Trello: organize anything! Reviews

Trello: organize anything! Reviews

Published by on 2023-12-14

About: Organize anything with anyone—for free! Trello is a visual tool for
organizing your work and life. Join more than 35 million registered users to
organize all your projects at work, at home, or anywhere in between.

About Trello

What is Trello? Trello is a visual tool that helps users organize their work and personal life. It has over 35 million registered users and is infinitely customizable and flexible for every need. With Trello, users can create boards, lists, and cards to manage their projects and tasks. It also has features like checklists, labels, and due dates to help users stay on track. Trello is available for free and works offline.



- Customizable boards, lists, and cards

- Drag and drop cards to track progress

- Add checklists, labels, and due dates to cards

- Power-Ups like Calendar view and Map view

- Notifications for assigned, updated, and completed cards

- Works offline

- Available for free

- Access to Camera, Microphone, Contacts, and Photo Library Usage (with user permission)

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~ from NLP analysis of 5,659 combined software reviews.

Key Benefits of Trello

- Flexible and simple to use

- AI is becoming more helpful

- Works across web, phone, and tablet

- Simple interface with lots of power

- Shared company task list

- Seamless integration across browser, Microsoft App, and Apple App

20 Trello Reviews

4.4 out of 5


Pretty good but could be better

Good overall but there a few seemingly minor-to-add things that would be significant quality of life improvements. These are what’s missing that I think wouldn’t be hard to add that would be big improvements: ability to sort by due date on Trello (this one is hugely irritating since this feature is available on the browser version), ability to select a default auto sorting (like to always have it sorted by due date instead of having to resort it every time after adding new cards), ability to set the times that reminders are sent (as it is it’s just auto set to send a reminder 24 hours before the due date set, and that’s not useful for a lot of things that I need reminders for in school). It would be nice if there was a setting that marked cards as completed in the due date box when they are moved to my “Done” column area, instead of needing to manually do it. It would also be nice if the icon for the checklist on the collapsed cards wasn’t checked off unless all the items on the checklist are checked off; it’s counterintuitive for the box to be shown checked off when I don’t have anything checked off on the checklist. Would be easier to manage what’s done and what’s not visually if the box were not checked until the checklist is completed. I still have to supplement Trello with other reminder apps and google calendar and tasks because of the lack of ability to set reminders at specific times/days.


Can’t live without it

this app has run my life for more than 5 years. The tool is so flexible and simple at the same time, the main limitation is your imagination. Recently the AI has started to make itself more obvious and helpful to my workflows. I’m enjoying an app that has been a core part of my life mainly in the past on web/desktop, now across web, phone and tablet even more than I have ever enjoyed it before. I have used similar and arguably more power tools like AirTable extensively. I might find my way back to that tool for some use cases, maybe such as programming integrations... but this app is my home for what to do next, quarterly and yearly planning, goals, ideating, basic project management and recently it has sort of evolved into a personal diary of the day gone past. If I could ask one thing of the this app team, it would be to have the power to turn off/toggle features/UI elements per board. Everything from labels, to activity, due date and members. This would make the tool comparable to airtable where you can customize the noise/size of each card to minimize unnecessary visual data overload per the specific task/data set you are utilizing the tool for. Thanks this app Team. 💕💕 this app so much, I even bought the yearly gold subscription even though I don’t need it.



I have been using this app for about a month—for personal and project management at work. It’s best on a desktop, but Trello is great too. Trello feels a lot like the desktop version which is nice. this app is flexible, with a simple interface, but has lots of power under the hood if you choose to use it. My boss likes it too, and I’m finally realizing my dream of having a shared company task list. This is definitely more than just a task list though. I’ve tried lots of productivity apps, and I like this one the best by far. Downsides: Desktop version does not work offline. Mobile does, so I use my tablet or phone as sort of a back up. I also wish it was a little quicker (less steps) to do some of the functions on the mobile app, especially to archive (delete) a card. You can drag it to a “done” list though and then archive all the cards in that list from time to time. That works fine, but once in a while I miss a checkbox style way of deleting that would be quicker.
The widget allows a pretty quick card add function for doing a quick GTD style item-to-inbox capture, but if that was streamlined even more (less steps) that would be great. All in all I really love this app a lot and have recommended it to others.


