It’s cool for my 3 year old granddaughter so it’s nice to have that option, but Pigment really makes use of the apple pencil, it feel like coloring. I debated for months whether to purchase AdultColoringBook for the year. I went through the 7 stages and was hung up on anger for quite some time. The free version actually does give you a lot to do - all you need really if you are just using it for stress relief or to pass timed. I LOVE being able to import my granddaughters coloring book pages. That way, we can take the best of them with us! You are limited to the number of images you can import with the free version so that finally pushed me over the edge. I understand those who think this is a high cost app - I’d never pay 10/mo. But 5? I talked myself into it. Honestly, for how much you get with the premium, I don't regret paying. I’ve paid much more for much less. I use AdultColoringBook every day and now I can use any coloring page I want, use any coloring medium, import to my heart’s content and even create my own color palettes. Super in my book - both free and premium.


Love this app!

This is a great app for anyone old or young! I think this is one of the best apps I've found. I like that you can actually color instead of just point and click. You can choose to do automatic where you don't have to worry about going outside lines. This is great for when you are in the car or you can do free hand and it's just like coloring on paper. There is a cost if you want to have access to all the colors and types of ink/styles, but I think it is worth it. It gives me the satisfaction of coloring/relaxing yet lets me save a ton of money on all the gel pens and colored pencils I go through. It's also mu.) better on my eyes because you can enlarge and turn to whatever angle you want. I had gotten so that I needed to wear reading glasses because some of these coloring books have such small detail. Lastly the best part is that I can upload pics from my favorite coloring books and do them over and over again. Plus if I make a mistake or choose a color that I don't care for I can just erase. If you like to color as much as I do, You have got to get AdultColoringBook. Especially if you have the IPad Pro and pencil... it's a dream. The only thing I wish were different would be the glitter option. I love to use glitter pens IRL so I wish this. Would sparkle and stand out more, but I still like to use it. Hope this helps anyone considering paying for AdultColoringBook.


Incredible and worth every penny!

AdultColoringBook gets my first review out of the hundreds I have downloaded over the past 10 years. I recently upgraded my iPad Air 2 to the new Pro 10.5 and after some easy convincing to myself, purchased the Apple Pencil, (After not having success with Wacom and Adonit pens). Please note that I sampled the majority of coloring books in AdultColoringBook Store and none come close to Pigment. I am not an artist by a long shot and lack the practice and skill to draw/sketch freehand. I was intimidated at first being new to coloring apps but quickly caught on to the well designed interface, different brushes/fills/colors and basic controls. On my 2nd day, I was creating the most amazing drawings and already posting to their gallery. I’m not sure the experience on older IPad models and different stylus but my current setup is near flawless, has no lag and is precise. I am in love with AdultColoringBook and not only is it satisfying to bring a drawing to life, but also provides me with a therapeutic comfort at the end of the day.

For those complaining about the price, it’s worth packing a lunch to work a few times a month, (or whatever method you chose), to offset the cost. That’s what I’m doing! I’m so happy with AdultColoringBook and know that it will offer me a sense of satisfaction for a long time to come.


Going downhill fast!

I have been a user of AdultColoringBook for years but the latest update seems very buggy. I start coloring a work but may have to set the iPad aside for some reason or another, and when I come back later not only is it no longer colored but is no longer even showing up in the “my work” section as my ever having started, and I am unable to download the image again without upgrading to a paid subscription. For years there was a way to watch a video and be able to download any page but that seems to have been removed in the most recent version. I am also no longer able to get any response from the customer support team on any of their social media platforms, by email, or even on the support/community board when they had always been so responsive before. It is very disappointing, and does exactly give a warm feeling about paying $60 a year for AdultColoringBook to get features that used to be free. The ability to save a work in progress to finish it later is basic functionality that even the most basic coloring apps can manage to do successfully, so to see that Pixite no longer cares to even get that part of AdultColoringBook right is disheartening



EDIT: I still want better syncing. Why can’t my colored pages be stored ON my iPad? Why oh why oh why do I need internet to use this?! PLEASE give us offline coloring. Super annnoying.

