LADDER Strength Training Plans Reviews

LADDER Strength Training Plans Reviews

Published by on 2024-02-06

About: Ladder is the fitness app for people who are serious about strength training.
All of the benefits of personal training in a simple, flexible, fun and
affordable way that doesn’t sacrifice results.

About LADDER Strength Training Plans

What is LADDER Strength Training Plans?

Ladder is a fitness app that provides personalized strength training programs designed by expert coaches. It offers a supportive community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for fitness. The app provides a variety of workout styles to choose from, and you can train at home or the gym. Ladder also offers a free trial for seven days.



- Weekly programming designed by expert coaches

- A team of people who share your passion for fitness

- A variety of strength training styles to choose from

- Access to world-class trainers you can chat with

- A 'just press play' workout experience designed to maximize your time

- Personal training as a team sport

- Ladder Watch app to monitor and track your workouts

- Free trial for seven days

- Integration with HealthKit to monitor and track your workouts.

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Key Benefits of LADDER Strength Training Plans

- The Strong New York team offers a variety of coaches and exercises to choose from.

- The Body&Bell program is thoughtfully programmed and focuses on strength training and progression.

- The app takes the guesswork out of what workouts to do each day/week.

- The community aspect of the app is a highlight, with support from coaches and members.

- The coaches are easily accessible and provide real-time support.

- The app is great for anyone looking to change up their fitness routine and challenge themselves.

1080 LADDER Strength Training Plans Reviews

4.9 out of 5


Stronger no matter where you go

I joined the Strong New York team in the early stages of the shutdowns that happened state and country wide. I heard LADDERStrengthTrainingPlans get some attention from Men’s Health and other health and wellness forums I follow. Figured I’d give a shot since gyms were closing and unsafe to go to. Needless to say, I have not been disappointed at all. Coach Kenny’s program of Strong New York is right up my ally for personal fitness goals I have. There are plenty of options for coaches to train with and also exercises in general. The programs are structured in a way that make workouts fun and adaptable. You can tailor any of the workouts to your body type, strength level, or overall goals. But the best thing about LADDERStrengthTrainingPlans is that it goes wherever you go! Literally a coach and trainer in your pocket. Take them to the gym. Take them to the park. Take them to your basement. Take them on vacation! Doesn’t matter where you are so long as you have some basic equipment to get your by. A lot of my groups exercises can be done with a set of kettlebells/dumbbells, resistance bands, a suspension trainer, and your body weight. I owe a lot to my team and the coaches of this program/the developers of LADDERStrengthTrainingPlans. They’ve all made me stronger, faster, and more mentally tough. The most important thing is that I’m having fun with this and enjoying the process of trying to be my best self. Highly recommend for anyone and everyone!


Life changing!

I joined Lauren Kanski’s Body&Bell program when the team first launched, and I have no words for how incredible it has been. I was an avid exerciser pre-Ladder, but it was always challenging to find a program that focused on strength training and progression. LADDERStrengthTrainingPlans is that and SO MUCH more! The workouts are thoughtfully programmed by one of the best trainers out there. You have a week of workouts set for you every Sunday, which takes the guessing game and thought out of “what should I do at the gym/to workout today?” which is honestly like half the battle for most people. These workouts have me in the best shape of my life and I’m doing exercises I used to avoid due to injuries. I used to be in pain after running or rowing, and since sticking with this program my body is the happiest. The fact that I can do it at the gym or at home is a life saver during covid and quarantine. There’s a chat feature which has brought people all over the world together where we share recipes, motivational tricks, ask questions (Lauren is quick to respond and highly informative!) and most importantly keep each other accountable. I highly recommend LADDERStrengthTrainingPlans and particularly Body&Bell for anyone. You get a week free, what’s to lose?! Thank you Ladder and Lauren for making exercise available and effective in the virtual space! 🔥💪🏻👏🏻⚡️❤️


Best Workout App out there!

