State Farm® Reviews

State Farm® Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-27

With the award winning State Farm mobile app, you can manage your insurance and
other products, request roadside assistance, file and track claims, and much
more! View and manage your insurance policies. • Quickly pay your
insurance bill – even with Apple Pay. • View your aut...

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State Farm® Reviews

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    Has fundamental flaws

    This app has some fundamental flaws. For starters, if you have someone else in the car with you and they are using your phone to either navigate or select music or just google something which is common for me with my gf in the car, it will assume you are using your phone while driving and negatively impact your score. It’s also is not very accurate. For example, I’ve been paying more attention to my speed and using my cruise control more often because this app keeps saying that I’m speeding. On my drive home from work today I was stuck behind a car that was going 5 miles below the speed limit. Yet during this same segment the app says I was briefly speeding. Then on the longest segment of that same drive I had my cruise control set to the speed limit until I turned off Into my neighborhood. The app says I was speeding during a few short stretches of that drive. How?? There have been other times as well where it says I did something I didn’t do. It definitely makes you pay more attention to your driving but it makes more mistakes than I do. The biggest is assuming I’m using my phone when my passenger is.

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    Want to see check images and more info

    I’ve used Pocket Agent and now the State Farm app for a while now and they work fine for me. A couple of features I would like to see is 1) the ability to view the images of the checks I’ve written on my bank accounts. Just having the check number isn’t enough to help me remember what it was for. I have another local bank app on my phone and they have the ability to view check images. Seems like that would be helpful to have for most people. 2) having more info about my insurance products on the open screen of each policy. For life insurance, it only displays three pieces of info and doesn’t even include premium amount, unless a payment is coming due. I want to see my premium amount for all insurance products just by going to the initial screen instead of having to press two buttons to go into the details (for auto, cant even see anymore for life). I want to see it all.

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    Touch ID stopped working after I used this app.

    I downloaded to pay my bill, which I did with no trouble. The sign in page gives you a choice to sign in using a fingerprint - I accepted, made the payment and exited the application. When my phone slept, I tried to wake it up. I would not respond to any of my prints on my phone after signing in with State Farm. I’m not sure if it’s related or not, but after extensive troubleshooting with Apple, the issue remained unresolved until it occurred to me that my phone’s software was not updated (which was probably the root of the issue somehow - don’t ask me why Apple didn’t ask about my software version...?). A whole day passed after I updated, and Touch ID still wouldn’t work, until randomly it finally let me use it again. If you like to use Touch ID to sign into apps, just make sure you have the most recent version of iOS, and don’t mind risking part of your phones functionality (unless this bug has been fixed/solved)

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    Version 7 is what version 6 should have been!

    When the “new and improved” version 6 redesign came out earlier this year, it initially looked visually impressive, but really missed the mark on usefulness and functionality. For someone with multiple financial and insurance products, it was a pain to use due to all the clicking and swiping required to get to any information. I actually stopped using the app in favor of the website. This new version 7 has me completely impressed. It feels like a second stab at the redesign, and this time I think the developers nailed it. I am actually able to see an overview of all of my banking and insurance products on the “Overview” screen. I also can easily get to and see the details of any one account. I’m also impressed with how fast The app returns information every play. It’s very responsive. There is some functionality you will still need to use the website for, like transferring money to external accounts, or seeing mortgage details, but I think every common activity I would need to perform can be done in this app now. It also still does not support landscape mode in this version. Thanks to the developers for listening to customer feedback! I like the app again!

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    State Farm is The Best Insurance Company I’ve Ever Had!

    I’ve been with State Farm for nearly 20 years. First my car, and then my home. I’ve added to my coverage over the years and “added” my family as well. My Parents, my Sister, and two cousins and their families all have State Farm now. I had insurance with another big company for 8 years and it was good. But I didn’t get the support I get from State Farm and my 2 agents (my 1st retired.) I had a bad accident 18 years ago, and It wasn’t clear at first that it wasn’t my fault, the company was supportive and paid for my car and a lawyer and never treated me like a liability. And they didn’t find a reason to get rid of me either. That meant a lot to me during such a stressful time. I trust them to be there if I need them like that again. (Knock on Wood.)

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    I guess this is an app

    This app is such a pain to me honestly. There have been several times where I enter the correct login info and it tells me it’s wrong so many times that I’m locked out of my account, then I call and go through the whole process of resetting a password, only to be locked out (for “security purposes”) for days still anyway. And half the time I actually DO get into my account, I’m unable to pay my insurance bill because they say my card is declined over and over, until I finally give up and call, and then use that same exact card to successfully pay my bill over the phone. So really there is basically no point to even having this app, except the one time ever that I used roadside assistance. Which I guess it worked well for that, but it would be NICE to have a convenient way to pay my dang bill which is why I installed this app in the first place

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    No Bank support

    Third update: So State Farm updates their app and now it tells me I don’t have any linked bank accounts from which to pay? State Farm’s process for being able to pay from a non-State Farm bank account sucked to begin with (why go through the process of linking a bank account, which you have to do from the website, when others require only entering the account info you’re paying from in their app?), but I was willing to give State Farm Banking the benefit of the doubt, not anymore. This app and the non-intuitive website frustrate me enough I will most likely never finance anything with them again. Back down to 1 star and app deletion. Second update: was finally able to make a payment to my vehicle loan using the app, upgrading to 5 stars. Update: I can now see the loans I have through State Farm Bank but can’t use the app to pay them. Until I can actually view AND pay on all my bills (insurance and loans) through the app it will only rate one star; what’s the point of having the app if you have to go to the website to pay on the loan? Deleting the app since I have to use the website to access State Farm Bank, which this app should support.

