Scaniverse: 3D Scanner + LiDAR Reviews

Scaniverse: 3D Scanner + LiDAR Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-22

Scan the world in 3D with Scaniverse, a new 3D scanning app that uses
photogrammetry and LiDAR (when available) to build 3D models with a high level
of fidelity. Scaniverse captures scenes in stunning detail, allowing you to
build highly accurate models of objects, rooms, and even whole...

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Scan, crop and export with ease

First update: scanning has been simple, but I’m needing to work more to identify if it’s technique or limitation with some intricate details I’m going for… the elusive 5th star when I work out that the hardware/user is the cause. Cropping is a welcome function when working in 3D spaces! Exporting in multiple formats is fast and easy. Developer taking note of store feedback and responding is a bonus! Original 1-star review: iPhone 13 Pro not actually supported - Even though the device is listed as supported, it won’t go past the demo screen (intended for devices without LiDAR). Looking forward to updating the review when working :)


Good, not great

It's 2021, why is there no support for both Landscape and Portrait mode? I have uses for both, why do my apps not support my choice? Also, I have an iPhone 11 pro max. Now, obviously it doesn't have the LIDAR system but my 2021 ipad pro DOES, and I can share files between the two devices. You mean to tell me you can't let me open and view my own scans on my device which obviously supports viewing because there is the option to "view demo scan" right beside the "lol ur device don't got the lidar" error. No let me hurry and go buy a new phone so I can view things I made on another device....nope


Excellent work

Most impressed with ease of use, clarity and features. I use this app to document areas I am remodeling and find it much easier to use than other paid apps. Congratulations to the development team, I work in software and am impressed. Was trying to pay for app to help fund work but not clear if that is set up yet.


Doesn’t recognize iPhone 13 pro

Now that it works on the iPhone 13 Pro I got a chance to run it through its paces a little bit. It really works remarkably well though it is definitely resolution limited such that you can’t really scan small objects that are just a foot or two across with any level of detail. Still it’s quite impressive and I look forward to seeing how I can experiment with these assets in AR.


The best ... but still early

I’ve used a number of LIDAR apps, and I agree w others that this is the best iPhone app. Having said that, this tech is still very new and most of my scans, frankly, have a bit of an AppleMaps 1.0 vibe. Looking forward to seeing this tech improve, both the mesh accuracy, and particularly the texture / image mapping capabilities. As it stands right now, this is more of a novelty than something that can reliably generate usable 3D scans.


Really good quality

Scaniverse makes my scanning of 3d objects really good quality, plus it’s free. All the other apps make it harder for just a simple scan. I can import images to my pc refine and rebuild without having a stress headache. Doing some small projects and using Scaniverse is a blessing, good karma on the way to the developers.


Mediocre results

At one point Scaniverse was decent, but it was quickly surpassed by other apps. A lot of other apps have a strong suite, wether it’s scanning large spaces, small objects, or having clean textures. this app doesn’t have a strong suite in any of those categories. You are often left with many holes and gaps in the model after thorough scanning. It does scan as described, but you’re better off scanning with something else.


Better than expected

So far, loving Scaniverse. Outperformed my expectations. Just needed to scan things and then measure them and then save the photo of the measurements. Very easy interface, easy to learn. The AR use of scans wasn’t important too me but now having fun with it too. And now exploring the idea of 3D printing the scans.


Amazing technology

I have been wanting to get to know LiDAR for quite some time, downloaded some apps, and they’ve just been sitting here on my iPhone. I just opened this up, scanned a small part of my house, seen soooo much detail. I just finished scanning my whole house, it was lit. All for free, thank you boss


Dramatically better then other options

Based on the alternatives especially, but even in it’s own right, Scaniverse is very impressive in the quality of scans. Love the disappearing stripes signal used to show you what’s been captured. Well worth the premium, btw, for highest quality.


Ok for real, this is the best.

Scaniverse allowed me to export my scans as FBX for FREE. On top of that i could regulate the quality of the scan and crop it. Scaniverse is perfect. I almost paid for polycam and it is no where close to as good as this. Made my day and saved me monies. Use this before paying for anything else!!!!


Tried all of the lidar apps and this is currently the best

Easily the best as of now in terms of functionality and usability. Would be cool if we could watch a certain amount of ads each day in return for a use of the ultra quality render.


Scans aren’t good but better than most

Tech is obviously still not there yet. Tried several scans of objects and small areas and Images do not come out as displayed at all. I’d like to see the scan reviews some people are giving 5 stars of because its a bit hard to believe Compared to polycam and 3D scanner app, this app does tend to do better with their stripe notices


The best of them

I tried four apps before this one and they were all rubbish. This was definitely the best of them, just wish there was a good guide on scan technique because it definitely requires some practice and skill.


Telling me LiDAR is required on my 13 Pro max

Isn’t letting me use Scaniverse on my 13 Pro Max… telling me I don’t have LiDAR… UPDATE: the new updated version that came out did fix this problem and now app is MUCH better. Response was very quick! Good work guys/gals!


#1 3D Scanner but...

I would love to be able to have an erase tool to remove random chunks, also be able to change the texture as well as smooth things out with a paint tool.



Scaniverse was finally fixed, so I upped my rating. I feel like these apps aren’t quite up to where the tech is, so I’m giving it 4 stars for now. I hope updates in the future allow me to up this to 5, because it’s very fun to play with.


Ok but no Sketchup support

This is my first download of a LiDAR scanning app, it’s fantastic but my only complaint is that it doesn’t produce files I can put into Sketchup or AutoCAD and all the conversions I see online cost money not sure if this is a IP thing and they have to pay to use his file formats.


I really like this app

I like all of the features. The ability to capture real life images, edit, then place them in AR on the new scene are Amazing I enjoy the features. Great work.


Scaniverse is an amazing app!

Ever since I got the iPhone 13 Pro Max, I’ve been showing people the photography capabilities of this smartphone. this app is one of the apps that I use to show the amazing capabilities of LiDAR and the iPhone 13 Pro Max.


I think it’s the best one

I’ve tried about all of them and so far this app is the cleanest, quick and most reliable


Everything you’d want from an app!

This is a great app, simple, accurate, high-quality and useful. Thanks this app!


ARVRinEDU Opportunities

I love the quality of these scans. My only request is the option to crop out unwanted areas.


Amazing 3model maker

Scaniverse is such a great program that helps to creat high quality 3d models with Lidar sensor of iphone cellphones


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Is Scaniverse Safe?

Yes. Scaniverse: 3D Scanner + LiDAR is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 2,973 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Scaniverse: 3D Scanner + LiDAR Is 41.4/100.

Is Scaniverse Legit?

Yes. Scaniverse: 3D Scanner + LiDAR is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 2,973 Scaniverse: 3D Scanner + LiDAR User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Scaniverse: 3D Scanner + LiDAR Is 41.4/100.

Is Scaniverse: 3D Scanner + LiDAR not working?

Scaniverse: 3D Scanner + LiDAR works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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