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Published by on 2020-01-06

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Duolingo Reviews

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    If you are just starting out on a language this is the app. You learn words effectively and it is very good at encouraging to learn. The unfortunate thing was it got very repetitive and takes some time to get through to learn new words. It was very good when I first started learning Norwegian or Norsk Bokmål. I got the basics but really just basics. Duolingo won’t make you fluent but it is a great starting place and language practice tool to have when first encountering a new language. Don’t expect yourself to learn an entire language with Duolingo alone but it is great when wanting to practice the language you are learning or getting a few new words. Once again, it doesn’t feel like you are making super fast progress or you have grown quickly but I always enjoying going on and practicing. Another problem is that I never really understood why something was some way and Duolingo did not really do a good job explaining the reasons behind something so I was left confused. The good thing is these questions can be answered on the forum that Duolingo provides. Also the pronunciation does not appear to be given. All you could do was hear the word but I could never tell if the letter “d” was pronounced at the end of some words or not. I had to learn this outside of Duolingo. To conclude this is SPECTACULAR language learning app and I recommend it for all who want to try a new language.

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    Mastering Foreign Language!

    Duolingo is helping me to successfully master a foreign language. I studied Spanish for 4yrs in high school. (That was 30 yrs ago) Ever since then I’ve tried to continue that learning, with the goal of becoming fully fluent. The challenge is to get from a learning stage to an actual immersion and usage of the language. I have used Duolingo free version at times, and it’s fun and helpful, but... there are limits to how much I learn that way. 3 months ago I signed up for Duolingo Plus. Wow! Wow! Wow! In 3 months time I have learned so much more! I am more motivated to return for lessons daily. And there seems to be a lot more content. I finished all the levels of the free version, and then was stuck with no more increased learning. But with Plus, not only have I increased my Spanish vocabulary. I am mastering more verb conjugation, and gaining a better understanding of phrases and sentence structure. My listening/ understanding of Spanish has multiplied so much, and speaking is improving, too. Understanding native Spanish speakers has always been a big struggle for me. (“Más despacio, por favor” is a fave phrase of mine) I see so much growth in my skills, it blows my mind! I can’t wait for an opportunity to immerse myself in a live setting where I can try my skills again. Duolingo Plus is worth every penny in order for me to reach my fluency goal. I think that by the end of one year , or maybe two, I will achieve this life long goal.

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    Better than I thought

    After having used Babel, Busuu, and Rosetta Stone I’m surprised to say that Duolingo is absurdly better made than I used to think. I’ve been using Duolingo on and off for years (half-heartily for awhile and only seriously in the recent past) and I’ve found that the flaws which once seemed glaring are actually not as bad as some other language learning apps. The voice work is an order of magnitude better than Busuu and the lesson structure ,despite seeming somewhat obtuse, is actually incredibly helpful. The pseudo game structure of lessons also helps to keep practice from becoming too much of a chore. I’m probably not saying anything new here but I feel like the only thing that keeps Duolingo from being vastly superior to other language apps is the lack of grammatical instruction in some of the languages. Languages like French have more recently had grammar lessons added even from the start of the course, but Korean has none. From my use of other apps that do a better job explaining grammar I’ve found that Duolingo works really well as a companion app to build vocabulary and just practice hearing/using the language, and is possibly more useful once you have the basics of a language down. The only other language app I’ve used that comes close to rivaling the versatility of Duolingo that I’ve used thus far is Lingodeer which is much better for learning Korean than any other app I’ve encountered.

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    Excellent App, but could use more Languages!

    I’ve been using Duolingo for a while now to practice my French, and in the time I have had the app I have tried out several other languages too (including Spanish, Russian, German, Klingon, etc.). The games make learning fun and the teaching style helps keep the terms and sentence structures ingrained in my memory very well! My only request/hope for this app (not a complaint, I love the app) is that while I appreciate the inclusion of fictional languages like High Valyrian and Klingon, I would like for there to be more significant languages to be added to Duolingo’s roster of classes as well. Widely-spoken languages like Arabic and Bengali are noticeably absent on the course list (for English-speakers, not sure about others), as well as Finnish, which is a little strange because Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish are all present. Personally, as someone whose family comes from the western Balkans, I would love to see a language course on Serbo-Croatian, since it is a difficult language that I believe Duolingo would be an excellent tool to help me to become better at it. Recently, Hawaiian and Navajo were added to the roster, which excites me and makes me hope for these languages to be added sometime in the future as well. Overall, I love the app and will continue using it to study foreign languages! I look forward to seeing more language courses added in future updates! 👍

