Crowdfire Reviews

Crowdfire Reviews

Published by on 2021-08-26

Crowdfire is the super smart Social Media Manager that’s helping you grow
online everyday. Save tons of time by managing all your social accounts from one
place. Let Crowdfire do the hard work of finding and sharing content, so you
have more time to focus on things you do best! Crowdfir...

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2. Is it Safe?
3. Is it Legit?
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Crowdfire Reviews

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    Use to love this app, now it’s useless

    I used to not only love this app but recommend it to everyone. However over the years as it changed to Crowdfire and then Twitter cracked down on it, it’s gotten worse and worse. Now I’m expected to pay extra for basic features that my social networks already have built in and the features I’m supposed to have access to (like analytics and recommend content to post) don’t even work! So now I’m left with paying for an app that only lets me schedule content. Sorry but I just can’t pay for a feature Hootsuite already does so much better. On top of that for the month or more when the features of the app were unusable because Twitter suspended their API use, I was not given a refund for my money. That’s $15 a month I was paying for absolutely nothing at the time. Seems unjust to just take people’s money and offer no service. I only found out because I opened that app to recommend it to someone and then was presented with a message about it currently being unusable. They really should have refunded anyone paying for their service during that time, but it feels like ever since they rebranded to Crowdfire they have been struggling to tread water. Unfortunately after using this app for years and years I just couldn’t justify the cost with the lack of service and had to cancel my account.

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    Automatically linked to another person’s Facebook account

    After I logged into the app it automatically log me into another person‘s Facebook account. It auto populated their email address and password, neither of which I had, and I could even push the see button and see the password. I tried deleting that Facebook account and entering in my own and the app kept automatically connecting me to the other Facebook account and wouldn’t let me connect my Facebook account. Even after I tried deleting the app and reinstalling it it still connected me to this other person‘s email account. Then I tried searching all over the Internet to find someway to contact help and get assistance and I couldn’t find any way to contact any person. I finally found an option called mini crowdfire where you can send an email and that was even broke!!! When I tried to send the email The system bounce back and wouldn’t said the email through. What the heck!? Why is there no way to get in touch with any person related to to this app?!?!🤯😫😤

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    Your Fired!

    I read all the comments and sad to say I have to agree with what the majority is saying. I’ve had this app idk since 2016. I used it it was useful. Stop using it because I have so many apps, decided to come back and use it. The thought was been about 8 months since I haven’t use it , so it must be Banging with cool features now. UPON updating the app, the interface design is alright however the things that matter are non functional. For example programming team on an iPhone 6 Plus updated to latest Apple build. It only allows you to manage 1 account. THE ONLY REASON I GAVE OT A 3 is because I have faith In you guys and the app was decent a year ago. Let’s Pro-gress not De-gress. Peace be upon the team. And here’s motivation for you, I’m going to develop an App now do not let me finish before you guys actually make a working app , if i complète my app before you guys fix this then my friend I will be sending you my resume lol; peace family .

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    This App Used To Be Great

    I Had This App Since Day One & It Was The Best App For Social Network Managing. I Was Able To Follow/Unfollow Using Multiple Accounts & It Was Actually Helping Me Build My Accounts. Now Over The Last Year You Guys Have Totally Ruined This App With This Subscription Based Nonsense, That No One Is Going To Subscribe To Because People Don't Have Money Like That To Pay $10 For 100 Different Services On There IPhones IDK Why Apple Even Allowed This Subscription Based Crap Anyway, If You Weren’t Making Money Before From The Pro Versions What Makes You Think You're Gonna Get Paid Now Using A Subscription Based Feature, These Aren’t Video Games, Full Programs Or Netflix Films Using Big Hollywood Budgets, They Are Tiny Apps Used On Our IPhones, I Am Extremely Disappointed With This App & Will No Longer Be Using It Because You Guys Have Ruined It End Of Story. Apple Should Just Get Rid Of This Subscription Based Crap Because All Of You App Programers Are Trying To Take Full Advantage Of The People Who Use These Apps By Charging Ridiculous Amounts Per Week, Plain & Simple!

