USA TODAY - News: Personalized Reviews

USA TODAY - News: Personalized Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-21

Instead of sifting through the clutter to find stories, our USA TODAY app will
do it for you. From your interests and passions to the sports teams you cheer
for – you’ll always stay updated, informed, and instantly notified about
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USA TODAY - News: Personalized Reviews

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    I read most of my news from USA’s platform

    I previously reviewed the USA Today news app (Please see previous review below). My issue is when you go into a specific article as your scrolling through different links in the article keep taking you into either other news or irrelevant information. I’ve had this app for years and up until they “updated” and change the user layout and interface the app never operated in this manor. To make matters worse, the developer contacted me via email and stated that they fixed this issue based on my previous review and as it stands it still isn’t corrected so this make me think even worse towards the app. Conclusion, the app used to be great, and straightforward to use it has started to veer off course for whatever reason 🤷🏻‍♂️ In my opinion probably better to try out different news source apps. (PREVIOUS REVIEW) I’ve been using the app with USA for many many years now BUT.....while it’s still my preferred news, I’m beginning to question it and possibly look into other reliable news source because the newer user interface is too commercialized. For only one instance while reading an article and scroll without clicking any specific thing, a commercial will randomly start playing 💁🏻‍♂️

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    You’re liberally bias, I have no issue with bias if you state it. Stop acting objective

    I’m independent and like objective news sources. That’s increasingly hard to find these days, other outlets I appreciate because they state their leanings. I wish the news didn’t lean a certain way, but at least they put the proper disclaimer on it. Like a movie properly rating itself so you understand what you are about to view. You and other news outlets should strongly consider this course of action. It’s disingenuous and misleading to act objective while simultaneously pushing an obviously liberal/progressive agenda. Your editorial board and contributors are liberal leaning at the very least. I’ve seen you post opposing opinions, but overwhelmingly the opinions expressed here are liberal and it doesn’t take a conservative or trump supporter to see that, of which I am neither. I personally feel we all have a bias of some sort, but some are more willing to address and correct it than others. I personally actively try to dismantle my own arguments regularly to see if they can withstand basic scrutiny. Perhaps your network should consider doing the same, or simply state your bias. That would be a good first step toward better serving the people who consume your content.

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    Pretty, but no longer useful

    I've had this app for many years. While it's gotten prettier to look at, it's gotten less useful as time goes on. Absolutely every time I use it, the app shuts down on me no less than three times before I've scrolled all the way through the Top Stories. Also, there are now paid advertisements that look like stories, right within the midst of the real news. If you're not careful, you're actually reading advertisements from sources like The Motley Fool and others. This is deceptive, and rather cheap of USA Today to fund their app this way. Other news apps do not take this approach. On the whole, USA Today app doesn't always have the latest news. I'll read a story from another news source on Twitter that was posted several hours ago, and I'll head to the USA Today app for more information, only to see they haven't even written about it yet. It's usually there by the end of the day, but it's half a day behind other news outlets. On the whole, USA Today is a pretty app that doesn't always work, has paid advertising peppered throughout their real stories and is usually behind other apps in posting the latest news.

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    Over all it's good, video implementation is bad

    I use it every day multiple times a day. I like it except for the way they have implemented the videos where they play an advertisement before the video. The problem is they play the same advertisement segments over and over! After a while you get so sick of hearing them that you would never by what they are advertising! The current most annoying thing is that they are slow to show the ads they have in static text articles. So you are reading along and then the text suddenly scrolls down so that you are in a different part of the article! It’s simply maddening! So now you have to scroll back up a screen or two to find your place! It’s kind of like a while back when the ads would hang and you couldn’t watch the video! I am not sure if the problem is my slow internet it their bad programming skills! When they are adding the ad content that is off the screen they SHOULD NOT CHANGE THE SCROLL! I am guessing that the guys programming this do not use it on their iPhone otherwise they would not make such an obvious mistake.

