KSAT 12 News — KSAT.com Reviews

KSAT 12 News — KSAT.com Reviews

Published by on 2021-04-14

The KSAT.com app makes it easier than ever to get the latest news, sports,
entertainment and more from San Antonio's top news team, KSAT 12!

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KSAT 12 News — KSAT.com Reviews

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    This is in ref to Facebook (FB). I follow KSAT on FB & this is the ONLY way I can get my message through since they block anyone that may have a different opinion. I was blocked TWO YEARS ago, ONLY b/c my opinion was different than that of the now "former" Meteorologist. I believe she left for Tyler or somewhere near that area for a new job. I disagreed w/ a forecast & THAT is why I got blocked, so now if I want to send in weather pics to your FB page or to be able to interact, I can't! I feel as if I'm being discriminated against & left out. I enjoy your station a lot. Rooftop Weather, lunch w/ Katie & Dave, the regular special news stories, etc but unfortunately, I can't even interact because of that one former employee that blocked me 2 yrs ago. It's my understanding that if you're a business and a public entity (a PUBLIC page w/ a blue checkmark) all people should be able to have their First Amend. (1A) right, to freely speak their opinion. It's my sincere hope that KSAT will allow "ALL" people to freely interact w/o censuring & blocking folks they may not fully agree w/. Does KSAT have any interest in resolving this issue w/ a loyal viewer or will you continue to exclude people from their right to interact? You probably won't even reply to this, but we shall see.

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    Hi all, are you guys using breaking news for sports updates? I'm getting interrupted a lot because of those notifications. And I have sports notifications turned off. Weather should not be a separate app, confused for reason on that. The amount of breaking news is terrible. Why are you all using a random factoid as breaking news? I like your station but your app is a nightmare when I’m trying to concentrate on work. The notifications literally border on you all doing it for sport or to be funny. If I disable notifications I can miss the really important one. So either way I’m screwed. Get my drift?

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    The ads are crazy

    I can't watch a whole news cast without adds interrupting it. I understand that ads are how things get paid for, but I saw more ads than news Tuesday morning, one of which interrupted the traffic report. I of course didn't check any other road report and got stuck in traffic that took 3x longer to get through. If I could get the channel on my TV it would be great but I rely on the app because I can't get the channel. Please fix the advertisements. I already know way to much about power swabs and how precise thermometers need to be. 😉

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    Slanted and anchors biased—still getting worse

    Gosh, if it was slanted news before it is just getting worse. Propaganda for Clinton and failed to report that Senator Grassley asked for an investigation and suspension of her clearance almost 2 years ago NOT just this year or last year as KSAT’s story reports. This App and KSAT news is so biased and slanted it is MSNBC and all the other fake news stations. These KSAT anchors and reporters just won’t stop adding their biased opinions. I have stopped watching the news and watch the weather forecast and then only when Katie or Justin are on. The others are so annoying! Better to just watch the Weather Channel and Fox News.

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    Always buggy. Sometimes live broadcast will start on time and other times who knows. The ads during commercial breaks, same ad plays 3 times in a row. That’s absurd. Really absurd. Now I’ve noticed during the live sports broadcast we get a message that they can’t show video due to contractual reasons or whatever. Probably not KSAT fault but that’s pretty lame. I cut the cord years ago and for some reason ksat is the only local station I can’t get ota so this is the only way I can watch ksat news and it’s dismal at best.

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    Way too many commercials!!!!

    The number of commercials on the live cast are ridiculous!!! Absolutely ridiculous!!! There were 8 consecutive commercials. Couldn’t even watch the newscast. Missed lots of the news content. False pretense of starting that you have a livecast!!!! Very, very disappointed.

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    KSAT is the only local station I watch for the up to date news and weather. They are like family. I watch from early morning until the 10:00 pm news. I record them in case I have to leave. I never miss ABC WORLD NEWS TONIGHT WITH David Muir at 5:30 either. If you’re not watching KSAT, you’re not up to date.

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    Morning News

    I love the morning crew! You can tell they all get a long great and I love how they tease each other. Getting up early is hard enough but having a great news crew with your coffee makes it all better. Keep doing what you are doing ♥️👍🐾

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    I always look forward to your reports,, I’ve watched y’all for years and I’m always impressed on your funny, professional, and heartfelt stories.. I will continue to always look for your reports and a way follow you all with my K-SAT 12 app,, thank you and total love for ya!!

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    Separate alerts???

    Why do I keep getting different alerts on separate devices? I get more traffic updates on my iPhone then I do my iPad and all notifications are set to on for both devices. When I’m home I predominately use my iPad and when I’m out that’s when I use my phone. I shouldn’t have to be reaching for two different devices when I can just use one. Also would be nice if there was some type of sound/tone when we get an alert. Please fix

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    One of the better news apps

    Don’t even try to compare this app with the other locals. I like how they bring the updates the quickest but more than anything they fixed all the stability issues that most news apps have. Shout out to their developer. Good job 👍🏽.

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    KSAT is my go to station. Never make stories up.. always fair. When Steve Browne, or the rest of his weather gang says it’s going to happen.. it happens. Leslie and Mark.. fun to wake up to. Unlike other stations that lead with sound bites..KSAT, Doesn’t!! They are the epitome of professionalism. Maybe CNN should come down and spend a week with them!

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    Detailed topics

    They keep me posted all day, from accidents on the road, to construction on roads. Sometimes all the way to Austin Texas, and coming back, to San Antonio,With updates on my phone. Weather also sunny in SA crazy weather today in Buda TX, strong cool winds. Crazy. But there in top of reports. Awesome team. On are side.

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    The best news

    I am from Laredo we were able to watch the news years ago here in Laredo not anymore, but now I still watch the news on my phone or on my iPad very professional and love you tv station 🥰❤️

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    I always say let’s see what’s going on!

    I love to read the KSAT news on my phone. Sometimes I’m the first to find out before everyone in the family. But the elderlies tell me “ well yeah, you have a touch phone and we have a flip phone” Lol! Too sweet!

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Is KSAT 12 News — KSAT.com Safe?

No. KSAT 12 News — KSAT.com does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 24,918 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for KSAT 12 News — KSAT.com Is 17.3/100.

Is KSAT 12 News — KSAT.com Legit?

No. KSAT 12 News — KSAT.com does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 24,918 KSAT 12 News — KSAT.com User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for KSAT 12 News — KSAT.com Is 17.3/100.

Is KSAT 12 News — KSAT.com not working?

KSAT 12 News — KSAT.com works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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