iCardio Workout Tracker Reviews

iCardio Workout Tracker Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-22

We bring your heart rate and training zones to life, guiding you through what
you need to do to be effective and get more out of your training. The perfect
companion for your Apple Watch, or a Polar, Wahoo, Scosche, POWR LABS, CooSpo,
OrangeTheory, Garmin, Moofit or other bluetooth low...

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Best Cardio TrainIng App - Bar None

I’ve been with iCardioWorkoutTracker practically from day one, and will tell you this is probably the best fitness tracking application available today. I’ve tried quite a few over the years and despite a few quirks, frustrations, and sometimes slow development, have never considered moving to anything else. Figifit tracks my cardio workouts and provides the tools to set up heart rate based workouts, monitor my performance and track my fitness. It does not try to be a video coach or dietician like so many other apps out there- thank god! Occasionally, a few bugs crawl into iCardioWorkoutTracker with new feature releases. Sometimes annoying but I’ll live with it given the resolute focus on heart rate training these folks have. I use it for everything from cycling to weightlifting, running, rowing and spinning. If you are a marathoner or Triathlete there is no other app to use. Strava has its place, but if you’re looking to do serious training (or just get back to healthy) - this is your go to app.


No real lap timer

It has a limited split timer if you want to use one of their pre-defined times or distances. No real lap timer. At the end of the run you cannot look back and see the time it took you to run between point C and point D . On the mobile app it does give you split based on when you push the button. But that same activity on the website makes you choose a specified distance or time. Even though your laps are more likely to be landmarks… And does not even show when you push the lap button When you analyze your data on your PC.


I have been using it for years and it keeps getting better.

I have been using iCardioWorkoutTracker for at least six years. Well at times it loses a little bit of functionality, it comes back and gains more. I am very meticulous and iCardioWorkoutTracker covers every statistic I would like to track. Other than some finicky coupling with heart rate monitors here and there, I really don’t have that many complaints at all. Out of all the workouts this is by far the best, IMO..


Stopped working

I have been using iCardioWorkoutTracker for a couple of years with my scosche heart rate monitor and originally liked it so much I paid for extra features. I just got a new scosche heart rate monitor and could not get it to work with iCardioWorkoutTracker. I deleted my old one and now iCardioWorkoutTracker will not pair with the new or the old one. Customer service has been quick and nice but they cannot figure out what is wrong or help. I downloaded another app and it pairs with the heart rate monitor just fine. I have followed the trouble shooting instructions several times and iCardioWorkoutTracker just will not find the heart rate monitor, old or new. I went from loving iCardioWorkoutTracker to not being able to use it at all. When I first got iCardioWorkoutTracker it was very easy to use and pairing took just a moment.


Possible Problem after iOS update?

As with many users, my iPhone has been draining massive amounts of battery power since the last iOS update. In preparation for applying the suggested fixes, I checked iCardioWorkoutTracker battery usage. iCardio was using a whopping 83% of the battery power when neither the iPhone nor iCardioWorkoutTracker was being used! I deleted iCardio and hope this will solve the problem. The battery drain is a widely reported iOS bug, so I may now find another app randomly draining the battery. If not, there may be additional problem with iCardioWorkoutTracker which makes the iOS 11.4 bug worse.


Don’t use with Apple Watch

I’ve had iCardioWorkoutTracker for awhile. I usually use it with a chest strap and it’s flawless. Five stars if for just that. But issues with the chest strap have caused me to use my Apple Watch. iCardioWorkoutTracker takes forever to connect to the watch, if at all. When it does connect often times the heart rate freezes or doesn’t register. It stops and starts to register. I’ve tried all the trouble shooting tips and they work once then it’s back to square one. I’m have a gen one Apple Watch.


Good app; inconsiderate developers

iCardioWorkoutTracker is fine - good selection of different exercises, good tracking. However... with most updates, the marketing gets in the way of usage - telling you all about new stuff when you’re just trying to start a workout, or asking for a rating (and review!) when you conclude a workout. They seem not to consider that MY heart rate zones are what I want and set their own by default (with voice announcements! Bah!), and put the controls in new places. Irritations aren’t enough to make me switch apps but enough to vent in this review.


Recent Issues

Been using iCardioWorkoutTracker for a few years already and i Love It, however im not sure if its because of the new updates but for the last 2 weeks ive been struggling so that it can read my heart rate,i use Apple Watch and Iphone and never had a problem until now, its seems to get stuck for a few minutes sometimes more than 5min and thats diacouraging. Hope you guys can fix it. Its a very good app.


Love this app

I have been using iCardioWorkoutTracker for over a year. It tracks well and keeps Me informed on my progress. The only feature is wish it had was the ability to track a workout session which contains both cardio and circuit/strength training. I feel I lose an accurate calorie burn count having to switch to a different workout half way through my session. All in all a great app, worth the premium upgrade for sure.