EDIT: Always syncing. I’ve deleted so many pages that are half colored, but it is still always syncing. Sometimes, only one page loads during syncing, and it’s one that is already complete, so I have nothing to color. Is there any way to get pages to store on my iPad, or stop syncing completed pages... or SOMETHING?! Super annoying. PREVIOUS: I love AdultColoringBook so much. I have an iPad with a Pencil, and it’s really like actual coloring, except better, because I don’t have to have a bunch of colored pencils or worry about sharpening! Paying customer... and you get to keep pages you’ve colored and palettes you’ve created after your subscription has ended, which I thank you for. I think that’s fair, and I wasn’t sure how it would work, so I appreciate that you we get to keep what we created while we were paying. FIXED! Thank you!! My only complaint is the new 2-finger undo. My hand triggers it ALL THE TIME (so annoying!), and there’s no toggle to turn it off, or no special pencil awareness that maybe someone using a Pencil will be resting her hand on the tablet. Improving palm sensors and adding a toggle to turn off 2-finger undo will make me give this 5 stars.


I LOVE the app

My thoughts of updates: so I was thinking why not add a animation book where it’s like a live book where it moves and you color it! (I suggest this was all free with no premium) and a animation pfp (profile pciture) Some issues I have is I always get the daily colorings late like when I wanna draw the daily I would always head to daily and it’s not even pop it! That would happen every day and I’m not starting to like it and when I get on my account it would say “make an account and get likes” like I never made an account! (My name is on my account is!: honey boba) I hate this bug and it frustrates me I wish it would go away idk if it’s a glitch cause at one a clock it would be there! I hate this and I wish it would go away somethings I hate when I post a picture: I would see people making BIG caps in. Their descriptions and it won’t let me do it! I figured it out all you do it press return but it won’t show up for when I post a picture! Is this a bug? And I would be dealing with it when I want to surprise people and like make stories and all but it’s just always frustrating me!


An utter disappointment for a previously amazing game

I had downloaded AdultColoringBook years ago, and I fell absolutely in love. Amazing brushes and amazing and beautiful pages to brush on, and back then you could unlock a premium page by watching an ad so that not only are you accessing beautiful pages, but also the developers will get money from the ads I watched. Unfortunately the phone I had downloaded AdultColoringBook on got messed up so I had to leave the phone and game behind.

Decided to download it yesterday and felt so excited to finally try AdultColoringBook that took me by storm in the past; and I have to say I was astonished, and not in a good way. Tried to use different pages but nope; paywall. In fact, every single page is behind a paywall except for the daily free ones and only 1 from different categories, and they are usually the most basic pages. At the least make the free pages good ones. I was very disappointed; I’m a student living in my parents’ home so I can’t afford $60 per year! Deleted AdultColoringBook right away, I cannot believe how horribly downgraded AdultColoringBook became. I feel sorry for anyone who didn’t experience AdultColoringBook when it wasn’t money hungry


Unleash your creativity with the BEST coloring app.

Pigment is absolutely the best coloring and art app out there. I have tried both Lake and Drawing Desk in their premium or paid modes, and neither compares to Pigment. With Pigment you can use your digital skills to create your own pieces, or use one of their many collections of curated coloring pages. They offer amazing tutorials that can quickly teach you how to make your work as impressive as the pros. There is a great community of folks who publish their work daily. AdultColoringBook also has a terrific way you can view other people’s work on that same page for inspiration. There are many little tricks that make working digitally so rewarding. I highly recommend viewing some of the tutorials to get you started so you can quickly begin to take advantage of all the incredible aspects of AdultColoringBook. That’s what I did and I was able to hit the ground running. Now I am a daily user. Frankly, I couldn’t do without it.


I’m having a lot of problems

So I try to do the daily coloring page but when I see it in the gallery it and I hit color page it says I have to pay for it so I hit no to book and it isn’t even in the daily book yet meaning it was for that day and it doesn’t show up until hours later when I’m not even on AdultColoringBook anymore and then the next day it won’t let me color it anymore. (This is a personal problem this doesn’t happen to anyone I know who also uses AdultColoringBook so please don’t let this stop you from getting AdultColoringBook I really like it but do keep in mind that though they are starting to give no none premium more brushes there is only 4 pencil marker oil and blender which are really good so please don’t let that stop you) also some of the pages are glitching out when I try to draw them the mermaid greyscale one I try to color it and I have tried reloading AdultColoringBook but it glitches and the tale goes to where the stomach should be and they switch spots. One of belle just goes completely blank and is black and I can’t color it any more but only the coloring page goes blank I can still exit out of the page can you please help me fix this issues I really like this game but this is starting to happen more and more.