Great App

I NEVER rate apps when promoted, but I LOVE Trello! It works across the board on browser, Microsoft App, and Apple App seamlessly. You can always access all the information that this program has helped you do. It’s incredible. If you have a team or a boss that tracks updates or information is handed off to team members or otherwise at different stages of the project, Trello makes it happen with no fumbles. It is about to replace all my daily recap emails that I send to my boss at the end of my day. He uses my updates as a reminder to him to make sure he doesn’t forget, but even if it is to make sure that an employee is actually completing their work properly, the presence of Trello completely removes that “micro-managing” feeling.

As a project manager, I am constantly asking a wide variety of people for things and then constantly following up. If I forget to follow up, then that blame is on me at the end of the day. Trello lays the whole spectrum out for me and I don’t have to go digging in my email or set a ton of tasks that go off like ticking time bombs. Every step on every project is constantly in front of me and nothing goes unnoticed or forgotten if I have done my job and imputed the info.



So easy to use to organize most anything!

I use this to plan and organize my goals and task list for business as well as for personal financial planning ideas and moves. I also have it for the Grocery where my wife and I add items off a staples list and other lists to a needed items grocery list. I have a basket list so while I’m the grocery you just slide items off the need list to in your basket list until all needed items are off the needed items list. I can even add items from home while my wife is shopping. A great communication tool also with my siblings to coordinate care for our parents. It keeps everyone up to date. No more trading emails. The uses of this app are limited by your imagination. My problem is I have a large number of this app lists that itself is manageable with a means of looking at all cards coming due chronologically across numerous lists. Now, if I can keep my wife from adding to my to Do house maintenance list I would have more time to relax. Seriously, give this app a try! It’s so easy to use you have no excuse if you want to be more organize and get things done, including planning.


The most creative productivity app

My brother showed me Trello 3 years ago. Every week, I seem to add more of life’s work onto the apps shoulders. Trello never crashes, there’s usually never any bugs. It’s very simply created. The developers really thought this out very well! It’s a neat interface! I use Trello almost with muscle memory I don’t have to think about anything whenever I work on there. I use it on all platforms. If you design it right, you could spend an entire day on Trello just planning your life out. The best part I like about this app - it’s free. It’s free for functions that I would normally pay for! I have boards for all aspects of my life. I use the checklist function most often. I can plan my life on here and it has happily become a very important part of my life. I have never come across an app like this that allows you to map out exactly how you want to map it out. You’ve probably heard this before, but the developers did an amazing job! And they continue to do so!

Dhruv Sarin (Customer since 2017!)


Trouble with Notifications

this app is a pretty decent reminder app. If you're someone who's an intense organizer, Trello gives you options such as creating boards that you can use to organize your lists in. It gives you little extras like including files, checklists, due dates, etc. and you can also create teams in this. However, there's one major issue I'm having and I'm not sure if it's just how Trello is or if it's only me. The whole point of a reminder app is to, well, remind you, and Trello isn't doing the job for me. It's great for creating lists of things you can easily forget about, but where are the notifications? I turned mine on but it doesn't work well. For an example of how this can become annoying, I constantly am forgetting that I must return my library books because it's not allowing me to ask for reminders set for specific times where I will remember to do something about my books before they'll be late and I fear I won't get them in on time because of this problem for me. Despite how amazing Trello is for someone like me, I just can't accept no real notifications. If you're fine without them though then I highly suggest Trello.


Love the visual display

this app is an intuitive way to make lists. I used to have paper lists, and it was time consuming to recopy them as things got done. With this app, I can drag them to a “Done” list, which is a nice reminder of things accomplished. Trello is most useful for keeping track of things that are important, but not urgent - the task reminders are better in Google Calendar. As I think of something, I can add it to the personal/family/work lists. Then, it’s easier to drag items up and down according to priority. Also helps keep family needs in sync with my spouse, as we can edit the lists on any device and they all sync. For us, this app acts as a filing cabinet for what needs to be done at some point.
For the most important/urgent things each day, I keep a very short (Top 3) paper list, to reduce how much time I spend getting distracted on my phone. this app is super useful for building the daily list, then putting away until an idea/need pops up, and recording it until building the next day’s Top 3.


