Hotwire: Last Minute Hotels Reviews

Hotwire: Last Minute Hotels Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-24

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Hotwire: Last Minute Hotels Reviews

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    So I’ve never had problems with other sites booking a hotel and didn’t expect to have such a headache of a time with these scum. I have had two bad incidents now within two days. First I pick the hotel and the bed and go to book and pay I click pay and it says oops the deal is gone select another room and book now. All the while my card was charged the full amount for the room that was never booked. Now when I contacted them they said they didn’t charge my car that it is a hold placed but not by them so says the rep I’m talking to they can only release the funds and then I have to wait 5-7 days for my money to be put back into my account. So I figured alright I’ll wait. Then couple days later going to book another room what do you know same thing happens again charged my card full price and didn’t book the room at all. Now I’m out a couple hundred dollars until this “release” goes through and I get my money credited back to my account. DO NOT ISE HOTWIRE AT ALL FOR ANY REASON THEY WILL SCREW YOU OVER AND NOT TAKE ACCOUNTABILITY ON THEIR END AND BLAME YOUR BANK AND THAT YOU NEED TO CONTACT THEM INSTEAD OF HOTWIRE IM FILING A COMPLAINT WITH BBB AND MY BANK IS OPENING A FRAUD CLAIM AGAINST THEM FOR THEM SAYING THEY NEVER CHARGED MY CARD YET IT STATES CLEARLY IN MY STATEMENT HOTWIRE SO OF THEY DIDNT AUTHORIZE THE CHARGE THEN ITS FRAUD AND NEED TO BE INVESTIGATED SO IT WILL BE!!!

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    Hotwire customer care terrible

    Booked a hot deal and my card was charged. I was then brought to a screen that said an error occurred and that deal was no longer available. So I had a full trip charged to my card and Hotwire customer care refused to do anything except lay the blame on my credit card company and me. Took 4 days for the credit to be available on my card again. Their customer care department is a third party company out of Malaysia that refuses to give you information on how to contact Hotwire corporate offices after they ultimately refuse to help you. Stay away from Hotwire. They’ll cause your money to be caught in limbo while you watch hotel prices get higher by the day waiting for it to be freed back to available credit. I booked my room directly through Hampton Inn, the hotel Hotwire suggested I’d get with the hot deal and they were more sympathetic to my problem than Hotwire was and provided the same rate. Do yourself a favor and book directly through the hotel. Many times they’ll honor prices found on apps like Hotwire. Avoid Hotwire, Expedia and Priceline. They’re all the same company who doesn’t care about you. Just a middleman trying to carve a slice of something they don’t deserve.

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    Skip the app and use the website

    Worst app ever. For most hotels it only shows 1 picture, even when there are dozens on the Hotwire Website. I tried to book a trip on the app anyway, but it kept saying my credit card wasn’t recognized. So I called my credit card company and they said They authorized the transaction, but Hotwire canceled it. So I called Hotwire and they said it’s because I was trying to book a deal that wasn’t available. After hearing this, I looked again, and the deal still showed up on the app. I also had $15 of “HotDollars” credit, which an email said I could use to book, but couldn’t use it on the app. This app is so much worse than the website. As an aside, the Hotdeals, you know, the deal where it’s cheaper because you don’t know which hotel it is? Yeah, that’s terrible because they tack on higher fees. I booked a Hotdeal that was $10 per day cheaper than if I knew which hotel I was booking. Great deal! Except after I checked out, the Hotdeal wound up being about a dollar per day more than the normal booking after taxes and fees were added. TLDR: Hotwire has good deals, just stay away from the app or the Hotdeals.

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    Hotwire car rental is such a scam!!! I booked car online on September 30th and I got HOT RATE for it. When I went to rent a car agency ( Ace ) they told me that there is mile limitation for my reservation ( 150 miles a day ) and that I should cancel reservation because if I go further that 450 miles in 3 days I will pay 25 cents per extra mile. These conditions WERE NOT in terms and conditions when I accepted reservation. I called hot wire after agent in ACE told me to call them and cancel. Hot wire did not wanted to cancel my reservation because they told me it was a blind reservation and it is not refundable?! I told them that even if it is blind reservation they SHOULD put all the conditions when you book it, otherwise I got stuck with the car I cannot use. They said they will put those information in the future 😡 I told them I don't care about the future, I want my money back now because it's crazy to scam people like that and do not put all the conditions when you book a car. I ended up being charged for a car I did not use. PEOPLE SAVE YOUR MONEY, do not use HOTWIRE! Their customer service is rude and their supervisors not doing their job.

