Whatnot: Buy, Sell, Go Live Reviews

Whatnot: Buy, Sell, Go Live Reviews

Published by on 2021-09-02

Whatnot is a community marketplace where you can buy, sell, go live and geek out
with collectors and other like-minded people. LIVE SHOPPING, BREAKS, &
AUCTIONS Attend live auctions, card breaks and shopping events from top sellers
and geek out with other collectors and like-minded pe...

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Whatnot: Buy, Sell, Go Live Reviews

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    Potential to be the industry standard

    I echo the same sentiments as in the other reviews about the genius of the built in PPG, real time values and everything we ever loved about Mercari, minus the fees, but there are a couple of developmental shortcomings. The biggest one is that there’s no validation for account creation. I accidentally entered my email incorrectly and was not able to update that part of my personal information to fetch the shipping label for my sales. The second would be the lack of a fail safe when listing with prices. I listed an item for sale for $0 and it was permitted to be published. Most selling apps have an algorithm that inform that the value just be greater than zero. As far as applying to be entered into the Beta live program, there is really no place to list credentials that would influence the developers decision other than asking if you have sold on WhatNot before. Consider it is less than 11 months old and there are collectors who have been active in the community for the past 5+ years with various experiences, it would benefit the developers and app to include those with commiserate experience and verifiable credibility in the collecting community. Other than that, I see this app being the model for online selling for Pops especially with some fine tuning and continued quality leadership in the way of its collector friendly offerings.

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    Needs work to be reliable

    I’ve been an avid buyer and seller on this platform since it’s early days. I used to love using this app and saw it as my go-to for both buying and selling Funko Pops. However, my “inventory” consists of hundreds of listings that I have ZERO search functionality or management ability over. I have to manually scroll through almost 400 of my own listings on the app to find an item I listed. Typically, the app will glitch about halfway through and start repeating the beginning listings so I can never make it through everything. As a seller, I need a platform that makes cross-posting easy with the ability to update my listings easily. Sadly, this app is the opposite of that. If I can’t access my 300+ items, I can’t deliver with the integrity I strive for as a seller, and it also makes me weary as a buyer to purchase anything from a seller with a lot of listings for that very same reason. Overall, this app has great potential. But the fancy live auctioning features and talk of introducing chat features shouldn’t come at the cost of basic functionality like inventory searching or simple data exports. At the end of the day, it’s a good enough app, but not the trusty bread and butter go-to app that I had really hoped Logan and the team were striving for long term.

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    Honest review!

    I got this app when I first got in the “funko game”. It is very new but for a new app it runs great. Positive review first! 1. Really easy to navigate, they have a great search engine and it’s so simple to find, buy, and submit sales to the app. I have not sold any on here yet (which will bring me to the negative review portion) but it’s easy to do 2. The pop are decadently priced. Some of the best priced pops I’ve seen have been on here, also there are ridiculously priced pops because they are the only listing. 3. PURCHASED pops I’ve had are in AMAZING condition. The way they are shipped is insanely good, and they’ve all had protectors and have been kept nice and snug in the box. Shipping prices aren’t bad either. The bad: My only complaint is that people don’t buy pops here too much. At least not mine. I see a lot of pops here for a long time that go no where. That being said, the places that do sell them are the auctions they do, which have some grails for sure, but they sells pops there for WAY more than they’re worth. I think people just get catch up in the hype of it. Overall it’s a great app! UPDATE 9/12 I’m giving this app a five star because of the great customer service and understanding on their end. Fast response, empathy to a situation, and clear message is key to any great company! Love it.

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    Great App - can be better

    WhatNot has been a great app so far. I’ve made at least 5 or 6 purchases in between Nov. & Dec. 2020. It’s easy to navigate and I haven’t had issues with it except for some reason my iPhone gets hot while using it so I have to switch to the iPad for longer use. Also, it would be great if I could go back to my buying/purchase history and see who the seller was for an item I bought. I like this because when I receive an item I bought in the condition it was advertised, I would generally like to go back and purchase from that seller again due to a positive experience (if they had anything else listed that I was interested in of course). Otherwise, the app has been great. Hope it continues to grow and get better!

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    Great idea but...REVISED

    I already wrote a review, and I want to provide an update to it, but it won’t let me edit it so I am trying to write a new one. My original review rated this app at 1 star due to a looping login issue that, despite a successful login, continued to loop you through logging in anytime you attempted to view your account. I received a response from the folks at WhatNot the same day the review went live asking me to contact support and how to do that. I did so. That night and the next day I received emails from them stating they found the issue, corrected the issue and submitted an update to the App Store. I updated the app and now everything works as it should. Now I can give this app the 5 stars it deserves. The folks at WhatNot are super responsive, friendly and on top of their game. As I stated in my original review, the first transaction I did through them was fast, easy and super smooth. I am in the middle of my second transaction and it is going just as well. Thanks to everyone at WhatNot for handling this issue as quickly and professionally as you did.

