Baby Book Milestones: BabyPage Reviews

Baby Book Milestones: BabyPage Reviews

Published by on 2024-02-01

About: BabyPage helps parents to complete baby books, pregnancy journals, and child
memory books, quickly and easily. All too often, precious memories fade before
you can document them and BabyPage wants to change that! Baby books –
BabyPage helps you record each chapter of your child’s story with photos and
personalized content.

About Baby Book Milestones

What is Baby Book Milestones? BabyPage is an app that helps parents to easily and quickly complete baby books, pregnancy journals, and child memory books. The app prompts parents to record every stage of their child's growth, achievements, holidays, and important events, along with photos, to collect a beautiful story of their childhood in digital form on their BabyPage dashboard and/or within a printed book to cherish. The app also offers premium features for subscribers, including access to premium illustrations, design elements, and book cover options, as well as friends and family access.



- Record growth, achievements, holidays, and important events

- Access photos on your device, Facebook, and Google

- Enjoy automatically generated content and descriptions of your child at every stage/age

- Edit and customize content to capture important memories and thoughtful details

- Create beautiful babypages that you can share instantly with family and friends

- Access multiple photo collage options

- Add all of your children and document each of their unique stories within your dashboard

- Build gorgeous books to print and keep

- Allow access for friends and family to keep in touch and collaborate

- Premium features for subscribers, including access to premium illustrations, design elements, and book cover options, as well as friends and family access

- Subscription options for 1 month, 3 months, and 1 year with discounted rates based on the plan you select

- Privacy Policy and Terms of Use available on the app

- Social media connections through Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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Key Benefits of Baby Book Milestones

- Easy and intuitive to use

- Allows for creation of a digital baby book with milestones and photos

- Offers a variety of cute covers to choose from

- Print quality is impressive

- Great way to share baby's milestones with family and friends, especially during COVID-19

- Offers a subscription option with additional features

20 Baby Book Milestones Reviews

4.8 out of 5


Needs a lot of work

I committed to this program for my child’s baby book when I subscribed to get access to the “plus” features so have to use it now, but I’ve been very disappointed. There are so many little programming issues that would be easy to fix and improve BabyBookMilestones tremendously. I even emailed my feedback to their team some months ago and haven’t seen any changes.

For example - once chosen, the photos for a specific page cannot be swapped around on the page (as you can do on many popular photobook sites). You have to delete and re-select each one individually. Second, the graph of weights and heights doesn’t have a normal x-axis based on linear time. Rather, each data point is the same distance apart, whether it was 1 month or 2 months since the last data point. Oh, and if you don’t have a height or weight for a date then it substitutes a ‘zero’ value, making the graph dip to zero. Finally (though there are many more examples), the pages don’t populate into a book in chronological order. Each page is dated, but heaven forbid they would actually populate the book in that order. The pages have to be individually selected to be added to a book (no “select all” option) and then manually dragged into the order you want them in.

These seem like some pretty basic features for an app that’s centered on making photo books. I would not recommend paying for or using it.


Great for busy new moms!

I struggle with having time to create a physical baby scrapbook, but really wanted a way to keep up with my twins’ milestones and share them with others. BabyBookMilestones is the perfect solution! I made a book for their first week and printed a few for their grandparents, and it was the best possible gift I could have given them during this time of COVID. They now have a glimpse into all their firsts, without having to endanger the babies! I was also impressed by the print quality and the number of options available for free. Very tempted to subscribe, we’ll see if they have an option that includes a printed book included for every month. If that happens, I’m sold.


Great Idea

BabyBookMilestones is a great idea for trying to maintain a baby book through milestones. I gave it 3 stars b/c I get frustrated with how sensitive it is to crashing if you jump out of it. For example, I’ll be making a baby page and realize I don’t have a picture or my husband texted me a picture and I need to add it to my pictures. I’ll jump out really quick to save it so I have it to choose from in my photo library. I quickly jump back to BabyBookMilestones and it freezes and I lose everything I typed, edited, and worked on. Pretty frustrating. Also, sizing the pictures and moving it around to where I want it to focus on the photo is impossible and it doesn’t allow it. If you wanna just slap some pics in there then whatever it’s great for you. If you want to be a bit more intentional with your edits then it can be annoying. I do like that it has milestone badges for you to complete and remember to do. I literally need to set calendar reminders with alarms for me to remember to complete a page on certain days. It’s worth the effort to do a good book with it.


Glitchy and typos

I really wanted to like BabyBookMilestones. I did the 7-day free trial while expecting to go along with my 1-year subscription. I found BabyBookMilestones glitchy, and the pages I created were full of typos that I couldn’t edit out. In fact, when I tried to edit some of the typos, BabyBookMilestones froze and couldn’t save my changes. I then learned that Typos were inherent to the application—not something I could edit out. For example, randomly capitalizing letters.

