myChevrolet Reviews

myChevrolet Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-07

The new myChevrolet mobile app* design was developed by incorporating user
feedback to provide an even better experience. Redesigned for the way you drive
and live, this app is high-tech and highly personalized. You can stay in touch
and in command — whether you’re in your vehicle or out...

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myChevrolet Reviews

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    App was updated to be far less useful

    The old app had more features One thing that has changed is that you can no longer see how far away your vehicle is from your current location so for instants if somebody else is driving the vehicle and they’re coming to your location you can no longer see how far away they are and what time they’ll get there another thing that has changed is you used to be able to leave a mall or an airport for some event and you could say find my vehicle and then it would give you the little arrow like Google map stuff so you can walk to where your vehicle is it also tell you the distance you are from your vehicle it no longer does that at all so that that is totally gone and there’s just so many location features like when you find my vehicle now it doesn’t even tell you the address it’s at so just good luck for that where the hell tap kind of pointlessBecause now it’s just a dot on a map with no address so good luck even trying to Uber to your freaking vehicle if you borrowed it to somebody or if you parked there at the airport or just any any reason you want to know the location of your vehicle address not showing anymore pay they took away some of those features it’s just awful now it’s almost useless it’s just a app that you use to remote start locking unlock your vehicle and other than that it’s pretty freaking pointless

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    A good start to a nice app

    This app works fairly well on my iPhone. I use it in conjunction with my Bolt EV, so it is nice to be able to find charge locations and get a brief description of which charge network and plug type is available. The what-if route planning is also very handy to verify what destinations are within driving range. The navigation section of the app could some improvement. Setting the initial location and destination is not that easy, especially on a small screen. Better user prompts would help. Also strangely on a 2017 iPad, the app apparently can not auto update the parked location, though it can read vehicle status and lock/unlock doors, etc. This is a problem because the navigation feature won’t allow a route to be planned when the parked location is entered manually. Route planning does work OK on an iPone 6S where parked location is picked up automatically. The app runs only in portrait mode and on a large screen device like an iPad is just scaled up with huge text and buttons rather than better using the available screen real estate. I really would like to see the app perform better on the iPad which would make route planning a much better user experience.

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    Locked out of vehicle

    Since the new update the remote commands to lock/unlock the doors has been buggy. Today, after leaving key in my jacket in the car I locked the doors using the app and went into the gym. About an hour later when I came out I launched the app to unlock the doors and it just kept spinning and spinning but the doors never opened. I closed the app and tried again but still no response. I rebooted my phone just to clear it and launched the app again. Still it would not unlock the doors. It’s now raining. I called onstar for assistance and was told that I only have the basic plan that does not cover assistance by phone to unlock my doors. However, as a one time courtesy they will unlock them for me. But that I should be warned that if this happens in the future I will not be assisted unless I upgrade the onstar package. I waited until I heard the doors unlock and then I said “regardless of whether I have a basic plan it should ALWAYS be a courtesy to unlock my doors when the app created by onstar fails to work!” The idea to hold someone hostage and pay an upgrade fee in order to be assisted when the app fails? What if a child or pet was in the car and I didn’t have a credit card on me to upgrade? Ridiculous! One thing for sure I will never purchase onstar or recommend it to anyone.

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    UPDATED: Geolocation of vehicle no longer working

    I gave the following feedback yesterday. The App was corrected and functioning correctly today. I also received a personal email informing me the corrections had been made. **Rating 1 yesterday / 5 today. Thank you developers!! ——————————————————— Until today, I have been able to “Locate Vehicle” from anyplace whether I have been driving or not. That way I always new where either of them are regardless of where I am or the vehicles are. Today that function went away suddenly and my only choice is to ‘choose’ a location on a map that forces to my personal current location (phone location). For instance; my 2015 Traverse is currently located in Nashville, TN with my son. I am in Albany, GA on W Doublegate Drive. When I refresh the “Parked Location” of that vehicle it places it where I am; NOT where the vehicle is!! This is absolutely NOT what I need from the app and service! Fix it ASAP, please!