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    Poor Customer Service and Retention

    Our company is removing Hotwire as an option for future travel needs. Due to human error (or perhaps a manipulation by the app) the incorrect date was selected on a reservation. I did make the mistake of confirming that purchase without rechecking the date. Once the error was determined we contacted Hotwire 24+ hours before reservation and they would not cancel and credit. After reaching a supervisor on phone I brought up the fact confirmation email does specify it is prepaid and can’t be cancelled. She wanted to resend confirmation email so I would have the right polices. She sent the email and well it was the exact same. So now I question if I made a human error in date selection or if app moved date. See the hotel was actually sold out for the dates I believe selected and the Hotwire reservation was a night following when the hotel had availability. In any case, Hotwire was unwilling to offer a credit or refund and chooses to loose out on future business. Poorly run and a shame human error is being taken advantage of. Fool me once but not twice!!!

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    Buyer Beware

    I used Hotwire to book my car rental for a trip 2 months from now. I had to make a change to the dates so went to the hotwire site, no change button to be found. Called customer service and asked to simply change my itinerary dates and was told not possible and reservation non-refundable. Just like that, a click of the button and they are stealing $300 from me. Whatever contracts they have in place with car rental companies, a customer should be able to make a date change, especially for a trip 2 months down the road. We are not talking about airline seats last minute at risk of going unfilled. This is a silly car rental reservation. At minimum Hotwire, you need a flashing pop-up warning with flames at checkout that says something like, “BEWARE Hotwire sucker, if you dare try to make a date change after you click this, just know it won’t happen because we’ve already charged your credit card and pocketed your money!” Next step, contact my state attorney general and file a complaint.

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    Booking travel has never been easier!

    This app is really well designed. We were able to score a great deal on a hotel in downtown Chicago for a family staycation. Thanks to the advanced filters, we could narrow down to a specific neighborhood and find a hotel with a pool. The kids had a blast and we were able to use some of our savings to splurge on a nice meal at the hotel restaurant. I will definitely continue to use Hotwire and will certainly recommend this app to my friends and family. Thank you Hotwire!

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    I’ll never use this app again

    PLEASE DON’T USE THIS APP! Just go ahead and stick to booking or Airbnb! I had a reservation for Travelodge in Orlando. When I got to the hotel after a long trip, I was informed the system in the hotel wasn’t working and they could not check me in neither cancel my reservation and refund me so I could go to a different hotel. They left me waiting at the lobby for 2 hours until they could finally get me a room at another hotel. you would think problem solved, right? Wrong! The new hotel was not only more expensive than the one I had already booked, but it was also not as nice. I had booked a room with a king bed and they could only offer me a room with two twin beds. It was a downgrade. In addition, they wouldn’t refund me for relocation costs (such as Uber to the new hotel) nor pay for the difference in price. I wasn’t offered any kind of compensation either! Very poor customer service! I’m very disappointed with the Hotwire app and will never use it again.

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    Swindler App!

    I'm a long time user of Hotwire and thought to have learned the ins and outs of the app through experience but when I booked a rentacar with Ace @ LAX I was greatly disappointed to discover not only is Hotwire deceptive but also dishonest. They are swindlers! A few days before pickup they issue a notice on where to pick up your car. It stated there’s a shuttle from the airport to Ace but sure enough I soon discovered there is no shuttle bus to Ace whatsoever! In fact, ACE's scam is to use other car rental shuttles (thrifty is closest). I was walking around the airport jet lagged after a 10 hour flight like a zombie with my family in tow trying to get to my car. It’s absurd! I attempted to get a taxi but they told me $30 min for a 5 min. ride. Finally I figured out how to get there by thrifty's shuttle. What’s more, I wrote a long letter to Hotwire explaining my predicament and got no response. They never reply to these reviews here because they are swindlers and liars. I pray nobody goes through rentacar hell like I did.

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    Won’t even switch hotels when you’re in danger

    Last year I used Hotwire and I got booked at a Hotel that I was previously booked at through Hotwire in another year and which I felt very unsafe. When I called to see if I could switch hotels and explained to them that the previous year I had an incident happened to me where I was assaulted at that hotel, they refused to change me into another hotel and told me that all bookings were final. It took me two hours to finally get them to at least change my Hotel as they would not give me a refund. I gave them another chance and I am really angry that I did. This year, I wanted to book a hotel and after entering in a different credit card information for whatever reason it booked a different listed hotel that I did not want to stay at. When I called to rectify The situation they would not do anything about it. I never write reviews and I really hope that no one ever uses this service ever they’re awful.

