Quora Reviews

Quora Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-09

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Quora Reviews

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    I “USED” to like Quora...

    Until I was reading a long comment on their website and got a large ad over the screen that I was unable to move or click off of telling me to get the app. So, this means that you would now have to download their app in order to see if you even like it first and finish reading what you were viewing if you are even able to find it again after downloading the app. I’ve had it before but have always became bored with it after a while of not finding anything interesting to read for a while after having the app. It just started taking up space. Again, you can always remove the app if you do not like it. However if you choose to download the app in order to continue to read the comment that you were reading before you had to install the app, it does not take you back to where you were at. Therefore you have to try and find the comment again if your able to. So many people post on these types of websites that it’s not always easy to go back to where you were at. No thanks. I will stick with Reddit. Much better and a lot more interesting too.

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    Copy and Paste during answering/commenting a question does not work on iPhone !

    It is just ridiculous that there is no way to copy and paste what you are writing as an answer on Quora from the app on the iPhone to Notes or anywhere else for that matter. It used to be that you could copy and paste within Quora. This helped me a lot especially when I forgot a point someone made and I wanted to go back and read it during commenting. Before I would just copy where I am in the comment the clipboard; exit the comment; read the point I missed; and then go back into a reply and paste where I left off. It seems that in an effort to contain everything written on Quora within Quora, you guys have resorted to enclosing us within your system. This is utterly unfair !!! I recently discovered that you treat the content your users write as your own personal content. We are not your writers though you treat us like employees. Allow me to copy and paste my answer anywhere that I please ! For Christ’s sake, my messages and answers are intellectual property. I should have a way on the iPhone to copy and paste them somewhere else. Please either fix this issue and introduce a way to migrate our content to local folders and files. I repeat, answers are our property and not yours. Even if you utilize it as yours, and we may have signed away our rights when we signed up. But it is wrong to try blocking your users from existing outside your ecosystem.

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    Ridiculous App

    This is such a ridiculous app, that I think Apple should remove it from the App Store. I downloaded the App because it flashed up like an old “pop-up” ad. The App appeared to contain information that I needed it. As soon as I tried to read it, there was a true “pop-up” that appeared over the information. This “pop-up” suggested that I go to the App Store and download their App. I didn’t care to do so, and I tried to click back to the content. This was not possible! The only option that you have is to go download the App, so I did so (my terrible error). Apparently there was something in their system indicating that I had already downloaded the App. I finally got back to the informational part of the App, and I couldn’t find the information that I had at first needed. Well, hardheaded person that I am, I decided to ask a question to see if perhaps I could get some good answers. When I began to type my question, I was stunned to see no spacebar on the keyboard. Maybe I missed something, but I found this App to be less than worthless. If I could give it a minus star I would do so. What really tops the cake, if you click on the “Developer Website” button the App Store page, darned if you you don’t get the same “Pop-up” that will not allow you to access the Developer Website without downloading the App. This makes me feel even more positive in my suggestion that you not download the App, and that Apple remove it from the App Store.

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    This app ruins the Quora experience.

    As much as I enjoy Quora I’ve come to despise the app. It ruins my ability to access Quora content via the website or email by blocking website content and misdirecting requests to ‘read more’ from an email. Before I had the app I would get directed to the website from a daily email I would get. Right around the time I’m in the middle of a good answer, a pop up appears on my screen recommending that I download the app. The problem is that there’s no way to close the pop up. You either close the page before finishing the answer or download the app. Useless. Finally I had enough and downloaded the app. Now my emails open the app when I want to ‘read more’ of an answer. Unfortunately the app doesn’t take me directly to the answer I was interested in. It takes me to a feed with different questions. So I give up on the email question that brought me to the app in the first place and start browsing the feed and reading an answer to a new question. Right around the time I’m in the middle of that answer, the screen switches to the answer from the question in the email. Useless. After finishing the email answer, it doesn’t take me back to the question that it interrupted me from, instead it takes me back to my feed and that question is nowhere in sight. Useless.

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    Loving Quora

    Wow, just discovered it a few weeks ago and already it proves too much of a distraction! It’s given me many occasions to reflect on an issue that I know is important but maybe don’t know very much about -I have a particular blind spot re: Latin America - or it’s something I have studied but perhaps haven’t thought about in a while and thus am forced to collect my thoughts before answering. I’ve made some surprising discoveries doing that! It sometime shows me how or how much my views might have changed - strengthened in cases, weakened in others. I’ve had some very rewarding exchanges with people here. Happy to report something I wrote was apparently funny enough to make a stranger on the other side of the world pee her pants! I’ve also come across, unfortunately some disturbing questions or comments - most of which just show how deeply polarized a society can be. And then there have been a few intentionally provocative (in an ugly way) statements that I did not restrain pen or tongue long enough prevent me from replying with an uncivil post — a few of which have been deleted by the admins, appropriately in my view.

