ABC 7 New York Reviews

ABC 7 New York Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-29

The ABC7 app provides the latest local, weather and national top stories and
breaking news customized for you! Get more live and on-demand video than ever
before, including live newscasts, and choose customized alerts based on your
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ABC 7 New York Reviews

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    Great News App But...

    I just love this app and how it gives you breaking news. I also love how well it works with the Apple Watch, but it’s still not optimized for the iPhone X even though the screen shots suggest otherwise. I’ve tried updating the app, deleting the app, restarting my phone, but it just doesn’t take advantage of the screen size of the iPhone X. Other than that I love this app and would suggest it to anyone who is looking for a great news app to keep you in the know.

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    Political view points on the app as well as ALL TV broadcasts and ABC world news tonight support OUR President 3% and the Democrats 97% considering our country is going strong, 6 million people are on food stamps, unemployment is the lowest it’s been in 50 years and black unemployment is the lowest it’s ever been in history. Notice, not one of the Democratic candidates ever mention any of this and neither does ABC news and you David Muir never asked at the debate.....why? You NEVER mention any of President Trump’s success. Didn’t even attempt to retract the latest Kavanagh nonsense when even the NYtimes had a print a retraction . Liberal media is horrible. I tape it, pass over all your political nonsense and the commercials and just stick to what’s happening in New York. It’s bias political nonsense. My GF button is now a necessary. Sadly ABC has always been my station but I’m straying away little by little because of the news coverage. With so much competition, ABC has to step it up and show more equality and less bias.

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    Needs updating. Too many fake news links.

    It’s a decent local news app, but it needs to be updated and it’s got too many advertising links dressed up as fake news stories. The app needs to be formatted for different size phones. The fonts look huge on my iPhone 6 Plus and there’s no way to adjust the font size. The notifications are also annoying and should be controllable within the app, perhaps to allow for different kinds of alerts you may want or don’t want (e.g. all news, local news, weather, sports, traffic, politics). The fake news links to advertising are a real disappointment. You’d think a news app, especially ABC, would want to maintain the integrity of their news outlet and not list a bunch of fake news links after their stories under “You might also be interested in...” That’s just lame.

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    Too Many Advertisements

    While an outstanding app. I've grown up with ABC 7 and I will always be loyal to Eyewitness News and WABC as I've been watching the program for 20 years. I understand the necessity to use advertisements to make the app profitable, but to have a 30-60 second advertisement play prior to every video playing is a bit ludicrous. I could understand having it after every 4-5 videos but every video to have to watch a 30-60 second ad in a world like New York where things move quickly. Sometimes we just want to watch the content uninterrupted you know? That's my only gripe! Offer a paid version of these apps without the advertisements. It's an even bigger slap to the face when the advertisement is longer than the actual video itself.. 😞.

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    ABC Eyewitnesses News Mobile App

    Hello, I love your mobile app except for the “time-out” it automatically does while reading stories. It is not my iPhone that causes this because it happens on my iPad too, as well as, to friends of mine. When this happens I have to reopen the app and start all over again and wait for the stories to reload again. This even happens while I’m in the middle of reading a story. This is very annoying. Can you fix this to make the site even more enjoyable? I have reported this before and no one replied. I find that not being nice either. A reply feedback would have been courteous. Thank you.

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    Great app but jump to bottom of story annoying

    I’m a big fan of ABC News and Eyewitness News in New York. And the app is a great way to keep up with the stories when I don’t have time to watch the news But, when you open the story and start to read, the app just jumps to the bottom of the story for no reason. And you have to scroll back up to the top to actually start reading. Not just random - every time. More often than not, I just click out of the story I tried reporting this on the Feedback form, but that page doesn’t work. I’ve seen a few other reviews were people were having this problem as well. Please fix this - it’s really annoying

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    Up to the minute news updates

    The ABC7NY news app is my #1 source for breaking news in New York City. Minutes after something happens, I get an alert on my phone with relevant details and information that helps me navigate my day. I love and recommend this app for every New Yorker, tourist and long term visitor. In the city that never sleeps, you need a vehicle that keeps you in the fold, and this app rates #1, hands down!

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    Traffic no longer works since last update

    The traffic page no longer shows anything, just a blank page. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app to no avail. I can get to the traffic source thru a webpage but nothing thru the app shows. Time for a another update that works this time. Shoddy project management on your developers. And as always too many ads, I know all you companies are greedy but it just aggravates people and turns them away from using your products. I make it a point to never ever purchase a product that is advertised to me.

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    Love the app. Hate the glitches.

    I enjoy the the news stories however I have been experiencing major glitches when I attempt to listen to your videos on the app. When I click a video to hear reporting sometimes I will hear an ad playing simultaneously. Right now when I click a video I hear no audio. Please fix!!!

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    Please go back to your previously creatively and tactfully designed layout and colors

    What on earth did you do to the app? The beautiful picture of the freedom Tower the weather the good morning quote the beautiful dark blue colors it's all gone in the latest version. You can't scroll through what you want with snippets without going through each story with a major white background burning your eyes it's Terrible. Please go back to what you were good at.

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    No order

    This App only has potential while watching live. But when trying to watch after the live broadcast there is absolutely NO ORDER to the sequence of videos. Some videos at times repeat themselves and then they are the unwanted theatrics of the beauty videos which there should be a skip option. Your videos should play in order. Place the most important first. You guys could learn a thing or two from the NBC NEWS app! It’s easy to navigate and plays all in a row and option to skip is always there! Hello it’s 2019 not 2010! You guys needs to UPDATE!!!!!!!!

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    New iOS update crashes app

    Gave 3 stars because I don’t believe it’s ABC app fault. Love the app but I think there are issues with the newest iOS update 13. Many articles show people should wait to update when 13.1 comes out as there are numerous problems people are having with the current one, including apps crashing.

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    Best News App Ever!!

    I love this app it keeps me up to date with the latest News!! I recently was out of town and was able to check in on what's happening in my town! They are very reliable with breaking News! Five stars from me!! Also the stories are in great written details if you're not watching live!

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    This app is great. I love ch 7 and try to watch it whenever I can I wake up to them and go to sleep listening to them. I love everyone on the desk and the field. ThanksI. I think people should stop complyabout the heatwave. We can shower a few times, wears cold wear a cold towels around your neck ,stay in a/c. When it is winter we have ice and snow. Falls are inevitable. Just think about it. The heatwave is bad but I will take it over the winter anytime.

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    Hooray for Channel 7

    As someone who still thinks of Roger Grimsby and Bill Beutel when they play the Eyewitness News theme, my family always watches Channel 7 news to this day. WABC/7 is and always has been like a member of the family. It’s not New York news, unless Channel 7 reports it. We also loved the return of both Sam Champion and Spencer Christian.

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Is ABC 7 New York Safe?

Yes. ABC 7 New York is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 25,164 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for ABC 7 New York Is 46.5/100.

Is ABC 7 New York Legit?

Yes. ABC 7 New York is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 25,164 ABC 7 New York User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for ABC 7 New York Is 46.5/100.

Is ABC 7 New York not working?

ABC 7 New York works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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