Speech Blubs: Language Therapy Reviews

Speech Blubs: Language Therapy Reviews

Published by on 2021-10-04

WHAT DOES SPEECH BLUBS OFFER? Speech Blubs is a voice-controlled speech therapy
app designed to help your child learn new sounds and words, and to practice
speaking in a stimulating, educational environment. **FEATURED IN** Autism
Parenting Magazine, Brisbane Kids, Speech Chick Therap...

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2. Is it Safe?
3. Is it Legit?
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Speech Blubs: Language Therapy Reviews

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    On Point!!

    We’ve had our daughter evaluated by a speech therapist, and she’s currently in speech therapy once a week. I stumbled across this app, and thought “there’s no way”. So I downloaded it. AND I paid for the $10/month subscription, because $10 isn’t much when you’re talking about your children’s development and speech progress, especially if they are falling behind. I decided to test the app, and my daughter. Because I already knew where she was struggling, and while I can’t say that my daughter learned 5 new words in 5 minutes, I can say that this app is VERY promising. I learned that my daughter has way more comprehensive skills than I knew within 17 minutes of using the app. Also, the “evaluation” questions (if answered HONESTLY) were spot on for my daughter. Other than the comprehensive part, but that was because I didn’t know. This is a great learning tool. It’s not a teacher, and doesn’t replace ACTUAL real life learning, but it does help. Also, I NEVER write reviews for Apps. But I couldn’t wait to write this one.

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    Not worth the money

    If this app was less expensive, I’d consider keeping it, but at $10/mo and so many weird issues, I don’t think it’s worth it. I did some research and there are a lot of vague/gray area comments on this app being recommended by therapists but many speech pathologists have spoken out against these claims as this app was not created by or with one. Some of the kids pronunciation is off and the sound is quiet and uneven on several of the recordings compared to the others. Additionally, the fact that they use a computer generated voice for the the videos that give you facts is lazy. The section on feelings lazily uses emojis instead of kids faces for some and aren’t the most accurate. I think this app could use some more fine tuning from a technical stand point as well as implementation of having real backing from legitimate therapists. I realize most of these complaints I listed aren’t a huge deal but for an app you’re spending $10 per month for, I expected more. Apparently they had a prior app that was similar and was $6.99/flat fee. I might have done that.

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    Beware - Seems ok but too expensive for a family

    The drills are excellent and my twins love it but I can't see spending $300 for this app in order for all 3 of my kids to take advantage of the content. UPDATED After working with tech support to determine if app sharing is enabled across devices, I was advised that yes, I could purchase a lifetime subscription that would cover all of our devices. After purchasing the initial download, I attempted to restore the purchases on another device, which did not work. I thought that maybe I had to buy it again in order to get it to register that I already owned it, but it charged me instead. So, I now have two lifetime subscriptions for a terrific app that I will only need for 2-3 years. The fact that I had to email app support 10 times and be told to go to apple for my refund only to be declined by apple is frustrating and shameful. The app really does an amazing job at engaging kids and keeping their attention but it's not worth $100 per device. If they were to fix this situation, I'd update my review with 5 stars.

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    The app locked up my phone and took over

    I decided to download this app for my daughter and after the trial period I subscribed as a paying customer. It was good until one day everything went south! The app locked up my phone, the little boy kept repeating the word and then he stopped. My new iPhone xR was stuck on the app, there was no way to answer calls, no way to call out, no way to reset my phone. The app had taken my phone hostage and I had to wait 1 day before the app drained my battery to get control of my phone again. Not having access to my phone is also a safety issue especially because the app hijacked my phone. This app is a big no until they correct their programming issues! Reply to change review: NO IT FULLY HIJACKED MY PHONE, NO KEY WOULD RESPOND. I HAVE USED CHILD LOCK IN THE PAST AND ITS GREAT HOWEVER THIS WAS NOT THE CASE. NOTHING WOULD WORK WITHIN THE APP AT ALL AND I WAS LOCKED IN THE APP. IF THE APP WAS WORKING AND DIDN’T HIJACK MY PHONE THEN I COULD OF EXITED OUT. NOT THE CASE. TRY LISTENING INSTEAD OF RESPONDING. 1 STAR FOR HIJACKING MY PHONE and 0 STARS FOR CUSTOMER SUPPORT!

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    Parents with non speech delay kids - STOP

    This app should be intended for kids that are already diagnosed with something. Or for kids just to practice speech. The whole diagnosing thing in the beginning -saying what your kids has to me is silly, it should just say what the app will help them work on from the diagnosis, not breakdown your kids disability lol All the parents freaking out in the reviews thinking this app said their kid is behind makes me laugh, your pediatrician should be the one letting you know if there was anything wrong. But I do think it’s great practice. My son has a speech delay and really dislikes being told to repeat himself or practice sounds he tries to avoid it being the visual learner that he is, and this app helps give all the visuals while helping him practice.

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    Not for us

    Maybe I am not using it right, but I don’t think this is for us at least. My son is in speech therapy with an articulation disorder. I was hoping this app could be used to reinforce the sounds he is working on. Like if we worked on F sounds this week, between sessions, I could use this to work on F sounds and reinforce what he was learning. But it doesn’t give me any option to work on a particular sound or anything. So I’m not sure how to use it to help us. My son is five and he’s just working on specific sounds “F, G, Sh, S, and a few more I’m probably forgetting. The app also acted like he was making the correct sounds when he wasn’t. When he was repeating square, he was totally missing the S sound. Which is a sound we are working on. Yet it kept acting like he was getting it right. I also wasn’t sure if he was just supposed to sit and listen and then repeat. Or if he was supposed to speak along with the kids.

