Carmel - Car, Taxi & Limo Reviews

Carmel - Car, Taxi & Limo Reviews

Published by on 2021-04-04

“Rides, and Car Cash, and Points, and Perks, oh my!”. With more features
than any other transportation app in the world, we come bearing gifts (many).
The Carmel app is where 35 years of ground transportation experience meet the
latest technology. Booking a car, taxi, or limo made easy...

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Carmel - Car, Taxi & Limo Reviews

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    Consistent dependable great service

    First and foremost I must issue disclaimer which is that I am awarded $10 Car cash from Carmel for sharing my review. I recently moved back to CT area and started using Carmel rather than drive to the airport. I came to try Carmel unexpectedly because when I landed on my move over (rather back) from abroad, my company had forgotten to book my car service. I was emotional from leaving my home abroad and then the feeling of being alone and stranded (no phone and it was a Saturday morning so no one on email) at JFK was almost to much to bear. JFK staff directed me to the car service phones and Carmel was the company that I rang and within 10 minutes they were there and took me up to my new (former) home. Since then I have used them several times and tonight I landed at LGA and plan was to take metro north back to CT but I saw there were track issues creating one hour delays so I tried to the Carmel app to do an immediate pickup. Again, within 10 minutes my driver was picking me up. I appreciate the ease of booking with Carmel via the app and every driver I have had has been professional and courteous. I definitely will stick with this service going forward, i feel secure in the quality of the services delivered by the drivers and their customer service on the phone

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    Great Trip, Very Pleased!

    I booked a minivan for me, my husband and infant from Manhattan to New Jersey. At first I was sceptical because the price was literally half that of Uber or Lyft, but to my surprise the trip was flawless! Our driver Jackie was right on time with a spotless shiny new minivan. He even in stalled our car seat for us as my hands were with the baby. He got us to our destination quickly and safely with no issue. I am very grateful for his assistance with our baby, all of our luggage, and his happy and friendly demeanor. I booked the trip conveniently using the Carmel app. I paid the base fare at the time of booking and paid cash in the car for tip and tolls. There was no surprises, only tip was due in the car and I left a hefty tip as well to show our appreciation for his help. Thank you Jackie! And thanks, Carmel! By the way, I call customer service twice prior to the trip. Once because I had questions about using my car seat and the second time because my printer wasn’t printing the reservation voucher. Both times I got a helpful and courteous rep on the phone in under a minute! So, I found our new mode of transportation around the city! This is my review but I am awarded $10 Car cash from Carmel for sharing it.

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    I’ve been a Carmel customer for years

    First I must disclose that I was given $10 in Car Cash for writing a review about Carmel, but I’m happy to do so. I have used Carmel for many years and just used them to and from LaGuardia for a trip to Cincinnati. Carmel always has polite drivers and they always wait for you either at your home or the airport. I have used Lyft before and although they can be cheaper, you get what you pay for. Some of the ride-sharing apps use unprofessional drivers and they won’t wait for you if you are running a minute or two late getting downstairs with your luggage (which is normal for a New York City apartment with slow elevators). Whenever I have an early flight and need to leave at 5am or 6am, I always use Carmel because I know they will be on time. That’s not the case usually with other services. Also it’s great that they give you points for United and Delta frequent flyer programs. I will use them on a trip in a couple months leaving from Newark early in the morning, and I live out in Queens. I would not trust any other car service for such a long commute to the airport.

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    Safe driver!

    My daughter and I used Carmel Limo from JKF airport to our Times Square hotel. It was our first time in NYC and I was concerned about finding reliable transportation that would be safe. I was already anxious about being in a big city...I didn’t need the added anxiety of transportation to our hotel after our long flight. Carmel Limo was the best decision we could have made. I downloaded the app, made my reservation, called after picking up my luggage in the baggage area, and within 5 min I was in a clean car headed to Manhattan. The driver was friendly, but more importantly, safe!!! I had checked prices for a taxi before I found out about Carmel Limo and was surprised that the taxi would have been more money! I’m making another reservation to be picked up from our hotel with Carmel Limo and will use them if we ever return to New York. This is my review, but I will be rewarded $10 car cash from Carmel for submitting it. I would have left a positive review even if they didn’t give me car cash. Our safety is what was important and there is no price for that.

