KSL News: Utah Breaking News Reviews

KSL News: Utah Breaking News Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-13

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KSL News: Utah Breaking News Reviews

  • By

    Mormon Centric Biased News

    Like the title says. Comments are silenced if anything against the Mormon church is mentioned. Seeing how this app and entire station is ultimately owned by the Mormon church I’m really not surprised. Everything has to have a tie into the Mormon church, mormon church news and Mormon church comments. Just because the Mormon church says something doesn’t mean it has to be front page. However, it does when the Mormon church owns KSL. News stories are biased. Free thought is discouraged in comments. They have their favorite Mormon commenters and their comments stay. Others like mine aren’t. Even if it’s not a Mormon related story. KSL needs to remember not everyone in Utah is Mormon. In fact, church numbers are falling like flies yet KSL still can’t be inclusive for everyone. If you don’t follow the sheep, KSL will ignore you. KSL is extremely corny and some of their stories are flat out unnecessarily written with terrible fact checking and fact gathering, however I know people have to justify their jobs The app itself is excellent. Easy to use and well thought out unlike their actual news stories. Absolutely any way they can tie the Mormon church into a news story, they will. It’s quite sad really. I’m switching to 2News as their app has gotten way better than it used to be and I’ll be uninstalling this biased, Mormon centric app today. Too bad, I’ve been using it for years but I can’t take mormon news anymore. I really don’t care.

  • By

    Biased moderators

    The app itself is ok, however don't try to have a debate with anyone on the comment boards if your views aren't in line with the LDS church. The moderators are extremely biased and will not post your comments even if they conform to all the rules. But if your comments are pro LDS you can just toss the rules aside. I thought news outlets were supposed to be unbiased and against censorship. Edit- pretty sure there's at least 1 mod who just deletes my comments without even reading them because it happened twice today. They basically said that congress collecting a paycheck during a shutdown is a slap in the face of every American and both got deleted. I think one mod took offense to me saying Joseph Smith was a convicted con artist with some magic rocks. Anyone wanna wager that I'll get no developer response? Lol

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    Very biased ‘news’ organization

    The app is fine. The news on the other hand is bery biased on most stories regarding Trump. I usually skip those stories because I know it’ll just be a bash Trump session. Information is always left out that would show the actual truth. The titles of many of your stories (not just regarding Trump) are meant only to draw people in. They are sensationalized and don’t represent what you will actually read. The truth is, I only go to ksl news because it’s already on my phone. I try to stick to the local stories only although if you’re willing to lie (by omission) for some stories, they all probably lack the full truth.

  • By

    Not real journalism

    This app uses probably 90-95% of its articles from the Associated Press, not KSL news itself. Sadly the Associated Press claims to be unbiased in politics but it’s proving more and more to be leaning towards the liberal side. With that I don’t feel like I’m getting the full truth. I did not vote for Trump but I feel like the AP has a massive grudge against him. They left out a lot of his speech to the UN yesterday to make it look like America is the “bad guy” and that we don’t care about others. The other problem too is that the AP fees more like “opinion news” than real news. I know KSL has capable writers, do your own job instead of using other news agencies and pass it off as your own!

  • By

    Videos auto launching is beyond annoying

    You need to stop allowing videos to automatically begin playing. Even when you turn the videos off multiple times they will continue to play without being user launched. Extremely annoying, especially when audio starts blaring from your device in a quiet environment! (Like church) Please stop this asinine feature. I swear on the life of my dog I will never buy products from any of your advertisers who bully their way into my newsfeeds. It’s a joke KSL. Stop it!

  • By


    Good content, fresh and easy mechanics! Hence giving the app two stars. However, I honestly can not give it the remaining three stars. The frustration comes with the streaming of any video. The video works perfectly for the 30 second of the sponsored commercials. But, I can not stream the actual video I wanted to watch, high school football games (or any other streaming videos) are the same! And yes, I have tried different WiFi locations and using my LTE data. I would hope that with the new technology advances we could actually get the consumer what they want to watch, not just the sponsors. Look forward to your solutions.

