The Photo Cookbook Reviews

The Photo Cookbook Reviews

Published by on 2021-03-20

The Photo Cookbook is like a private cooking course in your kitchen with an
expert chef who makes everything easy to understand. Beautiful photography,
elegantly displayed in high resolution, illustrates each step. The "Quick &
Easy" cookbook, included free, will form the basis of your...

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The Photo Cookbook Reviews

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    One of the best recipes apps.

    Discovered from one of the original iPad commercials. It’s a great visual dictionary for ingredients and simple directions. A variety of recipes that makes cooking a joy!

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    Universal Search

    It’s inconvenient to search through recipes, by having the change books, it would be cool to search say “chicken” and have it filter through all books.

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    Use to be great

    So now the developer finally decided to update and upgrade this application after years of not working on it great so now all the apps and recipes I’ve paid for already I now have to repay for all over again Update I sent An email to developer and got no response no help nothing

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    Beautiful photos make recipes seem appetizing and simple to create. Love the presentation and elegance. I'm hungry now! Definitely could use more recipes, but I was impressed by the variety and I like the simple categories: meat, fish, vegetarian, and desserts. In a few minutes of browsing I found dozens of recipes I'm going to try. I have never found a single recipe in Epicurious that I want to actually make. Nice variety of ingredients and cooking styles. The complaints about pricing are ridiculous -- just think how much a printed cookbook of this many color photos would cost! Two suggestions: it would be nice if the individual ingredients could be identified in the group photos (perhaps by popups when I touch the ingredient). At times it can be difficult to tell what's what. Also, nutrition info would be nice, just as a guideline (though I tend to sub lower-calorie equivalents anyway). At the top of my favorite cookbooks for iPad!

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    First of all-- I love it but...

    Make it so that i can print these-- I can`t take my 600$ machine into the kitchen -- do other people actually DO that??! Awesome pics, great recipes, I`ll definitely enjoy trying these out, but It should be more "open".. theres no reason why i should`t be able to print this out. Oh.. and tiramisu with just "strong coffee".. Hell no. I made this recipe-- incredibly delicious however, for next time, do real espresso, don`t pour in ½ cup of rum like what it tells you to because we did this and my 10 year old got completely drunk on one slice (i would only do about ¼ cup, because this was so overpowering), and chop the chocolate yourself by using a cheap coffee bean chopper so you get some cool uneven variety of chocolate pieces, and put these in-between the layers too, not just on top. So yummy! This brings up new point--- PLEASE MAKE IT SO WE CAN COMMENT ABOUT RECIPES AND SAY WHAT WE LIKE/DONT LIKE/ COULD SUBSTITUTE/ DIFFICULTY RATING. It makes sense for such an expensive cookbook especially if there are only a few recipes.

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    The app is amazing!!! I love cooking, but now with cookbook - I adore it!!! Design is fresh, modern, clean and simple - just how it should be. Navigation is so pleasant, I would say "iPad-ish". The app makes you sit on the sofa and scroll, scroll, scroll the pics and imagine). I tried some recipes and they were delicious and looked exactly like on the picture. Every recipe contains not many ingredients and takes a little time to prepare. It is just perfect app for kitchen. Please continue working and add some more cuisines! Or expand existing sets... I need more wonderful recipes from you! And it will be cool if you could add Russian language. Anyway, you made great job guys! A big thanks to all your team!

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    Great App

    This app is clean and beautiful. I think why some get upset is that they paid an initial amount for one part of the book and feel ripped off if they have to pay for more. I only wanted the quick and simple and Italian. I paid a total of like $7. I would have easily paid that for a physical cookbook with the same recipes. If you buy all of it, it's like $12-$13, still a very reasonable price for a cookbook. They've just simplified it and allowed you to pay less if you don't want certain chapters. Think of it that way and it makes perfect sense. Thanks for a great app that lets me experiment with new food in a fun way!

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    Good value, especially if you got it free.

    Not sure why people are rating this 1 star and slamming the publishers simply because there were fewer recipes than they expected. You get 60 (15 recipes in 4 categories) in the Quick and Easy section, all beautifully laid out, with very illustrative photography so that you can see the ingredients (and estimate the amounts) at a glance. You would easily pay the same or more for an e-book. Makes me wonder what people think $3-4 entitles them to; just because it's not a physical object you're buying doesn't mean that time, effort and creativity didn't go into making it. Boggling.