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    Tried to force me to download the unnecessary app

    I stopped using the site because Quora puts up unclosable pop-ups when you DONT have the app. I downloaded it and there is nothing it can do wouldn’t be doable if they hadn’t played around with the mobile version of the site to make it less functional, AND it was slower, so I deleted it. Then I would spark up the site and get halfway through a question or reading a response and the unclosable pop up. I would exit, and it would be frustrating to find where I was. Trying to engineer my behavior in such an underhanded fashion has led me to stop using the site on my phone and my PC. I make sure to open Reddit and a few other similar sites a few times a day to get the stats up on their competitors. In making the switch, I found that Quora is much more likely to butt-in in questions and comments to engineer the conversations in such a way as to suppress free thought and any sort of disagreement that goes against the biased views of the Quora team. I really like how with reddit I don’t get notifications from Quora’s algorithm asking me to read and answer all the troll questions (there are a LOT of trolls on this site). If you are into that sort of thing, Quora is for you! Not me - I would rather actually get to see the well thought-out and politely worded disagreements with my views remain unmoderated.

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    ALWAYS learn something NEW + VERY interesting ‼️

    I enjoy Quara very much- so many , many different viewpoints and helpful hints especially about why men and women cheat, about why men keep a girlfriend from high school that they love on the side , yet because it’s so late in their life like being in their 60s the don’t seem to love the wife but want high school lover instead , about emotional and verbal abuse why women stay , about different races, music, science, human behavior , what men wish women would do and vice verse why our pets are important , backstabbing g friends, how our parents raised us and it’s affect on us years later when we are in our 60s, what love and being “ in “ love means - I’m truly addicted to this site such a diversity of topics and I enjoy trying to read them all ! It’s simply a very fascinating site that I read every day if only for a few minutes- especially subjects about why men do certain things and us women as well ! Thank you for having it for us keep it going please‼️‼️‼️‼️

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    Complaints — 1 with app, 1 with how certain things are handled/mediated.

    1.) Often questions are asked which are location dependent, but the question is very vague/basic in its asking. It would be nice to know, at least, the country, if not the city/state of question location. An often asked question example is “What is the best first car to purchase?” Well, that depends on if the questioner is in Los Angeles, Köln, Shanghai, Nairobi, or Bangalore. But finding the questioner’s location is not trivial (at least to me), and would be very helpful for answering. 2.) Questions are often merged (by some sort of mediator), since many-many-MANY-MAAANY questions are very similar or nearly identical. But, sometimes the merged questions are not truly similar at all (so I assume the mediator is (not to be insulting) ignorant of the subject and is merging the question based on wording rather than true knowledge of the subject), and there does not seem to a mechanism to inform the mediator they should un-merge the two questions. Sometimes the questions are merged that ARE somewhat similar, but (maybe) should not be as they are dissimilar enough to rightfully be separated IMHO. I WOULD like to inform the mediator of my opinion in either case.

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    Loved it at first, but then..

    So I saw Quora online and loved the questions and the nice well-thought answers people would give back. So I downloaded the app to ask questions myself. I got on, asked a question and scrolled through the app for a little bit and I was done. Next day I see my account says I have zero questions. I thought that was weird so I asked the same question again thinking the app just glitched. I see again today that it still hasn’t posted my question. So I go to post another one today and it says “you have been blocked from asking questions.” WHATTTT??? For what reason? I have not been using this app inappropriately or bullying anyone of the sort, so I’m highly confused. The only reason I can think of why I was blocked is because the question I asked offended one of the “Quora employees” if that makes sense. My question was “what should I say when my overweight friend asks if she’s fat?” It wasn’t a rude question, it was honest. My friend is well overweight and I’m concerned for her health and I’m trying to say something without offending her. So I’m really annoyed right now because I was looking forward to getting answers to my question. Since I cannot ask questions there is no point in using the app.

