Fit Radio: Train Inspired Reviews

Fit Radio: Train Inspired Reviews

Published by on 2021-09-15

How many times have you listened to your workout playlist? Are you sick of it
yet? Do you spend more time looking for a good song than you do focusing on your
workout? Nothing makes us feel uninspired like slow music or listening to the
same playlist over and over again. Music plays an i...

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Fit Radio: Train Inspired Reviews

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    Amazing! Great music great workouts!!!

    This is the most amazing app for workout par none! The DJs are great and the workouts are motivational and as fun as a workout that challenges you can be. I do have a few suggestions to make it even better! Have an option for no music. Sometimes I like to watch my favorite show while a workout and I currently can not do that. Have the option for how much motivation you need during the workout. Sometimes I like to try a workout that is harder than I normally do and I would like the coaches to motivate me more so I won’t quit early. Have the option to set a time for notifications to come to my phone when I should be getting up and working out from the coaches. Like I said this app is amazing!

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    Overall I LOVE this app but..

    Let me just start by saying I love this app. I use it every single day. It is well worth the subscription cost. A few suggestions though for the FitRadio team: I really really wish you could search for playlists by song. If I need a specific song in there it’s a pain because you have to search by the artist and look through every single playlist they’re on until you find it. Example: I tried to play Birthday Song by 2 chains. If you type that in on FitRadio nothing comes up. BUT if you type 2 Chainz you’ll find hundreds of playlists that have him on it and have to look at each one to find that particular song (yes there are some) but it takes forever. I also wish the suggested mixes had more variety once you click the genre. They only show the same mixes over and over from a few select DJ’s. It’s only a fraction of the amount of mixes or DJ’s that are actually on fit radio . Finally, I wish you could filter by playlist length. My classes are all 45 min, so I wish there was a way to filter out the 20 min ones. Overall I love his app and I think it is well worth the cost. These are just ways to make it even better!!! Thank you!

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    Great and getting greater

    Love the bpm option. Now I can maintain the same musical energy that’s consistent with my workouts. I’m a premium member and swear by it to everyone who works out. I’m also a huge EDM fan, so having a “rave” on the treadmill is the funnest thing ever. Why not a five star? There is no password support on the front end login screens, nor a help/support link from that screen. I’ve love to be able to add profile pics and have it linked to fb/ig postings. Pride in my workouts are key to me, so let me share the name of that exclusive hot mix that has me running farther. Future versions of the app should include Apple Watch compatibility, so I don’t have to look at phone to make changes. Build in a Tabata timer. Create an Apple TV app for us home pandora fans. Show us who’s making that music with author pages. Is it good? No, it’s great and it’s gonna get greater. 🙌🏽

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    I am obsessed with this App

    I’ve been using Fit Radio for 7 years now, and I have no fallen out of love. Best app ever! I LOVE the new Cardio Coach feature too. So great! My only feedback on the Cardio Coach feature is to allow you to pick the interval you’re on. My app has crashed twice now since using the new feature, and I was seemingly unable to select the interval I was on to resume. I found the list of all of the intervals, but was unable to click a specific interval to jump to. I either had to start the workout all over or decide to not finish it if I was too far along. If that could be fixed, this would be that much more amazing!!

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    Always hard to find the right mix :(

    I teach classes and often need the right tempo for class. The “tempo run” feature would be AWESOME.... if the tempo ever actually matched what it says it is. Unfortunately unless it explicitly says “130 bpm” or “32 count” ON THE MIX, it often sounds like a completely different (usually much slower) tempo .. I struggle to find what downbeat they are going off of. I love the concept and it has been useful.... when I’m not spending ALL my extra time searching each and every mix. The fact that each mix is set in stone also makes it hard on instructors because if, in the middle of class, a song comes up that that REALLY doesn’t fit or ends up sounding way too slow, there isn’t anything I can do about it and it kills the vibe of the class. Thanks, but I would love a fix for those issues!!

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    Great for music! Few suggestions

    First off, this has made me look forward to going to the gym. No more fiddling with sound cloud for mixes or getting bored with my pre made playlist. Anything that motivates me this much in my workouts is worth the subscription. Few developer suggestions! I would like to see the little preview of artists in the mixes under my favorites. As is, it just saves the mixes, but I can’t remember what artists were included like you can when browsing. I would also love to save workouts, and be able to have multiple playlists. I’ve found mixes that would be great for a girls night, workout, run, or cleaning, and would love to differentiate between them all!

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    Loving it!

    I keep getting an error and am not able to download the app, although I really want to try it looks like a great app. I’m editing my review! Turns out I’m a little slow with the iPhone X, to complete purchase I had to double click the side button not the screen! I finally got to download and tried it out yesterday and felt very energized for my whole workout, which never happens. I liked the mix with my workout too, not something I would normally have on my music list. I also appreciate the developer reaching out below even though I wasn’t able to respond. So glad I figured that out.

