Flipboard - Latest Stories Reviews

Flipboard - Latest Stories Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-29

An award-winning app that curates news and information for all your interests.
With thousands of national and local sources, as well as magazines with stories
curated by the community, Flipboard is one place to stay connected to the
stories that matter every day. You can personalize it...

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Flipboard - Latest Stories Reviews

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    Flipboard is great. However...they may want address how many user comments are legitimate thoughts written by actual readers. Many comments connected to articles appear to be written by users with little or no flips, likes, or magazines...perhaps indicating no real investment into the app or no desire to actually read articles...they only want a venue to help foster disagreements. Many of these comments look purposely incendiary. Considering that many of these articles go on to be posted on Facebook or Twitter, Flipboard may want to do its part to curb bots and “fake news” and encourage legitimate discussion rather than fostering division. Commenters who actually have flips or magazines are few and far between, indicating an overwhelming number of commenters are not real accounts. Flipboard, please solve this, you have a responsibility to NOT contribute to division. Addition: The comments are now even more prevalent and, if you can believe this, more negative and divisive from both sides. These commenters haven’t even read the articles! It’s ridiculous! These are definitely bots or trolls meant to drive up anger. Flipboard replied to my last review that I could “report” these users. Are you kidding me!?!? I’d have to report ALL of them on every article. How is this responsible of you as a company?!?! What are you doing to curb this besides putting it on the onus of your legit users to “report” every single fake user?!?!

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    Beautiful program for reading information from on-line. It’s in my top 5 most used iPad apps!!!!

    If you have not tried this app, you must try it out! It's very graphical and pretty on my retina iPad and my 12.9” iPad Pro. Generally works very smoothly. Could cache the data a little better / faster, I've got fast internet at home, but sometimes it's slow updating and if I just spent a while reading the last entry, seems like it could read ahead a little bit, it could make the experiences so much better... BUT be careful if you have a cellular connection! FlipBoard (being so graphical and beautiful) is a HUGE a data hog (assuming you're viewing something graphical and not text) so if you're on a low data plan be careful. I used over 10% of my 250MB data plan in less than 5 minutes (I tested this again at the end of this month, just a few minutes and 50MB of data was gone!). This is NOT a flaw, it's just the way super graphical apps are, but it goes SO fast I wanted to point it out. Because of the retina display it "shrinks" some graphics too small (like animated GIFs in Tumblr pages) and it's too hard to read. Needs some user adjustment on that (what size to shrink to retina proportions) and to size text. It shrinks things WAY too far on the iPad Pro. It’s got a great search option that searches a variety of sources all at once. I don't think it's as useful on the iPhone for browsing, maybe if you went to a specific section, but I'm still not sold on that yet...

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    When will “Sign in with Apple” be available for Flipboard?

    Love the app, but any five star app need “Sign in with Apple”. Displaying a Sign in with Apple button in your app or website means that people can sign in or sign up with just a tap using the Apple ID they already have, and skip filling out forms, verifying email addresses, and choosing passwords. Sign in with Apple provides a new, more private way to simply and quickly sign into apps and websites while giving people a consistent sign-in experience they can trust and the convenience of not having to remember multiple accounts and passwords. In cases where you choose to ask for a name and email address, people have the option to keep their email address private and share a unique, random email address instead. For developer guidance, see AuthenticationServices. Sign in with Apple makes it easy for people to authenticate with Face ID or Touch ID and has two-factor authentication built in for an added layer of security. Apple does not use Sign in with Apple to profile users or their activity in apps.

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    A little bit shady

    Flipboard asked me to rate the app in an in-app pop up. Trying to submit 1 star was not allowed. That’s a bit shady. What I don’t like is that the app sends you to the publisher to read the article. This is bad because any ad-blocker u might have installed in Safari does not work in Flipboards “web-browser”. So to read an article you end up downloading megabytes of ads and ad-tracking scripts from every publisher. That is, unless the publisher has an agreement with Flipboard, in which case Flipboard inserts its own full page ads you cannot pinch out of. The whole Flipboard experience can therefore be very _bad_ for your data plan and for your privacy. That said, Flipboard is very useful and gives you the opportunity to browse through articles within topics of interest in a very nice way. Apples own News app is a strong contender though, but for now I do prefer Flipboard.

