MapQuest GPS Navigation & Maps Reviews

MapQuest GPS Navigation & Maps Reviews

Published by on 2020-11-24

Get where you need to go with the MapQuest turn-by-turn GPS Navigation app.
Whether it’s using voice navigation for walking or driving directions or
exploring points of interests on the map, MapQuest has the tools you need to
navigate the United States and Canada. Map and Navigation Fea...

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MapQuest GPS Navigation & Maps Reviews

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    What happened

    We have used Mapquest for a long time, because of all the features that it has. The routing has been getting progressively worse. We drove from NH to SC and back and the app is trying to get us stuck every chance it gets. It wants us to take some strange routes. Not nearly as bad as other apps *cough .. google.. *cough. The newest feature that makes no sense is that it routes us off of every exit and then back on, which as you can imagine, is not a time saving solution. This particular feature has caused real problems since you can’t drive without a navigator to check each turn to see if it should happen. The other big one that caused issues is that Mapquest changes what it’s calling roads. For example.. if you are turning near a populated area the app will tell you to turn on 83 then turn onto 581 then to a street name. All 3 are the same road. The craziest part of the trip by far was using a second phone to navigate manually so we didn’t get stuck in NY City, Washington DC, or any other traffic heavy area. The last few years there has been a downward trend of all the map apps giving worse and worse directions. I was hoping Mapquest would not follow suit, but here we are. Not all features are worth the app not working Mapquest.

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    Good and bad

    The good part was that while traveling there were several accidents that google maps told us would cause significant delays, but couldn’t/didn’t give us any alternative routes. Neither did Apple maps. Mapquest gave us the alternative and even alternatives to that route when it started getting backed up. Neither G nor A gave additional alternatives even once knowing we were on a different road. The bad part is that the available map size was notably smaller than the others, jumped around more, took longer to get the info, and often the names of roads on the map were too small to read easily, and when the map was expanded the street name often disappeared rather than getting larger and more readable. I find it easier to follow a map, especially if I’m navigating for another driver, rather than following verbal directions that assume you can estimate distances at 50-60 mph. All 3 of the map apps seem to want to jump to that too easily. I don’t know which did it the most, but I did find that with MQ it was difficult to get back to the map without deleting and then putting the destination back in and then at times it wouldn’t/couldn’t connect easily despite having service.

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    Wrong name and can not get it fixed

    I live in a small town. There is one Street with the right direction on and our Street with the wrong direction on it. When you travel north on a road, and it is call North Street ( any name will do.) And when you get to the next town , you will be on the south side of town but our Street is call north , than when you continue to drive north you come to the north side of town but it is call south. I have reported this problem but I was told it can take six months to fix the problem. I am so glad that my mail and packages still gets delivered to my house , because I still use South on my address. But I have had some business, say that I gave them the wrong address. I have to say where is the sun , what time is it, so which way is north, also do you have a compass on your phone. But do you know that people think map quest can not be wrong. So it takes time to get the business to think about it. But we have had to get things delivered a couple of days later because of this. And if people try to find our house at night, I have to give them land marks to look for. Then they can see that this places are also in the wrong place on map quest. This has been these way for years now.

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    Better Option

    I like MapQuest better than the system in my car or Google maps because it gives me the option of 2 to 3 different routes to take. I can then see which route has the least traffic and select that one. The others only default to the one option and you get what you get. Today I was coming home from Santa Fe Springs California to Ventura California. And The route that I chose had me go through the five freeway. However at a certain section when I had the option to choose the 101 or the five freeway it had me take the 101. I noticed that the 5 was at a dead stop at the intersection. All the 101 flowed. And then it had me take the next offramp and I was on city streets. I was a little confused but I thought I would go with it to see what happened. And what it did was it took me through non-congested city streets back onto the five freeway via the 110 freeway which eliminated me from having to be stuck in bumper to bumper traffic for quite a distance. That I thought was a winner!

