The Wall Street Journal. Reviews

The Wall Street Journal. Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-17

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The Wall Street Journal. Reviews

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    Good format, ads becoming too annoying

    The reading format and layout is still better than most of the other digital subscriptions I read, but the latest updates move it backwards in some ways. Pictures blink or reload several times when moving through the issue and it loses my place in the issue when returning to read more. The annoying ads issue seems much better, so thanks for that improvement. Update April 2018 - still the best news available, but it’s losing ground. Pricing has gotten very expensive, and the daily iPad editions load very slowly after the latest Apple software update. I have to open the app twice to see content. The first time just spins with no content for far too long; closing and reopening displays content on the second app open. I’ve deleted and downloaded the app several times to see if that helped, but it didn’t. Update April 2019 - I’m experiencing app crashes several times a week; the app just unexpectedly closes while reading an article on my iPad. Transitions from pages and sections are slow and jerky at times even with 100G WiFi download speed; it is smooth when I turn off WiFi and view the issue without all the background activity that must be going on when connected. Also, I learned that saved articles on show on the device on which saved - I can’t see saved articles on my iPhone that I saved on my iPad and vice-versa.

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    WSJ is the best!

    News broadcasting much less the media at large has become a soap opera with writers and TV “newscasters” vying for rating rather than providing an honest narrative. A free and honest press is a necessary component to the viability of our freedom. My wife watches the soaps each week day. I am in and out of the TV room may be a week or two interval before my soap opera exposure occurs....the plots are twisted, crazy but predictably illogical storylines . I really have no purpose for them but my wife feeds her were addiction to the writers’ and characters’ absurdities. She knows the storylines are pure fantasy but has come to know the various characters. Why do I say this? If the truth is told, Americans turn on daily the cable and network news as well as the printed news of many of major cities newspaper to the same silliness and political absurdities. Thank the Lord for reasonable journalism in the Wall Street Journal. Keep doing your thing...if you do, I will stay onboard...truth fuels trust, the absolutely necessary ingredient for a free and honest government. It’s about checks and balances: government and the private sector.

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    Two complaints

    The latest version of the WSJ app has many excellent features. I like very much the real time updating of current news. The insertion of video embedded within articles adds a lot of texture and detail. It is extremely useful to have links to supporting material highlighted in blue allowing a quick trip to scan the related article. I have only two complaints. First: many of the articles have animated memes or images that constantly alternate between one image and another producing pseudo-animation. This may be intended as an attention grabber, but it is also highly annoying and distracting. Seeing motion in ones peripheral vision tends to take the reader’s attention off the text and back to the animation. I have to resort to covering up the animation with one hand in order to continue reading. My other complaint concerns full-page advertising appearing in a several page article. The software resists swiping past the advertising to the next page of the article. I realize that this is done so people like me can’t simply breeze past ad copy that they don’t wish to look at. When I had only the print version of the Journal, I could easily ignore the advertising copy. With the online Journal I have to fight ad copy that refuses to yield to a page-turn gesture. I don’t like paying more than $400 a year and find myself forced to look at something in which I have no interest.

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    I like it

    I'm a 77 year old lifetime newspaper reader and have online subscriptions to the Washington Post (print as well as online versions) and NY Times as well as the WSJ. I download all 3 every day and wander through them getting the flavor of the coverage and the opinions. I would prefer to be able to download the print version of the WSJ so I could see the placement of articles the way I can with the WP but the WSJ app comes reasonably close. The strength of the WSJ app is the ease of scrolling through to find and read articles in each of the various sections. When all articles are simply shown in long scrolling lines placed willy-nilly on the screen, it is harder to sort out the "news" from the "opinions." It's hard enough to read news articles filled with speculative words like "could" or "might" mixed in with what actually happened. The WSJ is making an admirable effort to keep its news coverage balanced and factual and its opinion section fair. I appreciate that in today's hyper-polarized media environment. BUT, the tech end is quirky. I don't like having an article disappear in the middle of my reading it. I don't like the fact that I then have to start over with the app to get back to where I was. SURELY YOU CAN FIX THAT!