I joined Ladder Teams (specifically Body & Bell) to stay motivated and have new workouts to look forward to each day/week, and also accelerate my love for kettlebellsI didn’t expect to be a part of a community when I signed up and it’s been the hightlight of my life (especially during this time). Each day and week I look forward to the workouts, hearing what people are saying and knowing that we are all in this together. The support from the coaches (Lauren and Meghan) along with the members is what make LADDERStrengthTrainingPlans and form of training completely different than other workout apps (believe me, I’ve tried them all and this is the only one that has kept me interested and looking forward to more, it’s the only workout app I’ve stuck to and have committed to). The coaches are easily accessible and provide real time support, you feel like they are with you the entire workout, motivating you to do your best. Each week a new set of workouts are released and they are always changing it up which makes wanting to do the workouts even more exciting. I’d recommend LADDERStrengthTrainingPlans to anyone who is looking to change up their fitness routine, looking to challenge themselves, and who also want to be a part of an amazing community and group of people.


Best Workout App with Results

I was blessed to cross paths with a former Peloton Coach Jennifer Jacobs. I was hooked from the beginning - from her love of 80’s music to making you feel like she was riding right by your side - always pushing you. It was only fitting that I follow her on her new journey with Ladder Teams to deliver her detailed training with her JMethod program. I’m training more on a consistent level than ever before and I’m feeling so much stronger. Her workouts include a variety of combinations such as strength, mobility, core, cardio and resistance. The training is different every week, however the JMethod gives you the tools to be prepared and stronger for the weeks ahead. The videos of each workout gives you personal instruction, Jennifer Jacobs is there to give you the proper instruction on how to perform each move properly so that you can see results. Most of the workouts are 30-40 minutes and will leave you feeling inspired for more. The whole experience is very personalized. The price is worth getting to train one on one with one of the best coaches in the world - and results are guaranteed. You must join this amazing team and let Jennifer Jacobs show you her amazing JMethod program.


Best Combination of Programing and Community

I stumbled upon ladder after following Bobby Maximus and using some of his previous free workout programs. I was searching for an app that had built in programs that I could follow and utilize in my home gym. Did a free 7 day trial of ladder and never looked back. The best part of ladder is that there is variety in the coaches and programing you can select from. Individuals in all athletic endeavors or new to exercise can find the appropriate coach. I have selected Treigning Day and loved the programming. A great combination of CrossFit style workouts with focus on building functional strength through controlled speed and lower movements. The best part is the sense of accountability and community that has come across. I workout alone in my basement gym most days before work and in the moments that I may want to scale back or take my foot off the pedal a random cheer from another member will come through to remind you to keep grinding. LADDERStrengthTrainingPlans is so easy to use and the timer and coaching cues makes it easy to achieve the workouts. I have always enjoyed working out but this has taken it to another level. Highly recommend.


Treigning Day

I’ve been programming my own workouts for the past 12+ years after working with some of the top trainers in the country for about 5 years.
I tried LADDERStrengthTrainingPlans 3 months ago after following Reign and Neen on social media for some years and seeing it pop up on their feeds. Their training style is very similar to the way my trainers and I program my own stuff so I thought I’d try it out. I’ll just say flat out that it’s a fantastic app. You have the choice of several coaches with different approaches, and vocal coaching cues throughout your workout so you just put your headphones in, press play, and still have that feeling of a you vs. yourself mentality while knowing the rest of the ladder community is going through the same mental and physical gymnastics that you are to get the work done, and none of the workouts are over an hour long. It’s the only app I know of with programming, along with and an “in your ear” coaching experience, updated every week. They’re all clearly putting in a tremendous amount of work and a continuous attention to detail, and it makes for a great workout app for gym-goers of every level.


A Perfect Fit

I run competitively and bike, both indoors and on the road, for improved fitness. Like many others, I have been searching for a program that would compliment these activities and improve my performance. I am fortunate to have found the perfect fit... the
J Method ladder team coached by Jennifer Jacobs. This program has improved my flexibility, mobility and strength. These are extremely important to me as I am an older athlete looking to improve my results and avoid injury. The program is well organized and the exercises are all professionally demonstrated to show both the proper technique and the benefits. In addition, the chat feature allows me to ask Coach Jennifer specific questions about my training program.
Real World Results... This past weekend, I was able to run my first “ live” race( half-marathon)since the pandemic started. My improved flexibility and mobility, courtesy of J Method ladder team program, were key to achieving my goal time... injury free.
Don’t just read about this program or take my word for it.. Do it!
Ladder team provide a free one week trial to see the excellence of this program for yourself.


Love this fitness app!!!