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    Quora review

    I like quora ok but your website does not allow for free expression of thought or debate bc your website is too concerned with someone being too offended. When a person goes into the real world and have been sheltered from offensive things, how will he or she deal with job rejection, criticism from employers, people on the street telling an offensive joke, or someone getting mad at him or her and yelling with no holding back. They will need more help psychologically bc it will be a complete mental rush and may lead to depression and other things. If a woman asks “I am a single mother and cannot secure a good relationship outside of the bedroom, what’s going on?” And I answer honestly, your moderators will flag it bc it’s too offensive and this response has no name calling and just spills facts on the table. So how can someone get a real opinion if it is sugar coated to hell. My supervisors or bosses are blunt and while it may hurt feelings when being criticized to some, I find that blunt nature of my superiors to be great bc it helps learn boundaries and keeps people doing great things and creating an amazing product. Stop worrying about being offended and people will have better responses and while arguments may end up with name calling, who cares, sticks and stones.

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    The previous review was talking about political questions. Unless there was a no politics no religion ban, you will always have conjecture, rhetoric and biased points of view. It is an open forum, and aside from ad hom and foul language, people are free to speak their mind. But there is nothing wrong with an open debate that focuses on politics having spin. People are still given upvotes and if you feel an answer is wrong just don’t follow them, and if people keep upvoting bs block them too. The site is well managed, and while you can find nonsense in there..if you take the time to choose reliable people to interact with, your gonna get more reliable answers. My only qualm would be that people upvote people because of their celebrity and sometimes they make the content secondary to the topic and question. And of course being an open forum there is content that is not accurate. But these people are rarely upvotes and their content is ussually not found on your feed.

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    Love Quora, don’t like being forced to the app

    The app is great and works great for me. However, when I click an email from Quora to read more, it opens in safari and my feed proceeds there. Lately, not long after I start reading, I get a permanent message window, blocking the rest of the answer, telling me to download the app and preventing me from seeing the rest of the comments I am trying to read. There is no way to clear out of it. When I click to go to the app, it goes to the App Store first. By the time I get to the app, it is not on that question anymore and I don’t get to finish reading what I had started. I need to figure out how to have the email open in the app or there needs to be a way to click out of it or if I click to go to the app, it should continue where I was so I can finish the question I was reading. I couldn’t find a way in the app to leave feedback about this so I left a review here instead.

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    Violation of privacy

    I despise monopolised requirements to provide personally identifiable information for the sake of than selling that info to affiliates of the company thus pushing the consumer to buy something they are not interested in and making the company money. The sad part is the company denies this justified malicious business practice and smothers it with legalese and candied phrases connivingly scripting the companies representatives to ignorantly state things like ‘We do not sale identity information’ but refuse to admit that they do sale public information about you; like you name, address, phone number and your family and friends that you have an affiliation with. This ‘public information’ is stolen from your profiles of your social networks like - in this case - google or Facebook, that they force you to register with to ‘access all features and provide the best possible experience’. I say monopolised because a significant number of articles are exclusively linked to this platform meaning that it’s not very productive to remove this platform if you want to stay in touch. You can’t hide these facts from me I can translate the legalese, from you terms and conditions, into laymen’s terms.

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    Please stop forcing us to downloading your app

    I love everything about Quora and how much information, answers and perspectives you get from the site. First to continue reading you guys force us to sign in which is okay and fair enough I guess, although still annoying when you want to just read one single post. Even worse now, if I am on mobile and I scroll on a quora page it now forces me to download the app to continue viewing the post(after already forcing me to sign in). Please the app is not as intuitive as using a web browser on mobile so stop forcing us to use it until it is ready to rival it. Regardless of why you guys decide to do this; This is the single reason I don’t spend any time on quora where I know I’d spend hours like on reddit. Please again just allow us to read and if your app is good enough users will come to it without you having to force us. Thank you for reading.

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    I wonder?

    I often wonder why I spent so much time reading Quora? I'm an ex broadcast news reporter, which translate in my case to be a news junkie. But Quora is opinions. That being good, bad or indifferent, it is 100% personal opinions. Not based on research, not based on interviews, but instead based entirely on personal opinion. That opinion is sometimes based on solid past experiences and training, but opinion nevertheless. I believe I am drawn to Quora because traditional journalism based on who, what, when, where and why is 85% gone. Sure, there are still examples of crew journalism, and investigative journalism at some major newspapers, and other journalism organizations. But for the most part today's journalism carries little more weight for me then Quora. But at least Quora makes no bones about the fact that they are opinion, even identifing those people making the opinion. Whereas journalism still tries to present itself as fair minded and fact not opinion. I am a leaning left moderate politically and in most of my opinions. I don't pay much more attention to CNN these days, as I do and have to Fox news for the last few years. I enjoy Quora because it is fun to read, and helps me to widen my view on the world issues because of the vastly different opinions on such a long variety of topics. Quora is not a substitute or replacement for old fashion journalism, but Quora never said it was.

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