BrainHQ Reviews

BrainHQ Reviews

Published by on 2021-04-05

Train your brain with BrainHQ from Posit Science—the most rigorous program
available for better brain health, and the only one backed by more than 100
scientific papers showing benefits - including the breakthrough NIH-funded
ACTIVE study. Now with new features that contribute to your br...

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BrainHQ Reviews

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    Amazing program but I find it punitive

    When you get something right, it advances. When you get something wrong it takes more points away than when you get something right. Twice I have complained to them that right and wrong answers should be weighted the same. They say they will pass the comment on to the developers. This is why i think it is punitive. They are very creative at changing things so it remains challenging and when I am having trouble with an exercise they slow things down until i can get it. That I appreciate. One new exercise was impossible for me and I called them and they explained that the difference was in the tail feathers of the bird I was to identify from a similar group if birds. This was not apparent to me until they pointed it out. Still difficult to spot but now I had a chance. I have to say they are very responsive to any call or email for help. The exercises are interesting.

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    Negative 1 Star

    If you have version 6 of brain HQ I do not recommend upgrading to version 7. I was a paid subscriber and unfortunately I upgraded my version of the Brain HQ app via the app store for their so called bug fixes. I am now with version 7, unable to downgrade, and unable to access the original better versions of Audiory Ace, Card Shark and other games. It’s been now over a month I’ve submitted multiple tickets to the team and never have been given a response as to how to fix this. I’ve also noticed that when you go to select a game the developers now added a completely useless / unproductive 2 to 3 second animation. I’ve also noticed that after you complete a level the developers added a significantly longer animation that shows your result. This all causes more time on the app with less levels being played. I’ve also noticed that when setting a weekly goal the new maximum is 3 times lower than then previous. So I am assuming the developers don’t want you to have high goals. The developers have also gotten rid of the Brain HQ widget that helps to track your progress. This app is now becoming annoying frustrating and unproductive and defeating its own purpose. Version 6 of Brain HQ was a good app with no bugs. Now version 7 is behaving like a -1 star app. Since these issues haven't gotten resolved I’ve received a refund for the rest of my subscription but would rather just have version 6 back.

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    Too inconsistent. Not optimistic about app improving.

    Update: They have updated some exercises now, and the website UI was updated (hopefully soon the app UI). So I upped to 3 stars. You can at least test it a little yourself. I wish they had some sort of full 3-day or 7-day trial, as the Spark is lacking. I’m a paid subscriber and have (tried) using this for months. Each day, it gives me 4 different exercises to do. This should be a well-oiled machine, considering the company has been doing this for ten years, but it’s not. Some exercises, especially the audio ones, are horrible. What really makes this a 1-star app to me is that I don’t foresee the app improving anytime soon. If you write to Customer Service they are polite and fast. But nothing changes. No new exercises come. Old ones are neither improved or retired (like if they are lame). I can’t justify recommending this app to anyone, as it would enable the company’s poor behavior. I’ve written to Customer Service several times, but again I’ve never seen a single change in the app since I started. Hence this public review.

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    Fun app, but horrible to navigate

    I came across this app after reading a news article that said it’s one of the few brain apps that research has shown to be effective for its intended purpose. Different games within the app are fun to play and after limited use I believe they do improve my mental skills. In that regard I’d rate the app five stars. However, I rate it one star due to the frustrations involved with navigating through the different training sessions and getting the app to work like it should. One shouldn’t need to call an app’s tech support to get the audio to work on an iPad. Also very irritating is the subscription box that often continuously pops up and won’t go away when I try to launch a new game. Seems like the developers of this app got the hard part right by developing games that are entertaining and effective, but failed on the easy part of developing a user interface that facilitates easy navigation through the app. At times I wonder if this was done intentionally by thinking users might pay for the subscription in hopes that the user interface problems will go away under the paid subscription mode. Unfortunately I like the app enough that I’ll likely test this theory.