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    Need fixing

    I wish flip board would bring back the bar at the top of the screen. I constantly have to exit the app to check the time or to see how much charge my battery is at. I get that you want to make a more “enriching” or more “ immersive” experience. But it’s annoying, and now with the latest update the default board is “for you” and I don’t like that. I want to see the news and what’s happening not what flip board servers have decided what I might be interested in. Use to love this app now it’s just going down hill fast. Edit: after your response I was able to get the status bar back (after the app crashed 7 times) but it’s working now. Also the other point I was trying to make is that I don’t want the feed that you all are forcing on everyone. I don’t want/I don’t need you all (or your sever) deciding what content I want to see. I want you to just show me content and I’ll scroll through and read what I want to. Why do companies think that they get to choose and limit what we can see? Sure it’s “optimized” but really? From what I’ve seen the optimization is crap, and it doesn’t show me anything that I actually want to read anymore.

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    Good App for Topical News

    This app is not as good or user friendly as the 5-star Zite app it consumed and killed, but it is OK a for finding news on specific topics that may be of personal or professional interest, often that you may not find elsewhere (the main reason I use this app). There seem to be some bugs involving sharing via social media where the headlines don't show up, just an abbreviated link. The web interface on a desktop is sometimes better & more usable than the iPhone app in some ways. Linked articles where ads cover so much of the screen I can't see the article & the ad won't close without opening in safari can be a problem. Also, I have subscribed to a bunch of "channels" that seem to have gone dormant with no new content for months & find that it's difficult to unsubscribe or even move them to the bottom so they're at least out of the way. Would be nice if it were easier to organize or delete these saved topics (especially for those of us who follow a lot)

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    Ads and Ads, Many Articles do Not Display Correctly

    28 June 18 Update - 1. One of the remaining bastions for pop up ads. 2. Many articles display totally different than they do when one goes to the source article without using flipboard. Many articles I need to copy the name and then search the web, find the actual article to be able to read it. In flipboard many links, content simply does not display. NOV 2016 UPDATE - still no developer response to any of the below. No ability to screen and refine, e.g. Screen to only US source articles in a specific category. No guidance for top most popular feed in a specific category. Some pages flip right, some scroll down, you try to go back and kicked out of the article entirely or back to the beginning of the entire section, many articles are just ads or riddled with ads, full of pop ups that your pop up blocker cannot stop, full of articles from other countries that you cannot filter out in settings (e.g. Only US sourced articles), full of articles that when you click them you get two or three sentences and then a link to subscribe and pay.

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    Flipboard with a little less Flip

    Starting to become dated..Absolutely love the update having a month to make magazines is just divine. Staying at 4⭐️ stars still miss Still an sore - my primary flipboard screen. Begging and Pleading - Please, please, please bring back the old Flipboard screen somewhere inside the app. I love the extra stuff but if there could just be an option to have it on the bottom of the menu? I want to click the app and have big and little pictures flip down animation for new stories. This isn't rocket science, I'll pay to have the feature back. Why change something that's not broken? Please Flipboard!! New Flipboard 4⭐️ - This is by far my favorite app but this new update is disappointing with removing the primary page. I've been with you since iPad 1 and the best day ever was when it hit the iPhone. What is this? It's less flippy, now I have all of this useless extra white on the top of my dashboard stating "following" instead of a gorgeous layout that took over the entire screen. Old Flipboard 5⭐️ - This is by far the elite news reader, and it's all the information u want to read. You make your own newspaper...I always tell people to download first when they get a new iPad or iPhone. Keep up the good work, u have my attention ❤❤❤❤❤❤😃😜😃❤❤❤❤

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    Flipboard No Longer A Viable App

    I have used Flipboard from the time it was introduced. Until it was introduced, I used Zite to look up content for the areas I was interested in. I hated to give up Zite but it was designated for EOL status as an app. I was happy with Flipboard as it provided me with the content I was interested in. But this all changed about eight months ago. Flipboard's algorithms for finding material has gone downhill. I find articles that no longer fit the areas that I am interested in. Despite numerous emails to Flipboard support, they have done absolutely nothing to improve their algorithms. I have as a selected area of interest, the New York Yankees. I constantly get articles from Flipboard concerning food, perfume, models, football in addition to the expected articles on the Yankees. This is also the case for other areas of interest. I know the app is free but if it doesn’t the content for areas you selected, it is no longer a good app. I decided to write this review before I delete Flipboard from my iPhone and iPad so others can avoid this app.

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    Flipboard is indispensable to me

    I first installed Flipboard on my iPad in 2011. It was one of the first apps installed on my first iPad, and I’ve used Flipboard more or less every day since August 2011, through the present (August 2018). I find Flipboard indispensable to using my iPad. Flipboard’s a staff skillfully curates a very broad range of news about current events and also features a huge variety of special interest magazines and articles, and is markedly superior to all other news magazine apps I’ve seen. I am often surprised by how quickly Flipboard posts news about current events, usually incredibly rapidly after the reported events have occurred. My iPad would be much less useful, and much less fun to use, if Flipboard were ever unavailable to me. Thank you Flipboard staff for making and maintaining such a great app.

