DISH Anywhere Reviews

DISH Anywhere Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-22

Take your TV with you with the DISH Anywhere app – and watch all the TV
channels you get at home on your iPad or iPhone. Enjoy all your live or recorded
shows and movies anytime. Manage your home DVR from anywhere. And get access to
thousands of On Demand movies and shows from Showtime,...

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DISH Anywhere Reviews

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    Log-in/Authentication nightmare

    I still love this app, however the one thing I really like about the app has gotten worse. It constantly ask for you to log in. And what is worse, if you have no WiFi or internet connection, you are out of luck. I mainly use my app to store TV shows I have recorded so I can watch them when/wherever I want. Now if I can’t get internet or WIFi, I can’t even get INTO the app to watch what I have stored!! Log in should use have a memory so you could have the ability to check if you would like the phone to remember it. It should also be using the face recognition so you don’t have to constantly type it in...AND it should only require you to”authenticate” your service one a billing cycle instead of every time you open the app!!! Also, developers might want to rethink where to place the ↪️▶️↩️ buttons on the bottom of the iPhone’s that don’t have a Home button. It makes for a clunky experience. It could easily be fixed by moving them to anywhere else, instead of where the digital home button resides. Please work these items out so I can give it the 5 stars it truly deserves!!!

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    6 years of so so

    I’ve had this app for over 6 years. It has gotten better and worse at the same time. Constantly “loading” channels and it varies each time which ones. It is multiple channels at once as well. Half the time it is the channel I want to watch. The other really annoying thing is my “favorites”. I’ve had that set up since I started this app and it never fails to say at some point my favorites are not set up. Now I get to scroll through all the channels and they are trying to load as well. Just junk!!!! I just wish they would actually fix things before adding “new” features to this app. This happens on my iPhone and iPad. Does it on both. WiFi or just phone signal same results. I’ve written several times about this to Dish. When the app is working like it should It is awesome!! That is what makes the times it isn’t working properly such garbage. I use the app on a DAILY basis and it could be 5 stars if Dish could get these issues fixed. Over a YEAR this has been happening. This is not just the last couple weeks or month. With each update I was hoping this issue would be fixed. Currently nothing will load on the menu screen. I have the latest software update and iPhone 8 Plus.

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    Dish app

    In my opinion is very poor. In the beginning it was good. Things obviously have changed it’s not consistent has a hard time staying on has a hard time connecting has a hard time just playing video. I’ve called customer service numerous times they tell me just to reinstall it I reinstall it and the same stuff happens. Very disappointed I was really looking forward to having this app and I’m not going to get rid of it because I do use it quite often it’s just too bad that they don’t stand behind their product and try to fix it. Sometimes I get the excuses that it’s my Internet ( which is kind of funny because I travel and I use different Internet so it just can’t be my one Internet because it’s multiple Internet ) sometimes I get excuses that it’s my equipment (which mind you they won’t admit that there’s anything wrong with their equipment either when it comes down to it). So I guess were stuck until maybe somebody in corporate has the same issues and gets a little frustrated too.

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    App changed?

    It seems the app is different than it was a few days ago. For one thing it stopped working since yesterday, Nov 5th, 2019 for me. I tried all the usual tricks, mainly rebooting hopper and all. Finally today I called Dish and was told that sling adapter is no longer compatible with my old hopper and I need to replace it with a newer unit. I have a lot of saved programs, which I can loose, but being able to watch dish programs remotely is more important. So I consented to get the new hopper, which has sling adaptor built in. Oh yes, the agent tried to make me pay for the new hopper or extend my contract by two years. After some discussion, she decided to change her mind and drop that requirement. May be it’s because, I wanted to speak with a supervisor? All of a sudden the Dish Anywhere App started working, after a few hours, but it is not the same. Many old features are missing. I will have to see how it works with the newer Hopper, if it works as used to. At the least. Only two stars because missing features on this App.