Takes Some Time if You are Old School

I started out 40 years ago using Day Timers to keep track of my Engineering efforts. I have seen other time management tools come and go, but I could always count on my personal setup. I have seen some Kanban board wannabes that disappeared quickly. The only time management tool that keyed my interest in the meantime was Getting Things Done. Pushed into the iPhone age, I really hadn’t found a tool that was digitally based that allowed me to keep track like I wanted. I was getting a young engineer into GTD because I wanted him to be able to keep track of the information that was being pushed his way. In the course of his studies in GTD, he came across this app and suggested I try it. I am happy to report that I have finally found my lost digital tool. I am able to keep track like I want and have it available 24/7. It’s also lighter. It’s now an obsession since I have nearly 100 balls in the air right now. I actually getting sleep as well. Good product, great feature set, lots of platforms, etc. I highly recommend.


Possibilities are Endless

Just play around with it until you figure it out. I’ll admit there were things I had to learn through trial and error but if you just start a personal board and use it for simple at-home tasks you will quickly get the hang of it. I organize everything with it now and it’s amazing. I wish I could make a career out of setting up this app Boards for businesses. It’s so much better than email for internal communication and I definitely recommend using with Dropbox files to create a dashboard for viewing files in a more organized way. Being able to add backgrounds and cover photos to your lists makes it feel so much less like work when you’re looking at an aesthetically pleasing dashboard. I have everything from professional looking business boards with cover photos that help direct other members to the correct file locations to super glam and girly personal boards that speak to my soul. this app is life changing.


Changing Profile Name (option)

Hi this app, my church staff uses Trello for many different things. Trello has been great and still is. All though I’ve noticed something so simple yet effective?! We don’t have the option to change our profile name without having to delete our profile accounts... can you make this an option as it is for many many many different apps. The profile name selected for me isn’t what I want and unless there is an option that I don’t see to keep my profile account without having to delete it to change my profile name on this app I would love to see an update for “ option to change profile name “ that would be great. Also maybe some minor detailed stuff to make our boards and conversations more well organized yet easy to follow and some capabilities to edit notifications. That would be great. Can you respond to this so I can know your interested in what your app users are saying to help make your app better? Thanks so much.


Great app, wishing for follow-through of feedback

Update - I’ve used Trello for several years and the past week it no longer works correctly. Trello will load the home page but when I try to click the board I need, it freezes and shuts down. Extremely frustrating when this is the board I use to manage all of my project statuses for clients. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but with no luck. This JUST started happening a few days ago. I am going to continue using the desktop version; hoping that isn’t experiencing the same issues.

This is a great app that I’ve used frequently, both personally and professionally. However, I really wish there was a way to turn off “Recent Boards”, or at least move it to the bottom of the list. It’s inefficient to scroll past and rarely useful. While researching if it was possible to hide, I can see posts about it back as far as 2014. Please implement what seems like should be a quick option in settings to hide this feature from your boards/team view.


Best organizational app ever

I use Trello the chart my pets medications as well as my family’s personal schedule. I also use it to keep track of projects I am doing for work. It’s really easy and convenient. I really can’t say enough good about Trello. I can easily add records individually to each individual project, as well as photos and documents. It syncs perfectly with Trello in windows 10 computer as well. I can also add or delete others that I want to have input from in regards to a specific project. It interfaces seamlessly with several other applications, google photos, MS One drive and adobe just to name a few. Now that I have used Trello for awhile and I have really gotten a handle on its features, I am pretty much using it exclusively for both business, and personal organization. It makes the separation of the two easy and it’s even kind of fun! I never thought I would say that about charting documents! Seriously, the best app ever!!


Group leader

I’d love to have (or know if there is) a quick easy and sure way to know what knew information is shared on this app that would give you a notification and be able to simply click a notification button to take you right to what new information is shared for that group that you are in. I understand that there is the @ button that people can use to notify you directly which is cumbersome and lots of steps to notify several people, but in general if new info is shared that we wouldn’t have to search through all of this app to find it or wonder what we might be missing? Similar to Facebook notifications that you click and takes you right to it. Thanks! Otherwise this app is great and a real good way of communicating and keeping everyone informed and share thoughts etc.