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    Love the App! Like a good neighbor in my phone.

    I’ve been a State Farm customer since I began driving. I started using their bank in 2001 when BofA wanted to charge me $$ to change my address after a move. I love the lack of fees and the reimbursement for ATM charges when I use other ATMs. I had a Vegas trip that got a little out of hand and received $80 Reimbursement for all of my withdrawals that I made to the tune of $10 each. I use the app nearly daily and never have a problem signing in with my finger print. I know the security questions can be a bit of a pain but I Value the fact that they want to make sure I’m the one accessing my info. I never need them unless I forget my password and my fingerprint fails which rarely happens! All in all...great app!

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    Great service all the way, especially my agent.

    I joined State Farm to insure my car well over 20 years ago, after my old car insurance company which was Mercury treated me poorly. I’ve never felt anything other than the security, comfort, reliability, professionalism, friendliness, courteousness from StateFarm, especially with my long time insurance agent for over 20 years Miss Hilbert in Orange County CA. I can’t appreciate her enough for the workmanship she puts into. I always feel safe driving at anywhere because if something happens, I know for certain Miss Hilbert and the StateFarm will be there for me, just as they have been. I have no consideration switching my insurance company to any other companies. My highest recommendation.

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    Everything at my fingertips

    Just downloaded, hoping I could at least replace the paper cards I have to keep in my car. Found out it is so much more versatile and useful than I could ever imagine! Just by creating an account, I got the info on all my policies and my agent (I thought I was going to have to enter all that stuff). The insurance cards download into wallet, so they are always at the ready. I can pay my premiums through ApplePay, get easy access to claims (which I hope I will never need), and when I travel, I can always look up local “offers”, to find a place to eat, for example. Who knows what else I can use it for, but I am sure it will be useful when I need it.

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    Work in Progress

    They seem to be slowly getting it right. On the past offensive and not customer centric. A couple of months ago, I got a notice that a discount was being canceled because I hadn’t update my mileage. It turned out I’d gotten *one* email two weeks earlier while I was out of the country — no notification in the app of any dealing. Just nuts. Another nutty feature: if a payment is late (but policy not cancelled) they remove it from the app. Hello?? Also, user authentication not aligned with State Farm website. Given the plague of passwords, just what we need. But I see today that they’ve added text alerts recently. Hopefully the implementation was guided by someone new in the organization who understands the point of these apps is to make life simpler for State Farm customers, not more difficult or annoying.

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    I use this app for everything!!!

    This app is fantastic and literally gives you everything at your fingertips. You can see your insurance, banking info, retirement info and you can pull your insurance cards up with ease if you’re in a pinch. Love State Farm and I can’t wait to see what updates they make to make this app even greater. Edit: while I like the new update I preferred the old software. I felt it didn’t need fixing. I do like the graphs for my credit card usage but feel the old software was much easier to navigate. I also feel the ID cards looked much better with the old software as well.

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    A sad, sad app

    Whoever designed this app should really, and truly, be ashamed of themselves. If you need inspiration, Loki at any other Insurance company’s app. I just switched to State Farm from GEICO for reasons I shall not get into, but one thing I IMMEDIATELY miss is GEICO’s app. It made spending time on there enjoyable. It made me want to use the app instead of calling. This State Farm app is the saddest app I have ever seen for a large company. It’s as if it the budget was set at a $100, “so do what you can”, then was designed in a couple hours using a template offered by a free service. The persons in charge of this design had no style, and no vision for any type of graphics or colors. And why am I unable to view the details of my policies? What can I not access an image of our auto insurance cards? In case of an accident, having the app on your phone, and being able to show your insurance card, and even your policy, is VERY handy. This app shows nothing.

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    Great App, but the random frequent updates are murder.

    Great App and great service, but whenever I need to make payments I have to keep updating the darn thing... and with limited data plans, that makes payment impossible until a person gets to a hot spot, not to mention leeching precious data for an unnecessary download. At that point, a person may as well use their computer, making a mobile app pointless. And that’s nothing to say about having an accident but can’t use the app because it needs another update because it seems every other week has a new update. And then there’s the awkward wait to show insurance info for a brake tag because, again, updates. Would it be possible to have the updates come on a scheduled biannual date? Quarterly at the very most.

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    New version always brings a new problem

    I went to use the app a few days ago to pay my bill. I got an error message while opening. I closed it out and started again. This time I got to the Submit button. I hit Submit and I get a Network Error problem. I had thought the app had gotten better over time. Now it’s back to square one. I have to use my iPhone as a phone and call to pay my bill. It’s back to the useless garbage of years past. No different then the website from years ago. My last two bills I was able to pay even though my password was supposed to have expired automatically after two years. St. Farm never mentions that so you think you’v lost your mind while it’s St. Farms fault for never making clear their password rules. Trying to get a new password is more work and effort that planning the D Day invasion. I spent 3 hours on the phone trying to get a new password. Insane! My last two payments gave an error warning. “Thank you got your payment. Your payment was successfully submitted however we are unable to send a confirmation email. Please make a note of the information below for your records.” Seriously, St. Farm doesn’t have the ability to send an email. I just received a Happy Birthday Card. The intent wasn’t to wish me a Happy Birthday, but to sell me life insurance.

A better way to Contact apps

You can now contact State Farm® customer service directly
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Contact State Farm® directly

Is State Farm® Safe?

Yes. State Farm® is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 332,612 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for State Farm® Is 21.4/100.

Is State Farm® Legit?

Yes. State Farm® is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 332,612 State Farm® User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for State Farm® Is 21.4/100.

Is State Farm® not working?

State Farm® works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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Why should I report an Issue with State Farm®?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of State Farm® to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a State Farm® customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using State Farm®.

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