Omaha World-Herald Omahacom Reviews

Omaha World-Herald Omahacom Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-25

Read articles from the largest news gathering organization in Nebraska. We have
reporters watching your local government, investigative watchdogs uncovering
stories that would otherwise remain hidden and a large team of people at
community events.“ You name it, we cover it better than an...

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Omaha World-Herald Omahacom Reviews

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    POOR Performance

    OWH App on-line paper continually freezes up, won’t allow any of the categories to be accessed. This is a daily event! When I have been able to access a story, after reading or scrolling down a few lines, the “paper” will switch you back to the main Page at which time you have to reload the story from that specific story. Many other issues and this is the only newspaper app along with all of my other apps that I have constant trouble with!!! Yes....I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled it, I’ve rebooted my phone, Ive done everything on my end to remedy these ongoing issues. I will be canceling my subscription!

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    New subscriber here. Got it just for the digital version since I’m a millennial and only want to read certain articles (top news, sports, etc.). The reason I signed up for a digital subscription was because of the subscriber plus articles, but there are no categories within the subscriber plus area!! Additionally, there is no sign-in feature built in to the app. If you want to read an article, it takes you into a built-in browser and makes you sign in for every single article you want to read. What’s the point of that?!?! Definitely not renewing once my current subscription is up.

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    If you would like to see how it can be done . . .

    . . . properly, and keep the reader engaged without having them curse every few minutes, examine the site for The Washington Post; especially delve into their classic newspaper app. I can read the paper as if it were in my lap. I can "decide" if I want to leave classic to read an article in traditional on-line formatting. The layout is in sections exactly as one finds it in print form. I struggle through your app because, it's the only game in town. But, it is not enjoyable. Thanks, Michael Bicak Redmond, WA

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    I love getting the digital paper.

    I subscribed to the sports articles only, but as I read all the articles with my free one week subscription to the entire paper, I realized I enjoyed having the entire paper. I love keeping informed with what is going on locally. So I bought a one year subscription. I read the paper on my phone or iPad.

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    It’s honest and take journalism seriously

    As a subscriber I love that the OWH digs into local issues that matter. If not OWH then who? Subscribe so Omaha has a mechanism to pay people to research news. As a past subject...they didn’t let me get away with much, asked hard questions and did, in fact, report in as unbiased a way as is humanly possible.

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    Terrible election coverage on app

    Aside from a few random stories buried in the news section, the election results were nowhere to be found. At the top of the app were some super lame “subscriber plus” stories that nobody is interested in. Would it have made more sense, I don’t know, to show the progress along precinct counts paired with vote tallies in the top three contests instead? Take a few hints from how the DM Register does it. You want people’s eyes on your app, right?

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    Great App

    I love reading up on my hometown. OWH has some great writers, I recommend u adding this to ur list of news. I wish they would bring back the submit a story section. If u need some humor check out the momaha section. You will have a new appreciation for parents.

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    New version 5.0 horrible on iPad

    I use the OWH app multiple times daily and found the previous versions to be great. New 5.0 is a huge step backwards, in fact I’m now going straight to the website and quit using the app. There is no landscape version for iPad and the photos/graphics take up so much screen space that you have to scroll and scroll to find stories. iPhone version is only a little better. Sorry, but this app is bad.

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    Skip this paper

    Pretty worthless paper. They do a very poor job of covering the news. Buffet's influence since he bought has been a real detriment to the quality. Real the Lincoln Journal Star and see how much better coverage they give every story, even Omaha news. They World Herald rarely covers anything on the ARCHDIOCESE OF OMAHA trying to delay, manipulate and deny turning over the records to the Attorney Generals Office. The Lincoln Journal star will have a half page article about it. Warren Buffet you are a creepy, evil jerk!!!

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    Latest update worthless

    This ap used to be fairly easy to use and most of the time functioned as expected. This last update made the epaper basically unreadable on my iPad. When you try to move about on a page the stupid system plugs in 1/2 page from another section. It randomly moves back and forth plugging in pages from wherever. The page number is never displayed correctly. This update is garbage.

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    New updates terrible

    Hard to figure out where to find all the news articles. Finally figured out you had to go a news article to get to the menu with more options. The old layout was much better to see categories. Now I’m trying to read articles only to get the pictures but not the story. Tried copying a link to open in a browser and it’s the wrong article done this several times with different articles. Also tried to favorite the articles but again wrong ones were then listed. And it’s bad enough that the app can’t keep a subscriber logged in. Go back to the previous version. And beta test before pushing out updates!!

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    Keeps me updated

    As a Snowbird in Phoenix, I need to keep updated on what's going on back home in Omaha. This app is perfect in filling that void. No complaints. I really appreciate the availability of my hometown newspaper while I'm on the road.

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    Unusable - and it got worse.

    OMG it got worse! Now every time I launch the app I get blasted with ads lasting 10-30 seconds. I pay for the digital edition and I get this crap. The latest version lost almost all of its functionality. It no longer will work in “landscape” mode on my iPad or iPhone. I can’t easily find local news, sports or obits. It’s as if the news was vomited on to my device.

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    Omaha World Herald

    A needed news source in the world of Fake News. Going forward your News Paper needs to stand strong against Trumps attempt to weaken your important work. Thank you

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    Local news is trusted news

    Thank you for being a voice of reason in a turbulent sea of disinformation.

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Is Omaha World-Herald Omahacom Safe?

Yes. Omaha World-Herald Omahacom is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,870 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.3/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Omaha World-Herald Omahacom Is 41.1/100.

Is Omaha World-Herald Omahacom Legit?

Yes. Omaha World-Herald Omahacom is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,870 Omaha World-Herald Omahacom User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Omaha World-Herald Omahacom Is 41.1/100.

Is Omaha World-Herald Omahacom not working?

Omaha World-Herald Omahacom works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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