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What is ICONIT QRcode Reader? ICONIT is a QR code and barcode reader app that allows users to scan labels and access links, browse pages, locate shops, collect product details, and post comments. It supports a wide range of symbols, including QR, GTIN/JAN/EAN, NW-7, CODE39, and GS1 Limited Databar. The app also features a scanning history manager, CSV export, and the ability to create custom QR codes from contacts or free text.


- Intuitive and easy-to-use interface

- Supports a wide range of symbols, including QR, GTIN/JAN/EAN, NW-7, CODE39, and GS1 Limited Databar

- Allows scanning of QR codes and barcodes from camera, stored image, and clipboard

- Features a scanning history manager and CSV export

- Enables users to create custom QR codes from contacts or free text

- Offers the ability to search for products using GTIN-13 and choose Google or Amazon

- Allows users to revisit and delete scanning history

- Provides a QR code generator feature accessible from the home screen.

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ICONIT (άɪkɑnít or άɪkɔnít) is a fast, precise and multifunctional QRcode / Barcode reader. Anytime and anywhere at home, in shopping, or walking on a street, by just holding your device over a label, you can jump to the link, browse pages, locate a shop, collect product details, post your comments and do a lot! ■Key features ・Intimate and easy use: open the app, hold your device on a label, then read it. ・Wide support of symbols - QR, GTIN/JAN/EAN, NW-7, CODE39, GS1 Limited Databar. ・Scan QR code/barcode from camera, stored image and clipboard ・Useful scanning history manager and CSV export ・Create your own QR code from contacts or free text ■How to use ・To scan a printed label: just open the app or tap "Scan". Just hold over a QR code/barcode. ・To scan a stored image: on "Scan" screen, tap "Photos" on the upper-right corner and choose from album or clipboard. ・To search a product from GTIN-13: scan and choose Google or Amazon. ・To add to history: just scan. The scanning record will automatically be added to the history. ・To revisit history: tap "History" and choose a record. ・To delete history: tap "Edit" on the upper-right corner, choose a record and "Delete" on the upper-left corner (otherwise, you can delete all history by not choosing a record before "Delete"). ・To generate a QR code: tap "Home" and choose "QR Generator". You can choose "Phone Book" to use a contact information or "Enter Text" to input free text. “Google” is a trademark or registered trademark of Google LLC. “Amazon” is a trademark or registered trademark of Amazon.com, Inc.

Top Reviews

By Diamontcat1

The BEST barcode reader. Free without ads

This is the best Barcodes including QR code reader. I tested so many those apps and found this was the quickest to recognize and the best to recognize unclear code. This can read QR code and any barcodes of books and other products I tested including American, British, Japanese one. And you can directly to search Google or Amazon for them and find them in a moment. It's spiraling and very convenient!! History feature isn also the best. This also has read URL and mail address. It works better. I don't know why this perfect amazing app is totally free without ad. But I feel secure using it because this app is made in by Japanese company listed on a market.

By ericsinct

Great but..

When it searches: I have choice of google or amazon in Japanese!!! How do I change Amazon to English?

By AlphaOmega2k

Almost the one!

The app is good - it captures QR code real fast. The App Icon is real good looking and iOS7 compatible! But it can't do simple thing - open Message App when QR contains SMS comand :( - that's two stars minus. Please fix it!

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