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    Favorite Car Service

    Carmel is my go to car service in any city. John was a great driver and made sure I was comfortable the entire trip. My recent visit to NYC I used the app. Pros: Very easy to schedule a pick up, track driver location, and get pic of car. Cons: the app does not allow you to add your coupon. You have to call to dispatch to add it to your fare. Had to transfer from operator to supervisor to get this done. It was handled while I was in the car. But I f I have to call to get the discount I might as well call for the reservation and not use the app. Based on driver/ride I would give them 5 stars; I gave 4 simply due to the app. Disclaimer. "This is my personal review but I am awarded $10 Car cash from Carmel for sharing it"

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    Excellent Carmel Ride

    I am a regular user of Carmel. Today, as I’m the past, my driver arrived early and promptly called for me. His vehicle was spacious, clean and nice. He was friendly and got me to my destination quickly and safely. This is my review but I am awarded $10 Car cash from Carmel for sharing it" As noted above, I use Carmel regularly. I used it again today. My driver arrived promptly, his car was immaculate, he was friendly, he searched the best way to get me to my destination and he did so. This is my review but I may be awarded $10 Car Cash from Carmel for Sharing it. I continue to use and enjoy Carmel! This morning, I received a ride to the airport. The driver was 15 minutes early. Given construction on the street, he regularly kept me updated as to his moving wait position. Then he efficiently weaved through the city to avoid rush-hour traffic and got me to the airport promptly. The car was clean and comfortable, and he was friendly. This is my review but I may be awarded $10 Car Cash from Carmel for sharing it.

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    By law I must tell you that Carmel will give me $10 in car cash for writing a review. However they haven’t read what I am writing. I live on the west coast. My family is in NYC. Thirteen years ago, as my parents began experiencing medical challenges I found myself taking “red eye” flights east to help them. I began using Carmel regularly. I still do. Their rates are competitive, and they are always on time and courteous. I’ve seen other reviews that suggest that the drivers ask for more money. The people who write this are not accustomed to the high prices in NY, the traffic challenges, and to communicating with the heavily accented speech of some drivers. These drivers know if the usual route is very slow and congested. They will offer you the option of taking a different route, that involves an additional toll, e.g. tunnel, turnpike, etc. I have the advantage of understanding the local geography. These drivers are doing their best. Today my travel time was cut in half by a savvy driver. It was well worth the additional $9 for tunnel and turnpike. I also have peace of mind with this company. I’m able to book pick ups for my daughter and granddaughter without worry. I’ve just started using the app. My advice is to double check the starting location; use the actual address of the entrance of the building you are in. Don’t just assume that the app is correct about your current location.

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    Best service to/from airports

    I have used Carmel to travel to/from my home in Chelsea to the three NYC airports for well over ten years. I fly for an airline so I frequently make trips back and forth—about twice a month on average. I have never been disappointed by Carmel’s service. The drivers are always on time and are professional and courteous. The prices are very competitive with taxi fares (often lower than taxi fares, which continue to climb in heavy traffic if traveling to/from EWR or LGA) and the cars are always clean and comfortable. I book my rides through Carmel’s app, which allows me to pay before the trip or upon completion of the trip. The app also stores any information I choose, such as payment methods and frequent flyer award numbers. The app used to be quite glitchy but is now much improved and works well enough. This is my review but I am awarded $10 for cash from Carmel for sharing it.

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    What is the point of a reservation?

    Reserved a car to pick me up from the airport. When I arrived and used the app to say I was ready to go, it just had a spinning wheel and said it was trying to locate my car. I had to call Carmel and was told to go to a specific pickup location and a car would be there in 5-7 minutes. I went where I was told, no car. The app still said it was trying to locate my car. 15 minutes later, called them again and they said they couldn’t locate my car either. After being put on hold twice, I was finally told they didn’t have a car there and I would have to wait 10-30 minutes for one to show up. I made the reservation over a week ago. Gave them my arrival time and flight number. How hard is it to have a car where it’s supposed to be at the time it was reserved for? Why even bother to make a reservation. I have used Carmel frequently in the past, but never again. I’m deleting the app and finding a new car service that is capable of getting you a car when they say they will.

