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Published by on 2020-01-06

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Common Duolingo Issues

  • By Jess_p330

    Nice app but slow progress

    The app is nicely designed and has good variety of testing formats, but each level takes FOREVER to pass. Some have 20 rounds before you can move on - and each round is the SAME thing. Even some of the levels seem the same. This feels like a waste of time for the learner and has made me start practicing even less (therefore using the app less) because I already know the material by round #5. I don’t need to review it 15 more times. Please make the progress faster, perhaps integrating some review of previous levels into later ones to ensure retention. Also, please allow us to skip levels more easily - right now it takes 400 gems to pass a level, and that takes many days of repetitive practice (of topics I already know) to accumulate. Not worth it. I even made a separate account to start over and take a placement test to hopefully bypass some of these basic levels. I did much better on this test that my first one, yet the levels they put me on seemed the exact same as on my other account - does the test actually place you anywhere other than the beginning? I get that you’re trying to make money by encouraging us to pay for more gems, but what you’re actually doing is discouraging me from using the app. (Plus, with all the ads, I already feel sufficiently encouraged to pay for premium.) Perhaps just make the number of gems we’re awarded for meeting our daily goal much larger or make the number required to pass a level much smaller.

  • By 012695

    Please read

    This app is great and all, but I’ve found that the desktop site is even more interesting and helpful. The app is very limiting. While the desktop version includes a better discussion board and quite a bit more info. HOWEVER, I have noticed some annoying changes in the desktop site. They are expanding the app, and diminishing the desktop site. Which, obviously, I really don’t agree with or like. If I needed more in depth information about a lesson, as they are usually very cut and dry on the app, I would sometimes go to the site and there might be extra pointers on certain things I wasn’t understanding. I keep trying to do things on the site and it keeps taking me back to the mobile version or a complete replica of the app on my browser. I get that they seem to be aiming at continuity and flow, but please do not take away all the information and good of the desktop site in order to grow the app. I also really miss being able to see my progress on each language. I liked being able to see how much further I had to go before leveling up. But apparently they removed that feature, while still keeping the levels???? Which is beyond me. Just seems like an added annoyance. One of my biggest pet peeves is needing the desktop site and even requesting it on my iPhone and still getting the mobile site or having to continually click Desktop Version/Full Version because every link takes me to a shortened version/aka the mobile site. Soooooo annoying.

  • By SciFyDi

    Good app but developers getting greedy.

    I used to use this when it was completely free. As in when you ran out of hearts and failed the lesson you returned to the main menu with full hearts. I understand wanting to make money with this app but the price is ridiculous especially with all the other free and lower priced apps out there. I wouldn’t mind paying a one time flat fee of a lower price but I’m not making continuous payments on something that used to be free. Especially when you get all the ads that say keep education free. My main gripes with this app as others have stated is the fact that there is no explanation when you make an error. You just have to try to remember the correct answer when the question comes up again. No explanation of what you did wrong. I need a clear explanation of how to conjugate verbs and this is showing me nothing. Also when you make too many errors you fail and have to wait until your hearts are refilled. The amount of time it takes your hearts to refill is insane. Two days later when my hearts finally refill I’ve already forgotten the lesson so I’ve lost that information. In general this app has taught me a ton of Spanish and has been fun and easy to use. I just wish their were more explanations for mistakes and also wish the pricing/ hearts issue could be addressed. Maybe offer premium lessons and charge for those instead? Like I said I would pay a REASONABLE amount to be able to have unlimited hearts.

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  • By Valerie Jeffery

    Aug 27 2020

    Invited my friend Gail Benson..she joined but no free plus week for me ???

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