Paint by Number Coloring Games Reviews

Paint by Number Coloring Games Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-22

Brighten days with Paint By Number! Paint By Number is an art drawing game to
color modern artworks with coloring by numbers. A number coloring book and
coloring puzzle game for everyone, there are so many free and fascinating
coloring pages in this coloring book and new pictures for pa...

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Paint by Number Coloring Games Reviews

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    Great APP!

    I read one of the reviews on this coloring app, and I think some people are using their Phones to color, because one complaint was saying that they couldn’t Zoom in close enough to see the numbers in the smaller spaces. My wife and I have been using our IPads which makes for larger images, and as a result we have very little problem with the smaller spaces. Now, I’ve done a FEW pictures where I had to watch a video to get a “tip”, to finish, but all in all, I love this APP, even though some of the more detailed pictures present a “Challenge” but that’s part of the fun! And it’s very Therapeutic for us “older set” of seniors. 😂WOW, I’m updating my review. To date, I’ve finished well over 100 pictures, probably close to 140. I love the “textured” offerings, but still enjoy the standard ones. I started a few months ago with one of the other paint by number apps, but by FAR, THIS one is my favorite! Ok, developers of this APP, LISTEN UP! Why are you making pictures that are 4 different panels that make up ONE PICTURE? I HATE THAT! Please stop doing that, I’m about to delete this app I’ve enjoyed up to this point. Rule #1, if it Ain’t broke, Don’t fix it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Love it.. but... believe there’s a glitch

    Always enjoyed coloring.. it’s relaxing and I could do it for hours.. I’ve colored hundreds of pages.. couple weeks ago, I did the iPhone update.. 13.1.1, it did it’s thing, no big deal.. then I realized that when I would go into the app to color.. I’d scroll through and find something, usually there’s a ad that appears... nothing unusual.. but all of a sudden after the ad is finished, it tries going to the color page, but my screen goes dark.. I can still see the app is running, but it just won’t do anything.. I close the app and reopen, still does the same thing after each ad. I understand that when Apple does a update there’s always a second update to fix bug and performance issues.. so thinking that was the problem, I downloaded update 13.1.2, still doing the same thing.. I’ve checked in apps to see if the app needed updated.. nothing was there.. I thought maybe if I uninstalled the app, it might reset itself and work.. turns out I lost ALL my colored pages.. over 400 pages colored.. GONE. Which is a bummer, but being how much I love to color, it’s not a issue.. I’m not sure what to do to fix this. Anyone else have this problem? Or any ideas how to fix it.. would be greatly appreciated.

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    I love this app!

    This app is wonderful! It’s super relaxing and fun. When I’m bored I play it for hours and I never get bored. If you need a fun app, you should definitely download it, it’s worth your time. This is only the beginning. When I’m watching t.v. I personally like to be doing something because my hands just like to be busy. This app helps with that because my hands are constantly moving in order to color the spaces. Just really quick I’d like to say, no, I am not one of those robots who just write reviews to make an app look good I am a human. Clear? Okay. My final thing is that this app constantly has new coloring images. Don’t even worry about finishing all the drawings, the next day or maybe even in a couple of hours there WILL be new things to color. So if you need a coloring app and you are reading my review, this is worth it! Sorry for the length of this review, I have absolutely no cons. By the way I had to wrap this up fast so this is just the tip of how good this app truly is. If the producer is reading this, THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!!!! 😁

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    Great app, but...

    This is my favorite coloring app. I like that the colors automatically go to the next color once you finish with the previous, that it lets you know how much of a color is left, overall progress of a picture, and that you earn hints rather than that annoying hint icon popping up while coloring. I don’t mind the ads, they are what keep the game/app free. Overall a great coloring app with a lot of variety and more pictures added daily. The only downfall is that currently I cannot use the app as every time I choose a picture and watch the ad, as soon as the ad is finished, I get a black screen. I’ve checked and I am updated to the latest version and I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling (all that did is lose all the pictures I’ve colored and hints that I had saved up although they may come back once I reconnect to Facebook). It started after updating my phone last week. I’ve contacted PBN and promptly received a response which I appreciate, but nothing has happened to fix the issue. I really hope it gets figured out soon because I’m kind of addicted to Paint By Number and as it is the app is useless at the moment. I will update my review and rating once the app is fixed. Thank you.

