App in the Air Reviews

App in the Air Reviews

Published by on 2021-07-09

App in the Air: Your Personal Travel Assistant. Editors Choice ◆◆ Best of
2018 Watch app ◆◆ Featured in Forbes, Wired, CBS News, Travel+Leisure and
more. App in the Air is the single place to track your itineraries, boarding
passes and manage your miles across airlines. Avoid hours of...

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App in the Air Reviews

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    Hit and miss

    Automatic checkin was really handy on my first check in, but on my second it changed my pre-selected “main cabin extra” seat 8A to 25C (which shouldn’t even have been possible if I *didnt* have a pre-assigned seat given my auto checkin preferences). That makes auto check-in useless (I had to go into the American app and reselect my seat, which was fortunately still available). For flight info and updates it’s handy: automatically detected my reservations from my email so there was no data entry. It didn’t pick up the correct seat assignment from my American Airlines reservations (e.g. 12F instead of 12B somehow on one flight), but it was easy enough to edit that, and I’d use my boarding pass on the plane anyway. It also let me know about a lounge at STL I didn’t know about before, although it wasn’t in the terminal I was going to. It’s managed to replace Kayak as my source of flight info, although Kayak is free. I hope auto checkin gets more reliable, because it would be handy if I could trust it to not thoroughly screw up my prepaid seat assignment.

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    Good app but some UI improvements needed

    I fly >100k miles a year with a mix of international and domestic destinations. This app is great to predict potential delays and also track my overall progress and other stats (types of planes, milestones, etc). The only negative is how it displays the current flight status as tiles where I have to swipe to see the anticipated arrival gate, etc and the location of the plane midnight doesn’t provide a map since I’m not hooked up to the internet. This is where Tripit and FlightRadar24 best this app out respectively. Tripit provides a really quick snapshot of what I have to do and where I need to go. While FlightRadar pretty much provides near real time data on the plane among other things. True, flightradar also needs WiFi, but it provides far more useful information when connected such as weather along the flight path, where other flights are coming from, etc. I typically use this app, flightradar, and Tripit to predict delays. I wish there was one app.

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    Good, but tries to do too much

    Very handy. However, I have the impression that to fully utilize the functionality it needs a _lot_ of sensitive access - for example, I found its import from Tripit wasn’t complete when I added plans to Tripit after my initial connection to the service. That is all I’m willing to give it now. Also, it’s kind of a hacker’s playground. I see the features, but I’m too technical to want to find out what doesn’t work without knowing how things are implemented before I spend time (and get “locked in” to) a new thing. I wish the documentation was better, but I realize that most people will just be sold on it and give it a try without my level of expectations and privacy concerns. To wit: I’m wary about letting any app simply try to parse through my email continually looking for travel receipts. If it is possible (and it may be, but wasn’t obvious) to set up an address just from which plans could be email-forwarded (as with Tripit) it would be a fine alternative. If I were paying for Tripit’s subscription features, and it was clear I could set up an address as mentioned above (accept and process forwarded mail, but you aren’t getting credentials to pull from that account), I’d be very inclined to drop Tripit for App In The Air, but my needs at this point don’t justify it. I like the app, wish you luck, and will look forward to seeing it get better.

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    Caution of iCloud Sync Feature

    Recently resolved a big issue with app by learning that by default App in the Air is installed with iCloud sync active by default. If you also sync your iCalendar with ur iCloud account, App in the Air will pull in all of the flights (going back years) from your calendar and will put them into an “Unsorted” status. Then, you’ll have to manually disposition all of those flights bc the app doesn’t know if the trip was your trip or that of another person. In my case, the app had 668 unsorted flights. Uff!!! To resolve, I had to delete the app, reinstall, turn off iCloud sync for the app and then re-link it with Trip-It. I can see why the app may need to link with iCloud if you manually add flights...this way ur data is safe. But if your flight data comes from other sources (emails, TripIt, etc), having iCloud sync enabled can cause a lot of data and performance issues.

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    Really helpful app!!