In addition, the picture layouts were limited. I couldn’t format photos the way I needed in I order to capture full images. There were also small annoyances. For instance, you have to add both height and weight, not just weight or height. We don’t track height as consistently, so this didn’t work for us. I couldn’t imagine paying for a baby book riddled with typos that I can’t edit, so I ended the free trial and did not go ahead with the subscription. The last thing I did in BabyBookMilestones before canceling was lose an entire milestone page because BabyBookMilestones froze and wouldn’t save 30 minutes of work.


Exactly what I was looking for. Easy to use.

I knew I wanted something to keep track of milestones. I also knew if I bought a tangible book to write in and have to print pictures for, it would sit collecting dust and add to the list of things I already felt guilty about for not getting to, you know in all the spare time moms have.

BabyPage solved my problem. I took something time to look up a few apps that did similar things and eventually chose BabyPage because of how easy and intuitive it was/ is to use. I can’t wait to buy a book for everyone in the family for Christmas! So many cute covers to choose from.


Love love

Coming across BabyBookMilestones was one of the best things I’ve ever done. I love how I’m able to create a story for my newborn so I can read it to him and show him pictures of himself growing up. I also love how I can create my own book from when I first found out I was pregnant to now when he’s born, this is a great app and resolution for most parents how want to make a book for a child .
I’ve already started making my own book, can’t wait to finish it so I can share with my newborn. I recommend this to many new mothers, mothers with more than one child or whomever wants to make/ create a book for there child.


Just What I Needed

If you’re a busy mom like me that finds yourself zipping through your home from dawn to dusk caring for and doing things for anyone and everyone except yourself, you can finally do something for you, and that’s exactly who BabyBookMilestones is for. —because let’s face it, who has the energy, time, and patience after it gets tested all day everyday? I know I don’t! Write your child’s story, customize your pages the way YOU want them, cherish these moments all in a single app. Thank you BabyPage, you have helped my life in more ways than one and I can’t thank you enough!


LOVE this app - total time saver!

Ok I desperately wanted a baby book, but every time I sat down to write the entries, I got bored. BabyBookMilestones prompts you to answer questions about what your baby is doing at specific ages so when I look back, I get a total picture of what my daughter was doing every month. Then you can take it all and print out a book. I can’t wait to show her when she is older! I tried other apps like this but they either charge too much for the printed book or are super distracting/not concentrated on telling a growth story. This is easy to use, love BabyBookMilestones!


Just what I was looking for!

To this is by far the best way to keep a baby book for my first born. I needed something simple, easy to use, and affordable! This is all of that and more. While some of the pages are guided, I am able to fully edit it. The reason that’s important to me is because, I can translate it to Spanish. I want the book in Spanish, so I can share with my baby’s grandparents. Each pages takes minutes to put together, cause let’s face face it, who has tons of time to make a baby book?!? Don’t hesitate to order your yearly subscription!


Convenient way to organize milestones and pictures!

Baby Page is a gray way to have a quick way to enter milestones and organize pictures. I love that you can also create photo books...while I really loved my “traditional” one year baby book for my daughter, I knew I needed something more sustainable to capture memories throughout her childhood. Not to mention when we grow our family, this can help me keep tack of multiple children! Definitely recommend!


Horribly designed app

I tried this one out as my kids are toddlers now and I never finished their baby books. I couldn’t get past the first few pages. BabyBookMilestones kept crashing on the new iPad Pro. It wouldn’t allow me to scroll far back enough to get my youngest baby pictures. So then I took the time to put the pics in a separate album. You can only add 1 to 4 pictures per week or age milestone. Additionally, the questions that it asks and leaves open ended can’t fit on the page space provided. Then back to the pictures, it compresses the pictures on upload leaving you with a horrible quality photo. I couldn’t get past these failures. Especially having to force quit BabyBookMilestones several times just to get one page done.


Books made easy!

I have really been enjoying using BabyBookMilestones to create my son’s book! I am not a person that’s good about taking pictures; this book gives me a reason to stay on top of it! I look forward to adding pages in the book for every milestone! You can use the prompts or write your own thing entirely! Just skip the prompts and edit the page. I have looked at other alternatives and this has been the best for me!


Cute app that needs some work

Great idea, and the pages are cute, but BabyBookMilestones is so glitchy that it’s almost impossible to make a page without it crashing. I’ve been trying to make the 8 month page for my 10 month old for, well 2 months now, finally gave up and figured out how to do it on the computer because I couldn’t get through the questions without BabyBookMilestones question. At this point I’m so close to a year that I want to stick it out and finish but I’m not sure I would have invested this much time if I knew how frustrating it would be.


Best and easiest way to keep up

BabyBookMilestones has made it so incredibly easy for me to keep up with my littles’ baby book. The questions are easy and not at all awkward to answer (like many other baby books) and BabyBookMilestones makes it so easy to keep up. You answer a few questions at a time and BabyBookMilestones reminds you as well. Uploading pictures (or collages) and editing are super easy as well. Definitely recommend.