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    This app has lost its way

    Years ago the USA Today App was a solid news delivery platform that incorporated national, international, and local news into a UI that functioned flawlessly. Today, after many updates to the UI it is now one of the most dysfunctional apps with a user experience that delivers the maximum amount of annoyance. While its AP and broad network content remains, that content is buried beneath a confused, glitchy interface that prioritizes junk trending articles and video advertisements that take over the screen and audio. Moving through the platform, trying to uncover the quality content, and reading articles is a joyless and even torturous run through an obstacle course of “features” that fight for attention and keep the words of the news articles jumping around the screen out of view. The very idea of reading - which is the central activity of news readers is insulted by a UI that has the design markers of a member of the zero attention span Snapchat Generation. No participation trophy for you, this app is a failure. A failure which gets worse and less content prioritized with each quarterly update.

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    I’m looking for news not opinions

    This used to be a great newspaper with reporters that gave unbiased opinions. Now it seems that they view the world through jaded lenses. I just read an article titled Canadians boycott American product. Let’s start with the title, “Canadians” a plural! Yet only one Canadian was named in the article outside of “other Canadians” what [email protected]&$”);! Other Canadians?! How many of said Canadians?! What impact is this having on the U S economy?! How bout some f,?!&[email protected] facts instead of a one sentence quote from a small business woman in rural Canada? If it’s national news give me a national story with definitive facts that have numbers and dates and not words like greatly or negatively! Tell me how negative, tell me what it’s going to do! I like the news because I like to stay informed. I don’t give two s$&@! About one reporters opinion. If you have an experts opinion I want to know why their an expert and why their the ones I should listen too. And I swear I don’t care about a neighbor from down the streets opinion when it comes to national news unless there some documented expert on the situation that may be unfolding!!!!

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    I’ve been seeking an alternative paper for awhile, as the overall quality of stories printed in USA Today (at least in their app version) rarely rises above the writing skills of a mediocre high school English student. Spelling and grammatical errors occur too frequently. Bias is extraordinary in this publication. Today’s story that USA Today decided to print suggesting The currrent SCOTUS nominee is indeed a child molester and shouldn’t be allowed near children is beyond gutter writing and is discraceful. I cancelled my print subscription to the LA Times over a decade ago due to their inability to report objectively, and have never read that paper since. Today, I delete this trash paper which is competing with the National Enquirer from my tablet and phone. Having recently subscribed to the Wall Street Journal, that paper raises the bar on intellectual discourse by several sigmas. Along with the sports and travel which otherwise were my go to sections, I have tagged websites to curate hockey and travel news. This paper used to reflect the American population objectively. Sadly, no more. Goodbye USA Today.

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    Good, Solid App

    For my purposes, the USA Today app is just fine. It provides the news and some amplifying coverage. That's all I expect. USA Today has long been known as the fast food outlet for news so one should calibrate expectations to match reality. If one seeks in-depth analysis and penetrating Op Ed pieces then one should look elsewhere as as the major papers (e.g., The Washington Post, The New York Times, LA Times, et al) or periodicals. This is not to denigrate USA Today but rather to properly align user expectations. I read USA Today every single day but augment that with other sources if I'm interested in more coverage of a news story. I like USA Today and the app and enjoy it, every single day. Well, designed, easy to navigate and informative at a certain level. I offer my compliments for doing precisely what I expect.

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    Super improvement

    Usatoday rolled out a much better update. I love how news is divided into section at the bottom of the tabs. Much cleaner feel. I will change my old review from 1 star to 5 star. Below is reference to my old review: USA today DID NOT perform any update what so ever that was satisfactory to the user community. There is still no way to change to a dark background. The ads are still as big and a nuisance. Their top story section is a mess, unlike previous versions which was a great viewing experience but this version makes me skip it. I use to use USA TODAY exclusively but I might have to move to cnn or other competitors, I give them 2 more updates before I am completely turned off.

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    Could be great but needs work!