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    My Opinion “never get lost again”

    I used a different app for a while and got sick of constantly taking the long way around, which is the only directions it seemed to give. This app “so far, so good” I believe In my opinion that it is the most “updated” app for current directions. This app even had the name of a brand new road to a housing development that there was only one home built so far. After updating both my Tom Tom and other app, neither one had the name of the road posted; actually one of them didn’t even show that there was a new road made, as this once was woods. Along with directions for driving, they also supply excellent routes for walking to your destination. I know this is long and detailed but when u are lost in an area “with no road names,” scared, and now need gas from driving in circles, finding this app with correct directions home was priceless. If one person reads the whole thing and they never go through that, it is worth the write.

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    Too late for turns

    I’m an avid Mapquest user because I’m always having to go to different meeting sites for work and rely on this app because I’m always in an unfamiliar area. I trust Mapquest because it has kept me on the right track and on time. However, this last time I had to change my route because of construction and the Mapquest map was not keeping up with the voice so therefore I couldn’t ahead of time be in the lane I needed to be in to be able to make my next turn. Usually I can glance at the map to prepare to get over because of heavy rush hour traffic and can’t safely make those last minute lane switches to turn on time. On top of that the voice tells me to turn when I’m almost past the street I’m supposed to be turning on. This turned a 50 minute drive into an hour and a half drive and almost made me late for a very important meeting. Fortunately I gave myself extra time hoping to get there earlier. I’m a Verizon iPhone 6s Plus user. Not sure what’s going on with Mapquest. Hopefully you all get it back on track. This most recent update is not working properly.

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    Long time user

    I’ve been using MapQuest since before apps existed. When they created their app, I didn’t hesitate and it has never, ever let me down. If I stop somewhere unexpectedly, it recalculates quickly so that I can get back on track in moments. That I can turn it on for long trips and play it through my car speakers without shutting my music off helps too. It simply pauses my music and says what it needs to say. I have absolutely never had a problem with MapQuest service. I recommend it to others and I even use it to help people who are from out of town to figure out how to get where they need to go! Being able to adjust some of the settings is amazing as well! I get to avoid most toll roads, and if I choose to avoid highways completely it can locate which route will work best for me that way as well. This app, and the paper copies before it, have taken me all over the country. I won’t even consider using another service!

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    Best for me .

    I’m a letter carrier, in December we have to deliver so many parcels and I was very new at this job so don’t know much about 100’s of street and my truck was full of parcels to deliver, so I gave a shot to use Mapquest because it tell me which side houses are are on street, then I figured the BEST part of this app which is it let me put 25 addresses at the same time which made my life so easy and I can see which one comes first and then I start arranging them in order in app and in my truck, one more thing I wish this app would do is let me put around 100 address at the same time and after I put all the address it should arrange all the address accordingly street wise like which street is close by will come first and which one is far it will go last and that will save my more time , because right now that part I have to do manually. I hope they will do this in feature, over all its best for me. I love it, it my work buddy. Thanks guys. Keep it up.

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    Great maps app!!

    Much better than using google maps! Used to use mapquest back in the day before google came out and I’m sooo happy this site developed an app to use!! Recently moved to Texas from CA and have been using this for traveling around the cities! Functions much better and it’s much more reliable when I’ve got no time to deal with google glitching out on me and especially the times it tells me I’m located in a city that’s 400 miles talk about a big glitch! Have mentioned this to my husband and he has enjoyed using this. He agrees it’s much more reliable! I wish there was a way to have your phone default to Mapquest for directions rather than google maps for the iPhone. Thanks mapquest for making our lives much easier!! And also love how it’s updated with traffic alerts and businesses closed too. Google would take you to the wrong location at times...pretty frustrating!!

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    Mapquest is sending error msgs ‘try again’

    I gave the app a great review a year or so ago, which is below. But what’s the deal with Mapquest, I put in an address that I’ve used before and it sends me an ‘error’ message and says to try again. I tried different addresses and it gives me this error every time?? It’s very aggravating it does nothing but spin as if it’s loading info but will only drain the life out of your phone instead. Please tell me you’re addressing this issue, I didn’t realize how much I relied on Mapquest until I couldn’t get it to load directions. I started using Mapquest over 5 years ago after Google maps took us to a vacant pasture for our daughters out of state track meet. I downloaded Mapquest immediately to put us in the right place. Our daughter ran collegiate level with us following her across many states, from Illinois to Florida. Mapquest has never led my husband and I astray. I won’t use any other mapping service. I love that it gives you alternative routes when possible. Thank you, Mapquest!