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    Great service

    I used this service today and was very happy with my experience. I reserved a car in advance and as soon as our flight landed I had a text notification telling me exactly what to do in the app to signal for the car and where to meet. It was seamless and super easy. The hardest part was picking out the car in the vast sea of other cars picking up people! Our driver had a sign in the window and even called once he was at the curb. He was very friendly on the drive to the hotel and made the drive quickly, even tho traffic was horrible. I hope he's our driver on our return trip to the airport. Will always use this service when we travel into NY now. I was awarded $10 car cash from Carmel for sharing this review but this in no way affects my satisfaction with the company.

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    Happy to be using Carmel service again!

    I've come back to using Carmel's car service in NYC after years of using those other ride-sharing apps. After noticing the pricing from the other apps skyrocket as a result of congestion pricing or increased competition, it's a relief to still have the reliable service of Carmel at a competitive price. Also love the new app and the ability to request cars quickly and track where your driver is. I typically don't post reviews but felt compelled to share, especially given my recent airport pick up experience from the driver, Eloy, who was one of the best Carmel drivers I've ever had. Disclaimer: I also have to mention that I am receiving $10 car cash from Carmel as a result of sharing this review, but happy to do so regardless!

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    Carmel is my first choice!

    Driver was right on time and right in front of my building. He greeted me with a friendly smile and got out to help me as soon as we made eye contact. He was professional and courteous and asked if I had a preferred route. All in all it was another great experience with Carmel! I have been using Carmel for more than 30 years and their service is consistent and dependable and I would highly recommend Carmel. You are able to set up cars in advance and the driver always arrives promptly, it's like having a private chauffeur. They have an easy to use app and website with straightforward pricing and clear instructions on pickups at the airports and major events. This is my review but I am awarded $10 Car cash from Carmel for sharing it.

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    Dependable and Great Service

    This is my review but I must disclose that I will be awarded $10 Car cash from Carmel for sharing it. My wife and I have used Carmel for most of our trips between our home in NYC and JFK airport over the last several years. The cars are always on time (usually early) for our trips from home to JFK, and are always waiting for us at JFK for our trips home (even the time when the flight to JFK was delayed several hours because of weather). The cars are always roomy, comfortable and clean. The drivers are always friendly, and are all good, safe drivers. The fares are reasonable, discounts are often available, and the app (and the website) are easy to use. I recommend Carmel without reservation.

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    Should be your airport go to

    Actually, I’ve got so sick of terrible Uber, Via, and Lyft that I try to use Carmel whenever it’s available. The catch: you have to book at least 15 minutes ahead. You get a nice car, experienced driver, and a less expensive ride than you will with any other service. Those people at the airport being picked up right away by professionals? Look for the sign: most of them are riding with Carmel. I also use them in other cities in the US. The driver shows up 15 minutes early and waits for you after a courtesy call. They now offer pool options that can cut your already-reasonable fare in half. This is my unsolicited review, but I am awarded $10 car cash from Carmel for sharing it.

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    Great app, excellent service

    This is my review but Carmel is giving me $10 Car Cash for posting it. The app works well, determining your location and giving estimates for how long it will be until your driver gets there, just like Uber or Lyft. Unlike the ride-sharing apps, though, you can schedule your pick-up in advance. And the best thing, in my opinion, is the choice of payment options: You can pay for the whole ride using the app, you can pay just the base fare and then pay the driver directly for tolls and tip, or you can even reserve a ride through the app but pay the driver in cash. My only complaint is that the pickup situation at JFK is incredibly chaotic, but the same is true for Uber and Lyft also.

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Is Carmel - Car, Taxi & Limo Safe?

Yes. Carmel - Car, Taxi & Limo is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,315 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.2/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Carmel - Car, Taxi & Limo Is 36.8/100.

Is Carmel - Car, Taxi & Limo Legit?

Yes. Carmel - Car, Taxi & Limo is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,315 Carmel - Car, Taxi & Limo User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Carmel - Car, Taxi & Limo Is 36.8/100.

Is Carmel - Car, Taxi & Limo not working?

Carmel - Car, Taxi & Limo works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Carmel - Car, Taxi & Limo to your problem using the strength of crowds.
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  4. If you are a Carmel - Car, Taxi & Limo customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Carmel - Car, Taxi & Limo.

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