WeVideo Movie & Video Editor Reviews

WeVideo Movie & Video Editor Reviews

Published by on 2021-01-19

WeVideo’s free video editor for iPhone and iPad makes it easy, fast and fun to
create and share amazing videos. You don’t need to be a pro to create
incredible videos for school, business and life! Upload your favorite photos,
video and music clips and arrange them any way you like. Ch...

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WeVideo Movie & Video Editor Reviews

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    Better than I thought

    My family, gotta love them, said something at a boy scout meeting that I could make a video for them and it would be a piece a cake. 😅😅 But they have no idea how long it takes to make a quality video using iMovie(well not amazing but decent). They wanted me to take, literally thousands of photos from the past 8 years on my phone and edit. My iPad is broken so it’s basically just my phone and laptop atm. Compared to about 15 other apps I’ve tried this is probably one of the easiest and least frustrating! Luckily I’ll have several months to complete this project so I’ll have time to play with this some more! I can’t wait! Seems a whole lot less glitchy and less payment issues! Edit: Really good! Disappointed about the only one song part! Realized though if you make your show in song parts then line it up in iMovie it works pretty easy! Also can cut that ending ad part if you don’t want to upgrade! The little symbol isn’t that bad during the show and it’s way easier than doing everything through iMovie!

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    My Review

    So I have been using this app for almost a month and it is doing great. I use it for gacha life. The only problem that I don't get is the exporting. When I try to export it, it tells me to make space for storage backup or whatever. So I deleted a few photos and it exported. The next day I went to edit and I exported it again. But it said the same thing so I deleted a few apps this time. A few hours later, I edit then try to export again. It kept saying that and now I barely have any apps and only 3 videos and 1 photo AND IT KEEPS SAYING THAT! I really don't know if it has something to do with the app or my settings because it is really annoying and I don't want to delete anymore stuff since I have barely any apps and 1 photo and 3 vids

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    Won’t even let me log in(I’ve tried eight times)!

    So my teacher told us to use this app in order to get everything we needed into one place for a project that’s due tomorrow right? So I take charge and I create my own account and give my group the login stuff they need so we can upload whatever footage we have on our iPads and have it in one spot and low and behold I CANT LOGIN!!! It keeps saying that it’s not the right information so I had my friend create an account and share the info with us and I downloaded this onto my phone and IT STILL DOES NOT WORK! This project is due tomorrow morning and I have to do my part in editing this video but I can’t get into either of the accounts!! I really wanted to like this app because it sounded really cool but so far I’m not impressed. I’ve reset my password already and created two different accounts and it still doesn’t work. Someone please explain this to me! I’m willing to listen but I’d really prefer for this whole login process to be much easier and simpler than it is currently or someone just tell me what I’m doing wrong so I can get into our shared account and do my part in the project!

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    Great but there are some flaws

    So yeah, I’ve been using WeVideo for a while on my phone, and well... it’s not all to bad, it’s just that when I want to delete a clip it’s kinda difficult to do that because there’s no delete option. Also, I’d like to say that you should also get to put in more than one fill, because that would be soooo much better! Anyways it’s a great app, pls notice this, and update the app, and yeah that’s pretty much all I have to say!

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    DO NOT GET THIS APP! This is my first time writing a review, bc I never brother with it, but MAN has this made me angry!!! The program, interface and all look simple enough for u to work with, BUT, don't be fooled by the free trial period they offer!!! I just spent 5+ hours editing a video, only to find out I actually have to BUY the full version in order to save/export it! Notice that they don't actually give any notice about this, so you end up spending hours of work to get nothing! Man I was even going to buy it, bc it is simple enough for me, but I don't want to have ANY connection with this kind of FRAUDULENT behavior! You just lost a potential customer, AND I WILL tell everyone I know not to get NEAR your company! THATS JUST FREAKING BAD COMPANY POLICIY!! GET YOURSELF TOGETHER. I don't know how these reviews work, but I guess you can't swear so I'll just leave you with these emojis, and you just guess what they mean ❗️⁉️‼️🚫⛔️❕❓❔‼️🚭⛔️🚭🔞🚷🚭🚫🚳🆘😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

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    I like the desktop version way better

    This program is used by my schools so we can make videos about certain subjects. But this app version FREAKING STINKS. You can add any of the moving backdrops, text readings (except for the title which is their when you open a new video anyway), or shapes, or anything in the desktop version. I want to create videos of me reading out stuff, WITHOUT showing my face, but I cant because I’m required to put one of my picture into the feed. I have to use my big heavy laptop every time i want to edit a video. And also, even if I login and make a video, once I realize I need my laptop and I save the video draft, it doesn’t transfer to the laptop version. In conclusion, I love the desktop version, but the freaking iPad and iPhone version needs to be heavily modified, adjusted, and made better. The app sssssuuuuuuccccckkkks.

