Fudget: Budget Planner Tracker Reviews

Fudget: Budget Planner Tracker Reviews

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About: Join over 1 million people using Fudget - the easiest to use & highest rated
(4.8/5) budget app on the store! Download now and save money! *** Recently
featured on the Fox 5 Atlanta TV station *** "Fudget takes the stress out of
managing your money" — Engadget "Tally expenses for a business trip.

About Fudget

What is Fudget?

Fudget is a budgeting app that has been rated 4.8/5 by over 1 million users. It is designed to simplify the process of managing your money and tracking your expenses. The app has been featured on Fox 5 Atlanta TV station, Engadget, Forbes, and TUAW.com. It is available for download on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.



- Simple interface that is easy to use and learn

- Create lists of incomings and expenses to keep track of your balance

- One-tap adding and editing of items

- Option to mark an expense/income item as "paid" and view the balance of only your paid items

- Drag and drop to reorder items

- Choice of currency symbols or the ability to choose your own

- Passcode lock and Touch ID login for added security

- Universal app that can be installed on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

- Pro features include Dropbox Save & Restore, themes, calculator, export to CSV, and ad removal.

Overall User Satisfaction Rating

Positive experience

Negative experience


~ from Justuseapp.com NLP analysis of 7,645 combined software reviews.

Key Benefits of Fudget

- Reviews convinced me to get it

- Easier, nicer layout

- Good glance at totals

- Nice flexibility with multiple budgets

- Removal of ads

- Calculator that lets you use the calculated total for an entry

- Theme change

- Dropbox save/restore

20 Fudget Reviews

4.8 out of 5


This Is An Excellent App!

Danny, I’m impressed with Fudget so much! After doing some research, the reviews in Fudget convinced me to get it, especially the review of the person who’s used it since 2017 and replaced an Excel spreadsheet. Well tonight I input my budget into Fudget and have gotten rid of my Excel spreadsheet I’ve used for many years! It covered all the needs I had and more! Easier, nicer layout, good glance at totals, nice flexibility with multiple budgets, and after upgrading to Pro, the removal of ads, the calculator that lets you use the calculated total for an entry, the theme change, and the Dropbox save/restore are all features I used and like!

Suggestions for even more efficiency: 1. Cloud sync to all devices. 2. After creating a new budget and tapping into it, when asked to carry over starred items, enable choosing which budget to import those starred items from as opposed to the most recently created. 3. Make a Remove All Paid Marks From Entries option (to start the budget fresh, for example at the start of a new month). 4. Add an Undo option to Undo deletion of an entry (I still use Apple’s shake to Undo, hehe).

Thanks for all your hard work! I’m gonna show Fudget to my cousin tomorrow to help him establish a budget 👍😎.


Simple, easy, and gets the job done!

Fudget is very easy and straight forward to use. It is pretty basic, which is not a bad thing—makes it simple enough that anyone can use it. I’ve had other budget apps that are overly complicated and too difficult to edit and use, but this one is exactly opposite. It does not connect to your banks and credit card accounts to track your expenses, so if you’re looking for that feature, its not here, but I actually like that it doesn’t. Its basically a simple spreadsheet that is so easy to edit and write my budget down, and export data to and from if I wanted to. One feature that I wish it had but it doesn’t, is a debt tracker for credit cards and loans, and perhaps a tracker for assets such as investments and real estate which would be helpful for tracking net worth. For this reason alone, I only give four instead of five stars. I supposed you could roughly track this at a snapshot basis by creating another “budget” and list your assets as “income” and your debts as “expenses”—so that the calculation at the bottom of the screen will represent your net worth at any given time—though you will have to manually update this each moment you want to see where you are at with things. It wouldn’t be very useful for creating a smart plan for repaying debts or account for interest accrued or anything fancy like that. Overall, I like Fudget a lot for its simplicity and ease of use. Well done!


Awesome electronic ledger

Can really help a person become more aware about their finances. Bank apps don’t always reflect your current balance. Sometimes a transaction hasn’t hit the account such as when making payments for bills. There are also times where a transaction is pending and that’s because the merchant hasn’t processed it yet. But I believe it’s after 3 business days the pending transaction disappears from your list of transactions. With either of these situations, it always makes us think we have more money than we actually do and we all know that leads to trouble lol. I don’t keep a stack of receipts to reconcile my accounts and I surely do not use a paper ledger anymore. Most people have smartphones and most people are tethered to their phones so the convenience and ease of updating a ledger for your accounts with this app is awesome. I gave it four stars because I’m now using Fudget on an iPhone 6 instead of 7plus and I don’t have the option to add transaction dates. I have to manually type it in the description now. I know the phone is a bit smaller but I know that the transaction date option can still work even on the smaller devices. It’s not that serious. But it’s serious enough for me lol. Honestly If I hadn’t used this app on the 7 plus first I’m sure I would be giving it 5 stars but since I did...I have to take away a star. Still an awesome app.


