Fever: local events & tickets Reviews

Fever: local events & tickets Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-29

Fever helps you discover what to do in your city, where to go and what to visit.
Find exclusive events, secret places, and trendy pop-ups where you can enjoy new
experiences. Our app recognizes your tastes and suggests the best personalized
leisure offers. Main benefits and features: -...

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Fever: local events & tickets Reviews

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    Cool events but Deceptive Advertising

    I know the app isn’t generally responsible for all of the events other than as a marketing/ticketing tool, so I have no issues with that service. They definitely have some cool stuff. However, I think the way they sell tickets is very shady. For the event I bought tickets for, 2/3 days were sold out. No biggie - I bought for the third day while a big red sign flashed at me saying “LESS THAN TEN TICKETS LEFT. BUY NOW” Gross marketing tactic to get people to buy without thinking. Then, if you read the notice fully, it says less than ten tickets left “at their best price.” I was also able to buy at least 12 tickets at their “best price” that supposedly only had 10 left. I obviously only bought two, as that’s all I needed, but it’s a really manipulative system. They also opt you in to sharing a ton of data unless you dig into the permissions and opt out (Which you should do), but that’s not really a surprise today.

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    I randomly got charged for a event i didn't even know about, the same day of the event. SKETCHY!! I tried contacting the company live chat, they cant do anything, so they will email u back in several days from a different department(what?) then called, the call was dropped or i was hung up on, them i called again where i had this guy basically ask me a series of questions trying to place the blame on me because why? Tickets are non-refundable, asking me like does anyone share my account, or my credit cards, or what kind of phone i have (saying this purchase from a iphone 10, i have a iphone 8, then he said “oh it says 10.4 so that could be yours, i dont know”) he doesnt even know what hes asking, trying so hard yo place the blame on the lack of security for this app. DONT USE. I finally hung up because “customer support” means letigation to them and i was getting nowhere, and also ironically you cant even delete your account!!! You have to email them to ask to delete it? I havent used this account in over 4/5 months, i wont be using it again. What crap.

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    Unresponsive customer service

    I’ve had fever for a while and the first time I actually bought tickets to an event, the page said the address will be somewhere in Williamsburg. Then after I bought the tickets the address was in Queens. So since I was confused I wanted clarification. I call them and I’m on hold for 30 mins and then they said no one can help me at this time please call later. Then I tried their messaging service. And waited my turn. Then when it was my turn I messaged them and they didn’t respond and then it said I have been unresponsive please try messaging again. Then after 3 more tries of the same thing, a lady named BARBARA asked me what was the name of the event. I immediately responded so that they wouldn’t tell me I was unresponsive. But she never replied and then the message system said I was unresponsive and to please try a new message. I’m thoroughly annoyed and hope I don’t end up going to the wrong address. Won’t be using fever after this.

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    I will never use this app again. I used it for an event in New York on Halloween at the Hotel Rivington (A View to Kill: 007 Penthouse Halloween Party) and Fever had two types of tickets, one for general admission and one for an open bar. When we got to the location on the day of the event, the staff at Hotel Rivington said the company Fever had not even told them they were selling their tickets so they could not accept ours... We had already spent money, some had spent $50 for the open bar and these tickets could not be accepted and were fraudulent. How can a ticket selling company even let something like that happen? On top of that to get in, they said we had to pay $75 which was ridiculous seeing as we had already bought the tickets through Fever. The staff at the Hotel assured us that we would be refunded through the company. Except it took going back and forth with Fever’s company service for WEEKS before getting refunded. The live chat had even “left the chat” once I told her what the issue was. DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY WITH YOUR MONEY. THEY ARE A SCAM!!

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    Do not trust with your card info

    I started using this app a few weeks ago trying to find some interesting things in the city to explore with my bf. This Saturday evening I purchased tickets to see a comedy show for that same night. When I went to my email to check the order confirmation, I noticed another email from another purchase made to my account which I never made. I contacted customer support immediately and they refused to refund me or even investigate the charges even though I never authorized the charge. I’m in complete disbelief that they didn’t bother to help resolve my issue. It was a charge of $20 that has been deducted from my account. I have completely deleted the app and now I have to contact my bank and change all my card information which is a huge inconvenience. I would not suggest anyone put their card on file with this app for any purchases.

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    LA BBQ and Beer Fest (Fyre Fest 2019)

    I never write reviews but I just have to for this past weekend. Had the worst possible experience using this app. We purchased tickets to the LA Beer and BBQ festival. The day of my wife and I arrive at the event at 1115 with an expected 1130 start time. The even didn’t start at 1130 but instead 1245. Excuse was the fire marshall hadn’t approved entry for one reason or another. Staff were completely unprofessional. Finally after over an hour we are allowed in and the lines are at a minimum a 30-60 min wait. They oversold the event. The venue was extremely small. Rather than creating more sitting areas in the parking area, vendors were allowed to park their POVs which restricted space for customers. Food was amazing but with only 2 alcohol stations, there was no opportunity to try the liquor. Never using this app or attending events hosted by them in the future.

