Spendee Budget & Money Tracker Reviews

Spendee Budget & Money Tracker Reviews

Published by on 2021-03-31

Save money effortlessly! Spendee is a FREE budgeting app already loved by almost
3.000.000 people around the world that track their spendings and optimize their
budgets. Seeing all your financial habits enables you to stick to your goals
and be organized in what's important. Take respon...

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Spendee Budget & Money Tracker Reviews

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    Downgrading to 1 star

    Edited review: I’m downgrading this to 1 star. Spent a couple hours customizing this app when I first downloaded so different expenses would be categorized the way I want them. Despite this, when I just updated a weeks worth of new transactions from my bank accounts, they didn’t take the new categories and just defaulted to the way the app started off. Which means I have to recategorize every expense. Kind of pointless. Would take less time to manually enter every transaction to an excel spreadsheet than manually changing every category. Thanks for wasting my time, Spendee!!! Initial review: Spent a couple hours setting up my account. So far it’s buggy but I’ve gotten it to do what I need. A few specifics: —took some time to figure out how to use. No clear instructions I could find. Could be there but hidden. —crashes multiple times (iPhone 6s with up to date iOS) —the whole interface isn’t intuitive. There’s no main menu you can return to that lets you start over and get your bearings. —while they allow you to customize categorization (which some competitors I’ve tried lack), its a very clunky. I’m hoping the app will recognize how I recategorize expenses upon future bill importing and updates. If not, I’ll close account. Hopefully they’ll work some of these kinks out soon. Otherwise it does what I need, which is record expenses so I can look back month to month and see where my money is going.

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    3 weeks of errors with no support - Zero Stars

    My husband and I have been using Spendee for almost two years now and we loved it. We are premium members and have referred our friends to this app for their budget needs. I hate budgeting and loved this app and it’s simplicity. However the last 4 updates they have released it has completely undone our accounts to the point that it has rendered the app useless to us. We have not been able to add anything to our wallet via the app or online for 3 weeks. We have contacted the support every other day for 3 weeks with little to no support or movement toward a solution. I urge you Spendee to focus on making the app work for your customers and improving the customer support. 3 weeks with very little response and help is completely unacceptable. We desperately want to stay with Spendee but you are actively forcing our hand to change. I look forward to your prompt response here since email doesn’t seem to be the way to get your attention.

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    Love this app

    I tried out a bunch of different apps to meet my needs. I just needed a simple app where I could add recurring expenses along with other one off expenses and see how much money I have left to spend for the month. This does that and more. Love the design and the user experience. My only suggestion would be to let users pay a one time fee of 2-3 dollars for every member they want to share their wallet with. I don’t really need any of the other premium features. Really an excellent app though! Another suggestion would be to allow users the ability to see the amount of money they will have left to spend for future months instead of waiting for the month to end before I get to see the current month. This will allow users to prepare for upcoming recurring expense and purchases.

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    Decent but the useful features don’t work

    I have been using Spendee for years. I enter each transaction by hand and I’m fine with that method and not connecting my bank account. My issue comes with the recurring payments that keep shifting dates. I like to double check and review all my transactions from time to time and compare them with receipts I have, but then I have to remind myself to change all the dates for my recurring bills as well. It’s highly obnoxious as I don’t have a clear idea of my monthly spending until I have done so. I was going to switch to the ‘every 4 weeks’ setting, but I know that will still cause my dates to be wrong. Please work on fixing this as many people would like to use that functionality for monthly payments (something virtually every person has).

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    June 2020 multiple problems

    2 years Spendee subscriber here, absolutely loved the app but lately I have seen multiple problems that can’t be fixed. 1. Web app and mobile app hasn’t been able to sync since Jan 2020 2. My premium account bought just a few months ago, has been downgraded to a free (trial) version, and the dev team does not know why and hasn’t been able to fix the problem. I cannot add a wallet and do all the other premium functions despite having paid money for it. 3. The function “Restore in-app purchase” when clicking on it, always shows the message “error” 4. The app has become pretty slow, it might be because I have been using it for two years, everyday, the app does not seem to be able to hold that much amount of data. It takes time to load once I opened the app. It’s a good app if there weren’t so many problems ,I would not pay for it if I didn’t think it was good, but so many bugs that has not been fixed over months since I have started emailing supoort team, who were trying to help, but only kept suggesting that use the web app, and disregard the fact that I told them many times my web app hasn’t been syncing with my mobile app for over 6 months. Nobody (staff) has offered me a solution or a refund option which I have asked for over the past two months.

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    I used to love this app. I first downloaded it when you didn’t need a premium subscription to connect your bank. It was so easy to use and by far the best budget app I had used. I upgraded to the “plus” subscription for multiple wallets. Then after a few months I would try to sync my transactions and it kept telling me “cannot connect right now please try again later”. So I tried again later, over and over, for a month. Nothing ever happened. Then I realized I needed to upgrade to premium just to connect my bank accounts. I was annoyed but said “you know what sure let’s do it”. However my plus subscription lasts until July, and when I tried to upgrade to the premium it won’t let me. It’s telling me to wait until my plus subscription is over just to upgrade to premium. How annoying, not even going to bother redownloading the app once my plus subscription is over.