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    I’m Impressed

    I think this is the third or fourth review I’ve done since I owned an iPhone (8 years). I don’t often feel the need to express my joy about an app because I am rarely filled with joy over an app. This app filled me with JOY. Actual joy. I have been spending hours trying to find the right songs to fit my run cadence for years. When I did, I would create a playlist and use it for months. The same songs over and over again. No more of that. Just pick a DJ (all are really good) and run. Magic. Joyful magic is what this is. It would be nice if we could download a mix so I don’t have to use cellular WiFi though.

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    I'm a new fitness instructor and it's been a saving grace for me and my classes!! Seriously, so amazing. And when I used the part where you can listen to music based on the pace when you're running, i instantly had the best run I've had in a long time! Yesterday morning I worked out super early, tried the new BB Mix vol 12- clean edit, I literally had to leave the gym because I wanted to get to my car and dance. I'm not joking, seriously that good! I'm so grateful to all of your talents. It echoes through my days and inspires me to inspire others with your music. Thank you!!!!

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    Like all the reviews before, you won’t be disappointed with the subscription cost. I use this app everyday! I play this while I’m working, running, doing laundry or even just chillin. Seriously, there’s a mix for anything you’re doing. And like others have written, my biggest complaint is you can’t search for songs by title. It’s not that big of a deal if the artist only has a couple of songs, but for example, search Taylor Swift and you’ll spend hours just looking for the song you wanted. I’ve never even used the “A-Z” option to search. That would be my only complaint, otherwise, this will be your new favorite app.

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    I LOVE the idea behind this app.

    TLDR: Pros: -great for keeping the same energy throughout a workout. -the option to set intervals and choose playlist specific for the activity/intensity you are working with Cons: -too expensive -too many glitches/have to restart phone before each use Overall I think the idea behind this app is amazing. It’s great being able to pick mixes based on music I like. Being able to set the beat to my desired heart rate and workout pace is a great feature. The coaching and interval settings are great options too. If I were a personal trainer or a strength/conditioning coach, I would definitely KEEP this app! However, just for my own personal workouts, it’s too expensive to feel worth it. Also, the user interface has some bugs that need fixing. There’s one issue in particular where there’s something wrong with the iTunes Store and the app and my phone all syncing together; so every time I want to use the app and sometimes when I just want to switch stations I have to restart my phone and sometimes uninstall/reinstall the app. This alone was a deciding factor in getting rid of the app.

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    Harassing me for payment

    If I could give them a negative star review, I most certainly would. I tried out the service for 6 months and decided it wasn’t for me so, I canceled it in Nov of 2017. This week, I get an email asking for my payment. Told them I canceled it Nov 8,2017 (I looked it up) and that I owed them no payment. Received email back that I would have to reach out to Apple and get them the cancelation from last year. Let them know that they didn’t receive payment cause it was canceled and I had no intention of running around to get them the cancellation they received last year. That was between them & Apple. Being harassed for a week for a payment they didn’t receive cause I canceled the service a year ago is beyond irritating and horribly unprofessional. Beware if you ever decide to cancel.

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    Phone app is great but Apple Watch Sync Bit Lacking

    I give 5 star for the phone app, the 1 Star is the the Watch App. I love the music in the app, could use more random cycle of the mixes. The biggest pain point is trying to sync (or load) the favorites into the Apple Watch. It seems to take forever because I think you have to keep the phone screen on (which drains battery) and (I think) also constantly check the watch. It syncing could be more efficient then it would be awesome. Tried researching the blog and there are no support around Apple Watch.....

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    Best app for all workouts and motivation!

    I love this app, I'm a woman quickly approaching middle aged and I recently started working out with this app. I get a great workout between the DJ mixes that motivate me and the different coaches that push me. After only a few weeks of inspiration I have gory into a the habit of working out. I haven't been this fit since I was in the Army! I love this app, I love the music and I really love the coaching . I would recommend this app to anyone at any fitness level, it will inspire you and challenge you no matter how fit or not fit you are!

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    Workout buddy!

    I never ever write reviews, but this app is great and I am so very happy and close to being in love! I purchased the app just because from the start trail I liked it already. Ok details, music is TODAY music! And YESTERDAY: back in the day ole- Skool! I am so impressed that it is now giving me something to look forward to when working out! Thank you! I have shared with my daughter and she is in like too lol. Not in love because kids don’t understand anything about commitment to workout and how so very important to have the right music!

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Is Fit Radio: Train Inspired Safe?

Yes. Fit Radio: Train Inspired is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 27,564 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Fit Radio: Train Inspired Is 65.8/100.

Is Fit Radio: Train Inspired Legit?

Yes. Fit Radio: Train Inspired is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 27,564 Fit Radio: Train Inspired User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Fit Radio: Train Inspired Is 65.8/100.

Is Fit Radio: Train Inspired not working?

Fit Radio: Train Inspired works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Joanne evans
Mar 10 2021

Not a problem - just a question... will fit radio be available on android phones? Google play store? I dont have an apple phone but would by happy to pay for this instead of spotify it seems amazing

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