Rosetta Stone: Learn Languages Reviews

Rosetta Stone: Learn Languages Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-01

Learning a language can be an experience that transforms your life. Over 25
years of language learning experience has taught Rosetta Stone one thing:
everyone has the ability to learn to read, write, and speak a language with
confidence. Try the Rosetta Stone app yourself for free. Man...

Table of Contents:
1. Reviews
2. Is it Safe?
3. Is it Legit?
4. App not working?
5. Report Issue

Rosetta Stone: Learn Languages Reviews

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    Immersion is the only way to really learn a language

    If you rely on translating, I don’t think you can ever become fluent. Each language has words and phrases that simply cannot be translated. When you have a conversation in a foreign language and you have to translate the foreign words you hear into your native language and then translate your response from native back into foreign language, you will not only get tired and stressed out but your conversation will not be fluent and natural. What works for me are images. When learning the foreign word for flowers for example, I don’t translate into my native language but imagine a picture of flowers in my head. Then coming up with Blumen, fleures, flores, etc. in a foreign language conversation is much faster and requires much less brain power than translating. Those are just my 2 cents. This approach works best for me. I’m a foreign language major with 4 foreign languages. English is my 3rd language. Everyone is different and has their preferred way of learning but I encourage everyone to try the immersion approach for one or two weeks and see how it goes. App works great. I only encountered one small glitch but that may have been a glitch on my device.

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    Great concept horrid execution

    The teaching on this app, I love. It's a great idea. I wish I'd went month to month at this point though rather than pay for two years. It is the buggiest app I've ever used. In fact, it's so buggy the uncommon word "hate" comes to mind. I went all the way thru module three recently and got to the last lesson. I get a pop-up that says, skipping ahead? You didn't finish all the lessons. I go back and look and sure enough, the Review lesson I'd done said I'd not done it. This particular one I knew I'd done...8 times! You see, for the Review lessons, you can't retake and fix one card, it makes you retake the entire lesson! I wanted a 100% so I retook it until I did. Guess what... It apparently lost all progress. I ended up taking it two more times, finally getting everything right. When I finished, it said I missed one anyways. What!? I have another Review that I know I'll never get right because despite voice set to easy and having taken a year in college of German from a native German, it says I cannot pronounce one word. I gave up. In some lessons I can use the wrong word entirely when I'm trying to guess the dialogue and get a 100% but in the Review, which you must fully retake if you miss something, it won't get the single word right. In short, if you are a perfectionist or have limited time to waste on bugs, this is not the app for you. There are better ones for free that won't make you cuss in front of children or want to throw your phone.

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    Love the immersion!

    I found my way to this app after I had done some Duolingo.I am learning french and if anyone is learning french they also know how particular it can be. When I got to a certain point on Duolingo they made it difficult for me because all they want you to do is translate things into your own language. While I understand their point, it didn’t work for me and maybe Duolingo is good for a language that you just want to brush up on. Once I got Rosetta Stone though I made more progress and I continue to...I am also close to a native french speaker so that’s kind of an unfair advantage but with Rosetta Stone’s immersion technique you don’t see any of your first language in the lessons (other than things like pause and the names of the units and lessons of course) and that helps me stay focused and learn in the best way possible. I do plan on reading books in French after and finish a workbook (as I would recommend anyone do) because (at the moment) with my version of Rosetta Stone I don’t ever get to type out sentences as a mean of practicing grammar. Hopefully I will be able to come back and write a review in French :)

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    Why is it different??

    I got this because I have the actual PC version of the Japanese Rosetta Stone, and I thought I would be able to access it through the app. Instead, it’s acting like it's a completely different thing?? In the app I can see all the progress I’ve made from where I’ve done it on my computer, but I can’t continue anything and the only option is a huge green button that says “unlock full access” which asks if you want to buy a subscription when you hit it. I already bought the program (which was very expensive), so why in the world would I want to pay nearly as much as what I already purchased for the SAME THING I already purchased when I already have it?? This is just as bad as when Adobe switched from selling full real CD copies of their programs to being subscription-based. Very very disappointed that you can’t get free mobile access when you have already bought the darn thing; it feels like they’re punishing people who prefer buying complete versions instead of subscriptions. I could have sworn back when I bought my RS that it said there was a mobile option for people who bought the physical copy, but evidently this isn’t it. If they’re going to treat this like a totally separate thing you have to pay for, it seems like the progress from your physical copy shouldn’t even be there at all.

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    The app isn't bad. Their billing is horrible.

    You can download the app for free, and even do a lesson. Then it asks you to sign up for a subscription. If you wait a day or so, you get an email with a special offer of $5.99/month. Turns out though, it's not $5.99 a month, it's $147, paid all at once, which gets you a subscription for 24 months. Yes, that comes out to $5.99 a month if you don't understand finance, but it's a lot different if you don't want to pony up that much all at once. Worse, after the term is up, they'll automatically re-subscribe you at their full price, no discount. I hate this underhanded method of taking money from anyone who's not paying attention, and a bunch of people are going to pay a LOT of money for something they don't want. It's close to thievery, and it makes Rosetta Stone nearly dishonest. EDIT: After using this for a couple of weeks, I still think it's pretty good at teaching language. However, the speech module, where it listens to you and grades how well you say things, is completely useless. It doesn't understand you at all, no matter how clearly you say it, and no matter how low you set the bar. I had to turn off the Mic to be able to get through those chapters. The program complained that my Mic was bad, but it works just fine on audio notes and FaceTime, so it's not my Mic.