    I was researching what apps to use for my upcoming trip to Florida and I had a layover so I figured it was best to be prepared Incase any gate changes happens. This app was the best thing I’ve ever downloaded because the day before I was flying out, it already had what gate my flight was departing from. The best thing was that the night before the flight it told me what gate and number my flight was departing from, what gate my flight was landing at, and what gate + number my other flight was departing from. Not even the own airline had all of that information!! The airline just told me the basics like what gate Im supposed to be at, not the number. Will definitely remember this app whenever I’m flying. Thank you so much, don’t know how you guys get that information but it’s very useful!!

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    Essential for air travel

    Look, planes are hard. I’ve been flying my whole life, and I’ve seen both best-case and worst-case scenarios in air travel. You can never guarantee the best, but App in the Air gives you the tools to avoid the worst. Ticket info, boarding pass, flight times, delays, local weather and traffic conditions, airport/airline info, and especially travel timelines are all necessary to have, but keeping track of it all (and more) is awfully stressful. App in the Air does it all for you, meaning you have less to worry about. I figured out for myself through repeated failure that worry is its own sort of baggage on airplanes. It’s cumbersome, unnecessary, and should be minimized wherever possible. To that end, App in the Air is a flyer’s best friend!

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    Needs a lot of work

    I downloaded the app in order to try it out (and had to give my credit card information to do so - very bad) and tried it with a trip I’m on now. The SMS alerts, the part I find most useful, are wrong and annoying. I got a message two days before my flight saying check in was open. It wasn’t until a day before the flight. I received many messages yesterday, the day of my first flight, telling me that the arrival terminal had changed. It hadn’t and one would have been enough. I got one of those at 1:30 in the morning, around 12 hours after I had arrived. During the day yesterday I received this series of messages, in this order: arrival terminal changed, flight landed, status changed to landed, arrival terminal changed, (after 5 hours) flight takes off in 15 minutes, arrival terminal changed, (at 1:30 am) arrival terminal changed. Too many problems, more annoying than helpful.

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    Good app. Helps me keep track of all my flights.

    I find the app does lots of good things. I fly lots of different airlines, and it keeps me organized. The only thing I would streamline, and I’m not the only one who has said this, is a function while I am making transfers. I want one screen that says “You are arriving on flight xxxx at gate xxxxx. Your next flight is xxxx departing for xxxx from gate xxxx in xxxx minutes.” All that information is in the app, it’s just not super easy to get to. And if it was on my Apple Watch that would be even better. On the watch you’d just need the next flight, the gate, and a countdown timer.

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    Good, but missing two must-have features

    Hi, overall, I really enjoy this app. But I have two major concerns that I hope can be rectified in a future update: (1) I think there should be an option to have “Boarding at Gate XYZ” display on the iPhone and Apple Watch complication BEFORE boarding begins. It’s super unhelpful that Gate information doesn’t appear until it’s literally time to board. (2) As a big aircraft nerd, I’m really disappointed that the “Aircraft” tab of bookings is almost always blank. This is public information, so I do not understand this oversight. It would be really nice to have the Aircraft section actually work, with illustrations of the aircraft model, and also, seat configurations, which I now have to use a separate app for. If these concerns were addressed, I’d gladly rate this app 5 stars instead of 3.5 (which rounds down to 3).

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    False advertising and underhanded charges

    I want my money back!!! The sole reason I wanted this app was because I saw their promotion displaying AA flight info on Apple Watch. Well I found out after paying that a user cannot actually subscribe to AA accounts. So that’s strike 1. Then I was sorely made aware that there are actually dozens of travel service companies that I cannot link to. It was a lie! The big one that hit me today.... The subscription period... The screw you because they do not actually offer a year. Instead they charge for a calendar year and they do not pro rate. So I first signed up mid December. When I found out I was shafted $30 I was angry but figured it was my own bad luck. However today when I was charged another $30 because it’s a new “calendar year” is when I became really angry. This app is a scam and a piece of crap. It’s false advertisement and a rip off and I’m not only reviewing but reporting to Apple.