I have been with team EMPWR for about a month and a half and I see results! As woman I struggled with feeling comfortable at a gym using weights, benches or just taking up too much space… With LADDERStrengthTrainingPlans and specifically my coach on team EMPWR I no longer have those feelings. I just put my headphones in and my confidence is through the roof. I know I am going to get a great work out in and I don’t second guess what workout I am doing. There is no walking aimlessly around a gym thinking did I do enough today? Did I work on the right muscles today or did I work too many muscle groups today? This really helps the over thinker (such as myself) that the workout I am doing is exactly what I should be doing at this time. Also let’s not forget music! LADDERStrengthTrainingPlans lets you play your music in the background and turns it a bit lower when the coach speaks and then goes louder after so you can pump/jam during the workout :) Anyway as you can tell this workout app and my team EMPWR works for me. I hope more ladies use LADDERStrengthTrainingPlans to become more confident to take up space at the gym!


CrossFitter turned ladder fanatic

As a dedicated CrossFitter, I was left unmotivated after my new work schedule prohibited me from attending regular classes at my local box. We built a full garage gym when things were shut down but my home workouts were getting boring and i missed that community and group for accountability. I’ve used other free apps and even had access to my gyms programming, but I wasn’t finding the discipline i needed. Further, i had very limited time with my 12 hr work days, so I needed something less than an hour. The step by step coaching that ladder provides keeps me on track. I set a fake class time and I show up, hit play, and work my tail off with my coach on my screen. I love the community chat and sharing videos for tips. My oly lifts feel stronger and my gymnastics skills are improving. I still get to play around with my barbell on team crews control and coach Andre is super motivating every day. He does check ins 2-5 times a day and offers feedback on lifting techniques etc. this program is flexible and really works. Super happy customer here! Get after it!


The best

I can not say enough good things about LADDERStrengthTrainingPlans!! It has been life changing for me!! I was a lazy out of shape slug. I was having shoulder pain from bad posture, everyday. I started LADDERStrengthTrainingPlans with Kenny Santucci and doing his program I have toned muscles, my posture is better, and I feel so much better (and younger!!)!!! But that’s not it..Kenny is not just nice to look....he talks you through new moves and if you don’t understand or have questions, he is just a text away! Every week he motivates us with a message. Before and after every workout Kenny is giving out MOTIVATION with support and positive words. He doesn’t just give you boring videos to watch, nope! He’s there with you!! And then the support of my amazing team is so wonderful!! I didn’t know if I’d like the team portion but I DO!! More motivation and inspiring people helping you reach your health and fitness goals!!

LADDERStrengthTrainingPlans is life changing in the best way. If you are looking for a fitness app look no further and join my team or another on ladder!!! THE BEST!!! I wish I could give it extra credit!!! Love LADDERStrengthTrainingPlans so much!!


Great for Home or Gym

So…I’m a person who likes to workout, but I’m not a person who has any motivation to make a workout. I’m sure if you’re reading this review you can relate. Well well, my friend introduced me to Ladder! I hesitated at first because I pay for a gym membership and to add this…would it be worth it?? Sure is! Depending on the type of workouts you’re looking for, LADDERStrengthTrainingPlans has teams great for the gym (machines and free weights) or home (bands and dumbbells). And that’s what’s sold me on it. I also like how if I don’t work out Mondays (I do Spin that night), that I can still do that workout anytime throughout the week. If you get bored in a month and want to keep it fresh - you can switch teams.

The only reason this doesn’t get 5 stars is that unless you pay for the higher package you can’t easily change teams. You can email them and they will make the switch for you, so that’s cool. And customer service was super quick responding and moving me to the team I wanted.

I really can’t find a bad thing about LADDERStrengthTrainingPlans . A month to month membership and somebody timing/teaching works for me :) Give it a shot!


Ladder Teams: Strong New York

LADDERStrengthTrainingPlans and community are amazing! I’ve always struggled with knowing what to do in a workout. I need someone telling me what to do! Coach Kenny’s programs lay everything out for you on a weekly basis, allowing you to just focus on doing the work. I never considered myself the most athletic or physically fit person so I thought I’d be super intimidated by the work outs and I couldn’t have been more wrong! I can feel myself getting stronger physically and mentally! Not only are the work outs amazing, but Kenny’s encouraging words at the beginning and end of every workout are so inspiring. And if getting fitness instruction from one of the best in the biz isn’t enough to motivate you, the entire Strong New York team is sure to pump you up! Everyone is so encouraging and supportive. I find myself checking LADDERStrengthTrainingPlans multiple times a day just to see who has joined the team and who has accomplished milestones and goals. I love everything about LADDERStrengthTrainingPlans and am just getting started! Highly recommend no matter where you are in your fitness journey.


