Save them all - drawing puzzle Reviews

Save them all - drawing puzzle Reviews

Published by on 2021-03-19

Draw freely and help them. The line you draw will become 3D. From the
rain, From rocks and bombs attacking, Please draw well and protect them. There
are more than 500 levels in all! You can force it to unravel, or you can draw it
beautifully to help. The lines you draw will save the wo...

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Save them all - drawing puzzle Reviews

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    Greedy, lazy and unimaginative

    The creators of this game are greedy scammers wasting your time trying to get money off of ad revenue. Developers don’t care about the game at all , it’s levels are bland and boring lacking any creative thought or enjoyable gameplay. The game is unplayable without internet even though there is no actual online aspect of the game, but it makes sense when you realize they force you to watch a 30 second video after every round even though it takes less then 5 seconds to beat any given round. They repeat the same levels over and over again changing one color or object here or there but it’s just lazy. I downloaded the game after being bombarded with so many ads for it on social media, but whats crazy is they put more effort into one of their ads then they put into creating every single aspect of the actual game combined. Ive played a lot of terrible games in my life, and I’ve never once written a review, but this game is so beyond atrocious, that I felt obligated to make sure people realize that any review other than one star is a fake or bought review. Devs I hope you see this and delete this game before any other poor souls are subjected to wasting even a second of their life on this sorry excuse for a “game”

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    Entertaining, but way too glitchy.

    The game was fun, and a good time killer, but the levels would often glitch. Items would glitch right trough walls, and sometimes the game wouldn’t work at all. It was rather frustrating to play a game where I would lose every time simply because of a glitch. If you managed to fix this, the game would be a lot better. I know this glitch wasn’t because of my iPhone, I haven’t had any problems on other apps, and I could get out of the app just fine. It was the app itself that was the problem. Finally, I didn’t see any way that the coins would be useful, the only option I had to get new characters was to watch a video. If you want to keep the characters available only by video, then maybe you could make something else accessible through coins, perhaps you could program the lines the user writes to be able to have different colors that can be paid for by coins? Anyway, I’m not sure if it’s just my version of the app that is having this problem, but it is happening. Thank you.

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    Toooooooo many ads. 10 sec gameplay, 30 secs ads.

    Its sad to know that this is how “free” games have become. This game provides 10 seconds of gameplay for 2 levels and then shows a 30 sec ad that you cant skip right after that. This happens every time you complete 2 levels, which takes 10 secs. This app should not be branded as a game but as an advertisement application, that can also provide 10 secs of gameplay between the advertisements. And you cant even turn those ads off by disconnecting the wifi. It gives a internet connection error for an offline game for some reason. At some point you gotta ask yourself, how much ads in an app is enough? This game crosses that enough line. I know yall made this game to make money. But yall too greedy!!! Too too greedy!!! I miss the good old days when the ads never affected the gameplay even in free games. This game just made me sad. The developers are too greedy. And i will not buy the remove ads option cause yall are too greedy.

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    It’s an ok game with some flaws... (please read before downloading!)

    Ok, this is a pretty decent game, you draw some shapes to save an animated dude from being killed, neat right? But every time you pass a level, there is a long ad! And, to get a new skin, you have to watch another ad, AND, if you are stuck on a level, you have to watch and ad! It’s really annoying! And, when you get to tolerate it, there is certain levels where there are two dangers and you can only do one and it’s impossible to pass so you have to end up watching and ad just to move on! And it lagges, so much, if you draw too much it will lag so you drawing will be on the animated dude! But, it only happens once in a while, other than the ads and lagging, it’s a fun game. Let’s just say this, on one level, it could be really good, like your favorite food, and the next, it’s the food you despise the most. Like I said it’s ok.

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    Just no.

