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Contact OfferUp - Buy. Sell. Letgo.

Published by on 2022-03-27

Buy. Sell. Letgo. - OfferUp and Letgo are now one big marketplace. Why you’ll
love using OfferUp: • The biggest mobile marketplace for local buyers and
sellers. • List an item using your phone or tablet in as little as 30
seconds. • Kno...

How to Contact OfferUp - Buy. Sell. Letgo.

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Common OfferUp - Buy. Sell. Letgo. Issues

  • By Timhau21

    Do not use this app!

    Do not use this app! They favor buyers way too much. Here is what happened to me, they took my item away and did not give me the money for it; just because the buyer opens up a buyer protection case. The fact is that the buyer who I talked to said he did not really like the color of the headphones and do not want it anymore. My item matched 100% to the name and I even have pictures on the listing. I sell a lot of stuff on many apps or EBay. When the buyer opens the buyer’s protection, he claims that my item is a counterfeit without any proofs. The item I sell is 100% authentic; they come in with serial number both on the box and on the headphones itself. I have sold many Beats Headphones, and it never happened like this! This is very unfair to the sellers, buyers can just say my item is counterfeit without any proofs and my $300 item gets taken away? If this is the case, I will never sell or buy with Offerup ever again. My item is legit, it comes in with the original box from Beats and it has the serial number on both the box and the headphones itself. This is totally unacceptable, I understand if buyer does not like the item, but at least I would want the item to be returned to me. Also there are too many scams people, low ballers, and difficult people to deal with in this app. I would be better of just sell on EBay. Offerup also has high fees with you ship your item. I will never use this app to buy or sell again!

  • By AbbyFlores

    What happened??

    I used to LOVE OfferUp I have bought nearly all of my big pieces of furniture on offerup but the changes they’ve made lately are a big turn off from using this application. The ONLY reason people even use offerup is because you go online and find things in YOUR community for awesome prices. First they put ALOT of adds that look like private party listings and you click on them only to be swooshed away to some third party website; which is fine I know they have to make their money. Secondly they started doing the shipping thing which is okay if you wanna buy something from across the country I would rather use EBay because they have buyer pretection but I digress, thirdly now you can’t even make an offer on something LOCALLY without using your card! WTH!! If you want to make any offer on ANYTHING you now have to use your card to make that offer!! Why Offerup the reason people buy locally is to do it cash without using cards to buy stuff why would you do this what if I want to make an offer on two things and see which one will come down??? I can’t do that anymore because I HAVE to use my card what if I change my mind about buying something?? Before people would just move on to the next person now they can’t what?? Why?? Why??? I guess I’ll just go back to buying stuff on Craigslist where I don’t have to use my card to buy locally and privately 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

  • By CatWestover

    Great Concept... Horribly Executed. Don’t waste your time.

    OfferUp could be great, but instead, anyone can report any person or item and there are no checks and balances. Once your account is reported and banned, the device you were using will apparently never work with the app again. After months of not being able to see the items I posted, my husband offered to let me use his account to post the items. Behold! Once he signed into his account on my phone, his account was suddenly banned! He had three buyers in the process of setting up meetings for his own items and can no longer contact them. When we try to contact support, no one will reply to emails or Tweets. Not only would MY account have no reason to be banned (really, I posted vintage jars and a teddy bear cookie jar), but the fact that my husband’s account was immediately banned upon logging in on my device furthers my opinion that OfferUp is a complete joke. There are plenty of reviews and community forum posts about people being screwed over by OfferUp’s obscene banning system, and ridiculous practice of auto-banning any account signed into in a device with a banned MAC address. Save yourself some serious headache and stick to Letgo and Facebook Marketplace. OfferUp apparently grew too big for their britches too quickly and can no longer manage or support their app and its users. Stay far, far away.

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Reported Issues: 7 Comments

By alvask
Jun 06 2022

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By Mark Mazzone
Mar 03 2022

Bought a watch 3 days later it stop took it to a jeweler and was told it was a fake. Contact the seller returned as he said never got my money and OfferUp said tough shit you had two days to respond and it took three. Now the seller deactivated his account. So in short I got screwed twice one from the seller and one from OfferUp.

By Jeff
Feb 06 2021

about 9:00PM 02/05/2021 I lost all my previous messages except the two received that night at about 8:00PM on my phone app. I logged in to the internet and the deleted messages were also missing so it is something with my account and not the phone app. I posted 10 items at about 11:00AM 02/02/2021 and there are no views 4 hours later and I looked up a recent posted item on the home page and it is not found. Something seriously happened to my account. Please tell me how to get things operational.

By Steve
Jan 21 2021

Seller disappeared had a 44 rating. Messages gone. Scammed out of a lot of money, never received item. Probably my stupidity. NO customer service at all. A lesson hard learned. Stay away unless buying in person.

By Tia Lucille
Jan 20 2021

Going to have to go to police this app is a scam and there’s no way to contact anybody after multiple emails to what they say allegedly is customer support is a joke shoppers beware do not use this app

By Ryan
Dec 27 2020

They literally stole from me . Ive sold 1,000’s of items many platforms. I checked my bank records and list of sales . If i could anyone to take notice. I can tell u how it is very simple to explain and investigate. They owe +$500. After i complained enough they closed my account . Problem solved , for them..

By Larry Duane sosebee
Sep 09 2020

Yes I would dearly love to know what's going on with OfferUp this is twice now that I've had to repost my stuff and then when I go in to look at my stuff for change prices I can't do it cuz it's not there where I can see it anymore so this will be the third time I have to do this I'm wondering how long it's going to take them to figure out their problem and fix it because I do really need it done as quick as possible the stuff I have on their fellows Hound supporting family right now so I need some help badly

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