I actually use this!

You know all those fancy apps that do this and make that and ooh, bells, whistles! Yeah, it looks awesome the first time you open it, but then it keeps tinkling and whistling at you and you never actually use the dang thing. This is not that. this app is ridiculously simple, and hey presto, I use it constantly! I've never had a budget before in my life and now I do. I've been using this steadily for almost a year which is like an eon in my attention span... Squirrel! I am a freelancer, so my pay fluctuates every month. Once I know what I will get paid for next month, I go put in my income. this app has saved all my regular expenses, so it puts those in for me. I check them off as I pay them. I don't detail everything, just major expenses including my credit card (paid off monthly) that I use to budget for groceries, eating out, etc. I keep an eye on my card balance and make sure it does not go over my this app budget. Easy! Then when I am thinking of spending money on some ridiculous or not so ridiculous thing, I go and check this app first. It tells me I can afford a new blender or I need to wait a month and maybe save for it. I also am using this to save for some travel, track my quarterly tax payments. I cannot believe I actually have a budget, but I finally do!


Just Right!!

I downloaded a few apps after researching. I deleted the rest and kept this for many reasons. First, it was free (though after building my budgets and playing in Fudget for about an hour, I happily paid $4 for the upgrade to change the color, and download for sharing -I didn’t even mind the apps honestly). Also, because it was very simple to use and easily customizable for the types of budgets I need to keep. I was able to make a standard budget, some breakdown budgets to plan pay-offs, track quarterly and annual subscriptions, and set up templates for a vacation and a renovation. I love the date feature and the calculation feature which lets you subtract or add from your line items as you go. I appreciate Fudget the most because of its simplicity, however if I could add one thing, it would be to be able to clone the budgets, because I want to keep my standard budget as a template and actually update a version of it on a monthly basis. If there is a way to do this, please let me know! Overall, thanks for this awesome app, I feel prepared to move into the new year as a new financially responsible me!


I just started using the free version today

So granted I don’t have a lot of experience with it. No budgeting app I’ve tried so far really does what I need it to do but this one seems to give me enough to work with, that I can work it by doing a lot of stuff manually.
My main complaint about these apps is they don’t give you anyway to include expenses charged to a credit card. I wound up making a second budget for my credit card and Jerry-rigged it so I can use the pie charts from my bank account budget and credit card budget to see what I’m actually spending and where, by manually adding the categories. Tedious, but hey… better than nothing. I don’t need to share my data across different devices and I can sort the categories with the pie chart so I don’t really need the features you charge for. If you figure out a way I can combine the expenses from my two budgets without screwing up my balances I’d pay you for that. And give you another star. Also, line graphs of my different categories of expenses over time would be awesome. Like which months am I spending more on the horses, on my supplements, on my truck, etc etc That’s worth another star for sure!!
But thanks! Best, most user-friendly effort I’ve tried so far. 😎👍


Love it!

Being a young adult, it’s sometimes hard to keep track of my money and learn where I’m spending too much! Fudget helps me realize how much money I’m spending on stuff I don’t really need. I use a budget for each of my credit cards, my savings account and my checking account. I love Fudget too because when I pay bills such as my car payment, loans and credit card payment, it doesn’t reflect in my bank account right away - takes about 3 days - and it still says I have that additional money - which I really don’t. I love the option to show my running balance on the this app app because I can see what I TRULY have left and prevents me from over drafting.

Only thing I wish I could do would be in addition to adding an expense or an income, i could also put a transfer to one budget to another - i.e when I make a credit card payment from my checking account, I can show that I transferred the money instead of it showing that I spent that money. But not a big deal, still absolutely love Fudget !