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    Liked it at first, but I saw a problem and changed my mind.

    So I’m on mobile and I found this app really cool at first! But things went down, the more I added pictures the more I had to wait to add another one. Also, I need to add A LOT of pictures for one of my videos, and when I had to take a picture of something else I noticed that my data was very full so I thought “Oh, I’m done with these!” so I deleted some of them. When I went back on It said they deleted some of my frames because the photos can’t be found. Am I mean I get it but is there anyway to try and save it so when I delete a pick it doesn’t remove the frame? If I can’t I hate to do this because I really love the app but I might have to just quit and find something else to do.

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    Could use a little more!

    Hey, great product! I just recommend adding better and smoother transitions. Also 2 features I think that could be vital to making this editing software better is adding the ability to tilt video files and edit text better, currently there are very limiting text options, you should be able to choose colors for a border color and inner color from a color wheel. Also adding a few fonts and the ability to import/copy paste fonts would be great! An optional thing I think that could also be added are smoother animations.

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    Not good...

    My teacher assigned a project for a reading contest called the #30secondbookchallenge and she told us to get this app so I tried to get it but it didn’t work. So I tried again. And again. And again. But every single time I tried, it wouldn’t let me in. This gets me MAD because I need to finish this by tomorrow morning! Also I did half of this project at school but a big part of the grade is talking about my book. I haven’t even started the audio yet!! I only have about 10 minutes tomorrow to finish this, so please help!! I tried to login to my account but I think it didn’t work because my progress from today didn’t show up. Soooo, I don’t know what to do anymore.

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    Someone help??

    Um so I was doing some animations and hoping to put in audio, but whenever I do, it won’t let me play the video anymore. I would press the button, and it’ll show the “II” icon as if it’s playing, but it would stay on the first frame. This only happens whenever I try to put audio in and I don’t know why Q^Q I’ve noticed this not only prevents me from playing the video but it also prevents me from saving it. Also where is the green screen? I purchased this app specifically to use green screen but I can’t find it lol Besides the errors, this app actually works well and makes my life a whole lot easier.

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    Don’t get this app

    It’s an okay website, but the app is unnecessary and it didn’t even show my projects when I logged on, even though it showed them on the website. As for the website, it’s okay, but I don’t like how it downsizes the quality when you actually want to view the video, even though the actual clips are of higher quality. Another thing: why can only one person work on the project at a time? I’m not sure if this is a “feature” that you have to pay for (I’m running the school version), but I do know that whoever designed that definitely never worked on a group project at school. Developers: PLEASE fix these issues!

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    Alright so I have had this app for awhile(over a year?) and experienced this before. Now, I thought it was just maybe a bug but now that it happened a second time, my patience has worn thin. I can’t get into the app. Even if I try it will show the loading screen and about 10 seconds later it crashes. I’ve tried to fix it, checked for new updates, nothing. I was scrolling through these reviews and saw nothing about this. I just got my new phone so it can’t be that, I wanted to get a response to see if anything there is to fix this! PLEASE RESPOND!!!!

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    Dude! Why do you keep letting me download and download?!

    Ok so other than that, pretty good. You get to make a movie and things. But what else? You download something from WeVideo. Then you have to keep waiting and waiting!! And then you cancel. Then it happens again! You see that loading bar again and again and you still click cancel. So other than that, pretty good. But still, pls help!

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    Great app but...

    This app has amazing affects and makes me feel so happy!! This has happened a second time and I wanted the developers to know about this. This has made me very mad because literally all of my memories are in this app. This app crashes after like a year. I looked up on google for how to solve a crashing app and I downloaded the app again signed in to my account and it was fine again. Then after a few months it crashed again. Please fix this glitch!! Btw: thank you for reading this. Means the world 🌎 to me!!

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    I like this, but there are some missing features. Why can’t I copy some of the slides? I have to put the same identity every time I place it in the video and don’t have a repeating feature. Please add a duplicate button. Second, there are some transitions needed. I would like it to fade into the next slide without it turning darker before the next slide, or to white it out before the next slide. Finally, it’d be nice to have an ending text space like the title allows, to say something before stopping the video. Otherwise this app is nice.

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Is WeVideo Movie & Video Editor Safe?

No. WeVideo Movie & Video Editor does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 30,400 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for WeVideo Movie & Video Editor Is 14.9/100.

Is WeVideo Movie & Video Editor Legit?

No. WeVideo Movie & Video Editor does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 30,400 WeVideo Movie & Video Editor User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for WeVideo Movie & Video Editor Is 14.9/100.

Is WeVideo Movie & Video Editor not working?

WeVideo Movie & Video Editor works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a WeVideo Movie & Video Editor customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using WeVideo Movie & Video Editor.

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