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Published by on 2022-09-15

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Listed below are our top recommendations on how to get in contact with Messenger. We make eduacted guesses on the direct pages on their website to visit to get help with issues/problems like using their site/app, billings, pricing, usage, integrations and other issues. You can try any of the methods below to contact Messenger. Discover which options are the fastest to get your customer service issues resolved..
The following contact options are available: Pricing Information, Support, General Help, and Press Information/New Coverage (to guage reputation).

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Reported Issues: 17 Comments

By igrimReaper

Why update it to make it worse?

Why did you have to update this app, remove cool feature like popping emojis in chat, add a really cool feature imo: the ability to spam emojis in chat, and then remove the spamming again? Why are you adding features to then later remove them and why did you remove old features? Please bring back the ability to check if someone has seen your message without having to enter in the chat and #bringbackoldmessenger ;( Update: Now, after a few more updates, it got a lot worse. If I try to send more than 10 pictures at a time, it doesn’t work. Like it straight up doesn’t send the pictures. If I want to look at pictures within a chat, they don’t load unless I wait for like an hour. You still can’t fast forward within a voice recording and to select a different album than just “recents” when sending photos and videos is a pain and it’s better to do it off of the gallery app. Also none of these problems are because my phone is slow or because of bad internet, I have an iPhone X with 100mb/s down/up wi-fi.

By 3orknooz

Absolute garbage

Politicized and only supports their own benefits by stealing our info for free and selling it for millions. They restrict you for speaking what you believe and force you to see what you don’t believe and what you’re not interested in. Their what’s so called community guidelines are generic, and kindergarten level. You won’t be able to say a swear word even in a closed group as a fricking joke. So be formal cuz that’s what the alien wants you to be. If you wanna restrict specific people from accessing certain content, why don’t you add a pop-up consent for 18+ content, sensitive imagery/ text, etc? Last but not least, the most recent ban for Palestine supporters and the obvious support to the Zionist occupation is just so full of it! We know that the alien is a huge supporter of these oppressors but these are own personal accounts and you make money from our use of it, you don’t get to dictate to us what we should say or believe! I really hate that many things are now attached to this app but sooner or later, with the technological growth, there will be a better and more convenient fair options!

By AlexN.64-Bit

Staple features removed and NOW breaking bugs

Honestly a lot of the features being removed I get. Especially with the app being rebuilt from the ground up. Within the last day or so going into any conversation *instead of just one from a recent bug report* I will be kicked out back to the conversation selection screen with the animation like I swiped to go back there myself but I didn’t. And even if I’m in the middle of typing it can happen to. On top of whatever was being typed being gone when *trying* to go back to the conversation. Also when it force backs you out some reason all the conversations flash out of existence for a few seconds. I was going to say maybe it was just my phone. I restarted my phone and uninstalled and reinstalled and even cleared app data to no avail. But it also happens on my IPhone SE which is on the latest 13.4.1 update like my 11 Pro max right now. So I pretty much can’t reliably use this app now on any of my phones and have to go to a laptop. I’m also very confused as to the fact this just started happening today. And not the day of the update 🤔

By Grace
Nov 21 2022

I want my iPhone stant to using this account

By Version
Sep 23 2022

Sir my hello yo account blacklist from 1 week please open my I'd hello yo id no.1586511681 Saudi Arabia I'd please open🥺

By Version
Sep 23 2022

Sir my hello yo account blacklist from 1 week please open my I'd hello yo id no.1586511681 Saudi Arabia I'd please open🥺

By Valerie Audino
Jul 28 2022

I want to delete messenger home. Could someone please get back to me now!!!!!

By A. A Skoczylas
Jun 25 2022

I’ve had a couple of messages saying don’t open as I’ve been hacked. I’ve put a message on FB to say not to accept friend requests as I’ve been hacked. What else do I need to do?

By candace craig
Jun 10 2022

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Email : [email protected]

By Joyce
May 27 2022

Help! I restricted my boyfriend on messenger and even with the desktop version cannot access where to un-restrict him!!

By Kingston Solomon
Apr 01 2022

I'm still waiting for my confirmation email so I can start using messenger


By Rafael Llauradó Robles
Feb 13 2022

How recover my previous Messenger account so I lost
all historic referential and contacts.

By Kari
Jan 31 2022

I can not open my messager because someone hack it and I need a number for that and Facebook

By Coni Merkel
Dec 20 2021

It's my Birthday and I can't send pictures in Messenger anymore it says message failed. I've tried everything help?

By Steven Cameron
Dec 18 2021

When I go to open Messenger I get a message That says a code has been sent to my phone and that I need to enter it to open my account. The problem is The code is being sent to my land line. 763-571-8924. The code needs to be sent to my cell phone at 612-859-9638. Could you please send the code to my cell phone . Thanks.

By Sally Cobb
Jun 24 2021

I have tried several times to download my Messages with one friend, going back to 2016, but Messenger starts slowing down to the point of barely moving. Can you help?

By Dordea Mishu
Nov 27 2020

Am fost interzis definitiv, fără niciun motiv, nu am postat niciodată material pornografic pe bigo, dar sunt interzis permanent pentru asta, dar femeile sale în direct sunt aproape goale și nu sunt interzise niciodată. Nu am postat niciodată videoclipuri cu imagini pornografice sau nimic. Sunt interzis

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