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    Why Paint By Number Is Good For Me

    This game has me ADDICTED! Everyday I try to color one and it helps me with stress, I would recommend this amazing game because it helps with stress and sadness and madness and all those mixed emotions, This game is awesome for ages 8 and up, you just gotta color the image by the number, I also like the fact that they give hints just in case you need help and how they put light blue with blue dots in the sections you have to color, I love this game and hope that when you start playing, you feel the same. But I also want to fix some things like for the Non-Special ones, some colors don’t go together and they look Bleh, try to make them more pleasing colors and try to make colors that would look good together because sometimes for example, I colored a dress dark pink, then I had to color other parts a beige brown. Those colors didn’t look good together, so if you have the time to fix that, then I would appreciate it, your the only app that I would like to play everyday!

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    Lack of Diversity and also technical issues

    So firstly I want to say that I really enjoy paint by number, it’s a very relaxing app that helps me keep my mind off of the sudden passing of my brother. My grandmother and I both sit together and do our separate PBN pieces to keep from being sad. However, I only give two stars because with a beautiful art app like this there’s no reason not to have a multitude of diversity when coloring pictures of people. There’s most Caucasian people in the pictures, an Asian person here and there, a black persons speckled in on occasion by that’s about it. The one Native American picture I see and the girl has blonde hair and pink-white skin???? Also I hate how there’s times when you’re looking for a space to color and just cannot find it so you HAVE to use a hint, and it’s the teeny-tiniest little area you’d never have been able to see! Or when an entire number is only ONE SMALL PART! Not to mention the blue area symbolizing where the colors go is sometimes SO LIGHT it blends in with the white background of the picture and you can’t see it! There needs to be more diversity, more transparency in what you’re supposed to color and less tiny hard to see areas to waste hints on.

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    Fun and relaxing

    This coloring app is calming and relaxing. I like the range of pictures you can “color.” There is a wide range of difficulties, from very simple pieces with just a few colors to exceedingly intricate pieces with over 70 different colors. Some of the things I like are that you can stop in the middle of a project and come back to it without loosing your work to that point. You can ‘play’ by finding all of one color at a time or by coloring in sections at a time, going between colors. And if you cannot find the last small bit of a color, which can happen in very intricate pieces, you can get a few hints. You can get more hints by coloring more pictures or coloring a certain number of pictures in each category. One of the biggest draws for many people are the semi-photorealistic or 3D pictures where instead of just colors you are coloring similar colored sections of an almost 3D picture. These aren’t my personal favorite, but many people love them.

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    I love it!!!

    This a wonderful coloring app. The pictures are absolutely amazing and it’s a great way to pass time. I like that you can color without having to buy a subscription. I do have one issue though which is why I rated four stars instead of five. The pictures are so detailed with such small parts that you cannot see the numbers within the spaces even if you’re zoomed completely out. I just spent a couple of hours on one pic that should’ve taken way less time if all the numbers were visible. I literally had to watch ad after ad to complete the pic which got to be very annoying. I would like to have a way to accumulate hints instead of the one ad one hint as it is now because many of the pics have the same issue with the missing numbers and it would be nice if you didn’t have to watch so many ads or touch number after number to find the correct place to color. Fix these few bugs and I’ll change my rating to a five. Other than those few issues I would highly recommended this app.

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    Great app. Update

    I am really enjoying this app. For a free app, there are a lot of pictures to color, and I love the special effects. Just one thing, too many ads. If you need to use one of the tools to find a spot on the picture, you have to watch an ad every time. I know you have to have ads, and the app is free, but a few less ads would be nice. But overall, it’s a fun app. Since the new iPad update was installed on my iPad, this is the newest version, I got into the app one time, and when I went into the news area to tru and get a picture, I clicked on the link, and I get a message saying paint by number is only available on Mobil devices. I have it on my iPad, so I don’t understand this. Then I went out of the app, and when I tried to get back in, all I get is a blank screen. I can’t get into the app at all now. Please help, because I really like this app. Phyllis Hunt

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    Great app but not working anymore

    I love this app. It’s great for passing the time, isn’t overloaded with ads, and the pictures are pretty aesthetically pleasing. The one thing that’s driving me up a wall though is that when I’m using this app it’ll turn off audio from other apps (music, podcast, etc.). Sometimes it goes minutes with no issues, then other times two seconds after hitting play my audio fades out again. Because it’s intermittent even on the same picture and the sound fades out as it does with video ads I’m wondering if it’s somehow connected to the banner ads at the bottom of the page. This only happens with this specific app. It would definitely be five stars otherwise, but I just don’t enjoy trying to relax with filling out pictures if I have to do so in silence. Edit: Something must have changed recently because now every time I watch an ad the screen goes black when the picture is supposed to come up. I know this is a great app because I’ve been using it for a while, but this really needs to be fixed. It’s unusable right now, at least with the pictures I’ve tried. 😞

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    Love this app!