    I kept seeing this app all over Facebook. I was like okay let’s download it, see how it goes and wow was I shocked. But just wait, it gets interesting. First off, the ads in this game are very sexually driven. I kept note of what ads were popping up: tiny chat, a guy doing specific actions to a female with her face really close to the camera, a girl revealing herself to the camera. You claim this is a children’s game? Or driven to teenagers, or young adults? Nobody wants to see that stuff. There are websites for that stuff. This is an app on an App Store related to Apple, have some respect. Because obviously you don’t have any. Secondly, it’s very glitchy after you hit level 20. You either can’t draw the line to save the little person, OR the whole app crashes. It crashed on me three times. I downloaded this game around 1 AM, and I deleted it off my phone at 1:15 because of all these problems. Thirdly, the repeat of advertisements. You don’t need to advertise the Parx casino 45 times in a row. Apps that have too many advertisements in them, won’t want people to play your game. They get annoyed, frustrated, and irritated, because they’re seeing the same advertisements over and over again. Maybe have an option on your app where you can watch advertisements for coins. Because it’s very hard to get coins in this game. I’m not spending my real life money on this game, it’s not worth my time or effort.

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    Terrible app Deleting for these reasons

    To start, this game is so glitchy lacks effort and there is no actual strategy or thought behind this, 99% of the levels if you create a box around the person and it’s structured to the ground or brick you pass, there is no creativity in this game whatsoever, and the list can go on but what bothers me more is the ads that constantly pop up, before, after, during. Cant unlock characters without watching ads, I found that closing the app and re opening it is much quicker, nobody wants a game that constantly prevents them from actually playing it, in general, when you have more ads in the game than actual game time or levels, for these reasons I am deleting and would not recommend to anyone and if you read this review please look elsewhere there’s better games than this to waste your time, unless of course you prefer to just watch ads, but you don’t need this app to do that

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    So greedy

    I kept seeing this game all over social media and I was like ok this looks fun I’ll download it and see what’s up, only to be bombarded with ads upon ads upon ads. There’s ads at the bottom of the screen, the top of the screen, after you finish a round there’s a scam ad at the bottom that pops up before the “play next round” button so you may accidentally click it. There’s ads right after every single round that are sometimes not skipable, if you turn off your internet to play in peace a there’s a pop up that annoyingly keeps coming up immediately no matter how many times you click it. It’s sad what games came to now a days, I’m not 21 years old and I can remember when games where fun and showed ads every now and then and allowed you to continue enjoying the game in peace. Now you gotta deal with tons and tons and tons of ads and to remove them it costs too much than what the game is actually worth.

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    Okay time waster. Adpocalypse.

    This game is mildly amusing and offering it for free is nice, but the non stop ads are irritating. After playing through 40 levels I spent more time watching ads than I did playing the game. Every time I’d skip an ad for an award the game tried to offer I was met with an ad even though I tapped “skip ad and lose the reward.” If you’re gonna have a button to skip an ad then don’t give me an ad anyways. The game itself is easy but having the patience to spend 10 seconds a level to be met with ads is an exercise in frustration. An entry level programmer should make a copy of this game, improve on it (which wouldn’t be hard), charge a dollar for it and have no ads and you’re company would go under. Unfortunately for the developer only 1% of their staff will read this and have the decency to resign and sell slushees at 7-11 to have a more dignified life than what they are currently doing.

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    Mechanically and visually bad

    A nice albeit unoriginal entry in the puzzle genre. This wouldn’t be damning except: (1) the graphics need a lot of improvement; and (2) the game is extremely easy to break. Everything seems to work until you have to start getting creative for puzzle solutions. It’s at this point where the game shows all the duck tape patching it together. Collision detection can become nonexistent, with hazards clipping through your wall. But fear not, because collision detection can become bouncy! And you wall will touch a pixel before blasting off into your character, killing you. Flex a little too much brain sponge will result is a glacial < 1 fps as the game engine fractures under the weight of anything the developer didn’t think of. Will I live? Will I die? Better check back in 10 minutes after the game is done processing events.

