KakaoMap - Korea No.1 Map Reviews

KakaoMap - Korea No.1 Map Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-23

KakaoMap will show you the fastest routes in Korea! With KakaoMap, you can find
everything you want in a map app, from directions to hot restaurants and local
attractions, and more! ► You need to find the fastest route? [Fastest and
most accurate map] You will get the latest informatio...

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KakaoMap - Korea No.1 Map Reviews

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    Not English friendly.

    This app is one of the worst navigation apps I’ve ever used. It gives the most minimal directions in English, and 90% of it is verbally/narrated at the last minute. Visually, the locations and directions are still in Korean, so it’s like someone leading you blindly somewhere by verbally telling you “go left, go right, speed camera ahead.” If you don’t read Korean, it is extremely difficult to understand exactly where you are. Worst off, it can’t find the English romanized version of Korean addresses so you have to plug in the address in Korean (again, a disadvantage if you can’t write or read). It also won’t tell you which lane you need to be in and we got lost in Seoul 3 times at night (I lived there for 3 years, so this shows how crappy the navigation is even for locals). We found Naver navigation to be the best alternative. Google maps does not work in Korea, but Naver comes close with strong English support and letting you know which lane is best. Do yourself a favor and download Naver navigation instead of this. We only were able to get by on this because I can read Korean. My boyfriend who was a co-driver, cannot read, so this app was absolutely useless for him.

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    Short learning curve, easy to use.

    So, feeling like you want to travel around Korea, and not knowing where to go and navigate it?? No problem-o!!! Just use KakaoMap. Granted, you’ll need to grasp Hangul to type in you location, but the learning curve for using KakaoMap is short after you’ve handled the just-as-short Hangul learning curve. Seoul’s busy subway and bus system? KakaoMap is your best travel buddy! Wanna go to a different city, but don’t the streets well enough? KakaoMap will help! These features saved me: • compass arrow showing where you are. • compass direction and cone of vision showing you which direction you are pointing toward. • tapping on the alerts option to ding when your bus is arriving. • long distances from your location tell you which train to take, where to get off, and which bus or taxi to take.

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    Thanks Kakao!

    I had no issues utilizing this app in Korea. I was able to navigate my way in Seoul and Busan by using this app. Being able to read and type Korean is a plus, as all of the navigation is in Korean. My friends, however, were also able to use this app without knowing the language by tracking their locations and using the maps provided. Overall, great app for traveling through Korea!

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    Great for navigating in Korea even for a non-Korean speaker

    Works very well. Used it in the countryside. It tells you when to slow down for traffic light and speed cameras

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    Pretty good if you can read some Korean

    Pretty good app to use to get around Seoul. It has taxi, bus and subway routes that are pretty accurate and includes estimated costs. I think a person who can’t read Korean will have a slightly more difficult time using the app as the details are 70% in Korean.

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    Constant map redraw

    The navigation map constantly redraws itself every second or so as the car moves forward. Dear developers, please update the app to provide users with a smoother graphical driving experience. Keep up the good work, though!

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    English menus removed

    As most have requested, it would be cool if the iPhone version was translated into English, Last version 4.2.3 had English as an option, and it worked great...until the app was updated to 4.2.4 (bug fixes) and the ability to use the App in English was removed ??!!! Clearly they have the ability to have English as an option.

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    Best Navigation App for Korea

    The essential navigation app for Seoul, a necessity when traveling and living in Korea

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    Was super late to everything because of this app....

    It gave me the wrong times for all the buses to take and guided me to a much slower route because of the wrong times of the buses. Thanks a lot for the terrible experience. Am going to delete this app and use naver map instead.

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    Difficult to search in English

    Difficulty searching for English words. Great navigation once route is set up though.

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    Traffic cams don’t work in latest update, all black screens, every camera.

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    Taking huge strides

    This app has really gotten good recently. There are a few features I do still wish for though. - More detailed underground/station maps. - Folders or tags/labels for favorites (possibly with different icons or at least different colored stars). Thanks for the hard work, devs!

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    Best application

    I am enjoying a lot by using KakaoMap

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    English version please.

    Would give 5 stars if English is provided. Best map app if you’re visiting Korea.

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    Getting better (updated x6)

    (Update x6) Though this might have to do less with the map (not sure) some busses are 2-3 minutes later than this app suggests. Still the best map in Korea. (Update x5) I have found the accuracy mightily improved and use this daily in my coming and goings in and out of Seoul. I can find everything and more importantly the app finds me. 5 stars. (Update X4) I went to a 회기역 and when I left and went for to 왕십리역 the app kept thinking I was at 회기역 and neither wifi or LTE could convince it otherwise. Not even restarting the app. I needed to know how long before I got off line 5 and I had to use another app- which I think I will use from now on as this app has location issues. (Update X3) After spending time with the app, I now know where things are and it is so much easier to use. I still get placed 8 stations away on LTE, but on wifi it is accurate. So if there is no wifi, this is not the app to use. (Update x2) The accuracy has improved greatly. It takes a few seconds as the dot dances closer to where I am, i am now only on the wrong side of the street, but I can see my bus stop to know tap and get the times. Now that I better understand this app it is becoming easier to use and at times like it better that Daum Maps, but I do miss some things from that app. (Update) I used it again this morning and the app danced my location around the 강남 area, eventually finding me- it works best with wifi on. LTE is the problem I have. I miss the dedicated bus button from Daum maps. When I am at 강변역 it finds me. When I get off at 역삼역 the map says I am still at 강변역. Even after I close it and restart. I am forced to manually find the station I am at so i can check the bus times. Bus times were easier to find. This is a step backwards.

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Is KakaoMap - Korea No.1 Map Safe?

Yes. KakaoMap - Korea No.1 Map is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 3,086 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for KakaoMap - Korea No.1 Map Is 51.5/100.

Is KakaoMap - Korea No.1 Map Legit?

Yes. KakaoMap - Korea No.1 Map is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 3,086 KakaoMap - Korea No.1 Map User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for KakaoMap - Korea No.1 Map Is 51.5/100.

Is KakaoMap - Korea No.1 Map not working?

KakaoMap - Korea No.1 Map works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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