Just got it and am putting it to good use! But...got a few questions

I love that it’s clean and intuitive to use. I am a grad student who works two part-time jobs and have started a software company about 2 years ago. I’ve been using Google Sheets and Numbers to track my expenses (ineffectively) and wanted something a little more structured that I did have to design myself AND use on my iPad Pro. I really appreciate the running balance, which helps a great deal. I also purchased the upgrade since it was a one time cost opposed to a subscription - which I also loved.
However, when I attempted to reach out to ‘Danny’ to ask a question (from my iPad), the window opened prompting me to set up a new email account. If I had an email address, I could just open one of the four email accounts already on this machine and reach out to him from there. So that experience wasn’t ideal. The reason I wanted to reach out to him, is that I wanted to know if there is a way I can schedule or list expenses that occur bi-weekly or weekly, opposed to monthly? If there is, I am not sure how to find it. Please advise. Thx in advance!


This is THE ONE!!

I have tried so many different budgeting apps and this is the best I’ve used. It lays things out logically, the interface is simple and extremely user friendly. It’s basically my little handwritten notebook budget, but 100X better. They don’t ask to link bank accounts, thank goodness, I don’t like doing that! It lets me see my monthly budgets all in one screen then I can click to view and interact with, and see running totals for the month individually. I can see how much I have left and plan for larger purchases. You can set it up how you like. Easy to edit and delete entries. Took me a couple of hours to enter all my stuff for the remainder of 2020, but it was time well spent. You can flag entries to automatically be entered on the next budget (next month) you create. Gives me everything I wanted in a budgeting app. Seriously, thank you!!! Btw, I had NO problem with paying 4 bucks to get to add dates to my entries. One time fee, NOT recurring! Brilliant!!


Great app

Fudget makes my life so much easier to manage finance wise. It helps keep track of what you are spending, what you can’t spend. you can even input your future expenses and it can show a running balance on each one, so you can see how much you will have prior to that upcoming expense as well as what you’ll have after. If you know what all your expenses are in advance and can input them, you’ll even be able to see what your future balance will be. I love Love Love Fudget. I especially love that I can do all this without having to connect my bank account to it. I don’t trust connecting my bank to anything, so this makes me feel safer. However, for those that want to connect your bank, the safest app for that is Mint. But if you’re like me and just don’t like connecting your bank to stuff, and like keeping track of it all yourself. Or even want to start savings budgeting options without having to worry about it being in separate accounts, this is definitely Fudget for you.


Perfect for categorizing your budget!

Until I found this app I had been using Excel on my laptop for my budget because I wanted a specific format so that I could see my running budget per category. Finding this app has been life changing! I don’t have to hold onto receipts, take them home and enter into my laptop anymore. Now I can enter right into my cell phone as I spend! I love that I can do a budget for each specific category, which is what I have been looking for. I can budget for groceries, fuel, restaurants, etc and see my running totals of what is still available to date in a simple & straightforward format.
Also, I already have my bills budgeted and don’t need to recreate the wheel and go through all of that hassle as with other budget apps (like Every Dollar), love that this one allows more freedom with creating your own budget. I just wanted to budget our expenses outside of bills and Fudget gave me the freedom and flexibility to make it my own! So I am very happy with Fudget ! Thank you!!!!


Close to perfect for me

If you are looking for a simple budget tracker this app is Fudget for you. I’ve been using it now for a couple of years and while it has some weird quirks, (my starred expenses sometimes don’t move from month to month) Fudget does the trick better than any of the way overly complicated apps that require way too much information. I just really need a list of my expenses and a rolling balance to know every month what I can spend and what I can save. I check and use it every single day. Entering and updating expenses is easy. I pay the same bills every month so being able to create the next months budget off the previous month is perfect. Only thing I wish it had was a way to categorize expenses into buckets like utilities, mortgage, transportation, recreation, etc. Seems like this could easily be done with a simple color dot that represents each category. This would be a nice to have for an other great app.


Love it ! Very easy to use

I was tired of using the notes section on my iPhone and it being accidentally deleted by me moving too quickly or holding down the select button. Most apps I tried were more in a calendar format or monthly. I like the list form and the fact that I can change the dates to the right myself once I’ve paid them for that month. Also, I love how you can make several budgets. For example , I have one for monthly expenses , our family car insurance and what/who has paid what, and other combined payment plans or things I am saving for . I am really loving it so far and am thankful it fits my way of visually organizing things . I’m a special needs mom to a medically complex little lady and I’m constantly organizing things on my calendar already so linking my finances to my calendar is just too chaotic . I pay bills from my phone usually ok waiting rooms so this is easy to update . This is perfect for me .


Simple App With a Few Quirks

this app is a great simple money management app. It has a simple, clean interface and is easy to navigate. You can easily add transactions and dates to them. I like the ability to use whatever currency you want to in Fudget , and the fingerprint unlock is a nice touch.