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    Ads everywhere, rather close and open

    The game itself is a fun little time waster, but the ads are ridiculous. There’s an ad for extra rewards, which is to be expected in a free game like this, but every 2 levels they throw an ad at you regardless. Usually I would turn on airplane mode to avoid them, but this game requires an internet connection to play despite nothing in the gameplay requiring it. It’s pretty clear it’s for ads since they are so rampant. My solution is actually to close the game every 2 levels and restart the app. Restarting the app is much faster than sitting thru the ads and is the only thing that allowed me to continue playing this game. Thank god they don’t throw more at you if you do this, but here’s to hoping they don’t fix that.

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    The guy is to weak

    The guy I. The game is to weak every time the black lines even slightly touch him he dies and there was this one lvl where you had to protect him from rain RAIN and if it touched him he cry’s and you fail the lvl and also there’re was this one lvl where u hadda protect the guy from a gun and from falling at the same time I drew a line under him and he fell the line fought him but then he died and I was like what? So o tried agian the same thing happened so I tried protecting him from the bullet by drawing a line in front of he bullet and and drawing a straight line under him so he wouldent fall and I fail the lvl he fell over on the ground and I failed the lvl AGIAN I was kinda getting frustrated bc he was to weak and it was makeing the lvls harder than what they have to be the point I’m trying to get a cross is that the guy is to weak and they needa fix it bc it is annoying and frustrateing

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    ****Ad Infection

    Sure, the games a moderately fun time waster; I’ll give it that much. But, And this is a GIANT but It serves as a perfect example as to how little mobile game developers really care about their audience. Let me explain. This game has ad pop ups in the background constantly, which aren’t all that annoying. But every two levels (which take probably 15 seconds on average) players receive either an unskippable ad, or a skippable ad with some sort of mandatory mini game after the fact. I’ve seen other reviewers stress the usage of airplane mode to rid the app of said issue, but the developers kindly implemented an update in which a cellular connection is required to play without a warning constantly popping up. You spend half your time in “Save them all!” Saving yourself from boredom and irritation. Which is common with this newfound genre of boredom killing, ad overrun games. Regardless, there’s no excuse. But the developers really need to focus on ‘saving’ themselves from being blatantly money hungry too. Either make a game for people to have some real fun; maybe even with MINIMAL or dare I say MODERATE interruptions; or become a defense attorney if cash is really all you care for. Bye.

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    Way too many ads, not worth it.

    This game is pretty basic, there isn’t really anything special about it. There’s no reason it should have this many ads. I would understand having lots of ads if it was actually a good game, but it isn’t, which makes me think it’s just not worth it to even play at all. Each level takes 10 seconds most of the time, and there’s an ad after evert single level. You can’t even play in airplane mode, even though there’s no type of online play. Clearly the point of the creation of this game was just to make money, not for anyone’s enjoyment. I would recommend finding a different game to play, since you can barely even play this one with all the ads.

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    Alright so, this game is okay, I was playing it for a couple levels and I reached a level where I unlocked an African American character. Right after the ads finished and I could play as this character, I noticed the background had changed, and it actually was a jungle type of background. Like really? A JUNGLE background for an African American character? What does that seem to tell you? And I noticed after I played as this character for a bit I then unlocked another character, and right as the ads finished so I can play as the new character, the BACKGROUND CHANGED. I don’t know if this is a reach but this definitely rubbed me the wrong way for sure, and I think you guys need to fix that, wether it was a harmless mistake or not, this can be triggering and offensive for sure. FIX ASAP.

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    Do not wast your time downloading this game

    I got to lvl 50 in this game so you don't have to. as you would expect from the games like this you see in the ads where the person playing is absolutely terrible, this game is incredibly easy. I wouldn't have to look at any given level for more than 15 seconds before i could discern what the solution would be, further more, if you want to “cheese” this game drawing a triangle beats 95% of the levels. Not even to mention this game is COVERED in ads. every other level you get an ad, which makes sence because it looks like this had a budget of 10$ and a staff of 2 people. This game is not worth the space it takes up on my phone and unless it gets a complete overhaul it is completely irredeemable.

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