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    Love it, but some features need to be added

    I have to say that Duolingo has taken me to a new world of languages. I can spend my whole days practicing with Duo and increase my ability of using languages. However, there're still things that I'm not satisfied with this version for IOS: - the discussions after answers: I've wait for them since a long long time ago. I believe that Duolingo is not only a software for learning languages, but also a special environment for everyone to enhance their skills together. Using Duo on IOS is quite convenient, but if I want to check my answer with the other's, I have to login my account again on the version for web browser, go to that skill, do it and seek for the question. That's not good at all! - The report: Nothing happens when I press the button to report the errors (most of them are translation errors). My and other's reports are the very efficient tools to help Duo better, and we want to see that in the near future. - The club should be added to web version and the currency systems - gems - needs need to be synced. Anyway, the life point is awesome, but we want more games, or tournaments, or challenges, or... something like that, just to increase the competitiveness between leaners. I know that to solve with the problems I've listed above will take a lot of time and money and labor power, but we can believe with our effort and strength, the future of Duolingo is brighter than ever! Duolingo is the sweet home for everyone!

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    New smaller word boxes TOO SMALL

    Since the recent update (late April 2018), on my iPad Pro DuoLingo app, the word boxes and the type within them, which one taps to put together a translated sentence, are frequently appearing much smaller than the helpful size they consistently were before. Sometimes they appear in the original size, but more often now, even with a short sentence where there is no problem fitting them on the page, they are very small. Harder to read, and harder to accurately select. And I have small hands/fingers. I lost several “health” bars and had to stop my lesson sooner than in the past, because I was selecting at the speed I always have, and realized I could not have the confidence I had grown accustomed to, that when I think I have touched a word box, it is selected. So my learning process is slowed not because I am selecting the incorrect word and losing health, but that I have to stop and check more diligently to make sure the box I tapped (or tried to, but apparently did not hit the now very small “sweet spot” on it which selects it), actually shows up in the answer box. This was NEVER an issue before the change in word-box size. Please make them, if not as large as they have been previously, larger than they are after this recent “upgrade”. Very annoying in an otherwise wonderful app...you folks say you want to make learning easy, and my feedback is that this tiny type in close-together boxes, is an impediment to learning. Thank you.

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    Good but it has its drawbacks

    Since I can’t send Duo Lingo an email to give them an opinion I’ll put it in a review. I’ve been using the app now for probably 8 months as a plus subscriber. In general the app is good. As I’ve progressed forward though there are simple things that are extremely annoying for example I was working on Spanish past tense and I spelled the name Sarah as Sara (another common English spelling of the same name). The entire sentence in Spanish was correct but my answer was considered wrong because of the missing “h”. This was a verbal/audio sentence I had to listen to then type the correct answer. Also as you progress and write English from Spanish there are perfectly correct English translations you might write that the app considers wrong. I’m guessing because this app is actually designed by a non native English speaker; the creator of Duo Lingo is from Central America (Guatemala I think; but listen to his story on the first season of their Spanish podcast). I like the app and enjoy using it but I’m finding I’ve been seeking other ways to learn because some of the grammar isn’t quite covered or the reasoning behind certain language rules isn’t explained and I simply need more. Also a common complaint is that they send way too many emails if you stop using the app for a day or two or longer and it feels like a stalker. Luckily the email I used for it was not my primary email because when I checked that account it was flooded with Duo Lingo emails.

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    Good app! ...but needs work!

    Great free app, very helpful and useful in learning new or refining old languages. However, it still needs work in my opinion. I am learning Spanish and I have learned a lot more than I already knew in a couple days... but there are times when using a proper word is necessary to succeed and move on, but I have to restart over and over again later (after practicing, to get health to play) ...because I picked the right term but wrong specific word and no explanation is given as to why. I.E: Yo (means I) has to be followed with an o in the use of words like como (eat) or bebo (drink) instead of come/comen/comes or bebe/beben/bebes (as I learned through searching), but no explanation is given as to why. It’s frustrating and infuriating. This needs to be explained and taught for proper teaching of other languages. Also, why does the asterisk above certain Spanish words apply but not on others? Learn it all or don’t even try I say! Finally, turn down the need for health as often, or turn up the regeneration rate. I read it was said that they are trying to make learning free. So do it more, please. Stop making me practice over and over again just to get 1 bar of health (works on only 1 mistake before failing) and have 1 measly chance at succeeding just to have to quit, practice, and start ALL OVER AGAIN; only to fail because I don’t understand what I did wrong! The ads are bad enough and should be sufficient... but then there’s this! Please fix!