Ok... I’m guessing if you have an iPhone you might have an Apple Watch. So get a wahoo cadence sensor at any cycling store or online... runs you about 30 bucks and then iCardioWorkoutTracker! Between your watch, the cadence sensor and iCardioWorkoutTracker you will have everything you need to start some great spinning session at home! I mean it works for other workouts too of course, but this was tricky to figure out and iCardioWorkoutTracker simplified it all. Thanks iCardio!


Loved this app but so janky now.

Wish they’d get the updates to work well. Now I have moved from chest strap to Apple Watch and there are so many problems. App is completely janky. Almost every day that I workout I have to uninstall and reinstall iCardioWorkoutTracker off the watch and a few times per week on the phone as well. The stability of tracking HR and workouts is almost completely unreliable. It’s really saddening bc at this point I’m thinking it’s time to move to another app. Just sad bc I think I’ve been using this since 2012? I’ll be thrilled to update this to a rave review if anything changes!


IFit and Elliptical

You can’t beat this combination! You get to hike along a path with a trainer and get great exercise with a Nordic Track elliptical machine. Tonight I started the Chilkoot Trail in Alaska. There’s like 13 segments. The trainers are full of history with stories. I’ve been to Africa, Chili, Ecudor, Egypt (for the pyramids) and now Alaska. The work is hard, but time passes quickly as you watch the scenary unfold. Plus, your legs get into amazing shape!


Great app! Love it.

I’ve been a customer for a while and when I had syncing issues recently, customer service was really good. Glad I have iCardioWorkoutTracker, I started using before the Apple Watch and even with a chest strap heart monitor at that time, iCardioWorkoutTracker was already top of its game. No complaints whatsoever and when I need help, I have it right away. Thanks developers.


The data is motivating!

I find working out hard and often boring. Being able to see so many different data points, looking at the workout from so many views, for me is a motivator. Perhaps the motivation for me is more important than any other use that the data provides, at least for me.


Great way to keep track

I enjoy iCardioWorkoutTracker very much, the only thing I feel that is missing is to be able to add any workout manually. Sometimes I forget activate the workout on iCardioWorkoutTracker and later there is no way to add whatever activity I did. Also, there are new workouts on line that are not on the apps list, there is no way to know how many real calories and heart rate.


Constantly fixing what’s not broken

I am a long time iCardio user but they can’t stop making tweaks that make iCardioWorkoutTracker impossible to use. I have an iPhone 12 and Apple Watch 6 and despite ensuring the global and local settings are correct (40th time to make this adjustment), the watch and phone app can’t stay in sync and everything stops tracking after 10 minutes or less. That’s it for me. Went to FITIV and managed to get through a 30 min workout without an app/watch disconnect. It’s a shame because iCardio used to be reliable.


Disappointed long time user

This was my ‘go-to’ workout app for years. Great metrics, integrates well with Apple Watch, and comprehensive reports. BUT recent updates have removed consistent HR monitoring across different workout types. iCardioWorkoutTracker no longer tracks and reports run mileage and run maps. No problem with phone or watch as other apps report HR, distance, etc. iCardio is the outlier here. Even in the paid version things don’t work. Contacting the developer got zero response. A big downer. iCardioWorkoutTracker has gone from 5-star to less than one for me.


Great app

Good app. Use it with Scosche hr monitor and Lose it app. Allows me to cross track fitness and nutrition goals and online sync so as to get the info and settings on all my devices. I use my iphone at the gym and my ipad at home to track workouts. Allows me to customize my zones as my fitness improves. Have been using iCardioWorkoutTracker since it came out. Love it!


App no longer working w/ update

The latest update in September 2020 did not work on my iOS device. After another update in October it again appear to be working A-OK. So glad, because it's been an awesome app for spinning and a ton of other various workouts for many years. Lots of info, metrics and visuals to keep you informed. Two thumbs up once again.


Used for 7 years now

Love iCardioWorkoutTracker, no complaints at all! I would ask what “legacy pro user” is compared to normal pro and/or star membership though. Paid a king time ago... am I missing new features because I bought sooner than most?


Does what I want and need and more

iCardioWorkoutTracker has made my running life easier as it so incredibly flexible. As a Senior citizen, I still run and handles that easily. But, some days I need to just walk and it does that well also. Allows me, to still do my 5k, 10k and half’s and stay near the top of my age group. Thanks.

Is iCardio Workout Tracker Safe?

Yes. iCardio Workout Tracker is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 3,155 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for iCardio Workout Tracker Is 37.4/100.

Is iCardio Workout Tracker Legit?

Yes. iCardio Workout Tracker is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 3,155 iCardio Workout Tracker User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for iCardio Workout Tracker Is 37.4/100.

Is iCardio Workout Tracker not working?

iCardio Workout Tracker works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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