Love this program!

Jennifer Jacobs was my favorite Peloton instructor and I found it hard to muster up the same enthusiasm to ride after she left the company. So I was thrilled to find out she had partnered with Ladder Teams to deliver comprehensive training with her JMethod program. Because of this pairing, I’ve trained more consistently and with more intention for the past 32 days (since she launched) than I ever have before. Workouts include strength, mobility, core, shadow boxing, resistance, agility, cardio and interval training. The training is progressive and the workouts are always different. Videos of each move accompany the workout with voice overs designed to enhance form as well as encourage and motivate. Most workouts are 35 minutes or less and leave me feeling like I accomplished something big in an incredibly efficient way. The whole experience feels so personalized. And the coach chat and team chat functions really add to the feeling of being on a team and having access to a world class trainer. It’s a fantastic community and we welcome new members!



I’m a husband & father of 3 ninjas (7, 5, and my ninjas princess is 2). I’ve tried so many different fitness apps and programs. Trying to find something that was more than just pushing play. I wanted something that would take me to the next level and hold me accountable along the way! Coach Sam Tooley and my Project Alpha family has far exceeded anything that I could’ve imagined. Every week and workout has meaning and is another piece to building the best version of YOU! The company that LADDERStrengthTrainingPlans brings is amazing!!! Every single person grinding and supporting one another is AWESOME! Having Coach Sam checkin and also doing the workouts says a lot. I’m a elementary teacher and due to my schedule I can only workout from home. Each workout requires minimal equipment to get the job done! Now this isn’t a “Go Through The Motions” kind’ expectations app. If you want to be PUSHED, SUPPORTED, & held ACCOUNTABLE to achieving your goals. This is where it’s at!!! I’m so grateful that I stumbled across LADDERStrengthTrainingPlans!
L-Boogie 💪🏾🦹🏾‍♂️


Ladder will change your life!

I have been a member of Ladder for about 5 weeks. I discovered LADDERStrengthTrainingPlans while I was following one of the coaches on TikTok. Once I realized that I could train with Kelly Matthew’s, I was hooked. Coach Kelly’s programming is tight, challenging enough to make me comfortably sore yet not leaving me wanting to sleep. In a short period of time I have noticed changes in strength, cardiovascular abilities, flexibility, the scale and measurements. Not only does Kelly Coach us up and motivate us, she’s hilarious!! I was a personal trainer/group fitness instructor in another life. For various reasons I ended up taking a desk job. I like it, but my fitness/athleticism really suffered. I was so motivated by Kelly’s programming and words of wisdom, I was immediately hooked. I like that Kelly uses many modalities in our training. For awhile my preference was mostly kettlebells. I love the way she weaves the styles of training together. Join any one of the teams available in Ladder. You won’t regret it and you will see results!!!


Best affordable workout community out there

I joined ladder for a little competition Sam Tooley was talking about on Instagram to win a theragun. So I downloaded LADDERStrengthTrainingPlans for a one week free trial (no card necessary which is literally the best) and loved LADDERStrengthTrainingPlans so much I payed for the monthly membership. I absolutely love the community and accountability LADDERStrengthTrainingPlans provides. It’s amazing to see everyone’s progress in the chat and all the motivational videos team members can post. I also love how the coaches can check in with you personally on LADDERStrengthTrainingPlans and how you can ask for modifications to exercises if need be. The workouts are very straightforward and easy to follow along (that doesn’t mean the workouts aren’t hard). You have coach Sam demonstrating each move with you as you are completing the workouts. It’s basically like having a coach in your ear as you’re working out. I was only going to use LADDERStrengthTrainingPlans for the challenge for the theragun, but haven’t gotten rid of it yet. It’s just that good!!!