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    I am loving this app!

    This app is really helping me to learn very quickly. I am learning Greek and brushing up on Spanish. I wish it would handle a few things differently Among them, letting me test out of Spanish levels further along the way than it does, but I understand they are testing whether that feature is more or less beneficial for learning at the moment. So, I upvoted the feature :). The other thing is that the adds are locked in portrait mode and the “practice” tab also starts out and sometimes gets stuck in portrait mode. I have tor turn my iPad to portrait and back to landscape and it usually switches to landscape then, but not always. I pretty much always use my iPad in landscape mode. Especially when I am using the keyboard, which the app has plenty of. I wish that the whole thing would just be in the orientation of my screen without changing/ trying to figure out which direction it should be as I use the app. Otherwise, this app has been AMAZING and, while, I’d love those improvements, I’m really just being nit picky. I didn’t feel it deserved any less than 5 stars because the rest is awesome! One note, if anyone is having trouble understanding anything in the language you’ve chosen or with the app, visit the website and check out the discussions tab. There is a lot of helpful info in there and many other language learners who are very happy to help out!

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    Great app, but one problem!

    I have been using Duolingo to learn French for a little while now. If you really want to be good at it I suggest working over and over on the basics 1 and mastering it, and continuing to work on it even after mastering it until you know the basics 1 words 100%, which is what I did. It’s a lot better to know the words than to rush through and not actually be able to remember them. One thing is, I have started the “phrases” section. Usually when you start a new section and it gives you words you haven’t seen yet, they will put a dotted line under it where you can see what it means and then eventually remember it. However on some new words it doesn’t give me the meaning and asks me to translate anyway. Since I don’t know the meaning of the word because I’ve never seen it I get it wrong and lose my health. I have used this app a long time ago to learn Italian (which I’ve since stopped) and it would always give me the meaning of the word, multiple times even. It’s just annoying to me that I have to lose my health because I don’t know the meaning of a new word. It’s not too much of a problem that I will delete the app, but something that could be fixed. I recommend using the computer version of duolingo for learning new words and phrases, and just using the app for strengthening your skills. Overall though this app is great!

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    Nice app but slow progress

    The app is nicely designed and has good variety of testing formats, but each level takes FOREVER to pass. Some have 20 rounds before you can move on - and each round is the SAME thing. Even some of the levels seem the same. This feels like a waste of time for the learner and has made me start practicing even less (therefore using the app less) because I already know the material by round #5. I don’t need to review it 15 more times. Please make the progress faster, perhaps integrating some review of previous levels into later ones to ensure retention. Also, please allow us to skip levels more easily - right now it takes 400 gems to pass a level, and that takes many days of repetitive practice (of topics I already know) to accumulate. Not worth it. I even made a separate account to start over and take a placement test to hopefully bypass some of these basic levels. I did much better on this test that my first one, yet the levels they put me on seemed the exact same as on my other account - does the test actually place you anywhere other than the beginning? I get that you’re trying to make money by encouraging us to pay for more gems, but what you’re actually doing is discouraging me from using the app. (Plus, with all the ads, I already feel sufficiently encouraged to pay for premium.) Perhaps just make the number of gems we’re awarded for meeting our daily goal much larger or make the number required to pass a level much smaller.

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    Please read

    This app is great and all, but I’ve found that the desktop site is even more interesting and helpful. The app is very limiting. While the desktop version includes a better discussion board and quite a bit more info. HOWEVER, I have noticed some annoying changes in the desktop site. They are expanding the app, and diminishing the desktop site. Which, obviously, I really don’t agree with or like. If I needed more in depth information about a lesson, as they are usually very cut and dry on the app, I would sometimes go to the site and there might be extra pointers on certain things I wasn’t understanding. I keep trying to do things on the site and it keeps taking me back to the mobile version or a complete replica of the app on my browser. I get that they seem to be aiming at continuity and flow, but please do not take away all the information and good of the desktop site in order to grow the app. I also really miss being able to see my progress on each language. I liked being able to see how much further I had to go before leveling up. But apparently they removed that feature, while still keeping the levels???? Which is beyond me. Just seems like an added annoyance. One of my biggest pet peeves is needing the desktop site and even requesting it on my iPhone and still getting the mobile site or having to continually click Desktop Version/Full Version because every link takes me to a shortened version/aka the mobile site. Soooooo annoying.