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    Consistently gets dates and time zones wrong

    I was super excited to integrate App in the Air into my daily routine. I’m a heavy business traveller. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work. Specifically, it posts flights to my calendar ON THE WRONG DAYS... and AT THE WRONG TIMES. As far as I’m concerned, this falls into the “you had one job” category. It also has cities in the US, which are in the same time zones, categorized in different time zones. Apparently, Raleigh, NC and Miami, FL are in different time zones (they’re not). I had a flight from the US to India show up on completely wrong days, and because I just trusted the app, I very nearly missed a flight and scheduled a number of meetings around incorrect information at great personal expense and embarrassment. If you plan to use the automatic calendaring feature, do not use this app. Maybe it’ll change, but it hasn’t yet. I submitted a support request and got nothing in return. Deleted.

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    Great info/interface, Poor database coordination

    I was very excited when I first read the reviews and downloaded/opened the app: great, intuitive, and slick interface, useful data, and the opportunity to upgrade for additional useful features at a reasonable price. However, I was sadly disappointed by the weak database integration. Well over half of the flights that I wanted to enter did not populate using the airline, flight number, and date; I needed to enter these flights manually, including the time of departure and time of arrival. These were a mix of domestic and international flights, mostly on AA, but also involving other carriers: there was consistently weak access. Please note that my test of some 10 flights was mostly historic; but, all within the last 2 months. This is an app that I would love to use. However, it is not yet ready for me. Update 24 Dec 2017 I keep playing with the app: I want to find justification to use it. But, unfortunately, my update is to indicate that what I had indicated to be over half of the flights entered did not sync with the database proved to be a gross underestimate. Of the 44 flights that I logged into the system for 2017, no more than six or seven were recognized: all others needed to be entered manually.

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    Use it for over a year (50 flights a year), so-so

    The goal of this review is to communicate to developers what works and what doesn’t. Overall it’s a nice app and annual subscription is worth it. Let me start from good things: automatic search by origin-destination, flight number. Reminders. Map of flights on globe. Now for broken or disfunctional: After update white theme has too much of flight info, only 2 flights fit on big XR screen. In comparison, older version fits 3 flights on 6s. Always forgets my personal passport number and sometimes asks for “National ID” (don’t have it) in addition to passport number/expire. If you paste PNR (6 letters) from email it adds space by itself then complains it’s malformed. Automatic checkin works with major airlines but hit or miss with Wizz Air with no warning. No search or filter by date or city. Shame. Most important and this is why 3 stars and not 4: they killed automatic calendar update! I was relying on App in the Air to add those quite useful calendar entries, with reminders to leave for airport. Now it’s gone! My older iPhone 6: still has previous “blue theme” app and it works.

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    Nice synching with Apple Watch

    I don’t fully understand all of the features yet, but I love the integration with the Apple watch when trying to get between gates. Note - I had previously written a harsh review due to some double charges, but Apple eventaully gave me a refund, so I am updating my review. Just be careful: If you subscribe to the 14 day trial, then decide to opt for the lifetime subscription, you WILL still be charged for the Annual subscription when the trial has ended. Also, trying to get a refund out of Apple involves negotiating a lot of dead ends, but ultimately paid off. It appears that none of my issues were the fault of App In The Air.

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    App in the air

    It was my first time using this app. It's absolutely amazing (on iphone and watch..sometimes on watch when you open the app directly from "complication" it's say "add flight from iphone" and you have to completely close the ⌚️ app and opening again. But overall I'm really glad that I've install this app. It's even works "offline " with airplane mode activated on both devices still works (iphone widget and complication on ⌚️ it's showing how much time left until landing or departing). Thank you all the team who's working on this beautiful app that actually works.

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Is App in the Air Safe?

Yes. App in the Air is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 9,389 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for App in the Air Is 39.1/100.

Is App in the Air Legit?

Yes. App in the Air is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 9,389 App in the Air User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for App in the Air Is 39.1/100.

Is App in the Air not working?

App in the Air works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Brenda Russell
Apr 18 2021

I downloaded this app as I was getting ready to fly. I went to upload my flight. It would only allow me to do this through a social media app. It said load your own flight. I spent over an hour attempting to upload my flight. My Facebook and gmail didn't work. No way to get my itinerary loaded. When will these companies learn to create for ALL situations and people. Do not waste your time.

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