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    I enjoyed the print edition for many years. I find the WSJ readable and significantly less biased than than WAPO and the NYT. I no longer read the NYT, WAPO or Huffington Post. I watch a lot of FOX and find CNN and MSNBC to be unbelievably biased. My pet peeves with the digital version of the WSJ is the way it is organized. It does not read like a newspaper and I find it difficult to find stories by headlines and importance. I find the digital version of the NJ Star Ledger much more readable and organized. I don’t particularly like what the paper says but I can find what I want to read by looking a pages and headlines. I guess I’m old fashioned, but I just can’t warm up to the digital version of the WSJ. The other pet peeve is if I go from an aggregator like Drudge to a linked WSJ article I run into the WSJ paywall even though I’m a subscriber and must then go to the WSJ app, log in and attempt to find the article I was trying to read and I’m usually not able to find it. Can’t there be a way to allow subscribers to go directly to the article without all the rigamarole. I read newspapers using headlines arranged by importance not section by section!! Photograph your newsprint edition an use an app like the Star Ledger and I would be a lot more pleased with the WSJ digital edition. William E Musser

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    Great app and very informative

    Love WSJ and their informative articles. Much of what I read is used in decision making for stocks and my overall view of the economy. I still think that aside from the opinion section, WSJ is generally non biased when it comes to information. My only regret is that I don’t think WSJ checks on their membership much. I honestly think that some subscribers are bots who are only there to inflame readers and inject their own disgusting brand of politics. I don’t care much for politics and try to some our both parties from issues, but it seems that there are some members who consistently comment on every article no matter when it was posted which leads me to believe they are bots if that is even possible. I really wish that off someone from WSJ is reading this, you really need to check that. I subscribed because I am a young college student trying to understand the world as best I could and believed that I would find like minded people as subscribers as well. But the case is that this, most times, is no better than Facebook’s comment section.

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    Good, Not Perfect

    I like the WSJ because it does the absolutely best job of reporting ALL news in an unbiased way. I can turn to the business section with a feeling of confidence that what I am reading is factual; I feel the same way about world and US news. I like reading it on my iPad because I can read as much or as little as I want at my own time AND I do not have to deal with disposing of the paper product. I enjoy the opinion page because it acts as a balance to the totally progressive liberal views expressed in virtually all other media. This is why I gave it five stars because these are the things that are important to me. What I do not like is the clear slant toward the very rich in the "fluff" pages. I understand that this is because the advertisers are interested in selling their products and it is the very rich who buy them. However would it be too much to ask that you include some content that those who take home less than $150,000 a year would actually like to hear about!

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    The beacon for capitalism, sometimes!

    While we all expect the WSJ to be a free market advocate, and a flag waving supporter of this great experiment in democracy. Some on the board are reluctant to shout it from the rooftops. Some on the board are resistant to border protection, limiting immigration and defending America from unfair trade practices. A lot of space is required to refute them on those positions. Now we must say the Journal is one of the only media outlets that has anything good to say about our country. Mr. Riley and Ms. Kim Strassel are the exceptions. Ms. Strassel’s coverage of the Trump derangement syndrome has been worthy of many awards. She is an outstanding journalist seeking truth in the chaos of modern media spin. Mr Riley can always be counted on to write and project thoughtful pieces consistent with the facts and true to the the spirit of our founders. While many expect him to write on racial themes, because he espouses conservative ideas coming from a Blackman, I find his writing colorblind very reminiscent of Thomas Sowell one of the greatest intellects of our time. Mr. Riley’s opinion on all the matters he chooses to write about are excellent. True to the facts and directly clearly delineated.

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    Great resource for real, unbiased news.

    I have dropped the local paper, and I’ve stopped watching Fox And CNN on any routine basis. The Journal continues to provide real, in-depth reporting that provides a factual analysis while containing editorial opinion to the editorial page. I started following Peggy Noonan, among others from the Journal’s editorial page because of the rational arguments that they make that are based in fact, not conjecture or projection of their views upon those they profile. I especially appreciated Ms. Noonan’s article that described the lack of an entitlement mentality of students studying at Tennessee Technological University. Her contrast of their desire to learn how to do/make things better, versus the desire of students at several Ivy League colleges to learn how to use connections with other students, highlights the origin of our political leanings and self-interests. The gift my father gave me of a Wall Street Journal subscription in college has turned me into a loyal subscriber of this fourth estate publication for the past 25 years.

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    Awful service and no refunds

    We been dealing with this Issue for months now. We haven’t got a single paper delivery. Every time we contact the customer service, they make it sound like they’re going to talk to the local delivery people and get it fixed. However, it never gets fixed. They don’t let you cancel the service and keep giving a month or so free. We got in at a special but then we paid $45 a month for service we never received. When we asked for a refund, they gave two months of service free. What does that mean? When there was no delivery at all, we’re stuck to literally use the mobile app. Imagine getting a paper through mobile app when you paid for the paper one? The whole reason we paid for the paper is so it becomes a habit and we can read it in the morning. Mobile apps are good to read an article here or there but we can’t read the entire paper is in the mobile app. Plus we never get any special weekend additions. That was the whole point of subscribing in the first place. They are such a reputed paper but have the worst customer service. Even a corner restaurant is better than them. I highly do not recommend them. Regarding the content, of course they are the best.