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    #AWESOME!!!!! 😍😍. Best language learning app EVER!!!😍

    This app is SSSOOO effective! When you start out you sign in with your email. If you want to, the app will give you a daily reminder to practice or start a new lesson. It will also email you if you get behind in your lessons, which is great for me bc I always forget to practice!😂 You choose the language that you want to learn and then your all set!! No bugs and it works great. And after learning the basics and finishing the first three lessons than you can actually have a conversation with automated people in that language!! You have to try to understand their questions and answer them and if you haven't learn a word yet that they say or you forget what it means then you can just click the word and it shows you the translation. It is AWESOME!! You HAVE to get this app!!!!😄😄. You can also join a club with actual people learning the same language as you! You can encourage each other and post your latest progress and you can also make friends and follow people you know and make a profile picture so that your friends can find you!! You can also make your own club if you want to!!! It is absolutely amazing!!!! If I could I would just tap that download button for you so that you be able to try out this app!!😜 you have to get this app! I hope you take my word for it. PEACE OUT!!!!✌️😂✌

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    Good app but developers getting greedy.

    I used to use this when it was completely free. As in when you ran out of hearts and failed the lesson you returned to the main menu with full hearts. I understand wanting to make money with this app but the price is ridiculous especially with all the other free and lower priced apps out there. I wouldn’t mind paying a one time flat fee of a lower price but I’m not making continuous payments on something that used to be free. Especially when you get all the ads that say keep education free. My main gripes with this app as others have stated is the fact that there is no explanation when you make an error. You just have to try to remember the correct answer when the question comes up again. No explanation of what you did wrong. I need a clear explanation of how to conjugate verbs and this is showing me nothing. Also when you make too many errors you fail and have to wait until your hearts are refilled. The amount of time it takes your hearts to refill is insane. Two days later when my hearts finally refill I’ve already forgotten the lesson so I’ve lost that information. In general this app has taught me a ton of Spanish and has been fun and easy to use. I just wish their were more explanations for mistakes and also wish the pricing/ hearts issue could be addressed. Maybe offer premium lessons and charge for those instead? Like I said I would pay a REASONABLE amount to be able to have unlimited hearts.

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    Frustrating, but a good app

    I have had Duolingo for maybe a month now and I’m level one on all of the first group of things. Now there are a few things I’d like to address. Duolingo is really great because I’m taking French this year. However there are many huge problems with it too. One is with the practice for a heart. I have been doing it right, le restaurant. But every time I type it no matter how I tweak it it says I’m wrong and knocks me down so I can’t actually ever earn that heart because it keeps giving me the same question which has the wrong thing happening. When I get it wrong it shows me the answer- exactly what I typed. It kind of drives me nuts. Other than that, the hearts system is really stressful because it basically tells you that making mistakes is horrible and that you literally have to pay for them. Now I know that’s not the point but it sure feels like it because failing a lesson sure feels horrible, doesn’t it? I’m sure there are plenty of bugs Duolingo has that I haven’t uncovered but I really wanted to put this out there. Other than these things, Duolingo is great and it’s a great choice to assist in learning a language. But seriously the hearts system crushes your soul and it sure doesn’t help on a bad day. And yes I understand Duo plus is better but come on, I just want a free language app. So if you’re still reading this thanks for listening to me little Duolingo rant. Have a great day.

Is Duolingo Safe?

Yes. Duolingo is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 840,547 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5. Justuseapp Safety Score for Duolingo Is 100/100.

Is Duolingo Legit?

Yes. Duolingo is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 840,547 Duolingo User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Duolingo Is 90/100.

Is Duolingo not working?

Duolingo works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Twitter Reviews for Duolingo

@RandomDestinat1 @earthsunwildair @duolingo Some days I literally did 1 lesson to keep my streak going. Its a great app

@AMadmanNotABox @waxworker @birnamwoodprint @OwainWynEvans @duolingo Wonderful - thanks for bringing the app to my attention, will need to download it! :)

@2xproficiency @JayKay137 @duolingo Looking about the same! There's a big ren faire festival every year (not this, ofc) in Hämeenlinna; we plan to go there at some point :)

@hey_thr67 Ok @duolingo here is a situation , my mother is learning English on your platform and she has to reposed to a sentence “I am the least beautiful” . I do see a problem in it , don’t you ? Could you explain how does your app work ?