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    Language Immersion Through Critical Thinking = Success!!!

    I’m learning Japanese. Not a word of English has been spoken, and yet, I am already three weeks in and feel confident about my progress!! At times it can be difficult to understand what the images are eluding to, but eventually, understanding develops. I highly recommend this product if you don’t care about the price. One nit-pick: the ‘story’ lessons are a significant jump in difficulty, simply because (at least when following the learning plan as it were on mobile) there is not much emphasis placed on the reading/writing of the language. So I can easily speak sentences based on images, but reading an entire Japanese story, even if it is simple, feels much, much more difficult than everything before and after those story lessons. I found a way to skip them so after I understand what the story means, I usually just move on because there is no way I am going to memorize the whole story, and it is far too early in my development to expect that I can read Japanese. Thanks Rosetta Stone team!

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    I have been using Rosetta Stone for almost a full year now. I want to become a doctor and do Doctors Without Borders, and so I started learning Spanish first. Rosetta Stone caught my eye because I hate learning through translation, and this app only uses association. I was gifted a 6 month subscription for Christmas and finished 17 of the 20 sections in the time allotted. Ahora, esos seis meses han pasado, ¡y casi soy fluido! I progressed so rapidly through the program that my brother ended up buying a subscription as well, which I am using too to finish the last 3 sections. Now, I’m learning Chinese! The customer service is easy and quick, and I have only had to call them twice, which both times I have had short and concise experiences. My only complaint with Rosetta Stone is the billing system. The “x dollars a month” is borderline false advertising. You have to pay all up front for the subscription - there is no option to pay monthly. Other than this complaint, the app itself is amazing, and I highly recommend it. I would suggest to anyone wanting to learn a language as fast as possible with as many associations made rather than translations made as possible to get a subscription.

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    Glitchy app, decent program

    Rosetta Stone is way better on the computer, the app doesn’t do it justice. This app isn’t bad- I wish that they had a portion of the Greek class go over the alphabet, because if I didn’t already know most of how it sounds then I would be kind of lost. But I guess that’s part of the immersion, so it’s not a totally bad thing —but the main thing that’s frustrating is the audio clips, as they tend to glitch out for me. So for the questions where they speak a phrase, almost every single time I can only hear a portion or a word of the phrase. Other times, I hear like a syllable. A weird noise and then that’s it. I’m not sure if this is only for Greek or not, I haven’t tried the other courses yet. This is why not having the alphabet part can be frustrating, because if I forget how a letter is pronounced, the audio clips can’t help. The app is also pretty slow. There are long delays between selecting an answer and having it register, and it’s crashed several times. I’m not too impressed with it. Overall, despite these bugs it’s not terrible. The lessons themselves are decent I guess- but even though the program is great on the computer, for an app you’re way better off with something like Duolingo, which is free and wayyy less buggy.

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    level two mandarin, and I’m already smarter.

    I’m only on level 2 mandarin and I feel like I learned so much already. The lesson throws you right into short sentences and basic objects. Which at first was very intimidating. It doesn’t translate the meanings for you like one would learn in a traditional class. You just have to figure out what is going on or being said. But that’s the best part! After the end of level 1 you I was able to grasp one or two words in the phrases, enough to understand what the picture was describing. I.e. I know the word Apple, I see the word Apple in the test question, so I’ll match it with the picture of an Apple. Once you lean one or two key phrases or words they continue to reinforce those teachings and build off them in future lessons. It felt like I was leaning at an accelerated rate. But it wasn’t easy at first, failure was a close friend. Some time the pictures didn’t match what I thought. I.e. “Is the old payday the grandma, the aunt or the mother?...oh it’s the sister.” I would highly recommend Rosetta Stone.

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    Overpriced and outdated

    This review applies to trying Rosetta Stone for Japanese. Rosetta Stone is simply a solution of the past. There are way too many modern language learning applications that have been proven to work better than this one and are far cheaper. Rosetta Stone is a relic that focuses on rote repetition of out-of-context words and phrases; it was designed back when people studied language using cassette tapes while driving to work and they have never updated their methodology. The intent is that you learn by being “immersed” in a language, however to Rosetta Stone, immersion means “here is a rather ambiguous picture, now figure out this sentence using words and grammar you haven’t been taught.” This isn’t how to truly learn a language, it’s how you memorize outdated phrases and look like an idiot when you try to speak to locals. As for the app itself, the voice recognition feature is indescribably bad: I literally started to say “blah blah blah blah” and was marked as correct half the time. The play back of phrases is clearly English-speakers reading from phonetic scripts, so the pronunciation is horrid. On top of all this, the price is ridiculous for such a poor tool. The great reviews here must be from old timers who don’t know better options exist. There is no reason for this to have more than two stars.

