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Never lose track of anything. Faves is all your saved content in one place,
organized exactly how you want it.

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Common faves Problems & Solutions. Troubleshooting Guide

Complete guide to troubleshoot faves app on iOS and Android devices. Solve all faves app problems, errors, connection issues, installation problems and crashes.

Table of Contents:

  1. faves iPhone Issues and Solutions

  2. faves Android App Issues and Solutions


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Some issues cannot be easily resolved through online tutorials or self help. So we made it easy to get in contact with the support team at The Hive Social Network, Inc., developers of faves.

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About this app

Want to find that cute puppy video you saw a month ago? All you need to do is type in a description of what you want, and this app pulls it up for you.  this app is all your saved content in one place, organized exactly how you want it.  Into anime? We want to see your favorite shows.  this app makes it easy to search through your favorite content.  You can even store different types of content in a single stack.  Mix and match tiktoks, tweets, songs and more into collections curated by you.  Enjoy curated playlists, bucketlist items, meme collections, and more.  Discover the coolest new content through stacks on the explore page.  Your profile can be anything you want so make your interests shine.  What's the last time you tried to find something but couldn't? We know how frustrating it is.  Into standup comedy? We can't wait to see the funniest performances you've watched.  Into fashion? Show us your favorite fit inspo.  Organize anything you fave into a stack.  Have any questions or ideas? We'd love to hear from you.  Tiktok unavailable? Not if you saved it on this app.  Tiktoks, IG posts, tweets--so you can always come back to them.  Tweet deleted? Nah, you have this app.  Nothing you save gets deleted.  If it has a link, then you can fave it.  Never lose track of anything.  Shoot us an email at [email protected] Maybe your idea will turn into a this app feature. 

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