@DuncanBadhew @SDoug87 @duolingo Emotional blackmail from a free language app. Welcome to the future 😩

@WelshAlyson @earthsunwildair @duolingo I've been using the app to learn German 👍🏼🤣

@stephnlebow @duolingo I was wondering if there were any plans to add the stories to the Dutch lessons! I am using them for my French and German and they’re amazing and would love them in Dutch as well! Thanks for hounding me to keep up with my languages! 💚

@Amanda_Sange @duolingo please for love of all that’s holy revert back to the old voices, I don’t wanna practice anymore with these new ones in my ear LOL

@InkICan Dear @duolingo: I want to learn a new language at my own pace, I do not want an app that acts like a clingy girlfriend. Thank you.

@YesImight @duolingo It wasnt enough to remind me in my notifications; you had to promote a tweet to me?! FIINE, but for the love of all languages, can you please add Thai?

@thatblondiesong @Jsoosty @tomcopy @duolingo Jesus, going to Minho is another level. I love the Northern accents. Have you visited Azores? It's like Portuguese with a weird French accent. It's very hard for me to get it. We joke about how people coming from Azores to the mainland are Erasmus' students 😂

@DirtbagHikerBlg @earthsunwildair @duolingo I'm addicted myself. I've been using it to brush up my Spanish & can't put it down. I have a love/hate relationship w/leader boards...okay, I'm in 1st place, an hour late it's damn, someone took over 1st place, better do more! Guess I'm competitive 😋

@earthsunwildair @DirtbagHikerBlg @duolingo Haha good way to keep you using the app and learning more at least!

@itsPack_ @duolingo CAN THE voice for Korean be reverted back to the older voice? The new one is very robotic and not nearly as good as the old one for me. ;(

@Amenhotep51 @duolingo Duolingo sucks for those of us who not are native English speakers. I'm constantly get WRONG for making small misstakes in my english translations, witch is very frustrating. I'm doing Duolingo because I want to learn Spanish, not English.

@callieche16 @duolingo hey, are you planning to add Cantonese to the list of languages any time soon? I'd love to see it there :)

@maxtoge @duolingo Worked! Took the placement test in the browser, after that I was able to log into the app. Thanks :)

@alexbfree @duolingo is the app supposed to look like this now?! https://t.co/8THITV4dMj

@FerventTsunami @duolingo Hello excuse me, how can I get rid of the leaderboard without making my profile private? I still want to follow my friend's progress but I do not want to be caught up in competition with strangers. I'd not learning anything and simply tring to win.

@cheerssugarplum @duolingo hiii! I used to be able to use split screen on my samsung phone so i could practice and watch something on youtube at the same time and i did that every day for over 800 days but now it says I cant use duolingo in multi app view? Is something wrong? I love your app💚

@amyinthe8th Had to take a sign break to help a neighbor home that was carrying 10 bags of groceries in this heat. Happy to report my @duolingo classes are working & I didn’t completely embarrass myself. We will get public trans right #inthe8th. Excited for my Town Hall. ☀️

@ShardonaeMb @duolingo Tried this already and there’s no option. Also would be better to detail it when you’re signing up through Duolingo. I’m not happy about this at all and I want to cancel it https://t.co/OLWy0MhAoI

@CrispianWFCO @jameshughesfco @duolingo Thanks James! Looking forward to working with you.

@spacemanatee_ this is evil, why they gotta send Duo looking all sad to me? they know how much i love him. he did the 🥺 face and everything 😭 @duolingo gotta continue my japanese and spanish lessons now https://t.co/gcBmdshkGx

@sakurasobakasu @duolingo I don’t have my PC but I want to keep my streak. The app won’t let me log in, it says error, try again later. I just updated the app. Please help!!!

@sheribdoyle @earthsunwildair @duolingo I have been studying Italian for 10 months since I just moved to Italy. I love @duolingo I use it almost everyday!

@suIIicuIt i committed to @duolingo plus so now i have to use the app daily or its not worth it https://t.co/TPfUDKauZ6

@Coco_Travels @earthsunwildair @duolingo I’ve been learning Spanish on Duolingo since lockdown began! I’m not sure I’d be able to hold a full on Spanish conversation though 🤣

@shariannebrill @DanRather [email protected] There’s increasing demand for you to add #Trumpish to your language-learning app, since most of us can’t understand what [email protected] is saying. After all, you already have made #Dothraki and #Vulcan available. Thanks and much appreciated.