It has changed my life

I joined ladder apps and the Body and Bell program 4 months after I had a life changing stomach operation. I spoked you Lauren who I happened to play soccer with in high school and she assured me I could jump right in, move at my own pace, and use body weight to start. I gave it a try snd instantly fell in love.
I had lost over 50lbs from being sick and couldn’t finish the first few workouts without a ton of rest but i am now at almost 100 workouts with Body and Bell and I feel so much stronger. Coach Lauren has literally walked through each hurdle with me, coaching me on my form and encouraging me to keep going. I feel like I am getting my life back after a year of being sick. One of the best parts of B&B is the community. LADDERStrengthTrainingPlans comes with a built in chat and I literally feel like I’m talking to my friends everyday. Body and Bell has given me so much already and I can’t wait to keep going. LADDERStrengthTrainingPlans is revolutionary and coach Lauren is gold. Don’t miss out


Get the Ladder app yesterday

As a previous personal trainer and group exercise instructor, my workout weakness is overthinking. I feel like putting myself through my own programming often ends up in perfectionism paralysis, and I sometimes am super picky about how other coaches/programming feels. A friend introduced me to the ladder app about a month ago and I just can’t say enough good things about it.

I loved that when I first joined on there was a quiz so I could talk about my workout preferences and get a few recommended teams. I also loved that I got a free week to try out a bunch of different teams and see which one fit.

The functionality of LADDERStrengthTrainingPlans itself is so great for beginners all the way to pros- I love that you can play your music in the background, but that you have your coach in your ear giving you reps and cues, and that you can see the exercise being demoed. The camaraderie within LADDERStrengthTrainingPlans is awesome too- being able to chat with your team.

Last but not least, Coach Kelly Matthews is incredible. After a few weeks of her programming, my overthinking was able to shut off because I trust her programming and I’m loving how my body is responding. Even more than that, I feel like I’m loving how I’m feeling mentally- strong, consistent, and motivated. Her programming and coaching style are down to earth and approachable, but also empowering.

So yeah, go ahead and get the Ladder app yesterday!


The best training experience in the most convenient way!

I’ve been training/working out consistently for the last 10ish years. I began using Ladder in June of 2020 when I was about 6 months postpartum. I’m not exaggerating when saying I’m literally in the best shape of my life physically and mentally AFTER having my child and give a bunch of credit to Ladder for this. I’ve tried several different coaches throughout my membership and they are all top notch. Currently I’m on Coach Elise’s team and couldn’t be happier with the caliber of the workouts she curates on a weekly basis. I’ve always struggled with plateauing over the decade of training I’ve done. I no longer have that problem with Ladder. All of this goes without saying, Ladder is 1000% the best workout app I’ve used and I’m confident in saying it’s definitely the best one that exists. 10 out of 10! Get Ladder, stick to the program, leverage your Coach and community and you will not be disappointed.


Excellent Programming and Great Community

Ladder Teams has provided an excellent platform for top notch programs by top trainers, like Body and Bell. Lauren Kanski and Meghan Hayden are both fitness icons in their own rights, and combining forces, have created an excellent, customizable program that requires minimal equipment. Though you WILL soon want an entire collection of kettlebells, you certainly won’t need one to get a lot out of the workouts. The community they have brought together is supportive of one another, shares great recipes and other fitness tips/tricks, and is well worth the monthly price which is a 1/3 of a big box gym membership (possibly less if youre a member of a fancy gym). They’ve offered people an easy way to make working out fun again, and the Ladder Teams app UI helps bring it all together into one neat, easy to navigate package. Only critique is that it would be great if we could easily preview what sweet torture lies ahead without pausing the workout.


Game changer!

I have spent a couple thousand dollars working with trainers in the gym. You know the deal, get a good workout once a week and tips for the rest of it. This is so different. It’s 6 workouts a week following a program. I stopped working out for a long time and got really out of shape. I tried to jump back in on my own thinking I could remember everything that helped in the past. I was thinking about getting a trainer but couldn’t justify the cost. I saw LADDERStrengthTrainingPlans on TikTok and signed up for the trial. I first joined team Limitless with Kelly. She’s freaking amazing, I follow her socials still, and her workouts are great! However my goals are to lose weight quickly and get more into running so I switched teams. I joined Project Alpha with coach Sam. I’ve been following his workouts 4-6 days a week. I am so shocked at how fast I’m changing! My mobility is improved, I’ve lost a visible amount of weight and I feel great… and I’m only in my 4th week! And it’s not just a workout routine.. it’s a community! You have a team chat with people sharing their own goals and struggles to help you push through and then you have your nutrition and equipment chats. With those chats you connect with everyone on LADDERStrengthTrainingPlans regardless of their team! Give it a try. Test a few trainers. You do not need a gym for a lot of these workouts! The welcome videos will be clear about what to expect. Give it a try! I’m obsessed.