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    App works fine, but no breaking news detailed updates

    I am a long time user of this app. Pros: content the same as the paper version, recent back-issues easily accessed, slide and glide thru articles, stable performance (had some bug issues in earlier releases, but seems fine now), and table of contents/sections works fine. Cons: biggest shortcoming is that while WSJ does give you a breaking news notification (I use an iPad-mini), if you click the notification it merely opens the app, but no further details are provided regarding that breaking news item. Some other news apps, for example the BBC's app and CNBC's app, is constantly updated with breaking news details. This app is just a snapshot of the print version. Update....lately, everytime I launch the app, the WSJ white startup page just sits there, I have to close it and reopen for access to editions, sections menu. Needs fixed, but otherwise great (normally) editorial content, journalism and app.

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    Poor performance on iPad

    Update 11/18 - two years later - you keep losing eyeballs. The app is so heavy and complicated each article is painful to read. Your full screen ads between pages of the same article work poorly on ipad. If you only care about readers with the lates ipad keep doing what you are doing. But if you care about the rest of your readers who upgrade every four or five years, then stop making your app so hard to use. We read the wsj less because tour app is terrible a d slow. -----I have been using the app for two years. Downloading the daily edition over 3G and often wifi is painful, can take ten minutes to download, sometimes not at all on iPad, so I have to use the iPhone version to actually see wsj content on my daily commute. I end up using Bloomberg (both professional and consumer) versions instead for reading. Frustrating in that I have read the wsj for twenty years. I also do not like its usual non-compatibility with Instapaper which I use to catch up on my reading at nights and on weekends - this is something that wsj does not try to fix. The upshot is I use wsj content less and less, despite a premium price. This leads to further declines in readership for them, frustrating.

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    Sad to see WSJ slipping into the MSM PC herd

    I’ll be interested to read the story someday about what happened to the Journal’s news editorial function. The evidence accumulates about the difficulty of finding young journalist who have survived our ideologically fixated colleges with critical analytical skills intact. There must be some though, and one always expected that WSJ, if anyone, would find and groom them to write with wit, energy and curiosity about what really happened “out there”. Yet the news writing gets more shallow each year, more narcissistic and ideological, narrower and more disrespectful of readers who, the writers seem to neither know nor care, have come to hear the evidence so that we may form our own opinions. Each year preachier, each year more simplistic and, yes, so obviously biased. The editorial pages still crackle, thank goodness, and occasionally even expose more than one side of complex issues. It’s less likely with each passing year, though, that the arguments and opinions of your best editorial writers could find support for their views in factual expositions of the news section.

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    So-so digital

    It is very helpful to have this app for travels away from home where we can still read a real paper. It has flaws - especially with the crossword. There doesn't seem to be a way to stop the clock, other than clearing the puzzle; it doesn't offer the answers to the meta-puzzle in the Monday edition; and sometimes the crossword just isn't there. The app has no short way to print an article without all the graphics, bullets of secondary and irrelevant info on, and wasted space. I have to compile and edit an article in order to share articles since the WSJ no longer lets me send links to complete articles. C'mon folks. What better way to get your standard of journalism out there than by getting potential readers to see your work. Heck, you can even limit the number of articles we can share per day or month. And last, but not least, there seems to be 2 digital editions and some days, I am slipping between the formats and have no idea how or why. Is this really necessary? For all of the above, I have higher expectations for the Journal.

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    Much improved!

    This is an update to my previous rating. The previous version performed very well on my iPhone. This version, however, has a bug that prevents access to seemingly random articles. At first, I thought the bug was limited to the Life & Arts section, but that no longer appears to be true, as various opinion and news pieces are now out of my reach. The error appears as, “Unknown error. If you continue to receive this error, contact customer service in the Profile section of the app”. This would be comforting, if only I could find the profile section within which to contact customer service. TERRIBLE quality control. PLEASE fix this! My previous rating was 2 stars. Based on several months’ use of the updated version, I’m MUCH happier. The errors I was experiencing have disappeared across all the platforms I use (OS X, Win 10, iOS). The app also seems to respond more quickly, and with better accuracy, when updating to the current issue. Thx for restoring my faith in your app.

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