Trello Gets better and better

One things for sure. Trello is ALWAYS getting better or trying their hardest to do it. I use plenty of Atlassian apps like confluence, Jira, Bitbucket. But the this app team seems to be the forgotten child for some reason. To is the All Star of the group.

this app isn’t as Rigid as Jira, yet it can accomplish anything Jira can. Jira is great to hit the ground running for Agile project teams that just want a good preset platform with awesome integration to Confluence. But this app is the Canvass that belongs to the Artist! You decide what it does and what fields belong there. It has GREAT mobile support that matches the desktop experience pretty closely. You always feel in control and your limiting factor with Trellobis your own creativity. Butler bot is a great tool to have as well for the this app Add ons.

Special Thanks to the this app team for working so hard to keep such a fine tuned app running!


Used to love

I used to love Trello and the ability to create diff boards and diff lists. I have used it fir just about everything. Well just the last couple weeks I have gone in it to look at some of boards and they are now gone. Two diff boards I used less often than my others are gone as if they were removed and I am really upset at this. One was a board for homeschooling resources that had quite a bit on it and the other was gifts. I am tempted to not recommend people use this if our boards are just going to be erased. I have been using this platform since 2018 and if storage was changed I should have been informed instead of just deleting my storage without a word. I am really disappointed and hope this changes or there is a way I could get those back or I may be searching for a different platform that won’t just go and delete my stuff that I had because of the pay verses non pay platform changed in storage.



I’ve been looking for an app to help me manage my swimming pool construction business and I have finally found it! Trello is amazing! Everyone I am sure uses it in different ways, but it has allowed me to create customer job boards to help manage every step of my process. My employees can log in and see what needs to be completed and leave their own feed back on each job with pictures to document every job they perform. The best part is I can also invite the customer to the board so they can follow along and never miss a step! They will also always have a place to store all the info for their pool to keep a record from the construction of their pool, colors, warranty info and any services they have performed after the pool is built. Definitely a must have app for any business owner! Thank you so much!


Project Manager

Ive been searching for an app to use for managing projects as a project manager and most have way more info than I need or just doesn’t have the ability to adjust for what I need. Being a bit OCD Trello fit the bill perfectly! I manage up to 20 different projects at a time with projects being at various stages and the simplicity of Trello along with the customization fives me the power to view and adjust from any device at any time. I recently started sharing the board with my sales team and they love being able to see in real time what is happening with their projects without me having to update them all the time. The program just informs them in an email anytime I update the cards that they are assigned too.

Game changer for me where I was using 5 different excel spreadsheets to manage my projects, now I capture everything with this app.



That was a bunch of years ago, below. They had such great reviews, just like now. Had to give them another chance. They seem to love to have me login, so much that I get to try it over and over and . . .
Will give it another few days. Y’all speak so glowingly, and it has seemed to have potential.

I used thus program for about a year. Loved it. Support seems to have tried to help with a tiny update problem. Bottom line, when I accepted the upgrade on one device, I was logged out of EVERYTHING! When I tried to login, they had lost my email/user ID. Support could not find ANYTHING for an email or user ID for me. What a shame. They obviously had a problem someplace, or my stuff would be accessible. Fortunately, I only lost a little bit of info. Most can be replaced. My loss, my fault. Their loss of my login? I only use one email for this stuff. I feel I bent over backwards to help them recover from what I see as their mistake. I hope I can find a way to trust their business process at some point. This product has potential.


Simply Amazing

I was drawn to write this review because of how incredibly helpful this app has been in helping me organize the process of setting up my new small business.

I was looking for a cross between a To Do list and a Project Management tool. Most To Do lists were too simple. Most Project Management tools were too rigid and intimidating. this app combines the two into an very intuitive and flexible interface. As a bonus, it easily allows for sharing with a team and assigning responsibilities. To be honest, I’ve only scratched the surface of what this app can do. I may eventually get into Power Ups, which can automate of the of the processes. I guess what I’m saying is that it’s amazingly scaleable. It has the ability to grow with you and your your company or project. Do yourself a favor and try it out. You won’t regret it!


