eMeals - Healthy Meal Plans Reviews

eMeals - Healthy Meal Plans Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-10

eMeals is the easiest way for busy families to plan healthy meals. With 15
different weekly meal and diet plans there is sure to be enough recipe
inspiration to please even the pickiest eater. Our meal plans create your
customizable shopping list ingredients that connect directly to one...

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eMeals - Healthy Meal Plans Reviews

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    Long time user

    I’ve been using eMeals for three years. Love the quick using it to get delicious meals to our table. I typically pick 3 to 4 recipes each week to make. Most recently I’ve been using the Walmart pick up. I am enjoying The easiness it is to get the recipes, the shopping list and food within less than 30 minutes of my time. I have used several different plans with Emeals. All of the plans have delicious recipes. I’ve only been disappointed maybe once or twice in the three years I’ve been using emeals. I could’ve been disappointed by pulling a recipe out of the cookbook as well. I like the pictures the easy follow along recipes I could’ve been disappointed by pulling a recipe out of a cookbook as well. I like the pictures easy follow along recipes. I like that I can save recipes. I’d like that I use several different items in my week. For example I can buy 8 quart of cream for one recipe that only needs 2 tablespoons in the next recipe is going to need 2 cups. Instead of buying a pint of cream for 2 tablespoons. I have shared many recipes with friends and family.I have introduced Emeals to As many people as I can. I love Emeals!

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    App is great; Program is getting worse

    I have been an eMeals subscriber for years. The App works very well and wouldn’t change much. The program was phenomenal back when it was simpler with a few meal programs. Now that it’s trying to meet the needs of everyone and every possible appetite, it misses the mark often. (1) Many of the recipes are designed with cross-over in mind. So - you’ll find the same recipe in 5 different plans. Problem is - it usually only hits one plan well and suffices for the others. (2) Kid friendly use to be exactly that. You knew it wouldn’t have mixed foods and complex seasonings. Yes, I have a kid that dines on anything, but my other one, I needed the boring kid-proof recipe. (3) Classic use to be true Classic (bring out the Campbell soup mix-ins). Now they try to make it healthy, too. And that doesn’t work for remembering the Classic tastes. (4) Slow cooker use to be all slow cooker recipes and included dinners, breakfast, and occasional other ideas. Now often the recipes are slow-cook once and 2nd recipe uses the first. Well, if you didn’t like the first, you’re out 2 recipes options. (5) They are trying to compete with meals in boxes, and are losing the core customers. What we used this for was to pick 2-3 recipes a week. Now - I’m hard pressed to find 2-3 recipes a week I want to cook, eat, or works for my family - and that’s using 2 plans and switching. I think I’ll give it another month. But then will probably quit.

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    Really a time saver!!

    I have been using e-meals for a little under a year now. It’s truly been a life saver for my meal planning. I like that I’m able to browse the other meal plans to search for different meals to add variety to my menu. While I like having the guesswork taken out of my meal planning there are some features that would really make this better. For starters, having the ability to add cooking notes to the meals that I store into my ‘Favorites.’ Often times, I have to tweak the recipe to make it fit the tasting needs of my family. It’d be nice to have a place where I could capture those notes so I can refer to them in the future instead of trying to remember. Dangerous!! In addition to a notes feature, it’d be nice to have full access via the computer. I like the app versions of e-meals but a computer version would be nice too. It gets hard meal planning on a phone, so a larger viewable screen would be nice. And finally, adding additional stores to link up my shopping list would be nice. I don’t use Instacart; instead, I use Clicklist and hanging my grocery list transfer to this system would save some time. These changes would be nice but they’re not enough to deter me from using this service. It has been a game changer for my family and helped reduce our grocery bill. Thanks!!

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    Best All Around!

    I’ve been an eMeals subscriber off and on for the last 10 years. I was on the fence about keeping my subscription until the last update. Now it allows you to pick and choose from all meal plans to seamlessly create your weekly shopping list. We eat very varied meals from one day to the next...Gluten-free, Paleo, Keto, Slow-cooker, Low-Carb. We are active and also do some carb-cycling (low carb for a few days then high carb.) I don’t want to be locked into one genre of meals and until now I’ve never found a meal plan that has been able to accommodate how we eat! The app now allows and makes it super easy to browse and add meals to your list from every different meal plan. I also love that you can add your own additional grocery items to the list as well. All of this combined makes this app a one-stop-shop for me! Something I’d like to see in a future update is the ability to add your own recipes and then be able to choose from them and have it added to the list as well. Thanks for listening to customer feedback all along the way and keep up the good work!

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    A few suggestions...