    Love the writing. The selection of articles gives an excellent cross section of the morning news. BUT, the app itself seems to have been forgotten. I start to read the articles and leave 1 or 2 to come back to while read on. I might be half way through the top stories and suddenly the app refreshes and I’m back at the top with 1 or 2 new articles but the ones I planned to come back to may be gone. And I have to read though the whole top stories page again to hopefully find what I missed. Some (more often than I would expect, the stories I planned to revisit are gone) of stories I never find again. You have been my go to morning read but, I you’ve just about broken me. There are just too many alternatives to go too. Simple fix is put an update button at the top to give control over the timing of updates. Oh, and this nickname thing is very frustrating!!!!

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    What happened?

    USA Today used to be one of the pillars of fair and unbiased news outlets. They were always my go to source for all news. Unfortunately USA Today has become extremely biased towards the left (I am, and will continue to be a registered Democrat). Leanings, left or right, should only be published in opinion pieces. Leave the biased “news reporting” to Fox News and the Huffington Post. Also USA Today, your incessant coverage of “celebrities” and publishing of articles about “celebrities” should be left to your Life section. I should not be inundated with articles about a bunch of people I don’t care about. I understand that there are many who relish in the life of others, but let them relish in the section they belong not your Top Stories. In light of these two I have currently deleted your app, but I will download occasionally to see if you have rediscovered your journalistic integrity. PS Your sports coverage is still top notch, but not enough to keep me.

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    Come to the party

    First of all, if you want to be a great nation, there are moments that should be cherished for a lifetime. If I were in charge of education, I would declare this Wednesday “a no school day for all of New England”. Businesses would make out. The kids would always remember it. Everyone would have a legal chance to attend instead of skipping work or school, and most of all the attitudes of the people would be jolly for a change instead of hearing the gloomy problems of our country with hate crimes and bad mouthing our politician’s decisions every time they make a vote. Stand up America and enjoy the fruits of this great nation. I’ll see you in Boston this Wednesday, and I guarantee you there be many people with smiles on their faces!

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    This app deserves its own circle in hell

    This app has gotten out of control with ads. This is the first time I've ever seen ads that pop up with absolutely no input from the user. All of a sudden your phone is full of web sites and App Store offerings for stuff completely unrelated to what one happens to be browsing in the USA today app. This crap has increased in frequency to the point where it is no longer the main source of news for me. To avoid the hassle get yourself a copy of Feedly and ditch this app. These people don't seem to have any sense on limiting the distraction of their advertising. I'm not gonna enable that kind of behavior any more.

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    Shifting text....

    I have read USA today for years, in both subscribed paper form and now digitally on my iPad. I still love USA Today, but the shifting text is maddening. Frequently, while reading an article, the article shifts quickly to another part of the same article as though some new material has been added somewhere. Then, I’m forced to search for my previous spot to return to my reading. Also, often when hitting the back arrow at the top left of the app, the app jumps to the very beginning of the newspaper section, causing me to have to scroll, scroll, and scroll some more to get back to the location of the last article I was reading. A real pain. I sure hope a future bug fix will take care of these hiccups. I am reluctant to move to a paid subscription until these bugs are resolved.

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    Just keeps getting worse.

    My last review I complained about the constant and intrusive adds that ruin the experience. Cant watch a single video without having to watch an intrusive add. Very frustrating when you want a quick update on major news. Not to mention that when I first got this app I paid for the pro version without adds. In less than a year they did away with it and left me feeling very cheated out of my money. I recently downloaded the app again to see if there’s any improvement and alas. It’s just worse. NOW the app randomly crashes when just reading an article. This happens every single time no matter what article. My iPhone X also gets extremely hot by the where the camera is. This doesn’t happen on any other app. I will never ever recommend anyone waste their time on this app. Many other choices out there to deal with this frustration and possible phone damage.

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Is USA TODAY - News: Personalized Safe?

Yes. USA TODAY - News: Personalized is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 220,945 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for USA TODAY - News: Personalized Is 64.1/100.

Is USA TODAY - News: Personalized Legit?

Yes. USA TODAY - News: Personalized is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 220,945 USA TODAY - News: Personalized User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for USA TODAY - News: Personalized Is 64.1/100.

Is USA TODAY - News: Personalized not working?

USA TODAY - News: Personalized works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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