Trouble with Notifications

this app is a pretty decent reminder app. If you're someone who's an intense organizer, Trello gives you options such as creating boards that you can use to organize your lists in. It gives you little extras like including files, checklists, due dates, etc. and you can also create teams in this. However, there's one major issue I'm having and I'm not sure if it's just how Trello is or if it's only me. The whole point of a reminder app is to, well, remind you, and Trello isn't doing the job for me. It's great for creating lists of things you can easily forget about, but where are the notifications? I turned mine on but it doesn't work well. For an example of how this can become annoying, I constantly am forgetting that I must return my library books because it's not allowing me to ask for reminders set for specific times where I will remember to do something about my books before they'll be late and I fear I won't get them in on time because of this problem for me. Despite how amazing Trello is for someone like me, I just can't accept no real notifications. If you're fine without them though then I highly suggest Trello.


Perfect for Project Management

I don’t look at this like a task management app, but I have not found anything better as far as project management goes. It seems to have a seamless flow. I’m primarily a visual and tactile person, and for me the versatility for organization is unmatched. Seeing cards rather than lists and being able to drag and drop is just more intuitive for me, and color coded labels are so helpful for me to track progress. Although I have not used this to collaborate, I can see how powerful of a tool it would be for a team. I also highly suggest this app for those in small business. It’s so hard to keep everything moving when you do so many administrative tasks in house (accounting, hiring, training, social media management, marketing, operations, sales) With this app you can basically make a Kanban board for each.


Too different than the web version

I don’t know why anyone would prefer Trello compared to the web version even on a phone.

First, there is the friction that comes from the fact Trello is similar but just different enough than the web version that it can throw off your flow. Adding a checklist to a card goes to the top on Trello , but adding a checklist goes to the bottom on the web. So to get your checklists in order on Trello , you have to put them in from last to first... what? (You can’t re-arrange them after you’ve made them, either.) This is just an example of the confusion and frustration a this app fan will encounter because things are just a little different on Trello , and sometimes they’re just missing altogether.

Then there are the power ups. They’re awesome, right? Well, they don’t work in Trello . It is probably for security reasons and not this app’s fault — but again, just use the web version for a more consistent experience (same UI, same features).


Great but Mobile App Could Be Better Yet

I’ve been a this app user for several years now incorporating it first into my business and then using it personally as well. It’s been a fantastic project management solution but the mobile app is lacking a few options found on the desktop version. Specifically one change that would help immensely helpful would be the ability to hide unchecked items. We use a checklist for our grocery shopping - checking items we have and unchecking items we need, but it’s a nuisance to scroll through the huge list displaying both. The same could be said of our maintenance checklists at work. My team uses their mobile devices and could be more efficient focusing just on the open items. Thank you for the consideration and keep improving this awesome platform.


Great for Writing

I’ve only had this installed for a few hours, and in that time, I’ve gotten to know this app’s neat and organized system. I don’t plan on using this for group projects— I’m using it to organize my writing. So far Trello had been clean and easy to use after a bit of playing around with its features. I like how you can attach files (in my case, Google doc links) and write short notes about what’s been attached. The lists feature makes it very easy to organize my chaotic scenes into Beginning, Middle, and End lists, as well as make lists for the premise, characters, and questions I have about my writing so that I may further develop plot and characters. I was recommended Trello while looking up tips for organizing my writing. Fingers crossed that this works!


Great tool for organizing just about anything

If you are lost in the insanity of task management, start using this app and look on the internet for the myriad of examples of people using it effectively. The ability to visualize my task list by breaking it up into organized parts has helped clear my head and equip me to get things done. I’m no longer a “deer in the headlights” when looking at my tasks, because now I only look at the “In Progress” list. When I’m done with the task(s) on that list, I drag them to the “Done” list and then pull another task or two and drag them to “in progress.”

But the value of this app goes way beyond task management. You can simplify any project, no matter the inherent complexity (I recently used it to organize our move to a new residence).

Is Trello Safe?

Yes. Trello: organize anything! is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 5,659 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.4/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Trello Is 62.3/100.

Is Trello Legit?

Yes. Trello: organize anything! is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 5,659 Trello: organize anything! User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Trello Is 80/100..

Is Trello: organize anything! not working?

Trello: organize anything! works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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