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    Very Helpful but Not Great

    I’ve had this app for a little over a week now and I love the concept of it. I can schedule all my post for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. I even get notifications about post about new items in my store. As good as it is, there are some downsides. 1) Not everyday I get my prescriptions and if I get it, it’s hours after I have my reminders scheduled for. 2) When I try to return to the app after posting to Instagram, the app completely freezes and I have to force close out of it a couple times before the app starts working again. 3) It would be great if I was able to access all the extra content the app suggest at anytime and not only when the “prescriptions” pop up. I feel like if that was easily available it would make this app a lot better and enjoyable. Other than those things the app does what it says, it just has a few bugs and could use a little boost.

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    False Advertising!!

    I began using this app to manage my Twitter accounts years ago when it was free and even upgraded to a paid subscription because it was so useful and the best I found. They've since gotten greedy and the pricing is ridiculous! I won't even get into how I was forced to upgrade my app at one time which resulted in having to pay the higher subscription fees... Now, as of January 31, 2019, Twitter has suspended their API access and says it "will not be restored due to prior violations" yet, as of today, Twitter is still listed as an available platform here and on their website with no indication of the current lack of Twitter functionality. I no longer have a use for this app thanks to another free app that gives me the functions I was paying Crowdfire for. If you're looking for an app to manage your Twitter acct, this is not it. I suggest you cancel your subscription if you have one because you won't be able to get a refund if the Twitter functionality is not restored. Trust me...been there with Crowdfire before too.

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    For all of you who liked to follow/unfollow

    When you read most of the reviews on here it’s people complaining about not being able to unfollow a bunch of people. the app does what it says it does. The updates are to comply with IG and twitters new terms. As someone who hates the whole follow/unfollow trend, I’m glad this app limits that nonsense to 10/day. Your content must be pretty bad if you have to follow/unfollow 100 people a day just to gain followers. Instead of bashing a decent app why not look at your content first. I will say the app isn’t as user friendly as other apps I’ve used. But at least it does what it says it’s supposed to do.

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    Dissatisfied customer- Twitter still not working, why isn’t Crowdfire giving me a refund I requested

    I feel the same way as a previous customer feels. I was not reimburse for the month that I could not use crowdfire when Twitter cracked down now on new rules,( API)now the app I wouldn’t recommend it because it’s so much confusion with it it’s not simple anymore I have not been able to use crowdfire. I just upgraded my account and I’m still not able to reconnect my Twitter account what is going on and I wouldn’t recommend this app right now it was awesome great in the beginning but now I just used feel as though I am wasting money. I would definitely be canceling my account if I am not able to use Twitter this week it is going into two months. And I too have not been reimbursed for the months that I was not able to use the app. I have tried over and over again sending emails after emails with no response to try to resolve this problem.

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    Twitter’s issues

    My suggestion is to, instead of the error email sent when the Twitter posts fail a message is sent that you all are having issues with Twitter and detail what you are doing to fix the problem. You should also send a message out via our notification letting us know of the problem rather than it being a not if we sign in with Twitfer (that's how I learned.) Keep in mind others do not sign in that way. Use the same message you used at that sign in. Also, put it in your community blog, tweet about it, put it on all of your Facebook page and wherever else you think will capture the attention of your users and the attention of Twitdevelopers who might worry about the publicity and immediately fix the problem to get you to stop making a big deal out if this. 😉 The key is transparency, do not play the victim (which you are not but for the sake of getting Twitter’s atte) and deeply apologetic. I wish you well.

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    App forcing subscription

    I am updating my rating back to five stars. I was confused at first when the recent patch stopped letting me unfollow nonfollowers after 10 of them. The way the popup worded it it seemed that I was done and this app was now past some kind of new trial period, and I would never be able to use it to unfollow nonfollowers again unless I pay $10/month. This was right after it prompted me for a review when I gave it five stars... Not the best strategy from the developers there, and I suggest rewording the new pop-up to explain that the next day you can remove 10 more unfollowers. That is more than even needed for a normal Twitter user like me if I am using the app more than twice a month.

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    Grandfather Rights Please!