  • By

    This AP...oops KSL app is trash

    If your looking for AP or CNN news just go there instead, cause 90% of this app is from them anyway, you’ll get occasional local stories but that’s it. The comment boards are a complete joke and the moderators censor you even if your comment is within the guidelines that ksl has issued, unless your name is pioneer47 and your comment is completely liberal it won’t get posted. They post stories from liberal news sources which get a rise from people only to go on the comment boards to become armchair captains and express their opinions to get censored, very infuriating..IMHO the comment boards should be taken off if all wont get posted none should be. You’re creating a dangerous environment.

  • By

    Great News Source

    I really like that this news site is up to date with the latest news as I live in an area of Saratoga Springs that I'm not able to get the free T. V. so this is my source for news. Always accurate and to the point. Thanks KSL for being there for those of us on fixed incomes and can't afford cable or satellite T. V. This is the next best thing without adding waste to the land fill by not having a paper copy. I can view it on my terms and time.

  • By

    Quick and Thorough

    I love the KSL app. I like to get a brief review of all the news articles and things related to the Salt Lake and Utah County. One of my favorite features is the travel times which helps me gauge traffic when traveling up and down the I 15. I also have the Deseret News app which allows me to read more in depth articles. But KSL can sum up the daily news and less than 5 to 10 minutes of reading. A great resource!

  • By

    Love this app

    Five stars all the way. The only thing I dislike is that when an article is updated with new info, especially when it’s enough to change the headline, it doesn’t transfer over to Facebook as an updated article. It shows the original article and headline, but when you click the link it pulls up the updated information.

  • By


    KSL app has taken a nose dive in terms of quality and professionalism. If I could give 10 negative stars, I would. It feels as if the editor of the site comes to work late in the mornings and then parrots stories from other sites. Case in point, from several to choose from, snow storm earlier in the week that closed several schools. Other apps/websites had the story about schools closing up and “running” several HOURS before KSL felt it necessary to post the information. Quality, informative, timely, professional....all of these descriptors CANNOT be used in describing KSL’s app/website. Suggestion - possibly hire people that know what they are doing?

  • By

    No longer good

    This KSL news app used to be terrific but I no longer use it much. KSL pushes their sponsors so aggressively that it is almost impossible to avoid an add. And when one pops up there is no way to terminate the add early. You must watch the entire add. Read four (4) news stories and you will see the same stupid add three times. I became so sick of it that I now use a different app as my news source.

  • By

    Content quality quickly slipping

    I’ve been wanting to share this for a while and since the request just came up on my phone I decided I would make a brief comment. I have noticed that the content in most articles are becoming less and less about quality and more and more about popularity. The substance of the articles is also been slipping rather than cover things accurately a trend of sensationalism has entered into Ksl noticeably. And I would also say that so many articles that come from the Associated Press that are printed by Ksl are so far from accurate that it’s disappointing that Ksl republishes them.

  • By

    Please fix for iPhone X users!!

    I’m giving 3 stars now and will update to 5 based on developer response. I have been using the KSL app for many years as my go-to source for local news coverage. Has been working great until now with my iPhone XS Max it is very difficult to access any of the top bar content i.e. next to the notch. This needs to be fixed.

  • By

    Program change

    I do enjoy watching the KSL app in the mornings for traffic, weather, and top stories. It is irritating that I have to go out of the app, then back in again at 6:00 am to continue watching the same programming with commercials, which causes me to miss that traffic and weather report.

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Is KSL News: Utah Breaking News Safe?

Yes. KSL News: Utah Breaking News is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 37,836 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for KSL News: Utah Breaking News Is 43.0/100.

Is KSL News: Utah Breaking News Legit?

Yes. KSL News: Utah Breaking News is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 37,836 KSL News: Utah Breaking News User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for KSL News: Utah Breaking News Is 43.0/100.

Is KSL News: Utah Breaking News not working?

KSL News: Utah Breaking News works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 2 Comments

By Lyle Winterton
Oct 28 2020

I like KSL news and watch it every day. BUT... whenever a commercial comes on, the volume goes up so high, I have to mute the TV.

By Jack
Sep 30 2020

KSL.com wants to utilize freedom of press while they squelch the public on the comments section. 99% of the comments are actually KSL employees and if you've registered an account on their site with your real information, their comment moderators have access to your email address, phone number and physical address as well as your full name.

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