You won’t regret this app!

I started with team crews control but it was a bit more cross fit style and at 45 I’m looking to prevent injury so I tried a different team. Now I’m on team Maximus and I love it. Maximus provides 6 workouts a week all ranging from 27-35 mins including warm up. I’m 6’ 220 athletic build and in decent shape and I’m burning between 4-550 Cals in that time. The program works on both strength and conditioning. You hit your goal if you do 4 of the workouts per week. I’ve hit 5 several times but never 6 yet. The 4 workouts for accountability is a good motivational aspect because they keep a score card of that for you. I’ll admit that I broke my streak because of some foul weather and broken travel plans during a ski trip and it bummed me out. If you do the 7 day free trial I suggest team Maximus. The only downside is that some of the workouts seem as if there is no way to keep up if you didn’t have your own empty gym. But don’t let that stop you without trying. Fortunately I have that option at work so it hasn’t been an issue.

Good luck!


LOVE this app

I was always on the hunt for a good workout app. I prefer to workout from home, but I have a hard time with motivating myself to workout and so part of what I was looking for in an app was, for lack of better words something enjoyable. Big ask of an app. I was looking for a app that used dumbbells for strength training and something geared towards women because I don’t like having male coaches but also don’t love super girly apps that gear women for always chasing being skinny. I also wasn’t interested in kettlebells. I listened to the Gabriella Lyon podcast on kettlebells and decided to try it. Found LADDERStrengthTrainingPlans, gave it a go. And now I love kettlebells! I only had a few lightweight ones at first but honestly it worked out great because I just focused on form till I could get a few heavier ones. Coach Lauryn is fantastic! I also got AirPods and that was a game changer to use with app. I look forward to working out, it’s fun and I feel so much stronger (and happier) I’m 45 year old women and know I’m investing in my health and future.


Best work out app

I love LADDERStrengthTrainingPlans and LOVE the trainer Kelly. I have stuck with her program for 3 months now. It does not get boring and her coaching in your ear during the work out is awesome. It really feels personal and that she is there with you. It gave me so much confidence in the gym to use equipment or do heavy lifts that I don’t normally try. LADDERStrengthTrainingPlans is great as well. The functionality is something you do not see with other apps - way ahead of it’s time. The workouts sync to your music and your Apple Watch. All you have to do is hit start and never look at your phone for the whole workout if you don’t want too. I hate other apps, where you have to stop and input information and then click to get to the next set. The chat is also great and motivating, and Kelly is always checking in and responding to questions. I have tried other coaches, still good, but have found the one trainer I really gel with and the workouts are awesome.


Indeed the best workout app out there!

Before joining the ladder program, I’ve used several apps but most of them is nothing compared to this. I have always seen advertisements on tiktok for the ladder program but I was hesitant thinking it’d be the same as any other apps I’ve tried. I have always build my workout plans through those apps and had constantly changed my workout split. but it’s so tiring having to figure out that out. When I first signed up & did some free workouts….girrlllll I was sweatin’ & trembling, & I loved it!🔥When I joined team iconic with Coach Sarah, I am always excited to look forward the next day for workout. I don’t have to worry about what type of exercises I have to do, that’s already been figured & planned out by Coach. That 3-2-1 method…whew! It works! I can see changes in my lower body & that upper body strength😮‍💨💪🏼…not kidding but I’m glad I’m seeing changes and loving every small progress. Totally not where I wanna be, but I’ll get there eventually.


Life changing!

LADDERStrengthTrainingPlans has changed my life! The workouts are challenging, you can pick from different coaches/teams depending on your fitness level, time you want to devote to the workout, and equipment needed. After joining a coach and a team, you have such great support! Everyone motivates one another throughout the whole process and the coach is amazing at always checking in with everyone and keeping everyone accountable. I’ve had a personal trainer before in the past in person, but this is even better! I feel like I’m part of a real team and we are all in this together! LADDERStrengthTrainingPlans is super easy to use, the workouts change every day and the program of the workouts every 6 weeks. Every Sunday new workouts drop for the week so you can plan your week! And if you have an Apple Watch it works AMAZING linking up to the watch and it’s soooo user friendly! I am literally OBSESSED!! I will never use another workout app again!!! This is hands down the best thing I have ever came across and I am so glad I did!