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    Great app

    After a minimal delay on obtaining the right information of the app not connecting with the car, I do have to say that the customer service was just amazing and respectful when I had doubts on what could be the problem. I will say that I’m thankful for not only this app but more to those who work in the background of Onstar, the core of great care and customer service unlike any other service provider for your safety and needs. The one feature I enjoy, their is always someone on the other side of that little blue star button on your car and on the app. Truly worth it. They not only are their to help with common issues but are always their to help you be safe and stay safe in cases of emergency. Thank you Onstar and this app for making my new Chevy experience an amazing one. Keep up the great work.

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    Updates=login all over again

    Both the previous OnStar app and the new MyChevrolet app have a truly annoying tendency to lose all the info one has previously entered after updates. We don’t need to use the app daily, but when we do it is often for an important reason, like remote start or unlocking the doors. Go to open the app, and it makes you update before using. Do the update, and all acct info has disappeared. Re-entering the user name/password is bad enough, but today I also had to re-enter the *!&#* VIN! So if I’m in a situation that feels unsafe and want to utilize the app in an emergency, I have to hope that all the login information hasn’t vaporized YET AGAIN. I should not have to add “Make sure the MyChevrolet app is working and I’m still logged in” to my pre-travel list of things to do! This has been on ongoing problem with the old app and now with the new app, despite asking the app to “remember me” with each login. And yes, I had previously switched to the new app and logged in already. An app update should not lose all your login info and preferences.

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    A bit torn

    Sounded great, the presentation was awesome. The reviews on here all made it sound like it was the bees knees... but then it wasn’t. I just got a second hand 2016 Chevy Volt, wonderful car regardless of the futility of getting the app working let alone finding out that Chevy/OnStar decided to change their terms and conditions apparently as of November to no longer include the “3 years on us” basic services... but wait, the app was updated in December and maybe the developers weren’t informed because when you select the “get connected” button, it presents you with the promotion for the “3 years on us”!! It even tells you some of the key features, like controlling your range extended electric vehicle’s charging features!! Even my previous 2016 VW e-Golf included that for 3 years because someone thought that knowing your charge state without having to walk to your car was important! So, yes, in order to use any part of this app or any feature aside from the diagnostic reports and electronic manual, you actually have to sign up and pay their outlandish rates. At least there’s no contracts! That’s a plus!

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    It’s just ok, What needs a fix.

    I’ve had my Chevy Colorado for a year now and pay for additional On Star services. I enjoy the knowledge that if a sudden crash occurred or I spot another roadside emergency with others On Star is there as my 911 go to for help. I don’t like the upgrades to app covering tracking my vehicles location. A slow down in tracking my own vehicle on the app has occurred over the last years upgrades. If I purchase a higher plan On Stars would coordinate with law enforcement to track my vehicle not thru or with me. I used to be able to add into the app when I performed service on my truck. I used to track when I put on upgraded equipment so I had a quick reference to everything on my truck. Can’t do this anymore, disappointing! On the other hand basic unlock, sound horn, and remote other item, if installed are a plus. Over all app is good! It was better but the dealers lose money when I perform services. Use the app it’s still a good app but could be great.

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    Loving My Chevy App/OnStar

    I’m enjoying the app and it’s features. Unfortunately the remote functions randomly disappear periodically when tech support happens to not be available. After calling OnStar (Tech Department was closed) and expressing my concern the app miraculously displayed the OnStar features again but minus the remote features. I received it as a complimentary perk so for now I won’t complain however I plan to keep the more affordable plan when the time comes time to renew, and I hope everything will function as it is designed and I am paying for it to do. Developers: People read reviews to get a feel for the product as you know and if it’s showing a lot of negative reviews that seem to never change we save our money and do without the headache!! Great App just fix it.....