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    Great Navigation app

    I love this app! Easy to use and many features it offers like the layouts and re-route, and gives you few options to pick from the beginning And Many more:) I pick this over waze or google map unless I get in trouble Just one thing to mention and for first time it gave me a little trouble was: the final destination was close to highway (28 North in VA) and in the highway stopped by saying I’m arrived and location is on the right! instead of take me from different road and take me to the address where I could park! Sorry it’s hard to explain but I think you got what happened. So if there is any way to fix it to take the user closer to the address would be great so I don’t have to stop in the highway where I could see the building but not a great place to leave my car lol But thanks a lot for making this great app available for us:)

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    Much better mapping system

    I downloaded this app a few years ago, and quite honestly (and I apologize developers) it wasn’t junk, but I wouldn’t trust it to drive down the street. Many addresses would not show up, the map would change directions in the middle of turns, and things like that. However, I’m happy to report that this version works better to me than Apple Maps, and Google maps. I like how the map flows, and I like the information that it provides. I don’t know how often it updates new roads, because we’ve had a new road open through our housing area about a year ago. But it’s OK, I can live with little small things. All in all, I would really recommend this GPS mapping system, and glad to know they worked out a lot of bugs. Remember developers (and this is very important), “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it!”👍

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    Much better options out there

    I downloaded MapQuest just to see how the mobile app was. Needless to say I hadn’t used mapquest in years dating back to when directions would needed to be printed on paper. As the years went by, technology evolved pacing way for Garmin and then iOS apps like Google Maps and Waze for navigation. The mapquest interface is pretty interesting. I do love the way I am able to search for points of interest. This is much better on mapquest than say waze. The speed limits are also handy but mapquest is missing some critical features it’s competitors have. For one there is no lane guidance. In addition, the stock voice that comes with the app is hideous. It is so bad that I prefer the old Garmin voice to it. Jane on Waze and the default Google Maps voice or Siri on Apple Maps is much better. Overall, I think it’s a cool niche app but unless you absolutely despise Google and it’s services, Waze and Google Maps are MUCH better options.

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    Great App - 4.5 to 5 Stars!!!

    I must say that most of the time Mapquest will be able to find a location when the gps in my car cannot. It also usually finds the shortest route. Yet, sometimes there are areas that do not show up with a clear address of a location and will only give you an AREA of where you are going. This can be due to the location being a new development or an area where there are new developments nearby. I wish I could give a half star for that one. However, overall, I usually double check with my Mapquest app to see if I can find a quicker route. I love the fact that it gives you 3 route options! Great app!

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    Often upside down and not timely

    It baffles me why sometimes the map is oriented backwards (I.e. the direction I am driving is shown on the map as I’m moving down the screen and actual upcoming right turns are indicated as going the other way). I can turn the map around with my fingers but why is it wrong in the first place? And sometimes it’s fine but lately the map is often upside down. Mapquest should have a “reorientation” button just like Google Maps has. Also, the voice directions come so late that I often miss exits or turns which can cause much delay and aggravation when I have to then reroute to get back on track. Voice directions need to be delivered a bit sooner! And if I’m in an area that requires multiple turns in relatively short succession, forget it...mapquest is useless in these situations because it can’t keep up. Other navigation apps do a much better job with providing timely directions.

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Is MapQuest GPS Navigation & Maps Safe?

Yes. MapQuest GPS Navigation & Maps is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 13,463 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.4/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for MapQuest GPS Navigation & Maps Is 23.3/100.

Is MapQuest GPS Navigation & Maps Legit?

Yes. MapQuest GPS Navigation & Maps is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 13,463 MapQuest GPS Navigation & Maps User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for MapQuest GPS Navigation & Maps Is 23.3/100.

Is MapQuest GPS Navigation & Maps not working?

MapQuest GPS Navigation & Maps works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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