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    This is the worst functioning streaming app. I’m very disappointed, because I like to use my satellite service when I’m away from home, but this app is incredibly unreliable. When I open it and choose a channel, it begins streaming, but most of the time only streams for about 15 minuets, then has fits of stops and starts and freezes. I then have to close the app, reopen it, choose a channel then go through the whole process again. Over and over. It happens every single time I use it, unless I’m in my house, basically right next to my receiver, in which case, well, I might as well just watch it on my tv. I switched to Dish from Directv last year, and I constantly wish I hadn’t. When I had Directv, I used their mobile app daily (like I TRY do so with this one) and it always worked seamlessly, including in all of the same locations that I TRY to use this one. The contrast is stark and undeniable. If you’re thinking of switching to Dish from Directv, and like to use your satellite service on the go, DON’T DO IT! I can’t wait until I can go back to Directv.

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    Bugs continue

    I’ve used this app for many years on my iPad mini, putting up with constant log in issues and other problems, even having to tether it to my phone. Since that device is getting old, I just started using it in my phone. The log in issue persists. I even get the “no internet” notifications while watching with good cell service. Other apps don’t have this issue and I wouldn’t expect it after transferring programs to the app. WHY IS THAT??? But a new, terrible problem just started on both devices. When restarting a program, the app opens it at the wrong playback location, usually several minutes LATER than where I previously stopped. This has happened several times. App updates are great, when they don’t break the existing functionality. When an update is released and things are broken, that is sloppy development and falls on the developers. Please fix!!!

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    This app is absolutely horrible. They have to read all these reviews and put into consideration how frustrated Dish customers are with the app. Even after I have updated the IOS on my iPhone and deleted the app and downloaded it again I’m still having issues with the app saying “no internet connection” being that my internet is very strong and I’m using it mostly at home with WiFi. I would have to close it and open it again, I would have to start the show all over and have to watch all the commercials again just to wait to fast forward where I left off and after I fast forward I would have to go through the commercials again. Then I still get the same issues of no internet connection. It’s the absolute worst app there is out there. Dish please fix this issue, please do not just reply to our reviews to make us feel better but actually find a better tech company that can actually make your app even better. Thank you!

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    Agile approach needed to improve dish anywhere

    I have used dish anywhere for several years. And I have been dismayed by the quality for the last 2 releases. A couple of years ago I had no issues with it. I used it on my iPhone and occasionally on my PC. The iPhone side has lost quality and not kept up with the hopper 3 interface. I use my iPhone in landscape mode and the progress bar in that mode is completely useless. It never shows the information correctly. The bar is set as I start it up and never changes to fit landscape. The times are not correct either. The tool also does not let me use folders in a way similar to the hopper 3. Very dissatisfying. On my pc there are simply too many buttons to push to get it started. And sometimes you have to guess how to get there. It also is not smooth. Even when I have been watching for a while it will simply pause for a few 10s of seconds and then restart. Gets pixely as well. Finally when using the guide on my iPhone the buffers are not working well. After using it on several different shows the guide starts disappearing on the grid. Just goes gray I have worked in the software industry and suggest that if you are not already doing so you should employ an agile approach. Works wonders.

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    Needs alot of work!

    I'm am sorry for being blunt, but the app was not well maintained. It might have been a great app, once upon a time. I currently have the iPhone 8+ and it looks very bad on it. It was designed for a smaller screen, and when it's used on a big screens the proportion are off. There are countless bugs. If the control center is open mid on-demand playback, the play back stops, and to resume a lot of steps have to betaken and an add is shown. The UI is outdated, and it's hard to navigate the app. This app seems to be created on a cross platform framework, witch it's good to save money. But the developers must pay special care, and attention to detail when delivering the app to all devices it support, so it doesn't look off. I wish Dish would realize that this app is a gold mine, and that the their competitors have apps that out perform this one. It is really frustrating to use this app.

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    Really Dish? This is your best effort?

    This app is so trash! It rarely connects. Everything is super slow. The UI and design layout is from 2010. I’m literally sitting in front of the receiver which works fine with the TV but not with this janky app. I have ultra high speed internet and every other app that streams video works fine. You need to start this development effort over again with a full rewrite. If the technology is so complicated and this is the best you can release then better to just not release anything. Literally fire everyone who was responsible from UI design, development, feature management, release approvals...everyone should be fired. It’s an extremely irritating app. This app is like something developed offshore as a collaboration between Indian and Chinese developers managed by someone in the Netherlands. Start over and release an enterprise quality solution or pull the app from the market.