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    Purchased wrong time for an event

    Fever has been very responsive and helpful with my issue. I purchased a ticket for an event and I accidentally purchased it for the wrong time. I contacted them to see if there was a way to switch the time. They emailed me immediately and told me that they will look into it and see what can be done. They got back to me and let me switch the time without charging me again. I like the fact that they have messaging options where you can text someone and they can assist you and they also communicate through email. Thank you fever for being accommodating . Now I can go and enjoy the event with my friends!

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    Terrible costumer service & no help

    I used Fever to buy tickets for a mad hatters drink event last month. Even though my Uber got into an accident & I emailed/called/live chatted Fever that I couldn't make it in time and would still like to make another event time, no one helped me out. I couldn't get an actual person on the phone till 2 weeks after the event passed, and they told me to handle my request with the event. Despite the event uaigg Fever directly to sell their tickets, they couldn't even provide a number or email to reach the coordinator at. I'm still 120 bucks short over a month later. Oh, and their customer service is trash, notice everyone with a complaint gets redirected to another email for them to tell you we unfortunately don't do refunds cuz it's stated. They will keep your money if there's a problem

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    Best customer service

    Just want to take a sec to give a shout out to this app. I just received a great customer service (thank you Ronald). I accidentally had concert tickets and fever tickets to another event booked on the same night. I received a voucher and was able to switch dates of the event within an hour!! No problems no fuss no trouble. I love using the feverr app BUT I wish it had a little more variety of events available. It’s pretty limited comparing to eventbrite and other event apps but I still like it.

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    I do not recommend this app at all. I never write reviews, but I feel I have to say something to try and save users from downloading this app! I attempted to purchase tickets to an event for a group of friends and as soon as I did it generated false coupon codes. When I contacted FEVER’s customer service they did answer, and appeared helpful, but said they don’t know what’s wrong and they’ll have to get back to me. When I called the actual vendor of the event they said they didn’t know what FEVER was and that they also couldn’t help me. I’m very concerned that this “company” now has my information and my money!! It’s my fault for not doing more research into this company- and I am disputing the charges but have had no response from FEVER since submitting my claim.

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    Terrible company

    If you are trying to install the app, it’s probably too late... you may have already purchased tickets through them. We were very unlucky with exchanging our tickets due to a family event that came up 2 weeks prior to the Fever event. They would not help us exchange it and instead we were offered 24-hour vouchers (who does that!?). There was nothing for us to switch to so we lost an opportunity to truly exchange the tix. Horrible service! I am sure there would be buyers for our tix since it was sold out, and Fever could offer us more durable vouchers. We won’t be patronizing them again and neither should you. RESPONSE AFTER FEVER RESPONSE: The 24-hour voucher was not in the terms of service for the original purchase.

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    Forced App Download

    They force you to download an app for tickets when you have to print your confirmation email anyway. They’re trying to boost their app to look more popular through lying in emails. This is wrong. Is it not okay. Summary: made me download the app to receive tickets, app showed incorrect info for an $80 ticket purchase, customer service was unapologetic, unhelpful, and unresponsive after the very initial question. I purchased my tickets from the fever website, and was told in the confirmation email that it was NECESSARY to download the app in order to access my tickets to get into the venue. Three hours before the event, my app said the event was “over.” No tickets to be seen. Their customer service rep Barbara was curt and very unhelpful. Did not acknowledge that the event was still happening. Did not apologize. Did not say anything regarding confusion. She simply said “for this event you have to print the confirmation email.” The app was useless for my event. Why was I forced to open it? And WHY do I need to email the company to delete my account? It takes 72 hours to delete an account? This is a lie.

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    Stepped up their game

    Fever used to be a trash app a few years ago- to my surprise they really stepped up there game. This isn’t really an activity discount app- although you can find some really great deals on here- you can still find a ton of fun things to do in the city and I really like what they’ve done. They have a 24 hour help chat and youthful activities. Don’t like the no return policy if you purchased by accident or couldn’t make it to the event so I would recommend they improve that!

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    Great Customer Service

    I have been using Fever for a year, and I‎t definitely given me a lot of great ideas/deals for things to do in the city. Recently, I made a mistake on a purchase, and their customer service was incredible. They responded quickly, and were able to work with me and my case. I have had similar situations with other companies (cough: Groupon) that did not turn or so well. They were kind, flexible, and respectful the whole time. I’m impressed and satisfied.

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    Just my opinion

    Being born and raised in NYC an app like this is amazing for planning events and figuring out what to do with friends around the city. Since I’ve moved away I don’t use it since my city (Albany) is small and lame. I do re download when I’m heading back to the city. It would be helpful to save events in a list of some kind so you don’t have to constantly remember the name of it or when it was. It would be helpful to have a collaborative list so friends can plan in the app what they’re going to do. Just my opinion. Keep rocking on

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Is Fever: local events & tickets Safe?

No. Fever: local events & tickets does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 10,086 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Fever: local events & tickets Is 15.4/100.

Is Fever: local events & tickets Legit?

No. Fever: local events & tickets does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 10,086 Fever: local events & tickets User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Fever: local events & tickets Is 15.4/100.

Is Fever: local events & tickets not working?

Fever: local events & tickets works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  4. If you are a Fever: local events & tickets customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Fever: local events & tickets.

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