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    Terrible! use Duolingo

    This app is weird, stupid, obscure and terrible. I think the reviews that are positive are fake. Deliberately confusing seems to be the modus operandi. I have learned much, much more from the free version of Duolingo. One thing you need to know about Duolingo is you can get health back by practice. This app seemed good during the small free part, it’s no surprise they want you to pay for the whole thing upfront, no one would continue if it were a monthly plan. Save your money! Ridiculous scenarios are given with vague pictures and you’re supposed to supply the dialogue, I couldn’t provide the dialogue in my native language let alone in a foreign language. Stupid stupid stupid deliberately vague aggravating, and they know it and don’t do anything about it. The microphone works only intermittently sometimes the speakers don’t work either, supposedly the app is saying something but you don’t hear anything and it Marks you wrong when it’s never said anything. Incredibly aggravating makes my blood boil. I don’t know why I ever spent any money on this app. It pisses me off to read all the reviews and they tell you to go inside the app and report the problem. I took the time to tell you what the problem was- go fix it don’t tell me to go report it somewhere else!

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    App is buggy for iOS

    The app itself is a great tool. I have learned a lot about the language of choice with this app however a fatal flaw in its design is how incredibly sensitive the choices are. When I click to hear what it was that was said, the interface thinks I’m selecting a choice and I lose the 100% chance for the chapter. All because I wanted to confirm what was being relayed in the lesson. So many times this has frustrated me. Recently however the app has a new problem. When I’m given a few choices but only one phrase, sometimes (and this is very frequent) it doesn’t play the audio at all. Not even when I press the button to play what was said again. So I have to select a random choice to have the app tell me I got it wrong so I can hear what the actual audio is to match it accordingly. I give this app 3/5 stars cause the app still works, it’s just these are two incredibly awful and hindering bugs that need to be fixed. Once fixed, definitely a 5 star app. A lot of learning, a lot of content, integration with Apple Watch, extra listen aloud content, it’s just an incredible resource. Even better if you’re using it online.

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    The Best Learning app ever!!!!!

    I am 11 years old and I want to learn how to speak Spanish Italian and Chinese I could not find A learning app to teach me but when I got to the App Store I found Rosetta stone it helped me a lot I am on the fourth lesson and I feel like I have learned so much from using this app it helped me learn more about Spanish Chinese and Italian I bet you would like this app to there is no ads and nothing can stop you from keep on learning every day I’ve been using this app for a week now and nothing bad has calmed up to this app I am so happy I found this app there is two more of Rosetta Stone and I will be happy to try them my mom has said this has helped me a lot and I feel like if people want to learn how to speak a different language this is the app for them I hope you get the Rosetta Stone app now after hearing this and there’s nothing bad about this so your parents or you yourself should not have any troubles with the app I hope you like your new Rosetta Stone have fun Learning new languages!!!!🇨🇳🇫🇷🇵🇹

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    Somewhat satisfied

    The app is very easy to use and I love how it teaches you different ways to learn a language. I did not purchase anything on the app and I still learned a lot. There are two things I want to address, which I hope can be changed sooner than later. I specifically chose Mandarin as the language I wanted to learn. I understand Rosetta Stone wants us to fully immerse ourselves when learning a different language. However, I often felt as if I was learning pronunciation and phrases, but not really learning what it translates to. This would definitely help me use the language outside of the app and give me more confidence if I knew the exact English translation to ensure I’m using the term/sentence correctly during a conversation. Another thing that was addressed in the FAQs but still had problems with is the speech portion. I had to redo the speaking lesson a few times due to it stating I said it incorrectly and picking up words I didn’t say. For example, when I spoke into the phone to say “bao”, the app mistook it and put “guo.” It was extremely frustrating to have to redo a lesson multiple times due to the mic picking up a different sound.

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    This app is really cool. I really really like this app. This app helps me. It really helps me. Spanish is cool on this app. It’s really cool. If you want to do Spanish use this cool app. This really really cool app. It’s so cool. Cooler than cool. I reccomend using this app because it actually works. It’s better than any other curriculum out there. It’s very cool, it’s really really cool. USE THIS COOL APP This pictures are very good and detailed, they help me a lot on learning a new language, sometimes I just look at pictures and just say the words. What’s cool about this cool app is that the lessons are ver very short. That’s means it doesn’t take long to learn a language. I don’t like how sometimes the speech part isn’t working, I’ll say the exact word like millions of times and it doesn’t recognize. I know it’s really hard to fix that. It’s still a cool app, it’s a really really cool app. Sometimes I like doing Spanish, other times it’s boring. This app helps me engage in thoughts and focus. It’s not boring and it’s cool. Really really cool

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Is Rosetta Stone: Learn Languages Safe?

Yes. Rosetta Stone: Learn Languages is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 155,850 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Rosetta Stone: Learn Languages Is 36.5/100.

Is Rosetta Stone: Learn Languages Legit?

Yes. Rosetta Stone: Learn Languages is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 155,850 Rosetta Stone: Learn Languages User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Rosetta Stone: Learn Languages Is 36.5/100.

Is Rosetta Stone: Learn Languages not working?

Rosetta Stone: Learn Languages works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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