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    Games GREAT. App UI is atrocious

    I’ve been participating in the games in this app for about a month. I find the games and the training quite useful and helpful. I also like the statistics that it provides based on my progress. But the app, though good in its ability to render games accurately, has little bugs all over the place that make it feel like it’s a half done product. Four instance, today is marked off as completed, and when I swiped backwards to see how I did last week, it changed the date to January 2012. That is obviously not last week. That is just one of many little things that make the app annoying. I will continue playing the games because I can put these little annoyances aside, however for a company to have an app that basic functionality does not work properly is ridiculous. If it can’t do it correctly, simply remove that feature from the app. Make it so that to see your progress you have to go to the website. I would much preferThe app to do what it does well and leave everything else off rather than having an app that does somethings really well and others ridiculously poorly.

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    Love the app-don't give up if you are frustrated!!!

    I am a 66 year old female who didn't start using a computer until a little over 20 years ago. I got my first cell phone around that same time, as well. In other words, I did not grow up with the ability to use a computer and/or smart phone hard wired into my brain in the ways that younger people have. That said, I am able to navigate the app quite easily. And, after initial frustrations with customer service, I have since found them to be extraordinarily helpful. Moreover, I love perusing the website, when I have time, and find this helps me mentally organize my understanding of how all the pieces fit together. One thing I particularly like about the website is how it shows me where my deficits are and which exercise to focus upon in order to improve.

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    I have Alzheimer’s!

    I have Alzheimer’s, it killed both my dad an my mother! Now it is my turn! I constantly look for things to slow down the progression. I love my life, wife, family, kids, grand kids & great grandkids! Daily Spark has helped me greatly to slow things down. I am a disabled combat veteran from Vietnam. My insurance changed and they will not longer pay for it. These very smart and kind folks give me one puzzle everyday free! I am so very grateful for it! These exercises are much more than a game! They actually help our minds to learn and develop new skill sets! These programs are so much more than just a game! They improve how our brain functions! It is a wonderful program and it really helps keep our minds learning and growing! Thank you so very, very, much!

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    An Unexpected Aid to New Life

    After a stroke about a year and a half ago, I was introduced to BrainHQ. At the time it was a nuisance, one of many new things I started doing to accept what I felt was my responsibility for my life, including my wife, my family and my own future. I stuck with it over time and, today, while I claim no expertise in these matters, I feel I have benefitted significantly. Sadly, I know some folks who passed up BrainHQ and the subsequent onset of dementia has been marked and noticeable. I would recommend BrainHQ to anyone who experiences a stroke and recognizes I want to work my way—not back to the life I had (which may or may not be possible), but forward to a better life as I move from ER, Rehab and on through my recovery to the gift of the good future I have been given. There is no sensible way around the truth: The brain is like a super-dupper muscle that functions best with regular exercise and challenge. Either I engage in a disciplined, regular BrainHQ activity schedule or I accept the sure and certain consequence. It’s my life, my choice. And I strongly suggest that may be true for you also: It is your life, your choice. And I hope you choose wisely. Best wishes, Fran Buhler age 78 Tallahassee, Florida

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    Worth the time and money

    This is an updated review from my earlier 3 Star one. Great idea, with good data behind it - tons of interesting research available through the app. Wide variety of exercises. Instructions have improved a lot though there may still be new user frustration- eg if you get the right answer but BHQ determines you were too slow, it’s the wrong answer. Response times to user questions also have improved though I really haven’t had any issues recently. Most mental challenges are still pretty easy for me at 70 and this is NOT - which is exactly what I wanted.

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    Challenging but....

    While I feel challenged with most of the daily HQ tests, at least 1 of 4 directions just aren’t clear. Most of my results fall within 65-80% of my age group so I’m not all that dense. Random answers are obviously going to give poor results so I hope the designers review such outliers and take it upon themselves to clarify the required answers for the particular quiz. Also, auditory challenges that entail silly, teenage-type conversations/interchanges I find so dumb I simply block them out no matter how hard I try to focus. I reported it but got an equally generic/canned response. Most people taking these brain challenging tests are way beyond teenage and pre-teen conversations and our brains have become more tuned to adult interchanges. Too much of that and most of us older quiz takers will simply drop the app.