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    It’s ok for budgeting and tracking current spending. I like the aesthetics, font, and colors. It’s pretty. Functionality though felt limited. Bought the plus version hoping for more detail and organization for weekly breakdowns and balances, but was sorely disappointed. The free version of spending tracker is better for this actually, though not as pretty layout. Wish it would have these features: - be able to swipe left to see what month by month for upcoming months balance in real-time reflection of current spending -have the option to show future weeks and balance for each week. Right now the balance is what is current, without taking into account future scheduled expenses. It’s confusing bc you can’t see your balance at the end of each week - have the option to show scheduled expenses in the upcoming weeks under the month view so you get a whole month overview and can anticipate the next week or two at least or the rest of the month - in budgets section, show the remaining amount out of total budgeted amount. Right now you don’t see the total budget, you just see what’s remaining

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    Great App For a College Student

    I’ve tried over a dozen other apps to do one job.......track my expenses throughout the year. I like how this app doesn’t force you to give up your bank or credit card info to automatically track expenses. I personally like the manual entry method as it makes me go over each transaction individually. This app also provides a great user-interface for iPhones & iPads; my two go-to devices. For an app that doesn’t charge you a penny for tracking day-to-day college life expenses, it’s a no brainer.....just download it!

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    Incredible app! Good options

    I’m quite young and don’t have many things which I need to add and my transactions are generally simple. I had been looking for an app which could help me record my finances better than manually adding everything on something like a Google sheet (which is what I did beforehand) and I found lots of apps which looked great but then they were usually exclusive to US or require paid subscriptions (at least for this app it’s optional) and I couldn’t really use them. This app is incredibly simple and shows all the information I want and need to see. UI & UX are great and overall really nice.

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    One little thing form being the best out there.

    Possibly one of the best out there. However keeping my family budget and my personal and all the investments is a pain due to the fact it doesn’t support transfering between accounts without logging an expense. What i have to do now is make a category in both “Expense” & “Income” called “transfer” in all my wallets. Which is crazy because almost every single app I’ve tired does offer this. Then log an expense and income in sperate wallets to fake the transfer. The problem with it is that showing an expense and statistics are broken due to that. Not sure if I’ll stick around and pay the subscription just because of such simple but necessary feature. Might just jump over to competition that makes managing multiple wallets and family budget easy. If that gets fixed then no brainer - Spendee is awesome for managing money. P.s just read some reviews about few months ago that asks for a transfer feature. Still not here by the end of 2017. Why is that?

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    Best Budgeting App Ever

    I've tried many budgeting apps and this one is the best by far!!! Track multiple accounts, decide which accounts should impact your overall totals, add loan accounts by initiating them with negative value and transfer from your current account to the loan account. Excellent all the way! They finally offered lifetime premium one time purchase, I prefer that over subscriptions. I'd recommend leaving that as an option for people who prefer one time purchases. Keep up the great work.

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    Great money tracker

    Hi, Spendee is a fantastic money tracker, it does almost everything I want from such an app, however I really miss money transfer between wallets as someone already said in one of the reviews. I have one question though: I can’t seem to figure out how to create a universal budget that account for any spending from any wallet. I’d love to set up a budget for lets say groceries but sometimes I use my credit card, sometimes I use cash and I only seem to be able to set up a budget for a specific wallet which is useless for my purpose. Maybe I’m overlooking something?!

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    Best App Ever!

    This is one of my most frequently used apps! I’ve tracked my spending with this app for almost 2 years now by utilizing the category options within Spendee to make everything super simple. I can get any type of data I want from the app with just a few clicks that help me budget everything! The Spendee team also have phenomenal customer service. My account accidentally got deleted, all my data from 2018, and they were able to restore all of it within a day or two!

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    Good balance of functionality

    I was looking for an app that would let me enter expenses by hand and track categories, spend limits etc. Spendee does that perfectly. I’m sure it’s great when you sync it to a bank account, but I really appreciate that I don’t have to do that in order to meet my needs. My only complaint is that the notifications seems to be set in a loop and constantly popping up in the app. I just turned them all off and it’s fine.

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    Lost data and can’t get in contact

    I’ve been using this app on and off for almost two years and I’ve loved it! But I recently updated the app and it failed to initialize on my phone so I downloaded it again and logged into my account and I can’t find any of the transactions I added from the last 8 months. I also logged in online to see if it was a bug on the app but I also couldn’t find them there. I tried to contact Spendee via the support button on their app but the “send” button wouldn’t work and there is no other way to contact them. I’m hopeful that this is just a glitch and my data will come back because there was a lot put into adding those transactions...

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Is Spendee Budget & Money Tracker Safe?

Yes. Spendee Budget & Money Tracker is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 3,594 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Spendee Budget & Money Tracker Is 79.9/100.

Is Spendee Budget & Money Tracker Legit?

Yes. Spendee Budget & Money Tracker is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 3,594 Spendee Budget & Money Tracker User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Spendee Budget & Money Tracker Is 79.9/100.

Is Spendee Budget & Money Tracker not working?

Spendee Budget & Money Tracker works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Spendee Budget & Money Tracker to your problem using the strength of crowds.
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  4. If you are a Spendee Budget & Money Tracker customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Spendee Budget & Money Tracker.

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