The Babylon Bee Reviews

The Babylon Bee Reviews

Published by on 2021-10-06

This app was created ex nihilo on the eighth day of the creation week, exactly
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The Babylon Bee Reviews

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    Step aside You Version, there’s a new player in town!

    Having an old man’s voice read the KJV to me while I fill my Instagram with pictures of mountains and paint splotches that featured random verses out of their context was getting old. Now I can get my spirit fed with Truth and wisdom that is Snopes approved. Why read the scriptures when you can get it from the Bee that covered the story live as it unfolded? Go straight to the first hand witnesses and avoid all the FAKE NEWS that seems to be slipping into the history books (I’m looking at you “The Message” version!) Do yourself a favor and download the app that was forged in the throne room of God. You won’t regret it!

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    Great, when it’s working...

    This app used to work, weeks ago. That said, at that point, there were inappropriate ads showing almost constantly — manga/anime characters making out, ads for ‘hot Arab women.’ I’d report them to Google, then get shown the same things over and over again. Within the last few weeks, first the favorites stopped working, then none of the articles would load. I have 100% WiFi and did try it on data. But it just won’t work. I contacted the developer and answered their questions. I hoped that this new update would solve the problem, but it’s worse than before. I can use the website on my browser of my phone. It’s just less convenient. Two stars because the content is great when it works. Minus three because it just doesn’t work anymore and the ads are so inappropriate. (I’m an adult, but I don’t want to see characters making out or half naked people. Show me ads for shoes or a barbecue — something inoffensive I can use.)

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    Finally, a news source with integrity

    When I visit the Bee I know I’m going to get quality news, not the kind of made up trash you find in the so-called “mainstream media”. Also, it’s refreshing to be able to read stories covering less pressing topics that most people would otherwise ignore, like impeachment inquiries, but also stories that get to the substantive, culturally defining matters that affect us all, like how many minutes a worship pastor can fumble with his cap before getting fired. Babylon Bee is synonymous with quality, and Epstein didn’t kill himself.

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    (This review fact-checked by Snopes)

    This site, The Babylon Bee, is by far the most irresponsible news organization that we’re angry at for being truthful this month. Their biting wit—which is, of course, a hate crime when directed against the left—has confused half-dozens of careless readers into believing that Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib refused to save the Earth “after learning that’s where Israel is,” when everyone knows that they would simply amend any such bill to remove Israel from the Earth entirely. The fact that it is satire, as well as the argument that perhaps any reader believing that CNN has literally purchased an industrial washing machine to spin news may simply be dumb, is not considered valid by us here at Snopes—in fact, we take issue with such insults to our authors and readers. Rest assured that we will be applying the exact same standards to any political parody parody produced by The Onion, just as soon as it is no longer owned by one of Hillary Clinton’s largest donors.

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    Good app

    Thanks to the Bee for responses to earlier versions of my review. I had complained because the Front Page of the app doesn’t present stories in chronological order with newest first. Bee pointed out to me that it DOES provide this functionality under Browse > Latest. Still docking one star for not making everyone do things my way by default. But adding extra credit for good customer service. Five stars! ;) ——— Previous review: The Bee has been making rapid and needed changes to this app (better podcast player, search function), but it still does not do the one thing it needs to do which the website does better: it doesn’t give me all of the most recent stories in the order in which they are published. On the website I start at the top and read down until I get to something I’ve already read. Simple.

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    1 Star - BAD news source

    The Bee started out great, I could go every day and never have to see anything real. The podcast was funny, the photoshops were great — But then IT happened. They published REAL news. It was sneaky, they started with a bit piece about Robert Jeffress betraying Trump. It was scary close, but key details were a little off. Then, they run a headline about Hillary Clinton selling re-election. That was worse, but the quote wasn’t quite word for word. But when they struck thrice! Dread and doom! They ran a headline about a WaPo article on socialism being behind a paywall. I WAS ABLE TO FIND THE STORY AND REPLICATE THE EXACT PICTURE IN 60 SECONDS!!!! I felt so betrayed. There was no falseness in the article at all. Trash website, awful podcast, 0 stars I miss Adam4d. Sent from my iPad

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    Satire or news?

    I know, it’s satire. But the Babylon Bee is frighteningly accurate - in theme if not in fact. But that’s the point of satire, and the Babylon Bee does it better than anyone. As far as the app goes, I haven’t had a single crash. Categories are convenient, and the “favorite” feature is handy for recalling and sharing the best biting Fake News the Babylon Bee specializes in.

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    The Bee is great. The interface needs a little work

    The Babylon Bee is a great site with hilarious content. This reader has worse navigation than the website and lacks a search function and maybe even sharing options. Plus they sign you up for emails that remind you about stories you’ve already read. But at least I can reliably get a Bee fix, even if Snopes manages to demonetize then from Facebook.

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    I’m no freeloader, but...

    I love the app and the content from Babylon Bee, but the app has one major flaw: the podcast. I am subscriber and love listening to the extra content versions of the BB podcast on the app, but every time I click to open it the app crashes! Not the entire app just the podcast section. I end up reopening it 20+ times until it gets to the point where it stays up long enough for me to press play. Please fix this! I want my third floor luxury yacht experience without having to fight for it!

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    Sanest “news” out there!

    Thoroughly enjoy the app (and the notifications, which I almost never do). The big thing, I find, is that I have to remind myself when I’m on a straight news site that the story is not a cleverly written Babylon Bee satire, but real news. And that’s not alarming at all. 😳

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    Much more edifying than cnn or fox!!

    This is an unparalleled exercise in journalistic openness! No longer do I have to wonder if the news I see is fake, falsified, or otherwise fabricated to meet someone’s political parameters, I can KNOW it is totally made up every time with the Babylon Bee, as it assails everything with caustic glee!

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    At last!

    Since discovering the satirical gold mine that is the Babylon Bee nearly a year ago, I have been eagerly waiting for them to come out with an app. At last they have and it is a veritable one-stop-shop for all of my conservative satire content needs. Five stars!

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    I’m being selfish

    Need to pump these podcast numbers up! Was thinking about subscribing to crowder mug club or daily wire but I know I would get exhausted. So then I thought why not let someone else follow news daily for me then make fun of them. No ragretz!

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    Hardest review I’ve had to write...

    How, how is it possible for a “News site” to be sooooo fake!!! But it’s sooooo funny!!! I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Snopes...where’s your review??? Also, the app needs to have the subscriber ability to pitch headlines. It’ll be my most heartbreakingly given 5 star review when I can pitch headlines from it.

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    Where I go for all my fact-checks

    Forget Snopes - too long, not enough space battles, and mostly false. The Bee brings you news so cutting-edge, they’re practically predicting the future of party platforms right before our eyes! Amaze-balls.

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