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Published by on 2024-05-04

About: Organize anything with anyone—for free! Trello is a visual tool for
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E-Mail: [email protected]

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Reported Issues: 3 Comments

4.4 out of 5

By Sempil


That was a bunch of years ago, below. They had such great reviews, just like now. Had to give them another chance. They seem to love to have me login, so much that I get to try it over and over and . . . Will give it another few days. Y’all speak so glowingly, and it has seemed to have potential. ******************* I used thus program for about a year. Loved it. Support seems to have tried to help with a tiny update problem. Bottom line, when I accepted the upgrade on one device, I was logged out of EVERYTHING! When I tried to login, they had lost my email/user ID. Support could not find ANYTHING for an email or user ID for me. What a shame. They obviously had a problem someplace, or my stuff would be accessible. Fortunately, I only lost a little bit of info. Most can be replaced. My loss, my fault. Their loss of my login? I only use one email for this stuff. I feel I bent over backwards to help them recover from what I see as their mistake. I hope I can find a way to trust their business process at some point. This product has potential.

By Lyphsex

Pretty good but could be better

Good overall but there a few seemingly minor-to-add things that would be significant quality of life improvements. These are what’s missing that I think wouldn’t be hard to add that would be big improvements: ability to sort by due date on the app (this one is hugely irritating since this feature is available on the browser version), ability to select a default auto sorting (like to always have it sorted by due date instead of having to resort it every time after adding new cards), ability to set the times that reminders are sent (as it is it’s just auto set to send a reminder 24 hours before the due date set, and that’s not useful for a lot of things that I need reminders for in school). It would be nice if there was a setting that marked cards as completed in the due date box when they are moved to my “Done” column area, instead of needing to manually do it. It would also be nice if the icon for the checklist on the collapsed cards wasn’t checked off unless all the items on the checklist are checked off; it’s counterintuitive for the box to be shown checked off when I don’t have anything checked off on the checklist. Would be easier to manage what’s done and what’s not visually if the box were not checked until the checklist is completed. I still have to supplement this app with other reminder apps and google calendar and tasks because of the lack of ability to set reminders at specific times/days.

By Brebeebre

Trouble with Notifications

Trello is a pretty decent reminder app. If you're someone who's an intense organizer, this app gives you options such as creating boards that you can use to organize your lists in. It gives you little extras like including files, checklists, due dates, etc. and you can also create teams in this. However, there's one major issue I'm having and I'm not sure if it's just how the app is or if it's only me. The whole point of a reminder app is to, well, remind you, and this app isn't doing the job for me. It's great for creating lists of things you can easily forget about, but where are the notifications? I turned mine on but it doesn't work well. For an example of how this can become annoying, I constantly am forgetting that I must return my library books because it's not allowing me to ask for reminders set for specific times where I will remember to do something about my books before they'll be late and I fear I won't get them in on time because of this problem for me. Despite how amazing this app is for someone like me, I just can't accept no real notifications. If you're fine without them though then I highly suggest this app.

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