PastBook: 1-Click Photo Book Reviews

PastBook: 1-Click Photo Book Reviews

Published by on 2024-02-07

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About PastBook

What is PastBook?

The PastBook app is a photo book creation app that automatically selects the best photos and designs the photo book for you in less than a minute. The app uses cutting-edge technology to analyze image quality and context, pick the best images, and design beautiful page layouts. The app also offers professional printing and binding quality, secure payment, and respects your privacy by keeping your photos on your device until you order.



- Automatic selection of best photos for your book

- Beautiful page layouts designed by the app

- Preview available in less than a minute

- Easy editing and rearranging of photos

- Professional printing and binding quality

- Secure payment

- Respects your privacy by keeping your photos on your device

- Satisfaction guarantee with an excellent support team available to help

- Option to create photo books for holidays, events, loved ones, and more.

Overall User Satisfaction Rating

Positive experience

Negative experience


~ from NLP analysis of 3,054 combined software reviews.

Key Benefits of PastBook

- Ability to choose from Google Photos and edit, remove, replace, or rotate photos

- Capturing the sky and colors of the PA Sunsets in the Fall

- Professionally made photo books

- Easy to use

- No need to sign into Facebook account

- Excitement as project comes alive

- Can create books with photos from mid 1800s to 2022

20 PastBook Reviews

4.8 out of 5


God is awesome

I enjoyed being able to choose from my google photos and having the ability to edit remove, replace or rotate to straighten. I believe that this book is my best book yet… Out of the other nine books that I’ve made with Past Book. My greatest joy is capturing the sky and the many colors of the PA Sunsets in the Fall. With this app allowing me to put my Seasonal and Yearly photos into these incredibly beautiful, professionally made photo books, I’m not having to hand my cellphone over to friends in order for them to see a fantastical capture I was able to snap. Oh, the colors are awesomely bright and vivid. Pleasantly surprised feeling the card stock photo pages. Geez, I sound like a commercial or advertisement for this book. Seriously, I Thank You for making this product available to me and I thank you for the 35% to 45% discount on every book I put together. 😃😯🙏


Horrible Customer Service

this app sent my book to the wrong address. I had to call twice to resolve the issue, on the second time was told Supervisor would call me within 24 hours. I never received a call. 1 month and 3 phone calls later, they told me that in order to re-ship the book with expedited 4 day shipping I would have to pay $30!! They are shipping it free and I have to wait another 10 business days. Next time I’ll just spend more time creating my own book with Chatbooks instead. At least I’d get theirs in less than a week and their customer service is a lot better.

Update - was told by agent to confirm my address and they would send me new tracking information. They never sent the tracking, so now I have to call a 4th time.
Placing a comment here on the review to ask me to contact you but then not provide me with a contact email does not help at all. Send me an email with actual contact information and I’d be happy to discuss further.


PastBook app

I am so thankful for PastBook. I have bought a this app on Facebook for the last 7 years without any problem, but this year they wanted me to sign into my Facebook account, even though I was on Facebook at the time. I do not know my password and didn’t want to jeopardize losing anything by trying to get a new password when I am automatically logged on daily. Anyway, PastBook was a lifesaver because they didn’t require that, just needed access to my photos. PastBook was easy to use and I’m thankful I can continue my yearly tradition. Thank you.


..and then more

I was hesitant but as I started maneuvering around inside PastBook I found excitement as I saw my project come alive. I had always enjoyed PastBooks since 2011 so knowing I could create something on my own was even better and I am so pleased I took a leap of faith! So pleased in fact I bought books for my brothers, children, nieces and nephews who wanted one of family photos from the mid 1800’s to 2022. The book is absolutely wonderful and everyone loves it - especially me!


Trinh Truong

I have been with this app for the last 4 years. I enjoyed them a lot; beautiful and high quality pictures. However, our Passbook this time were little disappointed; papers are thinner and the background is white instead of Black. I would like our next orders would be the black background and thicker quality papers👍I don’t mind to pay more but quality works!




Book quality

The book quality was excellent except the front page and back page was flip flopped I’m really happy with the book. I’m trying to make another one with my own choosing of pictures I had it all almost done and I thought I saved it but now I can’t find the book to see the pictures
Thank you kim r


Great way to make a business portfolio

I take a lot of pictures of the work I do for my contracting business and I’m always showing these pictures to potential customers on my phone. Since I’ve discovered Passbook I can instantly create a book of my previous projects to have customers look at while I am assessing their job. 5 stars!


My PastBook just arrived 2 days ago

I couldn’t have been more surprised and delighted over this book. It’s layout is great and what was picked for photos was a fine selection. I didn’t do any editing and I am frankly amazed with the contents. I sat with a smile on my face as I slowly turned the pages. It’s well made and I highly recommend anyone on FB to purchase 1 or more.


Best photo book ever

This is the second book I ordered, this time I chose my photos. I love my book, next year I’ll order the third one lol. I highly recommend this to those of you that still like the option of having real photos to show and it takes away the hassle of putting each photo in a cheap album. Love it!!!


