KHON2 News - Honolulu HI News Reviews

KHON2 News - Honolulu HI News Reviews

Published by on 2021-09-16

News has never been more local than in the palm of your hand. The KHON2 mobile
app brings you all the top stories from our daily broadcasts, as well as stories
developing in real time. Stay informed with the latest news, weather and sports
across Hawaii. From Hilo to Kauai, we're the ne...

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KHON2 News - Honolulu HI News Reviews

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    Terrible update

    Holy moly... 3rd time reviewing this train wreck of an app. So riddled with advertising and minimal news that it’s unusable. Deleting it tonight after all these years because the latest version is just that awful. Will stick to the other local news station app from now on. The new version has LESS news than before, requires you click links for articles that then take you out of the app and into a browser, then you have to close “click to continue reading” anything more than the first paragraph, so to read another story, you then must first reverse like 3 times. This update was like trading in a 1994 Ford Taurus for a 1989 toyota Tercel... just when you thought it couldn't get worse... it did. And so many forced video commercials, the whole experience leaves a bad taste. Don’t even bother downloading this. If you do, think back to this review after 3 days and you’ll think, “Wow, he was right!”.

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    The app has been great, easy to access and find my way through it. It’s been especially helpful during this hurricane! I wasn’t always by the tv so to be able to be informed while away and have them updating things whenever something happens is not only helpful but reassuring

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    Misses the mark

    A news app should give you news. This app is either broken or poorly designed. I can’t figure out how to read the story, as when you tap the story it only avails the option to “watch” the news when it’s on, vice have a prerecorded library option. Lots of graphics titles but nothing of substance once you tap the picture. After I post this, I’m deleting the app and looking for, hoping for, any other option of being able to have some ability to read, or hear, about the information relative to me be in simply the weather or governmental issues in Hawaii.

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    Great up to date news app but...

    I like it when I get news notification but when I want to know more about it I need to watch it live. The only reason I want to enjoy it on my phone is so I don’t need to watch it on tv. When I click on the watch live show the story is already done so the app so kind of annoying when I see a interesting news but oh wait you need to watch live and wait till the whole story available. The news will be ready only when I guess someone enters it into the app so people can read it. It’s like reading a newspaper but only the headlines is there.

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    Always gotta live stream

    Moving to Portland from Hawaii, I wanted to stay updated with news especially with my whole family still being there. I get a notification, but every time I click to open and read, I need to wait for the live stream instead. Is there a way I can just read about the news and not always have to live stream? Being 2 or 3 hours ahead of the time isn’t always helpful.

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    Happy lady

    The KHON2 AP is always up-to-date and it’s easy to navigate whether it’s the latest news, weather, traffic, sports or local events. KHON has been my favorite TV news station in Hawaii for many years. Now the KHON2 AP is the only local news AP on my phone, great job👍

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    I just want to know...

    You send ,e breaking headlines... I click on it and usually it doesn’t open or go to that... when it does I can’t open the story. I don’t want to watch all the time (because I can’t turn up the volume) but you rarely have the story printed... or I just can’t find the story... just ends up wasting my time and frustrating me... not to mention all the additional drama the media adds to everything.

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    News when it happens

    When things in the islands happens, this is where you’ll find out what it’s all about. Why shop wnen you get everything you need right here?

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    I’ll give it two stars for its ability to send new and weather notifications quickly- actually getting info about those notifications is another story. App relies on live streaming for almost the entirety of its news. Almost never will you click on a headline and actually get any written information about it. Also far too many ads and ad pop ups.

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    Good app

    I like the news and push alerts but the "new" is heavily sports oriented and I would prefer if they would emphasize the top stories more. I also don't appreciate that the first thing that always pops up when you open the app is an advertisement. Otherwise this is my go to news station.

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    New to island

    I am new to the island and this news cast is by far given me the best information of events that I need to know concerning my new home and the mainland without channel surfing!! 😇😃

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    Story not available

    Don’t like getting an alert about something newsworthy, but then when you open the app you need to wait until a certain time to read up on it.

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    What a mess...

    Sorry but I only use this site in a dire Emergency ! I really love the Pizza Hut commercials, and how you have to watch a full advertisement vid before you get to see what you wanted. It’s poorly laid out, choppy, and nothing is in sequence. Not to mention the Left Leaning commentary from the news casters. But we are used to this here in Hawaii, just deal with it like the One Party Government we have here. Luckily we don’t get taxed to watch this drivel. Do we?

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    I have been having some issues with this KHON2 app. It opens fine but when I would click on a particular article it opens then incorrect article so I would click the button to go back. And when I do that, the entire screen goes white. Its been happening every single time I do this! COULD YOU PLEASE FIX THIS? Thank you.

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    A new look but less useful

    Harder to find and read news articles. Now lots of other sections I never use and would like to edit out but can't. Weather section not as helpful.

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Is KHON2 News - Honolulu HI News Legit?

No. KHON2 News - Honolulu HI News does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 13,946 KHON2 News - Honolulu HI News User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for KHON2 News - Honolulu HI News Is 14.6/100.

Is KHON2 News - Honolulu HI News not working?

KHON2 News - Honolulu HI News works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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