There are quite a few things that can definitely be improved though. There’s no way to see all of your transactions on the pie chart across budgets, only within each budget. Also, the ads on the bottom are quite annoying in my opinion. There are many better ways to implement ads that don’t add to the quality of Fudget instead of subtracting from it. The

One way to improve Fudget but still include ads is to get rid of the ads at the bottom but make a way to make users want to watch ads by giving them something in return. It would also be nice if there was a way to use more than one currency at a time. Overall though this is a great app to track expenses and manage your money.


Congratulation to Developer, I wished if only it would have one more option!!!

I am very happy I found Fudget. I’ve been searching for something like this for long time. I LOVE IT.

Very easy to use. It helps you keep your budget organized, categorized and up to date.
if you update it as you spend on a daily basis, you will always have real available balance, since your account doesn’t show the right amount (due to pending transactions that sometimes can take days, etc)

This is what makes Fudget so great. It is clean and neat. Please never change this.

It keeps you aware on how much you spend per category day to day.


•I wish if there was an option to add a comment/description within each expense (next to delete,star,paid,calculator option).
I am sure that most of us categorize all expenses for better organization. It makes it difficult to remember/keep a track on details regarding a certain expense. Right now I make notes in another app, but I would love to do it all in the same app.

•I also wish if there is an option to export the budget with two extra columns:
Date and (still non existing:) comment part.

Please consider adding these two options. With those two Fudget would be an absolute winner.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for giving us such an amazing app.


Tastes like fudge

Looked at so many different apps and they all want to tie into my account and they don’t let me plan anything for after I retire in a few years. With this I actually was able to plug-in future retirement for where I’m going to be, I was able to plug in my savings as a budget so while I am taking away from my monthly budget I can actually add it into a savings budget. The full program is awesome and I like being able to save to dropbox. Simple and easy and I like being able to move the starred items to the next budget. It even asked me if I wanted to add them to some of the budgets that I had already created but since those were for savings in the future I didn’t need them and it was a simple no to get it to not try to think for me. It’s the best part of Fudget , it doesn’t try to force me to do anything. Thank you


Not so great

in my opinion, this app has many problems that can be improved, although it does have some useful features. with some improvements, Fudget will be much better and comfortable to use.

I think that Fudget is too rudimentary, it lacks important features, and it is hard to organize different budgets. while I was using Fudget I had trouble organizing and categorizing my spendings. I needed to keep track of the things that I bought, but I also needed to categorize them into different categories without the help of Fudget . I ended up having to create twice as many budgets to keep track of where I spent my money, along with which type of category it went to. but once I figured out how to do it it did become easier to use.

Fudget also lacks certain features that would have made it a lot easier to operate. for example, the calculator is unavailable to the non-paid version, (as stated above) there is no easy way of categorizing, and there is no guide to teach the useful features. these traits, if implemented, can make Fudget much more efficient and easy to use.

regardless Fudget does have some useful features; and to some, simplicity can be useful. Fudget does allow you to see where a percentage of your budget goes, it allows for dates to be recorded, and it also allows for charts.

all in all Fudget is not the best. but it does have some useful features. It has room for improvement, and if changes are made, it would be a great app to use.


Best of the best

You can best believe if there was a world record for the worst with money I would’ve pioneered it, and then subsequently broke it 150x by now. Well, I tried every single budgeting app under the sun, you name it, it’s somewhere on my phone being a waste of space. Enter this app, one day I decide it’s time to SERIOUSLY make a change. So I jump onto App Store and begin my perilous hunt through “budgeting AI” apps that handle my finances about as well Bill Cosby handles women, finally this app blesses my life with its existence. No joke, if you need the walkthrough use it because it’s about as comprehensive as State Farm’s Full coverage car insurance. However Fudget is so easy that I could’ve handed my phone to my husky and she would’ve seemed like a financier with a masters degree and 25 years in the field. I literally have never felt so confident with my money.

10/10 git rekt other financing apps, nothing does it like this.


Keeping Track

I really like Fudget, and have been using it for almost 6 months..I have a lot of different bills and to be honest I forget about some of them, so when it comes time to pay on them, all I have to do is go into this app and look at each bill. Fudget allows you to add as many bills as you wish, as well as mark off the bills you pay as you go on. You can also do multiple months/weeks/days at a time and it’s such an easy click of the button, that it will transfer all reoccurring monthly bills to the next month/week/day. It has helped me keep track of everything and remember important bills and the amount needing to pay on that bill . I will continue to use Fudget and would definitely recommend Fudget (this app) to others looking for something just like this!