    So, I’ve tried out a handful of these color by number apps & this one has been my favorite. You don’t have to watch ads right in the middle of coloring your pictures, there are a TON of beautiful free pictures so you don’t have to pay for any unless you want to, the color of the spaces that need to be colored are easy to see & it goes to the next color immediately after you finish. These are all things that other color by number apps are lacking and because of these things I don’t use the other ones as much & may even delete them. I really love this one & have become obsessed with coloring every day! I just wanted to add that I am in LOVE with the new “special” pictures & hope you keep adding them! I always color them first because they are my favorite & none of the other color by number apps have them!!! Thank you for a great app!!!💜💜💜

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    Fun and Relaxing

    There are so many things to like about this app! There is a large variety of pictures to color. I love how the circle lets you see when you’re almost finished with the color. I also like how it immediately goes to the next color, but I can change colors if I want to. There are only a couple things I wish I could change about this app. I don’t like weird hair colors for the pictures with people in it. I find purple, pink and green hair disturbing. I prefer neutral and natural colors. I wish there was an option to choose a natural, vibrant, or playful color palette for each picture. That may be asking a lot though. I don’t know how much work would go into providing that to the players. The other thing I would like to change is not having to color so many leaves in almost all of the pictures. I find coloring leaves gets mundane and boring. This is still one of my favorite apps though! I use it every day.

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    Different from the other ones, in a good way.

    Hi, I just wanted to pass by and say that this coloring app is so far the best I’ve ever had. The best pictures ARE FREE, All the other coloring apps only have 1 free picture and to unlock the rest you need premium (I’m not saying that when an app has premium, it’s bad). This app has a balanced and fair premium, because for those who don’t have it, the app is still fair square. This app has really relaxed me and made me forget about the stuff that makes me anxious. Although I won’t change the star rate to 4 just because of this issue. It’s a common issue with this app, I know; but when we try to find a number in a small area, hints don’t help, we have to really have to put our super-vision on. That’s the only flaw. But this app deserves 5 stars, and a feature on App Store. I hope you have an amazing day if you read this :)

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    It’s good just...

    The ads get in the way, yes I know you can pay to get them taken off, I had not issue with them until they added them to the drawing. Right under the colors there is an ad. It moves and it’s distracting. It killed everything for me. Not only that, I have some things I would like to see that I am just not. I am gay, ok well I am a lesbian, I have nothing against seeing straight things but there was a lesbian picture. It wasn’t placed under love and it was the only one I have seen. I would like more gay/lesbian things, even things that are more dark and not just happy, it’s a great app but things like the ads, not showing more of people, and the many others things I can list off is just not making it great. I wouldn’t stop just because of the whole gay thing, it didn’t bother me that much it’s just the ad that is below the colors. You play one ad before and after drawing can’t they spear that one space?

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    Best coloring app!

    I have tried them all, I think. But this one has the most beautiful art. Each day you get between three and six new. "special" coloring pages. These are not flat color. Nor are they some silly buttons or flowers or sparkles or other crazy things to color with. These are textured colors so that each time you tap a color, the correct texture for the cell you color comes up. Every tap is a wonderful surprise. Your final painting looks like it has been colored with oils sometimes, watercolor others, and sometimes acrylics. But, they look like artist paintings, not just crayon coloring like most of the coloring apps or there. I have deleted all other coloring apps. This one is special. Oh. And they are free! You don't have to pay for a premium membership to get these beautiful paintings. Honest. I love this app!

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Is Paint by Number Coloring Games Safe?

Yes. Paint by Number Coloring Games is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 339,796 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Paint by Number Coloring Games Is 43.7/100.

Is Paint by Number Coloring Games Legit?

Yes. Paint by Number Coloring Games is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 339,796 Paint by Number Coloring Games User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Paint by Number Coloring Games Is 43.7/100.

Is Paint by Number Coloring Games not working?

Paint by Number Coloring Games works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Lis
Dec 11 2020

I paid almost 8 dollars for no adds and a few days later am forced to watch adds again. What the heck??

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