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    Terrible app for a terrible company

    This app and the company behind it are horrible and you can save yourself a lot of pain by avoiding them both. I was trying to book a hotel for the following week and noticed that the app kept changing my dates to the current day every time I refreshed the search. Finally booked one and thought I was good to go. When I arrive at the hotel they have no idea who I am and it turns out the app booked the hotel for the same night I booked it. Then the hotel says someone checked in and used the reservation. I called Hotwire and they said since it’s a “HotRate” deal there are absolutely no refunds or changes, which apparently includes their system screwing up. So now I payed for someone else’s hotel room last week and had to get a last minute room at full price when I arrived totaling over $700 for what ended up being a 7 hour stay in the hotel. I will never use anything with the Hotwire name again

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    Too far from Downtown Chicago

    I can’t voice my disappointment enough in this hotel. I came to Chicago to shop and go to a play. I input ‘downtown’ when making the reservation and even called the hotel, when I saw it was an option, to ask if it was walking distance to the main shopping areas. I was there three nights and paid more for urber rides than the hotel! I would have done so much more in Chicago if it wasn’t an additional $20+ to get to the city. Hotel itself was okay. Tiny and old. Plus when you get there an additional $20 per night, in the small print when you book, for extra amenities that you will never use. Spa down the road, discount at the bar(that was never open late enough to use). Live and learn. Unless you are planning on staying in the Gold Coast area book someplace else. The extra for the room is worth it. Ended up costing me over $100+ more than planned.

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    Not accurate description of hotel

    I booked a hotel and one of my main filters was a hotel with a pool. I chose the hotel but upon arrival noticed construction going on at the hotel near the pool. I then ask the receptionist and she says it will be opened the next day, FOR SURE. The next day, the new girl now working the front desk, says the pool will be opened after 5. Again I let it go because our reservations were for a few days and we would have time to hang out by the pool once it opened. I return to the hotel later that same day with my two children and husband to see posted signs saying the pool will not be opened til renovations are completed. I was very disappointed with Hotwire for not letting me know this hotels pool would be out of service and then the hotel, Comfort suites Odessa, for giving me the run around. Very inconvenient and upsetting. I work hard for my money and want what I pay for.

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    Hotwire bait and switch app is misleading

    Hotwire uses bait and switch when you book with them. They said I was guaranteed to receive my car rental from Enterprise Alamo National Hertz Dollar Budget. When I went to book car rental they gave me Advantage. I called them to mention that advantage was not advertise in my five guaranteed car rentals companies. They did a bait and switch on me and they refused to switch me to one of the other car rental companies. In which they advised I was guaranteed in their online listing. I reviewed advantage and their customer reviews had so many negative complaints with this car rental company. I didn’t feel safe using them for my family trip. Hotwire refuses to issue me a refund or switch me the the rental company that they guaranteed to me. I will never use Hotwire ever again. Poor customer service and not a trusting company. Their bait and switch was very this honest. Buyers beware

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    Seriously the worst ever !

    Warning false advertising - just as another reviewer experienced I was also charged for a room but then receive an error. Which means the room and that deal “got away” which is bs. I called and they stated the price went up reason why it did not book but yet charged my card. So I asked can you they use that credit to pay the difference to book another room they said no. So I let it be and waited til the next today to see if my credit card got refunded back. Nothing yet..... so I saw the same deal again (my mistake) and I tried to book it and the same error I received. I got charged again, so now I have two charges pending. I understand that it’s not fully charged just a hold but on my end it shows that it’s charged, now I have to wait 3-5 days. So now I can’t book anything for my birthday weekend. So be aware DONT USE HOTWIRE - PURE FALSE ADVERTISING!!!!

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Is Hotwire: Last Minute Hotels Safe?

No. Hotwire: Last Minute Hotels does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 135,617 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Hotwire: Last Minute Hotels Is 16.1/100.

Is Hotwire: Last Minute Hotels Legit?

No. Hotwire: Last Minute Hotels does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 135,617 Hotwire: Last Minute Hotels User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Hotwire: Last Minute Hotels Is 16.1/100.

Is Hotwire: Last Minute Hotels not working?

Hotwire: Last Minute Hotels works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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