Wonderful Memories

I’m 75 and this is only my second book but I think I’ve just begun! I’m printing by year and creating memories for me to always have and to give to my children when I’m gone.
I inherited photos from my parents…70 books of different sizes and shapes….impossible to display or make available to the grandkids. I think I’m going to have a wonderful trip thru my memories to complete this task!


Quick and Easy Way to Share Memories

Easier to upload photos from your folders to make your book than using your desktop and having to transfer the file. Quick. Efficient. Just one tickle for me, it was easier to swap a photo within your created book on the computer than on the phone.


Absolutely wonderful!

This is my favorite Christmas gift to myself. I used to spend hours and hours scrapbooking. These books make it so easy. And I am really enjoying it now that I have figured out how to edit the choice of photos. My grandchildren love to page through and enjoy all the happy memories. Thanks so much!


Limited Editing on App

If you simply want to do a book based on your Facebook pictures, I’m sure PastBook is fine. However, if you want to use pictures off of your phone, PastBook is extremely not user-friendly and has no way to add text to any of the photos. I have ordered two of these books in the past, but forgotten how hard they were to create. I have spent way too much time on the current book I’ve been working on, and just decided to abandon using PastBook and go to another photo book vendor.


My Pastbook

I have bought these books for several (5+) years and love them. It is an economical way to have hard copies of hundreds of photos.

This time I am still very happy with the book and the promptness of delivery. My only criticism is that many of the photos I deleted in the ordering process were also included. And this reduced the size of some of the photos that could have had more space.

I had to go through the editing process twice—not sure why. Perhaps this is why the ones I deleted were actually not deleted.

Best wishes ~
Cindy Sydnor


Easy and great print quality!

I believe this is my fifth this app, and I love them all! Simple to order just the way I like it and fast shipping! I’m very please. My other books were Facebook or instagram based…but I don’t post Everything…doing the book from PastBook allowed me to grab from all of my great photos!


Great value but even greater product

There is no easier interface to use when making instant photo book. So simple. Editing is PERFECT!! Do yourself a favor and get a past book. Even if you don’t want one for yourself your family will love this as a gift for any occasion. You will never regret it!


Must have in every home

I’m in the process of ordering all the past years. It’s heartwarming to look back at the years in sequence. The people we lost and loved, vacations, holidays and more. All in one book cheaper than having all those photos purchased at at photo mart. .


Best app ever

I’m terrible about getting pictures off the computer and into albums where people can see them. This made it so easy. It’s become my new favorite app for giving gifts. The pictures come out beautiful, the display is great, and it’s amazingly simple. App of the year for me!


Memories forever

My new obsession is creating yearbooks. It is the best coffee table conversation. All of our friends live looking through our books and reliving memories with us. My children love them too. It reminds them of our past vacations and even simple staycations.



Took about 3 weeks instead of 4-8 business days but the book is wonderful. They included 12 pages front & back of pics i took at antique shops but rest of book was great- would definitely do again



The book I received was very nice but there was one picture of my entire family on vacation that you chopped in half



I would prefer it not have Past Book printed on the front cover. Maybe have an option to place date range or a personal title. Also, if all pics could have been arranged by date that would be advantageous to me. I think in the future I will look for photo books with these options.



Easy to edit pictures within the book. Some needed rotated and there was one picture I didn’t like automatically uploaded. Super easy to fix and lovely to use. Will definitely use PastBook!!


Pictures not clear but get blurry as they get bigger

I love the concept of putting pictures in a book instead of all the pictures in your hand trying to show the to others. However keep them small or they will be blurry.


Easy and Good Quality

I love the map and date range feature that selected vacation photos perfectly. The photos were easy to swap out when an edit was necessary.


Great for capturing memories

Such an easy app to use to combine memories into one place! Makes it so easy to pick from existing albums and put all the photos together to look at. Great digital scrapbook 😄


Love this app

We just completed a trip to Hawaii and I send info to 4 people on our tour to dowmliad your app. So easy to use and my first book was amazing excited to see my Hawaii memories



I’ve spent the last 20 minutes showing my friends all my memories in my book! PastBook reminding me of times I didn’t even remember I had! Thanks this app!


A terrific resource!

this app makes life so easy! PastBook does everything I need it to while I just sit back and enjoy my photos as if I were a professional(which I AM NOT).


Great product

I love PastBook. Well set up and creates a book full of memories. It’s very simple to use and I’m impressed with how organized PastBook is.


Took a while but great results

App loaded ok and worked out but needed support. Large number of photos required multiple attempts to upload. Great attentiveness to my situation and team watched for my files.



This was the easiest way to put together a photo album. I will be using PastBook for all albums.

Is PastBook Safe?

Yes. PastBook: 1-Click Photo Book is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 3,054 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for PastBook Is 55.2/100.

Is PastBook Legit?

Yes. PastBook: 1-Click Photo Book is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 3,054 PastBook: 1-Click Photo Book User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for PastBook Is 89.9/100..

Is PastBook: 1-Click Photo Book not working?

PastBook: 1-Click Photo Book works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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