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    A free app that could save you $3

    The app was free, which is nice, but requires a $2.99 payment to fully unlock three of the four cookbooks that come with the app by default. The good thing is the extra content is $1 cheaper then normal. If you check the other Photo Cookbook apps from the developer, they are charging $3.99 for individual apps that have the same content found in the Quick and Easy unlockable categories such as Baking and Asian meals. In the future, I hope they expand on the usefulness of Quick and Easy by making more cookbooks available directly within the app, instead of having to individually purchase their standalone apps which are dedicated to only one food or topic.

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    It's a joy to use

    I am a big fan of alot of the most popular recipe apps on the iPad. But this app definitely has it's own niche and I LOVE IT. It doesn't have as many recipes as the other apps but the step by step photos are priceless. When your cooking it is much easier to reference picture steps verses having to stop an re-read the next step just to make sure you understood the verbiage of an all text recipe. It makes making these elegant dishes less intimidating. As long as what I'm doing looks like the picture...I feel more confident about my results. Keep adding more recipes guys...great job!!!!

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    Let me jut start off by saying that I, a 13 year old, was able to follow one of the recipes in this app precisely. It really helped me cook a meal for my family, which I've always wanted to do but never knew what to make. I absolutely adore this app due to the fact that I am a vegetarian and it separates the food types into columns (ie: meats, fish, vegetarian, dessert) and so when I chose a recipe to make, I knew that what I was making was 100% vegetarian. It simply just told me! Another thing I love about this app is how it shows pictures!! Without them, I probably would have completely messed up the recipe ten times along the way. P.S. GET THIS GREAT APP WHILE IT IS FREE (because to be honest, if I found it at full price, then I most likely wouldn't have purchased it. The only reason I might recommend buying it at full price is because of how wonderfully organized everything is, how delicious the food selections are, and the pictures are just so great!) ❤️

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    Easy to follow!!!!

    So far everything I made was delicious! I absolutely love the layout and the easy to understand instructions! I hope they will create a vegan and vegetarian group. It is a bit pricey to buy additional groups which made me a bit hesitant to purchase them all. I will finish all recipes first in the "quick and easy" group first and if I am still satisfied I will invest. If they put a vegan option in I will buy it right now no questions asked:) hint.....:) Ps: the chocolate orange pots ( under the dessert section ) is unbelievably easy to make and to die for!! Made Huge impression on guests!

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    Gorgeous App, Beautiful Explicit Cooking Instructions, Scrolling Vertical Category is Easy to Use. Quick & Easy and GOOD! Nutritional Info would be a nice added feature, but the ingredients are pretty straight forward and measured out, and can easily be figured out pretty quickly. VERY Well Done! * It cracks me up the people reviewing this app with low stars complaining it needs more recipes, I have another App with hundreds of recipes I get lost in, and lost interest in looking at, you want the Joy of Cooking, buy it. This is an EXCELLENT iPad App! Nutritional Info would be a nice added feature but the ingredients are so easy and straight forward one could figure it out pretty quickly if you are already into doing that in the first place, and there's always room for improvement. I really like this app and trying recipes for a dinner party coming up, like those ground almond plum tart thingys look awesome.

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    Love this app!

    This is actually a great cooking app. The recipes are straight forward and pics help you keep your cooking on track. Most are pretty easy to do and the expansion cookbooks are great too. My critics are first I think you extra cookbooks should be less. $4.99 is a little much. $2.99 is perfect to me. Also, I wish there was like a "favorites" section so you don't have to go searching for recipes you liked. A new issue I've noticed with these recipes is that NONE of them follow the same cook time as it says.

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    Excellent Visual Instructions

    I'm fairly certain that some of the other reviewers writing that the recipes are not 'family - friendly', really mean that the recipes are not 'my kids won't eat anything that looks foreign or exotic - friendly'. So, for those of you that are free from the chicken mcnugget, cheese pizza and buttered pasta mental disorder, I highly recommend this app. Fantastic, healthful recipes that boast superb variety and creative composition. Everything is clear and concise. Excellent! For those that enable their children's bland palette, look elsewhere ;)

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Is The Photo Cookbook Safe?

Yes. The Photo Cookbook is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 536 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.4/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for The Photo Cookbook Is 67.1/100.

Is The Photo Cookbook Legit?

Yes. The Photo Cookbook is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 536 The Photo Cookbook User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for The Photo Cookbook Is 67.1/100.

Is The Photo Cookbook not working?

The Photo Cookbook works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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