@drdoofenshmitz @duolingo A friend just reached 69 days I wanna congratulate them Btw it was a bummer that I did not get any congrats today Now I have to reach 70 days It sucks

@wwomanteria @justquitting @duolingo love to hug the dairy products close to the abdomen! part of my hot yoga routine

@earthsunwildair @junkkDNA @duolingo Maybe I have the added interest because I'd like to try working in Spain next year 🤞 but you should give it another go!

@knightofthecrow @EmericanJohnson @duolingo But there’s not that gamer competition in class unfortunately. It feels really good to be at the top of the leaderboards every week in your language lol

@SDoug87 @DuncanBadhew @duolingo My Italian is so bad I’ve had to pay for the app. So im now paying to be made to feel guilty on a daily basis. Can’t wait for the gym to open again just to really compound the situation

@wwomanteria Been learning Dutch for around 2.5 months, not sure why it took me so long to draw one of the ridiculous sentences but here we are, @duolingo uil Why- please tell me why there are eight glasses of milk https://t.co/ulAxajgfYv

@waytooold4this @duolingo Your lessons can be very frustrating! And there is rarely explanation of why something is wrong or of the grammatical rule. 1/4 of the time a little explanatory note appears but it's not often related to the error! Grrrrrr

@gallavichbite @duolingo by the way what’s the trouble? i mean is a moderator able to shadowban someone on their right? especially when they guessed something based on some other user’s judgement that im cheating? please unshadowban my account i just did a lot of lessons while being free thats not wrong!

@simonjburgess_ @earthsunwildair @duolingo https://t.co/6YPfw4J3cJ I think they are pretty good. Been listening a lot during lockdown walks... only problem is I’m jumping between languages 😂 can decide which one to focus on

@darkpaw Hey, @duolingo, I'd appreciate it if, when your app fails to recognise me saying "twelve, thirteen" in French, then "eleven", then "nine, ten", and I mark them as "my answer should've been accepted" - that you wouldn't strip my hearts away each time since it's YOUR fault.

@DanilArefiev @SippyAu @duolingo Not a bad day to lose it on ! 😂

@_answeris42 @YvetteG_Music @BeginnerSwedish @duolingo I level up till I feel sure enough to continue. Not doing it every day though. I'm also trying to learn Swedish.

@fineywiney1 @duolingo @faithzp1 Pls help I can't register on Duolingo app, tried to change the country code to my but to no avail. I am in Nigeria https://t.co/ohUEg3hVqR

@Aatma_In_Bar @duolingo is such a wonderful app to learn languages. I've been using it to learn Spanish for more than 2 years and the way they've seamlessly added LGBTQI stories is heartwarming.

@chrism799 @duolingo @faithzp1 Will you ever make it possible to change the background? The bright white background can be a big strain for sensitive eyes. I'd like a more pleasant background for my eyes (app and desktop versions).

@iOMGShanaynay @YeahThatCindy @duolingo a part from the 'discuss' page on the duolingo app, will there ever be a social platform space for 'friends' to have direct message chats within the app?

@_curiousclaire @earthsunwildair @duolingo I've been trying to learn French for awhile now but always seem to get out of the habit. Gotten a lot further on Duolingo now since lockdown. Plus I also use drops app and made flashcards which are placed all around the house

@JoshKubow @juliabyrde @transhellterror @duolingo You do you but personally I’ve tried Yiddish on mango and while it’s not bad, the speakers that do the voices have a very pronounced Israeli accent. It’s not necessarily a negative, it just isn’t that great if you want to speak with American Hasidim or speakers of other dialects.

@rhelune @YvetteG_Music @duolingo @BeginnerSwedish Same, but if I'm not able to pass the challenge 3 times, I just do the lesson.

@ThunderUndrgrnd @duolingo @shitduosays I most definitely do not. Stop pushing this shit on me. It's getting annoying. You should have an option in your settings that allows people to say what sexual orientation they are. I'm not gay https://t.co/l8RqtVZcxB

@caleneledh @duolingo I love Duolingo. Been using it to teach myself Hebrew. It's a great way to learn a language, especially if you just have a bit of time now and then.