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    I’ve had this app from the beginning

    There are so many bugs in strange things that occur with this app it’s hilariously stupid. Anytime I comment on a news story and then other people comment I get all of these strange notifications saying that I need to unmute hidden stories, and The app resizes itself to a quarter of the screen down on the right hand side of the phone. This is been an ongoing issue for at least a year or two, through numerous iOS updates and numerous Flipboard updates. Not to mention the fact that the site doesn’t seem to be well monitored; in the sense that the amount of trolls that exist and horrible, nasty comments that are made that never get dealt with by Flipboard, other than muting the offending person. All in all I would say that Flipboard has turned into a news cesspool. P.S. I am very disgusted with your advertising policy! The ads are far too numerous and if you even touch one of them, even trying to flip past it, it launches Safari! This is highly unethical! PLEASE STOP THIS OR I’m UNINSTALLING FLIPBOARD!!!

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    Expect lots of fake news...

    If you want ‘Outdoors’ news, expect lots of ‘Climate Change’ propaganda. If you want ‘Political’ news, expect lots of Trump-bashing. If you get tired of all the negativity, you cannot put a thumbs down or ‘unlike.” You can click a heart for what you love, but the only way to get rid of the negativity is to ban that particular feed source. I don’t know how they decide which articles to show, but it certainly isn’t according to the population of America, which is roughly 50% conservative, as proved by the last presidential election. I can’t help but wonder, are they are trying to give people the balanced news they want, or FLIP them toward what they want them to believe? Hope I’m wrong in doubting it. I love the Flipboard concept, but would just LOVE to be able to add specific blogs, publishers, etc. Also, when I first set it up I was able to give it a few categories of my special Interests, but I see no way now to go back in and modify that, without sharing tons of information about myself by signing in with my Facebook/Google/etc. accounts. Strange! It should be easy to go back in and give it specific topics or URLs, or just specify ‘fewer negative articles.’ Hope they’re listening— it has a wonderful design, and lots of potential! Also, sometimes, after you interact with it, when you go back in, it flips all the way back to the beginning.

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    New video ads

    This has been one of my most used apps for awhile. However with the new auto play video ads it might need to go. Even if you watch the full ad you still have to tap the x at the top left and with the iPhone plus it’s kinda annoying. If it happen once every in awhile no problem, but it’s the same video ad after every 5-7 flips. PLEASE improve or remove this. I know the app is free and nothing in the world is truly free, but make it more user friendly with the ads UPDATE : Since posting this review this issue appears to be resolved or close to it. I still use this app every day and appreciate the hard work it must take to make such a great app. I don’t mind ads I know they pay the bills, just didn’t like the way it interfered. All is good now, thank you!

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    The Best

    If nothing else, this app alone is worth getting an iPad for. Getting all your news in the coolest of ways makes this app useful beyond bounds. They're always adding new sources so it's always interesting. The presentation and view on the iPad is absolutely beautiful, but that's not to say its not great on my iPhone as well! I love this app! **Update** 24 September 2017 I wrote my original reviews of Flipboard ages ago when the app first came out. I have been a supporter ever since. However, since the previous major update, it was less intuitive and less attractive to use with its large cover page cards and bulky interface. Long-time users will be happy to know that that “traditional” Flipboard viewing experience is back and beautiful as ever for iOS 11! Love it again.

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    Not “Flip”-Board Anymore

    The new app design, which I opted to try, scrolls instead of flips which sort of goes against the original idea. The original app was great, easy-to-use and customize. Over the past few years the app has gotten increasingly more difficult to use with some settings buried in non-sensical places. The app is also ridiculously littered with ads, it’s very frustrating seeing multiple ads at one time. Another gripe I have is the app seems to highlight or push articles by the New York Times and others that cost money and have a pop-up blocking the article. They have other news agencies that don’t charge for a subscription buried or not shown at all. When I try to mute these sources (one setting that’s annoyingly difficult to locate) they don’t always get muted. I’ve always liked the app for aesthetics and having so many sources in one place, but the changes they keep implementing is making the app worse, not better.

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Is Flipboard - Latest Stories Safe?

Yes. Flipboard - Latest Stories is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 262,815 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Flipboard - Latest Stories Is 25.0/100.

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Yes. Flipboard - Latest Stories is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 262,815 Flipboard - Latest Stories User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Flipboard - Latest Stories Is 25.0/100.

Is Flipboard - Latest Stories not working?

Flipboard - Latest Stories works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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