Straightforward App

Spreadsheets still make my head hurt! I wanted a digital copy of my weekly budget because drawing out the columns and doing the computations is too time consuming. I’m not yet running a business; tracking multiple investments or any of the other reasons why one might need a complex financial app. I just want to see what I made and who I paid from week to week.

Fudget is simple and straightforward and that is NOT a dig on the developers! I have set up “budgets” that show me how my emergency fund is growing (only populated with income and not expenses) as well as how I spend my “cash on hand.” I have been able to establish a budget for Christmas shopping and a birthday fund. Overall, the “budget” is whatever I need it to be!

I’m inputting all my handwritten sheets from the beginning of the year. This way, I can stop carrying my paper around. I just upgraded and haven’t learned all the features available to me now, but I plan to.

If you want to replace the paper checkbook register and the handwritten list of bills; if you want to know how you spend your money or you just don’t want to spend more than you make AND you have no plans on taking a course to learn how to use the program that lets you do it - Fudget IS FOR YOU!


Great app

Fudget makes my life so much easier to manage finance wise. It helps keep track of what you are spending, what you can’t spend. you can even input your future expenses and it can show a running balance on each one, so you can see how much you will have prior to that upcoming expense as well as what you’ll have after. If you know what all your expenses are in advance and can input them, you’ll even be able to see what your future balance will be. I love Love Love Fudget. I especially love that I can do all this without having to connect my bank account to it. I don’t trust connecting my bank to anything, so this makes me feel safer. However, for those that want to connect your bank, the safest app for that is Mint. But if you’re like me and just don’t like connecting your bank to stuff, and like keeping track of it all yourself. Or even want to start savings budgeting options without having to worry about it being in separate accounts, this is definitely Fudget for you.


Great app to track your expenses.

Very simple to use to track expenses. I like that I don’t have to link any bank account and I don’t get stupid email advertisements. The only reason I don’t give 5 start for Fudget is that when you create a budget you cannot create sub-categories within. I would like to be able to create a budget for a month “May” and then have subcategories within such as “groceries”. As it is, I have to make separate budgets for “May groceries,” “May bills,” “May entertainment,” etc. and then if I want to keep previous months’ budgets and not delete themes well as have the new months’ budgets, I have a lot of budgets in the main screen to look through which gets confusing. I have figured it out and am using as is because I like Fudget ’s simplicity, but I wish he would change it so that you could make subcategories within each month’s budgets.


Bitter Sweet

I really like the simplicity of Fudget but now that I am serious about budgeting I feel there are some things that can help make Fudget more effective and organized without so much going on for example: I have to creat one big budget for my monthly expenses and then separate all of the things in that budget into budgets of their own because I like to see what I’m spending on within my budget if that makes sense. I would like to have a big budget with things like bills, household, family needs etc with the option to click into each one and see purchases and corresponding numbers so I guess something like a ledger within the budget scheme. It helps me not fry my brain trying to remember everything little thing I purchased or paid or have to move in between apps to get something done. I know this is just a budget app but it would really be ahead if it had this option. Other than that it’s nice :).


Love this app!!!!

I have been searching for an app that I can add income/cash deposits as I receive them as I am a rideshare driver and never know how much I will be earning weekly.
For years I’ve been writing my expenses and expected expenses in a book! (In fact different books, whatever diary/notebook I had at the time.) Recently I have been making notes in Notes in my iPhone! It’s a mess!
I downloaded other apps but you had to add your monthly income and you couldn’t put in amounts manually as they come in.
Also a lot of my expenses are not fixed. (Fuel, groceries etc)
Most apps are budgeting your monthly expenses which isn’t what really works for me at the moment!

I need to see what’s coming in and what’s going out. I can estimate what I will spend on fuel but then can add the actual cost and delete my estimate!!

I upgraded so I can have a running balance and get rid of the adds. You can also change the color of the “backdrop” and you can also upload the information to Dropbox.

Another GREAT feature is you can have different budgets.
So you could do a weekly one or if you have a savings account that you use for unexpected expenses or “treats”!

BRILLIANT!!! Life changing for me! Seriously!

Is Fudget Safe?

Yes. Fudget: Budget Planner Tracker is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 7,645 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Fudget Is 58.0/100.

Is Fudget Legit?

Yes. Fudget: Budget Planner Tracker is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 7,645 Fudget: Budget Planner Tracker User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Fudget Is 74.6/100..

Is Fudget: Budget Planner Tracker not working?

Fudget: Budget Planner Tracker works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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