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    I’ve had this app for my Chevy Bolt for about 4 weeks. At first I thought this app was pretty good. I love the gamification of trying to drive as efficiently as possible and receiving a score. I can also see my state of charge as well as tire pressure. I can also precondition and unlock my vehicle remotely. The frustration began about 10 days ago when I tried to use the app and as it was refreshing (which takes far too long) the app it closed. Sometimes it doesn’t stay open for more than a few seconds. This glitch makes the app almost impossible to use. If the app does stay open long to use I noticed the some of the limitations of the app. If I precondition the car I am unable to change the heating or cooling settings from the app. I also cannot change the setting on the amount of charge I want my car to have in the morning. I am left wanting much more then what is actually delivered. We desperately need a refresh of this stale app.

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    Nice app... when it works

    Very much appreciate the functionality of the Apple Watch interface but, majority of time am met with a red iPhone graphic with a slash thru it and cannot launch the app. No explanation anywhere of what this graphic means or how to solve for it. Five stars if not for this issue. UPDATE: Received a voicemail from customer support that informed me that despite being told under separate correspondence that I must have iPhone software update 10.0 or better along with Apple Watch software 3.0 or better (of which I do)... that in fact the MyChevrolet App is not compatible with Apple Watch. I do not understand! MyChevrolet App is advertised as being compatible and it has worked in the past, changed review to 1 star. Love my Chevy Camaro but customer support, not so much.

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    Lots of potential here

    Number 1: There's an app for my car! How cool is that? It doesn't really do anything yet. I just got a Bolt, and there is no correlation between what the app says and real life. In fact, I was traveling, thought "hey, it would be really cool to check on my car back home". The app told me that the car was dead, and offered to help me call roadside service. I was pretty concerned, I called OnStar and they told me I had probably left the lights on. I mentioned that a 60 kWh battery probably would be ok with the lights on for a day or two, but he said, "you'd be surprised", that it probably was indeed dead, and there was nothing that they could check to verify. When I got home it was fine, fully charged, just as I had left it. I'd really rather they didn't have features that are so blatantly misleading, but there must be some sort of intention to get it to work. This could be really cool someday.

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    The application works as advertised

    This is a great app overall, but it still has one thing that keeps it from being a perfect application. I use it all the time to control my automatic start up open doors, etc. The biggest drawback of this application is that you still have to put in your passcode every single time you perform an action on your Apple Watch. I understand that the passcode is necessary for all actions on the iPhone, but if your Apple Watch is already authenticated when you first Place it on your wrists, then why do you need to add an additional passcode just to turn on your car? The fact that he keeps asking for a passcode is what makes the Watch application less efficient and annoying. Why doesn’t the Apple Watch version of this application bypass The need for a passcode on the app itself? This is why I cannot give it five stars. It’s just plain silly and redundant.

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    Getting Worse

    The app by and large does what it says. However, if you turn off location services, the app brings up modal dialogs complaining about this fact, several times, every time you try to do anything in it. It renders it borderline unusable. I’ve got to imagine this is against some Apple terms of app development, as no other app I’ve ever used has been nearly so obnoxious if a setting is disabled. If the developers would fix this, check for the missing location services data only when the user asks for a feature that needs it, and checks only once every time the feature is requested, I think you’ll have a much more usable app. I’m not even getting started on the questionable decision to try include advertisements in this app. I bought a compatible car, so from that angle I spent an off a lot of money for this app already. Increasingly I have to tell people that I bought the car *in spite of* OnStar.

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    It was good. Now it’s just ok.

    I really like the convenience of the app even though some features stop working after the Onstar promotional period is over. The main problem I’m having now is that for some reason the app will not save my Touch ID information anymore, even after I enable it while in the app. The very next time I open it and try to execute a function I’m prompted to once again type in my pin and the Touch ID option is disabled yet again! It’s a bit frustrating because once you’re used to the smooth flow of using your fingerprint to perform a task, everything now comes to a grinding halt when you’re prompted to put in your four digit pin number every time you open the app. Please fix this in an update soon!

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Is myChevrolet Safe?

Yes. myChevrolet is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 458,172 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for myChevrolet Is 41.3/100.

Is myChevrolet Legit?

Yes. myChevrolet is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 458,172 myChevrolet User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for myChevrolet Is 41.3/100.

Is myChevrolet not working?

myChevrolet works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of myChevrolet to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a myChevrolet customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using myChevrolet.

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