    I love eMeals. I was a previous user before the apps were available and now a user again. I do have a couple suggestions that would help my family of very picky eaters... mostly my husband. I’d LOVE a way to favorite meals and keep them in a stored location so that when the meal plans come in for the week and we find only one or two that we will eat; we can go to our favorites and exchange them for what’s on the menu. It would be awesome if those integrated into the shopping list as well. Right now I write down all the recipes and rate them, then file them away somewhere to be used when I need more options. I have to manually enter everything into my shopping list. I’d also encourage creating an easier way to switch through the menus without having to “subscribe”. As stated earlier, because my hubby is so picky, I visit all menus types to find meals we will eat. This would just make it easier to find meals in all categories. Also- a Keto plan would be amazing! Thanks for listening!

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    App vs website

    I’m conflicted on this service because of the inability for the app and website to do the same things. For example I can limit my list to the recipes I like on the app and it will produce an edited shopping list. I can’t send that list to a printer though. I often go shopping with the kids and hate to have my face in the phone when I’m with them. It’s also easier to shop when I can see the whole list so I’m not scrolling up and down. On the website I can print, but I don’t have the option to edit my list and I also can see/add past favorites like I can in the app. I’m also not sure why Kroger is supported for adding the list to and online cart, but Fred Meyers, a subsidiary isn’t. Which is what is available on our market. Most of the actual recipes are decent, but often lack any depth or complexity. We often doctor it up with additional spices. If they ever tell you to throw meat into a crockpot ALWAYS brown it first. It makes the biggest difference. Anyways it’s nice to at least have a list of ingredients and then I can work with what I’ve got rather than sit down, plan specific meals and then shop. I’ll keep using but definitely some room for improvement.

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    Helpful to plan meals but...

    $60 up front not monthly, recipes are not sectioned correctly but more like sporadically... I won’t say that it’s not worth the money but it’s not exactly worth 60 per year but maybe 30 simply because it’s constantly just repeating the same recipes over and over again the recipes are not organized whatsoever to the category that you chose... For some people they may not seem like a huge deal if you’re just looking for recipes to cook up and not caring what is that you’re looking in for, but I was in a diabetic area it was constantly hurting and potatoes sugar honey things they can’t have is being put into their recipes over and over again... The kid section does seem to be mostly like kid stuff like mac & cheese and sliders little kids types of food that usually don’t go wrong but they also have other plans that have recipes I do not belong in that category in there... this app really needs to be gone through and checked and re-organized I also do not understand why it only works as an app I have never gotten to work on the computer using their website you have to download the app or it doesn’t run right which is very frustrating.

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    A Few Tweaks Would Make This Great!

    I've been using emeals for about a year now. Overall it had been really helpful, but there are a few minor tweaks that could make it really great. First and foremost... Add nutritional info for every recipe!!!! I want to know what I'm eating and I hate that I have to use a separate app to calculate the nutritional info for the recipes. The nutritional info is included in some off the plans like the low calorie plan, but not most of the other plans. This should be standard!! Also, there is no way to filter out recipes that don't fit into my diet. I do not eat any red meat or pork, but I do eat poultry and fish, so I end up having to search through several different meal plans to find a week's worth of recipes that work for me. (Which sort of defeats the purpose of paying for a service that is supposed to plan your meals for you) Lastly, why do you need to subscribe to one meal plan instead of just being able to go to the library and see everything??? I know you can easily switch between plans, but why is this even a thing? Why can't you just see all the plans available on your dashboard and then pick and choose???

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    Happy Family

    My husband and I are both teachers who are both also in graduate school. Keeping up with our jobs, school and three children is time consuming to say the least. We struggled for the last two years to try to regularly cook at home and not eat out. Too often, groceries ended up going bad because trying to figure out what to make and coordinate everything we needed for it took a lot of time and energy. We’ve been using EMeals for two weeks and it has been life changing for us. We haven’t eaten out once and so far my whole family has liked the majority of the recipes. I love that you can save your favorites to use again and that you can browse other menus to make it fit your family. Everything you need is in one place and is easy to access (meal plans, grocery list, step by step recipes). We will definitely continue to use this app and are more than happy to pay $59 a year if it helps us to eat at home rather than eating out.

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    Repeat Customer

    As a repeat customer (3 non-consecutive years - about every other year) eMeals serves its and my purpose of meal and grocery planning. In that time, I’ve had a good opportunity to try see and try a variety of meals and plans. I really enjoyed it the first year, less the second, and this will probably be my last. Why? Because the menus have become less and less tempting. I’m not a Foodie nor do I require something new EVERY DAY. I’d like to see recipes rated by eMeals (through customer input - maybe a click of a rating button on each recipe) so that recipes are more frequently reused. I’d also like to see more just plain, standard fare. And definitely less fish or a no fish option - 4 of 5 in my family doesn’t like it or is allergic to it - 2 meals a week on average cuts my use of the service down to 70%, not to mention the more and more frequent meals my family just won’t consider. I am now down to about two useable menus a week. And, of course, I was terribly disappointed when they removed holiday meals from the standard plan and offered them as an add-on. I applaud their attempt to be creative, but it’s backfired for me.