Awesome App to Capture Memories

As a working parent (4 weeks maternity leave) I wanted something easy to capture my baby milestones and then be able to quickly put it in a book without much work. Baby page has been absolutely incredible to do just that. User-friendly for those of us that are less technologically inclined and super cute background. Will definitely be ordering a book!


$60 for a hard cover book

Not only do they want you to pay for their enhanced page per month, they charge $60 for a hard cover book with 8 pages. It’s simple enough to use, but there are other baby tracking apps that are better and free if that’s what your going to use it for. Shutterfly hands out coupons all the time and I’ll get the same thing for half the price. The only benefit of this program is that you never have to think of what to say. After answering a few questions it types it up for you. If I were them, I’d sell their “type it up for you program” to Shutterfly and get out of BabyBookMilestones game.


Saves me so much time!

BabyBookMilestones has been a life saver as a new parent! I always imagined that I would build photo albums just as my parents did, but sometimes there’s just not enough time in the day to get everything done! BabyBookMilestones is just what I needed! It’s so easy to use & even helps me write an entry to document each photo I upload!

I can’t wait for my first printed book to arrive in the mail!


Baby page

BabyBookMilestones is so convenient to use and is an awesome way to keep track of your child’s milestones. As a mom of 3 it gets harder with each person to keep track of timelines - baby page emails you reminders every month for your newborn so you don’t have to worry! Also the guided entries make it super easy to fill up a page of with information about your child.


Fun way to remember baby’s first year

BabyBookMilestones is great because it has all the relevant milestones and holidays that baby wi celebrate during their first year. The prompts make it easy to record what happened and how your baby is growing! I can quickly add special things about my son as he grows. I also like that everything is editable after the prompts so I can customize it to say exactly what I want!


✔️ Baby book, done!

Love the prompts and the easy to use format. You can work on your baby book anytime/anywhere. Plus, having beautiful books our family loves and will be perfect to pass down.
Another bonus is how much paper and products I save compared with the way I used to do baby/memory books.
Plus the clean-up is a cinch! 😉


Awesome for tracking kids and building a baby book

This is the easiest app I have ever found for tracking milestones and building a baby book. The designs are also elegant and fun so using BabyBookMilestones is really enjoyable. It’s so much more than just a photo book because important information about my kids and their milestones, likes and dislikes and special moments in their lives are all captured here.


Not great support

Used for 10 months to track baby’s first year. Easy enough to track and did the enhanced paid version for more access. Completed and ordered a few books a month ago. No ETA on delivery and no response from support/contact us when I reached out a week ago for an update. I’m fine with it taking it a little but, but would have liked to have known the timeframe, especially when I’ve been using BabyBookMilestones for 10 months to be able to create his first year book.


WAY too expensive and free version gets worse as time goes on

I started out with the free version. It was pretty cool at first, and then they decided to limit how many pages you could make with the free version to a number way smaller than the ones that I had. And now it won’t let me access those. Way too expensive there are other apps that will do pretty much all of this and are either free or way more affordable. Plus they will let you make things and come back and buy it when you can afford it.


No way to cancel

Don’t fall for the free week and then can cancel subscription nonsense. You try to follow the directions to cancel and it keeps giving you another step to complete or that you are on the wrong page to cancel. And it’s hard to dispute since it is charged through iTunes.
Also, got logged out of app. Couldn’t remember password, attempted password reset and could never get a link sent even though it said it had sent it. I did this three times!


Very easy to use

Loved using BabyBookMilestones to help me remember my kids’ events. The prompts were really great and unlike any other baby tracking app I’ve used. The book I ordered was beautiful. Can’t wait to get my next one!


Super fun and easy!

Babypage has been so easy and fun to work with. I would never have time to capture the milestones of my kids without BabyBookMilestones! I would recommend to all my friends with children!


Awesome app!

Awesome app! I can easily upload photos and track my child’s milestones. The backgrounds are cute and fun for the pages. It gives your prompts based on age to fill in the information or for events. Great app for the busy parents!


New designs are so much better💖

Keep up the great updates ladies! BabyPage is getting easier to use and way cuter :) def cuter than any others now 👶🏼


Amazing product

Very easy to use and robust application.

Is Baby Book Milestones Safe?

Yes. Baby Book Milestones: BabyPage is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 3,891 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Baby Book Milestones Is 48.4/100.

Is Baby Book Milestones Legit?

Yes. Baby Book Milestones: BabyPage is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 3,891 Baby Book Milestones: BabyPage User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Baby Book Milestones Is 64.5/100..

Is Baby Book Milestones: BabyPage not working?

Baby Book Milestones: BabyPage works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Pricing Information

**Pricing data is based on average subscription prices reported by users..

- BabyPage PLUS

- Monthly Subscription - $7.99

- Three Months Subscription - $13.99

- One Year Subscription - $44.99

- Features:

- 10% off all orders

- Free shipping on all orders

- Create multiple profiles to keep track of each child in your family

- Access to premium illustrations, design elements and book cover options

- Friends & Family access

- Access ‘Photo-Only’ page creation

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