KOCO 5 News -  Oklahoma City Reviews

KOCO 5 News - Oklahoma City Reviews

Published by on 2021-07-01

Take the KOCO 5 News app with you everywhere you go and be the first to know of
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KOCO 5 News - Oklahoma City Reviews

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    Hard to navigate and repetitive page jumping

    I get very frustrated with this app when I am trying to read a story and go back to the main page. Every time I go back to the main page from a story I clicked on to read, it flips back to the beginning of the information provided instead of where I had clicked onto the page to read a story. I have to flip down through so much information to get back to where I was when I clicked on a story to read. Makes me just give up and move on to other news apps that I don’t have to keep flipping through the information to get through all the news etc that I want to look to. It’s also doesn’t get updated much as sometimes there are stories that are on the site several days/weeks.

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    I enjoy the site and notifications

    I thoroughly enjoy the site especially the notifications. You wait until you get facts then you put out a notification. Some stations give you notifications before they know the story and are notifying you every few minutes to update you. This can be annoying especially when you are at work (yes I can have my phone out at work). I like all personalities on the Starion. As for the actual site itself it is little hard to find what you want at first but once you find it you can always find it. Thanks KOCO for doing a good job.

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    I 👀 you Oklahoma .....

    As a baby boomer from Oklahoma , who moved over 35 years ago . My ♥️ for her has never died .! I have a lot of family and friends who still there , and not to mention that I occasionally come home when I can . There is no better way to see and hear what’s going on than KOCO News . It’s up-to-date real news and The Weather Report is off the chart ! A station that part of my life when I’m not home . I know more about what going on in Oklahoma than the average citizen living there . To me KOCO is the People news station . A station you can trust !! Thank you from Arizona 🤗

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    Liberal owned

    I wish this channel was locally owned. They have great local people reporting the news and weather and they do great work. The problem I have is when they are forced to report national news they have to use the liberal slant that their owners want put out. This really bugs me and I’m sure it doesn’t set well with the local team either. I’ll keep watching for the local news and weather reporting but I flip the channel when they go to their national reporters.

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    Frustrating news site

    After reading stories, it returns to the home page. Stories are kept on the site for way too long. Some have been listed for months and are very outdated. Not enough local news & too many insignificant stories are listed simply because there is video. The app logo shows a new story, but you have to scroll way down to find it. Several news-junkie friends have already dropped the KOCO app and I’m about too because there have been no changes, even though these same complaints have been made many times before. If you don’t care about your news site, why should we?

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    Love me some KOCO 5 News Team

    Love everyone in the cast. So spoiled by all the information you give me, I will not watch another station unless forced to do so when I travel. I set my parents up with the KOCO App to keep them weather aware and they are slowly moving over from MM and team at k4. 🙄 Anyway the only thing I would like to see is video updates on weather throughout the day. The forecast at 4:30am is up all date. I do love the time and temp displayed in the ribbon at the bottom of the screen during the entire newscast. Congrats to Michael Armstrong on his recent accreditation. KOCO 5 weather team absolutely rocks! Love all the anchors too! Markie and Maggie are such dolls in the morning. Everyone is amazing. Even my visiting family members from KCMO say KOCO is far better than what they have up there. Proud! Thank you

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    Annoying alerts

    I like having this app but it’s really annoying to get the we miss you alerts 🙄 it’s also annoying that the app just decides it won’t send notifications anymore because it thinks I’m not using the app the way it thinks I should. Unless I go into my settings and turn off notifications, there’s no reason why I shouldn’t still get them!

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    Best in the news

    I have three news apps on my phone. One sends out notices on the same story multiple times even if there is no update. It also sends out teasers so you will turn on their tv broadcast. All these repetitive messages are annoying. Another app seems to miss half the news. This app keeps me informed and up to date without blowing up my phone. Good job. Keep it up

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    Best Oklahoma News App!!!

    I love the channel 5 app. Unlike the "other" Oklahoma stations, the app provides the best mix of local, national and international news. If you're looking for local stories, you can find them here. Just like the news on TV, the channel 5 app gives you the actual news without sensationalizing the story. And when you need immediate weather info, Damon Lane keeps you safe!

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    App not updated often

    Come guys, don’t launch an app and think your work is done. Keep it fresh and different. I don’t think this app has changed in the last year. I also don’t like having to click 3X just to get to the radar. Put a link for the radar right on the first page so you don’t have to drill down. I live in OKC but use an app from a station in Tulsa just for radar. A comments section for each story would be good too. I understand comment moderation is difficult, get over it. It would differentiate you from the rest.

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    Severe weather

    During sever thunder storms with heavy rain my satellite goes out. I utilize KOCO for my live coverage. It is more difficult to gain access than it should be. Sometimes live broadcast is available, but, sometimes it is difficult to find. There should be a single icon for live coverage, that has nothing to do with recorded reporting. Just my opinion. Thanks

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    Previous newscasts not working

    Wanted to watch a newscast from last night and was told to download the app for previous news casts. The app looks just like the website and only offers the most recent newscast. Was told you can just scroll back but there is no option. I looked to make sure my app was up to date and it appeared to be. Deleted the app. No reason to take up space on my phone if it’s nothing more than a link to their website.

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    I can read and not have to watch video

    I use this app as it allows me to read more stories than other sites where the news is only provided by watching videos. I don’t want to volume up or to use so much data to just check on the news. Thanks.

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    Channel 5 KOCO

    Love this up to date news station...I can always rely on them for the latest breaking news..current weather and traffic alerts. Keeps me and my family informed on local activities and upcoming events in the wonderful State of Oklahoma. Highly recommend!!

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    Enticement clips?

    KOCO is my favorite news station, but the phone app is not nearly as good. I've have quit looking at the videos because often they are so short that they are not actually informative, some don't seem to have a reason at all. It also aggravates me to see so many typos. I understand that much of it is done on the fly, but a quick spell check would catch many errors.

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Is KOCO 5 News - Oklahoma City Safe?

Yes. KOCO 5 News - Oklahoma City is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 2,640 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.3/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for KOCO 5 News - Oklahoma City Is 47.4/100.

Is KOCO 5 News - Oklahoma City Legit?

Yes. KOCO 5 News - Oklahoma City is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 2,640 KOCO 5 News - Oklahoma City User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for KOCO 5 News - Oklahoma City Is 47.4/100.

Is KOCO 5 News - Oklahoma City not working?

KOCO 5 News - Oklahoma City works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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