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    Good software needs hardware calibration

    The software is fantastic scientifically. However the software team needs to improve calibration for hardware that cannot keep up as the speed increases. When the visual or especially audio effects get faster (to below the 100ms range) the visuals and sounds get noticeably randomly clipped. Especially if I’m reacting quickly and not giving the phone time to process the next batch and catch up. This makes it impossible to read my true ability because the app is not outputting a true full signal. It is faulty for people who operate at the high end of human ability like myself. This isn’t a problem I would imagine for a plus one sigma deviation of the population and below. But for the small minority of us at two or three sigma plus who want to have an accurate assessment it is annoying. Graphics and a fancy interface are popular but they sacrifice too much processing capacity. I would suggest at faster speeds (sub 100ms) to cut graphics more and allow time for the next module to load before executing it on the standard predetermined GUI time table. If I have a 32ms ability (so far) I expect this app to keep up.

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    Needs improvement and better customer service!

    I’ve been using these programs since Posit Science launched the CD versions back in the Dark Ages. The iPad version is more convenient, but some of it is virtually unusable—esp the auditory exercises, which often are too garbled to be useful. Yes, even with headphones. And, no, additional “support”will not resolve these issues, only improving the app. Some exercises never have been very good, e.g. (1) the facial recognition and (2) the conversations among people sitting at a table supposedly talking about friends—both annoying and too inane to remember. These need redesign. That said, the exercises overall do make a difference, which is why I return to them every 3 years or so. Next time, though, I likely will try a different company unless these issues are resolved and the whole thing gets a refresh. Anyone who needs help is pretty much out of luck. Responses are canned and it doesn’t seem to matter if they fit the problem (as the developer response below makes clear). At this price, support should be much, much better. And, a picky point, they will send reminders but only using standard time, not Daylight Savings Time—really?!

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    It Helps and is fun

    I’ve been using this program as part of my brain therapy for over a year. Although, I still have a long ways to go towards improving my memory and other critical brain functions I lost while in the service. It’s hard work but worth the effort of getting better versus daily frustrations. Frustrations such as inability to follow conversations, forgetting faces, names, things to and other critical daily functions. I had to combine another program to help with also improving other parts of my brains. But Brain fitness is well worth the time.

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    My TBI's

    I had three Traumatic Brain Injuries(TBI's) during my military career. Back then we called them confusions. I had two Grade 3(loss of consciousness for less than a minute) to close-in RPG strikes and one Grade 4(loss of consciousness greater than 1 minute) in a helicopter shoot-down. These didn't affect me very much and I attended and graduated from a Pyhsician Assistant college. However in 2008, I had a fourth TBI and lost both long and short-term memory. I had to give up medicine. This App although difficult to follow the first times of use, has made huge jumps in my memory capabilities. Be patient.

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    Awesome Program!

    I’ve been reading Dr Merzenich’s SOFT-WIRED book & came across this in one of the chapters & knew I had to get it. At 68, still in the workforce with 30-& 40-somethings I know I have to be as sharp as I can be to stay in it. I was hooked on the free trial in 1 hour & took the leap for a subscription immediately. I get on it every night for 1 hour & I’m amazed at where I am vs where I think I am! This will definitely help me stay sharp not only in my work but in life issues too. Love it! Get it if you’re on the fence. You will be very thankful you did.

A better way to Contact apps

You can now contact BrainHQ customer service directly
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Is BrainHQ Safe?

Yes. BrainHQ is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 15,691 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for BrainHQ Is 62.7/100.

Is BrainHQ Legit?

Yes. BrainHQ is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 15,691 BrainHQ User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for BrainHQ Is 62.7/100.

Is BrainHQ not working?

BrainHQ works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of BrainHQ to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a BrainHQ customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using BrainHQ.

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