Even more features gone

Update to the update: I have been using (and enjoying) AdultColoringBook for years so I am very familiar with it. I don’t know if there is some kind of glitch with mine because until the latest update I had 5 brushes available to me for free but then after the update only had two: marker and pencil. You said in your response an additional two brushes have been unlocked along with two palettes and a bunch of premium pages. I just went to check and I still have only marker and pencil available to use. I also have no new palettes unlocked and I don’t see any new pages unlocked (I did not look at them all, just scrolled through). I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it made no difference. I’m not sure why I’m not seeing the features I should be.

Update: got the same generic answer from the developer everyone gets. Pretty sure they didn’t even read what I wrote because nothing I said was addressed. Went on today and found that my favorite free brushes (airbrush, circle, paintbrush) are now premium too. So many other subscription apps are offering discounts or full use for free due to the pandemic and people being out of work. Not this one! They make less available for free while keeping the price the same. Will be deleting AdultColoringBook.


A Minor Review made by a Minor

This game is really fun, but I do have one complaint. That complaint is that the player has to subscribe and pay monthly to do all of the colorings which have diamonds on them. You’d also have to subscribe to use more things to make it look better, like different styles and tools. All in all though, this game is really fun! It is very relaxing and posting it and seeing that people actually like your work and that you can be originally creative is amazing. This game is not just a coloring game for me, it’s much deeper. I’m socially awkward and have low self esteem, this game didn’t require social interactions and really helped me boost my self esteem and it is now higher than before. Before I was a social wreck with no friends and now I’m high-self-esteemed person with friends and goals... and more than one follower, which is a person improvement and a reached goal for me. You guys and girls should totally try this game! Be creative and non-social! This game has recommendation from a fellow teenager! GET THIS GAME!!! 🤣🤩🥳👍🏼


I love it! (revised)

A month or so ago, I decided to go for it and bought a subscription. I have not regretted it since. Besides the wonderful coloring features of AdultColoringBook, it brings along with it a community of friendly, creative, beautiful people! I was immediately welcomed with open arms and have met some awesome people, who are very supportive and encouraging. I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds for this amazing coloring app!

Original Review:

I loved it until...the latest update. I'd been going through and coloring all of the free pictures and using the fills that were available, such as Serpentine and Graphite. Since AdultColoringBook was updated on July 18th, they took away access to those fills and only left us with solid fill, fade and bloom. This was so disappointing because those fills allowed me to add a different kind of background to my picture since there are no effects or filters available. I expect I'll be uninstalling, unfortunately, since I can't pay the subscription fee right now.


The BEST coloring book app!

Pigment is one of the best if not the best coloring app I have found. Most apps I’ve tried limit you by only having fill options and no brushes that allow you to create texture and shading the way pigment does. It’s also the only one I found with hex codes. This is really useful if there’s a specific color you want to use. I also like it since there are lots of images to color and they are all perfectly organized in categories and subcategories. AdultColoringBook also specifically caters the images on the home page to fit what you want to color. You can even color your own drawings! AdultColoringBook really simulates an actual coloring book because with a real one, you have the freedom to color in the picture however you want. No limitations! AdultColoringBook has so much potential and you can create beautiful artwork even with the free version. If you’re looking for a digital coloring book, I highly recommend you download pigment.


Better than the rest

Free version review:
meh. Better than other free coloring apps, but pretty limited. Paid version is where it shines.

Paid version review:
Better than any adult coloring app by a mile. It’s a little pricey if you want all of the features. However, if you use it frequently, it’s less expensive than real media art supplies.

There is a great selection of pages and a nice import feature, to use your own drawings. The interface is very intuitive and easy to master, quickly. Decent selection of brushes, especially considering it’s primarily a coloring app, not a full featured art app. People can, and do, use it to create art from scratch and it works for that. It’s not nearly as robust as a Procreate for that purpose, the upside being that it is also not nearly as complex, and has more of natural media feel. Finally, the community is very lively, creative, and supportive.

My main negative is the palette system. You can create custom palettes but it is the only part of the interface that feels clunky. It’s not a terrible system, it just could use some help. The other negative would be the price. It’s not a hardship for me, but I would love to see the price come down just a little, or keep the price but release more feature updates (brushes, fixing the clunky palettes).