    This app used to be the best app around for tracking Unfollowers. From the beginning I was able to unfollow 200 who were not following me back daily for free, with this latest update it has dropped to only 10. Now they want a monthly payment of $9.99. The best feature about this app is that it shows you oldest to newest followings, giving them time between tweets to decide if they wish to follow you back or not instead of unfollowing someone you just followed yesterday. I used to love this app but Greed has lowered its ratings and has been very discouraging. In addition, the Unfollow feature has changed and has slowed down functionality drastically. I hope they will consider giving grandfather rights to long time users if we promote this app from our account. There are many different features to this app that are very helpful for growing your Fanbase. Please don’t make me delete you Crowdfire

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    Cannot stop billing

    I started using this app around 4 months ago because I took over social media content creation with my company. Everything worked well and I enjoyed the features of the iPad and iPhone app and I even upgraded to the paid subscription on Black Friday when the rates were discounted. I moved to another position in January and no longer need the paid subscription. Here’s where the issues began...I CANNOT DOWNGRADE! The page to view your subscription/upgrade/downgrade is 404 and doesn’t exist. It’s not in the app nor is it on their desktop webpage. I have reached out to their support email and their Twitter account; neither have resolved the issue. Since I cannot stop billing, I’ll either tell my bank it’s fraud or contact the BBB; not sure what else to do since the page to downgrade to the free account literally doesn’t exist. I’m about to pay for my second month of not needing the service.

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    Nosedived to zero stars

    Crowdfire has been made worthless. Crowdfire was a decent app prior to the last overhaul. Referring to this catastrophe as an update, a word that typically suggests positive change, would be highly inaccurate. The basic/free app is useless and even with a paid subscription the layout is wonky and services so limited it’s nothing to get excited about, so thanks for nothing. I’ve started using a different and really terrific SM manager, their basic service more than enough for beginners or even moderate users, any $$ is an investment in upgrades worthy the description and nominal cost. Someone developed a grossly-inflated opinion of Crowdfire, reduced the quality and quantity of its free-use functions so drastically that it eliminated any reason to have it. Good riddance. Twitter control-mongers have way too much time on their hands. Some brainiac nerd with integrity needs to develop an alternative to Twitter and a compatible social media manager. Someone who believes in free speech with no asterisks, who has no delusion that only their opinions are correct so no need for those with differing viewpoints to be seen or heard, and most of all understands the dangerous mindset of anyone who believes it’s okay to silence opposition. Those who covet power more than knowing truth fear differing opinions the most.

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    Won’t even open.

    I used Crowdfire years ago, and from what I remember I liked the app a lot. But for a period of time I got less serious about my instagram and stopped using apps to help me schedule posts and the like. I recently got really into my social media game though after starring on a dating show though, wanting to capitalize on the following that it helped bring me, and I remembered Crowdfire and saw that people were still using it! I apparently still had it downloaded so I updated the app and I’ve been trying to access it for days. However, no matter what I do this app will not open. I just get the main page and it says launching forever. It may be a decent app, if it was usable, but at this point it’s needlessly taking up storage on my phone. Looks like it’s fine to delete and find another app.

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    okay hopefully u look at these bc I have some legitimate suggestions. firstly, I love this app & it is so so helpful. I use it for my twitter. with that being said, there are some things u should fix. 1) UPDATE THE CHARACTER LIMIT on scheduled tweets! twitter just kicked it up to 240 so some things I want to tweet won’t fit using Crowdfire. 2) i also CAN’T ADD VIDEOS OR GIFS OR MORE THAN ONE PHOTO to a tweet I compose on crowdfire for the best time and I can’t tag people in those photos 3) please make the limit a little higher with unfollowing and stuff, I love the app but the limit makes it hard to get anything done

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Is Crowdfire Safe?

No. Crowdfire does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 3,419 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Crowdfire Is 18.5/100.

Is Crowdfire Legit?

No. Crowdfire does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 3,419 Crowdfire User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Crowdfire Is 18.5/100.

Is Crowdfire not working?

Crowdfire works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Have a Problem with Crowdfire? Report Issue

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Why should I report an Issue with Crowdfire?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Crowdfire to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Crowdfire customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Crowdfire.

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