Empower with Courtney

I signed up with LADDERStrengthTrainingPlans end of 2022. I had the goal of getting in shape for a horse riding vacation August 2023. I had been out of the saddle for years and not in the position to ride every day. I started Courtney’s Pilates/strength training program to help. I am happy to report I did very well on my trip. My new strong core helped keep me in the saddle on a few occasions during the week. I will continue with this program. I have had amazing results working the program about 3 days a week. I also am riding at least once a week and getting in 10,000+ steps every day. Stay consistent. Progress over perfection. I’m 50 years old and in better shape than when I was 40 years old running 3-5 miles a day. An important caveat I really let myself go the last 3 years as peri menopause ramped up. Now I am focusing on strength, movement and sleep. I have lost about 30 lbs and am motivated to keep everything toned. I recommend this program to everyone as it really fits any schedule. In my ear training is fantastic!!! Thank you Courtney!!


Best workout app, hands down.

I have used almost every fitness app out there, but LADDERStrengthTrainingPlans, without question, is the best fitness app you will find. The coaches are so good at creating programs that are challenging, different, fresh, tall while creating great results. The coaches are also very charismatic, which is a huge plus! I follow most on social media and they’re a lot of fun! I gifted this to my pops (60) for Christmas, and he’s loving it too. I can’t wait for Sunday evenings to see what my week is going to look like. I’ve done Coach Sam and ReignTrain, both have given me exactly what I was looking for and appreciate the attention to detail each put into the program. You can tell they aren’t just throwing workouts together, they have so much intentionality in their programs. Having access to so many great trainers is great too, because it allows the coaches to create programs that aren’t one size fits all like most fitness apps strive for; instead, it’s “here’s the goals my programs will help you achieve.” Lastly, you feel a part of a community. Everyone, not just the coaches, are encouraging and motivating. LADDERStrengthTrainingPlans has found the best balance of technology, social, and fitness that’s out there. I’ve counted, I have tried over 50 apps this past year, and without question, this is the best one. I don’t even own an iPhone, I use my wife’s old phone just so I have access to LADDERStrengthTrainingPlans. Great work everyone involved, and thank you!


Team Formation

I started ladder the end of August 2023 I love it so much. Only thing is I wish it was a bit more personal so I went off and hired a personal trainer a month ago end of September 2023 but continued my journey with ladder. During my first two wks of my personal trainer I backed off from ladder and switched to my personal trainers workout app however I truly missed ladder so now I’m back doing both! I love the update on ladder btw and how it integrates into my Apple Watch! If you want to see results your in the right place. I tried three teams but definitely like coach Robbin best team formation is for me! Check it out! Stay committed and consistent and the results will come! I went from not working out or using my gym membership I had for three years to now going to the gym 5-6 days a wk some times twice a day and becoming addicted to working out! I went from not having a but to actually having one and I’m down almost 36 pounds in 3 months!!! Come join our team and utilize that trial! When I first started I couldn’t even get my knees on the floors when doing lunges. Now I do them constantly without a problem! You will be amazed at how far you can go with LADDERStrengthTrainingPlans. This is my experience with ladder but it a fast growing app helping tons of people out there with similar goals in mind! Give it a try!!!


Worth the money

On top of a very pricey gym membership I also subscribe to ladder because it helps me get the most out of my gym membership. I’m on team Limitless and couldn’t be happier with it. Coach Kelly’s programs challenge us in new ways each week and there is never a plateau, which I would certainly run into myself without the help of a personal trainer. I didn’t realize the level of athletic conditioning I was in for, and I’m super excited about it.
Hiring a trainer in person always seemed like a daunting task to me but with Ladder it’s something I KNOW I can commit to each week with the flexibility to work out at home with dumbbells or at the gym with full equipment. Kelly incorporates modifications to every program to give you that flexibility.

The interactive aspect of our team chats is also highly motivating, as we all keep each other up to date on our progress and failures, ask for advice, and give tips. Having a support system is invaluable in keeping yourself accountable, and not letting setbacks or gym anxiety keep you from reaching your goals. I will definitely continue subscribing because LADDERStrengthTrainingPlans itself knocks it out of the park, but couple that with the ability to find a group that you vibe with and it’s really a no brainer if you really want to progress past your known limits and surprise yourself with what you can do. Even if I was forced to cancel my gym membership, I would still keep ladder.