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    Great App!

    The Dish Anywhere feature is great! I love being able to watch transferred programming when not connected. I do have 2 issues, tho. When I am watching transferred content and am not connected to internet, I keep getting a pop up telling me I’m not connected, even in airplane mode. Very frustrating to have to constantly be clearing that from the screen. Second, when I watch Dish Anywhere on my Mac Mini, I’m now getting a pop up that is telling me that the app will not work with future versions of macOS and needs to be updated to improve compatibility. Is there anything on the horizon to address this issue?

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    Can’t use HDMI ** Fixed **

    I travel a lot and this app was 5 stars for me because I could watch my shows wherever I was. I would hook up my HDMI adapter and hook it to the Hotel TV and it was just like watching my shows at home. Unfortunately, for whatever reason they have decided to disable that functionality. Since my eyesight is poor it just isn’t feasible for me to watch shows on the iPhone. So my rating is now 1 star. Outstanding way to improve your app... NOT! Received an email from the developer notifying me that they fixed this issue with the latest update. I’m a happy traveler again! Five stars!

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    The main reason I keep Dish

    I’m not going to say this app is perfect, but it works and I use it almost daily. I am a truck driver and have to record a lot of the shows that I want to watch. As long as I have a good signal, I can watch my recordings while on break at night or occasionally catch them on live tv. In a weaker signal, it does freeze up occasionally and I get the “reconnecting to receiver” message a lot. The only thing I’ve found that needs some work, would be the fast forward and rewind buttons. They work most of the time, but are slow and cause the app to freeze up at times. Thanks!

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    Stuck forever on launch screen in latest iOS on both iPhone and iPad

    Downloaded latest updates for iOS and the dish app. Now instead of lame and buggy experience that sometimes lets me watch shows in a frustrating way, I get the launch screen with the spinning donut and let it sit there for minutes before giving up. Entirely useless experience identical on iPad and iPhone. Deleting and reinstalling the app changes nothing. I only resorted to using the app in iOS after abysmal issues using dish anywhere via a PC in the chrome and Firefox. Time to ditch Dish all together based on this failure. The sling experience for remote viewing of dish programs once upon a time was that somewhat decent. It’s gone downhill for years and gets worse it seems by the month though at this point I don’t see how to get much worse. Beware!

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    Worst app experience I’ve ever had

    I’m going to be very grateful to get finished with my contract with this company this summer. I cannot stand this app. As a visually impaired customer, you did what you had to do to make the hardware accessible to me Per federal law. For that, I’m grateful. However, I’m an app person just as much as I am a TV person. Any service I’ve had prior to this one I have been able to flawlessly use the app. Apple has guidelines that will allow you to make your app accessible if you so choose to take the time. However, by the grace of God goes my contract and my loyalty to this company due to your unwillingness to make my experience a whole experience just as you would my cited counterparts. It’s not a free game in the App Store. It’s a part of a service I’ve paid for for almost 2 years. Shame on you DISH!

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Is DISH Anywhere Safe?

No. DISH Anywhere does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 91,866 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.3/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for DISH Anywhere Is 13.9/100.

Is DISH Anywhere Legit?

No. DISH Anywhere does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 91,866 DISH Anywhere User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for DISH Anywhere Is 13.9/100.

Is DISH Anywhere not working?

DISH Anywhere works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 2 Comments

By Angel Evershed
Mar 01 2021

The sound quality is horrible, the caned laughter sound so bad I have to go watch hulu or Netflix where it is so much better. Everytime it buffers it kicks me out out and I have to log back into the app and search my show and search my episode and connect, its so many steps. I pay so much money to have internet and to have dish just so I can stream, cuz thats majority of how I watch dish, just to have horrible service from the app. I plan on switching back to directv as soon as my contract is up if things don't get better.

By Ken
Nov 11 2020

This is the worst app I have w we seen. It is laughable how Un-user friendly this is. The most difficult and ridiculous to navigate.

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