All of that said, this is hands down the best coloring app available and a fun, if limited, DIY art app.


Needs new brushes added

Revised review: thank you for adding new features. But I do have some feedback the technical pen. It seems like the circle and the technical pen are the same thing It is a big deal for me to see that the coloring app keeps adding new brushes and features. Not just updated under the hood.

This is for the people who think AdultColoringBook is expensive you should look at how much it would cost to buy everything separate this would be way worth it. Best coloring app ever. I really feel like I am doing art. Now that I can import my pictures they just made it awesome. Keep up the great work. If anybody hate subscription which I do. This one is really worth it. If you bought everything separate it would cost a fortune. You really don't need anymore that AdultColoringBook. I still have a lot of apps. But I tend to upload on pigment to color them with all the great types of brush coloring. So I will be a customer forever. Ty


Please Read Its Important

Pigment, it’s an addicting game just like chips but when I got it it said to start a free trial for $4.00 so I hit the X but you know the diamonds that say when you can’t color it yeah so when I pressed one of the diamond and I pressed color and it showed the free trial thing so I hit the X but then it like flipped around and it showed that I could watch a video for it so I watched the video and then I got the diamond one but a few days ago I hit the free trial bc I wanted to color in my cats I did but I didn’t know how to cancel it so I deleted it and when I got it again I couldn’t watch the video I tried it again didn’t work so I got it one last time and I don’t know bc I got it when I was writing the review but what I’m trying to say is that I think THERE SHOULD NOT BE A FREE TRIAL THING I THINK WE ALL SHOULD BE ABLE TO HAVE ACCESS TO ALL DRAWINGS AND BRUSHES AND ALL OF THAT!!!!!!!!!!!! Also I wish I REALLY REALLY WISH YOU DON’T GET THE FREE TRIAL THING EVERY LIKE 5 DAYS OR SOMETHING BUT IF I HIT A BUTTON PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PPPPPPLLLLEEEEEAAAAASSSSSSEEEEE TELL ME!!!!! Ok I hope you saw this bc I love AdultColoringBook a lot and I hope you take my suggestions thank you!!!


Great but

Tons of picture books but mainly 3 pictures per book, are free the rest u pay for. Plus one free download a day which is nice. Plenty to keep one busy. Even the coloring part is fun, with different style of brushes etc. The only bad thing is the price for the cool brushes n books. Who can afford a subscription?! A one time payment should be enough thnx. Another is it keeps asking to rate, which I've obviously already done. Also I can no longer use the watch an ad feature to get a free page as others seem to complain about. This was a great feature of the free version of AdultColoringBook. So I now can’t catch up if I miss a day of the free page! A lot of my pictures are still showing a black page. The only thing I can think of is during my free trial last year I imported a bunch of my own pictures to color. They kept saying they are working on it. But nothing’s changed. Also some of pallets during my free trial didn’t work well with certain darker colors. Like the glitter u could hardly tell was there! Still needs a lot of work developers! Thanks


I have a suggestion.

Okay; when I downloaded Pigment for the first time (which was a long time ago), almost everything was free and I loved it. I downloaded it again recently and I did not like the changes. First off; I don’t like the new ‘Premium Feature.’ It’s supposed to be A FREE coloring book. Now that I checked it out; everything is sports and nothing is free except one picture. Maybe instead of only giving us one picture to color in, give us at least five different pictures from the same genre to color in. I don’t like how the first picture is simple and the other color pages are intricate and nice. I can’t even pay for anything in the store and I just want to color in the photos. Try to take this into consideration ok?? Another thing is that the paintbrushes are poorly put together. Whenever I want to use something that looks NICE, it’s all premium. Give us some slack. And also; ten dollars a month? NO HONEY NO. make it cheaper or even free. Marker and Pencil look terrible on my pages. Thanks for reading. And don’t ignore this. It’s critique.


Loved it! Now disgusted & Frustrated!