I’m finally consistently working out!

Ladder has been a HUGE help in motivating me to consistently work out. I have a great functional trainer in my garage, but after lifting weights semi-consistently for many years, I haven’t really seen any improvements in my overall fitness/strength level. But now, even at 62, I’m getting stronger and feel much better with my overall fitness level (I’ve done 51 workouts so far).

I really like how a weekly plan is created with 5-6 workouts, so all I do is pick the workouts I want to focus on. And now, I’m consistently working out at least 3 times a week with high-quality workouts. I’ve been using the same coach since day one and have been really happy how well he explains the intricacies of various weight moves to ensure we get maximum results. He also motivates us to work hard without being overly intense - and I like his fun facts and sense of humor!

And LADDERStrengthTrainingPlans is fantastic! You can easily preview each workout, document how much you’re lifting, pause any time, save your workouts, hook it up to your music App, send cheers to other members of your team, shows your milestones, etc. And they’re always improving LADDERStrengthTrainingPlans with great updates to make it even better.


If you are looking for a strength training app, you found it!

My friend recommended I try ladder, and I am SO glad that she did. The programming is amazing, the coaches are so supportive, and LADDERStrengthTrainingPlans interface really takes all the phenomenal coaching to the next level. I feel so supported through the community and chat component as well as through the in-ear commentary I receive from my coach as I workout. Ladder makes it SO easy to stay accountable. I love the integration and tracking with Apple Watch, the weekly streaks, and the updated journal that makes tracking PRs and weight progress so much easier. You can tell that they are working to make Ladder better and better with every update and release (and it’s already incredible to begin with) I’ve really noticed a difference in my energy, motivation, and overall strength since I’ve started training with Kelly Matthews on Ladder and am so excited to see the gains that are to come with her Limitless team. Her coaching style and programming is what I’ve been looking for for YEARS. So grateful that I found something that makes me feel confident inside and outside of the gym.


This is it.

I have a competitive background in both CF and Olympic Weightlifting. While I have been wanting an interesting, varied, and effective program, exercising several hours a day or doing metcons just isn’t my thing anymore. I’ve surfed no less than 5 other programming apps and have felt discouraged with movements being too simple (boring), low focus on performance, etc.

Ladder offers several different programming pathways and I found the one I have the motivation to stick with consistently. The perfect volume, duration, and varied focus on different performance measures. I love the team chat, and find it much more engaging than other platforms. The “whiteboard” instruction from Coach Kelly for each workout provides just enough guidance (and does so in an authentic way- no fake hype), and my little ADHD brain feels so satisfied when I get to check the box that I’ve finished the workout. There are so many cognitive and neurobiological reinforcers. I’ve never had an app the guides you through your workout, timing your rests, etc.

Oh, most importantly, I’m in my 4th week and already seeing evidence of muscle growth and strength. Unbelievable.



Ladder is more than just an app. It is the lifestyle change anyone needs to get into shape. There are several teams to choose with various fitness techniques in each one. Wheather you are just beginning your fitness journey or are already involved in it, ladder is the training program you want. I am 3 weeks into the Forge program with coach Corey. With the team chats, detailed routines, new routines every week, and the structure guided in the ladder program I can say that I am extremely happy with my results so far. I love being able to track the weights and reps along with being able to change the equipment being used if I dont have a particular piece of equipment. When I started looking for a fitness program I had tried several of the free trials (including ladders 7 day). Needless to say after honestly about 6 different programs I came right back to ladder and joined. Definitely worth it! Do what I did, get the 7 day trial. Give your dedication. And by the end of the 7 days when you can feel the difference, you will be team ladder too.

Is LADDER Strength Training Plans Safe?

Yes. LADDER Strength Training Plans is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 22,170 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for LADDER Strength Training Plans Is 74.0/100.

Is LADDER Strength Training Plans Legit?

Yes. LADDER Strength Training Plans is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 22,170 LADDER Strength Training Plans User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for LADDER Strength Training Plans Is 91.4/100..

Is LADDER Strength Training Plans not working?

LADDER Strength Training Plans works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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