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    Don’t do it-too much work

    Don’t order this unless you want to go hunting through your grocery store looking for walnut oil, dry sherry, or Spanish smoked paprika. I have tried all of their meal plan types and none of them offer simple to make meals. Even the family and kid friendly plans have gourmet level recipes that most of us don’t want to go through the hassle to make. The point of this product is to make meal planning AND meal creation easy. It falls very short on the mark. Sure creating a grocery list is a snap and cooking the meals takes less than 40 minutes on average but finding the exotic items needed to make the meals is the real drawback of this app. I tried this product about 4 years ago when it was just a website so I really wanted to like it and see improvements. The offerings improved but they’re now gone too far to the gourmet for a family that really need to save time. I shop using Walmart’s pick up service so I was so happy to see it linked to eMeals. I’ll need to keep looking for another meal prep app that gives you normal easy recipes.

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    Great idea - worst customer retention!

    Signed up for the trial. Really liked the service, but there were a few flaws for me - if two recipes called for eggs, instead of intuitively adding one carton of eggs, it asked me twice and made me choose eggs twice. Also, unable to see the recipes again once in shop mode which makes it hard to remember whether an ingredient is essential if the store is out of stock. But my real issue.......there is NO customer service. There is NO option to cancel your trial, ANYWHERE. They give you a number to call for cancellation. I waited on hold for 45 min while all reps were “busy” and the impersonal robotic voice promised me a “chance for up to 25% off!” told me to “just stay on the line” while continuously offering me to schedule a callback. In two weeks, they haven’t responded to my two emails, FB message, tweet, or requests for callback. At this rate I guess I’ll have to contact my bank for a dispute because I am assuming they will charge me - though I have been trying to cancel my trial since the 2nd day. This is how you lose customers. Doesn’t matter how novel your product is if you don’t value humans. Another company will do it better and actually care about people, and eMeals will go out of business. Give it a year.

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    Happy Mama!

    The worst part about preparing meals for my family? Thinking up and deciding WHAT to make. eMeals takes that time consuming task away by providing over 20 different meal plans to choose from that you switch in between as often as you like. There’s something for everyone to enjoy. You can save recipes that you really liked and incorporate them into future meal plans if you so desire. They also provide awesome features like generating your grocery list on your phone and you can even add things to it and it will remember them. Another wonderful feature that I love, love, love is the ability to transfer for grocery list into online grocery services through Walmart and Kroger and others depending on your area. You don’t even have to do the shopping in the store!! Simply select each item as it goes through your list, select a date and time you want to pick up your groceries. All this for $5 a month-worth every penny.

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    Love eMeals and recommend it all the time

    Overall using the plans has been a great time and headspace saver. I love that I don’t have to stress the scramble of dinner night after night and the new app has made that even easier. If there was one feature request I’d make it would be that the app gave to option to omit the side dish. I’ve tried many of them and they are delightful, but my kids aren’t usually interested in the cool salady side and very often only my husband and I are having them. If you could omit them from the shopping list it would make tailoring the meals even that much easier, at least for me. I also LOVE that the app allowed me to access past meal plans! There were so many things we liked, and searching the only PDFs was difficult, having them at my fingertips is amazing. I hope that archive remains in place for the long term. Keep up the good work! I anticipate that we will be using eMeals for years to come.

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    Hard to cancel (maybe not... read for update)

    I keep coming back to eMeals every couple years, and each time I just don’t stick with it. I’m lucky to have one meal a week I would consider making (picky kids), even on the family/kid friendly plans. It’s not easy to cancel and that’s what I’m working on now. I don’t remember it being so challenging in the past to cancel, but I had a harder time finding the area in my account where there was an option to cancel, and even then— I couldn’t cancel online, it makes you call customer support to cancel. Disappointed! ————- Update: I called customer support begrudgingly to cancel, and I reached someone quickly, and it was easy to cancel. Also, since my quarterly renewal just paid two days ago, I asked if I could get a refund (didn’t have much hope they would, it was my fault I didn’t call sooner) but she was willing to refund the renewal I had just been billed. Fingers are crossed all is actually cancelled and I receive the refund in 1-2 business days.

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Yes. eMeals - Healthy Meal Plans is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 33,070 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for eMeals - Healthy Meal Plans Is 44.4/100.

Is eMeals - Healthy Meal Plans Legit?

Yes. eMeals - Healthy Meal Plans is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 33,070 eMeals - Healthy Meal Plans User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for eMeals - Healthy Meal Plans Is 44.4/100.

Is eMeals - Healthy Meal Plans not working?

eMeals - Healthy Meal Plans works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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