I have this on my iPad, paid for subscription, (and my 6s iPhone) it is no longer "compatible" for my iPad, can only download the latest version, which will not let me restore my purchase, and keeps crashing constantly! I REALLY prefer coloring on my iPad with it being a larger screen, it is very challenging to color on iPhone! AND I certainly can not go and purchase a new iPad! I have so totally LOVED coloring, practicing art techniques and learning on a daily basis with Pigment coloring app. But now it is totally frustrating! I understand that apps have to keep up an "upgrade" with the continuous upgrading of operating systems, but why do you forget about those of us who are not able to go out and do what Apple requires and purchase new iPads. My iPad (2nd one, still have and use my first one) is 6 years old, and most all of apps I have gotten or purchased remain very useable and functional!


I love this app!!

I don’t usually write these reviews, but I am so happy with AdultColoringBook that I needed to sing its praises!! I saw an ad for this on Pinterest. I scrolled past the ads 4 times before I actually clicked. I’m so happy I did! I hesitated to get AdultColoringBook because it is $10/month. I hate spending money on apps, but this looked so cool I decided to give it a shot... worth every penny! On note of caution, DO NOT take the free trial offer!! Click more purchase options because the free trial is 7 days free and then $5/week. If you select that one you will be paying $20/month when you could be getting it much cheaper! The best option is obviously the yearly plan which adds up to $5/month. I didn’t want to commit to that until I knew I was going to like AdultColoringBook . So maybe if I use it a lot they will let me change to the cheaper plan?! Anyway, if you like to color and enjoy digital art, this is AdultColoringBook for you!! HAPPY COLORING!👩🏻‍🎨❤️


Not enjoyable.

Here are a few reasons.
One: there are very few free coloring pages. And sure they are relaxing and such. But really. You only get to relax once you’ve found a nice coloring page that you don’t have to pay for. And if you do pay it’s gonna end up being expensive. I wouldn’t recommend that.
Two: lack of free colors. So first you don’t allow me to color the nice pages and then you limit the colors I can use. I don’t find it necessary to limit colors. Limiting coloring pages should be enough. And really maybe AdultColoringBook will be more popular if they make some more of their stuff free.
Three: this is really more of a suggestion but wouldn’t AdultColoringBook be more popular if t was free. You could advertise that it is one of the few totally-free coloring apps. You could also tell potential customers that they can avoid the stress of paying for coloring apps and just use your app instead. And you could still make money by in-app purchases. Said purchases could be things like get your coloring page printed on something or things such as that.
So that concludes my review. I hope this was helpful to both the customer and AdultColoringBook it’s self


Subscriptions are a bummer...

I love love love AdultColoringBook. It is by far the best iPad coloring app I have found, where the experience can really be as much like “real” coloring as you want!

However, having the only in-app purchases be recurring subscriptions is a real bummer! I would be happy to pay for each individual page I want to color, or even purchase entire coloring books. I’d even be willing to overpay for them. But a subscription service? For coloring? I just think that’s a little overkill. Plus, it’s not exactly cheap; I might be willing to pay $3 to $5 per month, but $10 per month? Yikes.

Believe me, monetization absolutely makes sense for the high-quality coloring pages that are in AdultColoringBook, so don’t get me wrong! But when old-school coloring books are sold everywhere for $3, and I can get over a month of coloring out of that, paying $10 per month is just too high. I don’t color enough to justify that.

AdultColoringBook developer is missing out on taking lots of my money though, because I’d be buying up one-time purchases like hotcakes. I’m so glad that the subscription service is a good solution for so many people, because I want AdultColoringBook to be a big success (it already is!), but there’s more money to be made from people like me who don’t color often enough to justify a subscription, but are more than willing to buy in-app books or pages.

I really hope these kinds of purchases are made available one day!


Very generous free version

I love how many pages are available in the free version. I don't feel at all like I'm going to run out of pages, as I don't typically finish the more detailed pages in one day. The only thing that's a bit restrictive in the free version is the selection of brushes/fills, but I can hardly fault them for that. I do think it would be cool if there were some way within AdultColoringBook to share designs/view other peoples designs, like on Colorfy. Pigment, by any measure, is better than Colorfy, but that would be a cool feature to add. It would be nice for a couple of the books to be entirely free, such as the zodiac or letter books, so that I'm not stuck with a bunch of letter A's to color and zodiac signs other than my own, but again, not that big of a deal, given how much free stuff there is.