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    Does it work

    So far so good, today was the first day of actually using it, and we probably spent about 20 minutes, my son is for, and I found it hard to have him use it himself, it did help using “Guided Access” on on the iPhone, if you don’t know what it is you can Google it, it lets you lock out your phone so the child can’t go outside of the app. I could see how this will really help, I has reminders and stuff to remind you to do it each day, it recommends 20 minutes a day with my child, to me that probably is two or three sessions of 5, 7 or 10 minutes. I see it going well, the material is great, and I’m sure he will improve way faster than if I was to just find things or free apps

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    I *never* review apps, this is my first review!

    I promised I would write one after a week of using it, so here we are! My son is about 21 months old. He hasn’t spoken a word with purpose until about one week ago when we downloaded this app! He started speech therapy a few weeks back, but was still not attempting words. Once I downloaded this sucker, he started *trying*. He now says “mama” and “dada”, which is HUGE for him! I still can’t believe it. I call this the Lord’s work through this app and therapy, not kidding. He loves watching the kids and the videos with fun facts! He also thinks the filters are hilarious. I am just so ecstatic I can hear my child finally call me mama! 😭 Thank you, Speech Blubs!

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    Ehh this app is a hit or miss

    Tried this app because my toddler isn’t fully talking yet so was curious if this may help. Well in my opinion I feel bad for the children making the mini video clips because it’s obvious they aren’t exactly happy or excited but nervous and on pressure . The video clips are literally 1-3 sec clips rewinded over and over again for a minute. Not worth the money but this is just my opinion. Did the quick analysis in the beginning and boooy are they wrong. They suggested that it may be a possible hearing problem and like any parent was overwhelmed and concerned. I called out my kid a few times and he responded instantly, so relieved that the app was wrong and realized how much of a joke this is. Most kids are very smart and everything comes in time, dont waste time or money on this app just love your kids as is and just do more activities together...literally ALL a child needs :)

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    Horrible update design

    My son is 2 and a half and LOVED (past tense)this app. I kid you not he was talking and mimicking sounds in MINUTES. He loved the ease of access and it’s child user friendly interface. That all changed with this new update. Now he has to do what the update makes him do and he’s not interested. Also, wayyyy too many adult buttons on their practice page. He keeps clicking and getting frustrated when it takes him from the game. The first thing it forces him to practice are words, but he’s more successful with the sounds right now. We were working our way up to that. Overall, I’m so disappointed with the update that I am being forced to withdraw my subscription. Glad I didn’t sign up for the year yet. Such a bummer because he WAS being so successful with it. Why did they have to mess it all up?!

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    So far this app is great!

    My 3 yr old who says only a few words has been enjoying using this app so far. It keeps his attention every time he practices on it. The first day he used it he said the word he practiced on here a few hours later. I was shocked. I like the different steps it has , and how it has the kids saying words slowly , then little games in between to keep kids interested. I think it helps. Also, I absolutely LOVE the 7-day free trial to let your child try it first. We have been using it for two days. If our 7-day free trial continues as promised, I am definitely leaning towards purchasing it to have annually :-)

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    So far so good

    Really enjoy this app and it is getting my 5 yr old to sit down with me. We had him in speech therapy for delayed speech and at home I just can't get him to sit down with me to practice talking. But this can get him to sit with me for 30 mins at a time. The only con his that sometimes he is more interested in what is going on with the silly things on the screen. I saw someone complain about the 9.99 a month but honestly if this gives results it's way more affordable than 300 a week for 1 hr of therapy. This I can practice multiple times a day every day where therapy is 2- 30 min sessions which is simply unaffordable to the average parent.

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    Great for homework

    We are already in speech therapy and try to do more practice at home, but this app is great that you can go down each activity and complete it. My daughter doesn't repeat yet, but she loves the filters and really pays attention to the kids making the sounds. I can't get her to pay attention to any other apps so focus on speech blurbs is great! 🙌🏻 I wish I knew about the app sooner so we could have been doing more speech lesson type things at home. I had a problem with my subscription and the support team was wonderful and fixed the issue. I'd definitely recommend this app to anyone needing speech help.

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    Concerned Speech Language Pathologist

    It seems like the developers worked hard on this app, but I am an SLP and this app doesn't seem to follow any therapy practices that I have seen, used, or studied. The reward system is great and the app would help with imitation, but I'm unsure how this would truly help with a language delay, articulation delay, phonological process errors, etc. The first words do not follow researched based core vocabulary that is functional, there are no way to choose specific sounds for error remediation, and so on. I see reviews where parents are saying that this is cheaper than therapy, but I would use this app on your own with caution. I would consult a licensed SLP first, which the app does say to do. I wouldn't say the practices are harmful, but I'm not sure how helpful they are, especially for the price.

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    Love this app! Apraxia and speech delay

    My son has a little bit of apraxia and speech delay from ear problems as a baby. He was getting a little bored with some of our other daily practices so we gave the app a try. He loves it and asks to work on the app everyday. Added bonus — within the first week, he has already started to gain on one of his problem sounds he has been struggling with to get. He now comes up to us out of the blue so proud of his new sounds and excited to share what he learned. We are so thankful for the app! We also were glad to try the trial run to make sure he was interested in it.

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Is Speech Blubs: Language Therapy Safe?

Yes. Speech Blubs: Language Therapy is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 10,318 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.4/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Speech Blubs: Language Therapy Is 36.1/100.

Is Speech Blubs: Language Therapy Legit?

Yes. Speech Blubs: Language Therapy is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 10,318 Speech Blubs: Language Therapy User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Speech Blubs: Language Therapy Is 36.1/100.

Is Speech Blubs: Language Therapy not working?

Speech Blubs: Language Therapy works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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