Best Coloring App

Best coloring app you can get, I really can’t say that enough, it’s beautifully intuitive. I’ve been using AdultColoringBook on my boyfriend’s iPad for a couple years now and have loved it and I finally got one of my own. But only four stars because he seems to have been grandfathered into the new payment system which is still giving me pause. While I understand needing to pay the artists for their artwork I have a huge problem with the principle of offering a free trial but then if you don’t actively cancel the free trial before the time is up they start charging you $4US per week! That’s ridiculous, when they can easily just start charging you for a monthly subscription and it wouldn't be as painful in its money gouging. I’m torn right now, I was so excited to be able to use AdultColoringBook on my own time, but I hate companies that bank on people being forgetful. Like really, you’re better than this.


More and more bugs

I love AdultColoringBook -- best one I've found -- but ever since the last iOS update, my iPad Pro will blink to black when I manipulate the page I'm working on in Pigment (this issue doesn't occur at any other time with any other apps) AND now it's started NOT showing my recent colors.

What's up with this?? The only time I tried to get help from Pigment support, the answer was that maybe I should delete AdultColoringBook and then reinstall it. Really? As far as I'm concerned, that's a big DUH. I had tried that before even contacting them, along with a hard reboot of my iPad. I didn't bother to respond to let them know I'd already done this because if that was their initial and only answer to my problem, it was clear they had no clue.

I won't be asking about the fact that it's not keeping my recent colors because I'm sure that they'll just tell me to delete and reinstall. But if these issues aren't fixed, I WON'T be paying for AdultColoringBook any longer.


Love pigment like meh fam, except...

Ok, so really, I do live pigment. It glitches a little sometimes, but that’s okay. The people of pigment are really great, I call them my family, and AdultColoringBook overall is a coloring app. Different palettes, brushes, fill tools, pictures, artists, and free pictures everyday! It’s a great app, but there are some things that do need fixed.

First of all; notifications. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’m not usually notified if someone likes my work, or follows my account. It doesn’t notify me with a noise, and when I look at AdultColoringBook itself, it doesn’t show the notifications. You actually have to go into AdultColoringBook .

Second of all, the premium pictures. When I had AdultColoringBook a couple months ago, it was perfectly fine. But ever since that update, I’ve been kinda mad. Now when you want to color a premium picture you can’t watch an ad to be able to color it. You have to join the premium user, and pay for it.

Third of all, premium palettes and brushes. Okay I can’t use them, but I want to. So maybe you can have us watch an ad to use it, or create like a “currency” where you watch ads, or gain followers/likes for five of whatever you wanna use.

But anyway, pigment is a pretty neat app when your looking for friends, coloring, drawing, and exploration of diversity in a community.

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Don’t have all my posts and it’s starting me over again or followers and activities are not right

Gurjai singh Brar   2 years ago

Hi pixite, I have a problem, my pigment account is (@BRAR1507) I have been using pigment for more than 11 months, a few weeks ago my account (@BRAR1507) got disabled 😔 whenever I try logging in back to my account it says “Eror, the user has been disabled by an administrator” 😔 the email I’m using for my account is- gurjaisinghbrar14297@redacted. Please recover my account 🥺🥺

Sara   2 years ago

I had the same problem Pigment is not a fun anymore

Judy Ahlstrom   3 years ago

Apple iPencil… when I got this app 4 years ago I was able to use my Apple ipencil with all of the brushes. Now there are only a few brushes that allow me to use my pencil, why? It was so enjoyable to paint with the pencil and now it is just frustrating.please give me the old version back.

Is Adult Coloring Book Safe?

Yes. Adult Coloring Book - Pigment is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 155,232 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Adult Coloring Book Is 36.2/100.

Is Adult Coloring Book Legit?

Yes. Adult Coloring Book - Pigment is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 155,232 Adult Coloring Book - Pigment User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Adult Coloring Book Is 52.4/100..

Is Adult Coloring Book - Pigment not working?

Adult Coloring Book - Pigment works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Pricing Information

**Pricing data is based on average subscription prices reported by users..

- Free: Access to over 600 coloring pages, limited tools and features.

- Premium Access: Unlimited access to the entire library of over 7,000 coloring pages, premium brushes, and exclusive color palettes. Offers a 7-day free trial. Paid subscriptions cost $4.99 USD per week for the weekly plan, $9.99 USD per month for the monthly plan, and $59.99 USD per year (58% discount off the monthly plan) for the yearly plan. Prices are subject to change.

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