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    First Time User

    I am thrilled to find so many items that I collect in one place!! There were Funko Pop figures that I had never seen before, and I made sure to snatch one of those up quickly! Pricing seems fair, shipping is based on location, and check out was streamlined and super easy! I was able to check out with PayPal giving me protection on my purchase, which I appreciate. Products are rated by condition with pictures on verified listings. I’m excited to dive in and find more goodies for my growing collection of Funko Pop!! Thank you for such an easy way to find and purchase things I wouldn’t otherwise know where to find!!

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    Love this app

    I’ve bought at least 20 pops from whatnot in the last few weeks, my absolute favorite place to get second hand pops, and the customer service is outstanding. I ordered a pop, it arrived to whatnot damaged, they sent the pop back and gave me a refund, I bought the same pop again(trying to complete the set) and this one arrived to them damaged again, they recognized my account, and that I was trying hard to get this pop, so they issued me a full refund(again) sent the damaged pop to me for free, along with another free pop, just for the inconvenience. I can’t say enough how much I absolutely LOVE this app

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    Great App with potential

    I just want to see this is a great app and wonderful idea to create a community where people can bid on collectibles and sell as well. My only question is that they allow more people to host live on there. I’ve filled out an application but I don’t know how long the waitlist is and when/if I would be able to stream with you guys. I stream on Facebook weekly and have an established eBay and Mercari store but I want someone to reach out to me so that they can see I would be a great addition to the community. Please keep up the great work and hopefully allow more people to stream Live.

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    The perfection of a selling/buying app! Not only does it do a good job making selling and buying collectibles so easy, IT EVEN HAS LIVE AUCTIONS!!! You can also scan Funko Pops to get their value. I’ve never downloaded such a perfect app! You guys at WhatNot are doing such a good job! The only problem I have is sometimes I get kicked out of the app at random times and have trouble with live auctions depending on how many other auctions are going live at the same time. BUT I know you guys will fix those small bugs because you guys are the BEST!!

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    Update messed up the app

    The app is amazing. Hands down. But ever since the update, the search option is all messed up and doesn’t give me anything close to what I’m searching for. I realize after a few searches that it gives me the same 14 results no matter what I search up. On top of that, when I look at the funko pops I have, once I hit the bottom of the page and waiting for the rest of the results to load, it throws me back to the top. And it keeps doing that every time it loads. It didn’t do that before. Please fix these problems. This only happened after the update. But again, AMAZING APP!!

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    I love this app!

    I’ve had nothing but a great experience with this app! This app was MADE for Funko fans and collectors alike! This app gives you a comfortable feel for what your pop you want or have may be trending at. The live auctions are a blast wether you’re wanting to purchase or just watch! They do giveaways along with some of their sellers. It’s an overall awesome app. They continue to update it and have amazing customer service as well! I’ve bought and sold on here, and one day hope to have a live auction myself!

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    A joke

    This app is a joke. Don’t even waste your time trying to buy stuff on here. Especially in the auctions. They sold an item to me during an auction, then claimed that it “glitched” because they didn’t make enough money on the item so they reauctioned off the item I already purchased. Not a single person even tried to contact me and let me know they were reselling the item they already sold to me either. When I asked support for it to be made right they told me that if I’m not willing to consider these “glitches” then I probably shouldn’t participate. Their policy claims that they actually try to solve the problem instead of just siding with the buyer, but what they really mean is that they will automatically side with the seller.

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    Great place to browse available funko pops!

    I’m not a big collector myself, but my brother is and I thought I’d have a look for anything that would make a good holiday present for him. I searched a few collections via the filters and found that they made a Parks and Rec Ron Swanson figure. Perfect! I really wish there was Apple Pay since it was a bit tricky to enter shipping information in the small form fields at checkout, but I found PayPal and that saved me time. Would recommend to anyone looking to buy as a gift.

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    Waaaaaaay better then the rest!!! ( Not that there is anything like them! )

    I recently started collecting pops. I work hard and I am always looking for a bargain. I have been using the funko app for last year and find it lacking ( and shady at times when you click to buy a pop.) But the Whatnot app makes it easy to purchase ( and get pops at or below PPG value ! ( because we all want to pay below it!! But then again when there is that one pop you want you’ll pay whatever it takes! The barcode scanner is a awesome feature to bring up items on the fly! Also the FAQ section basically covers every question concern you could possible be thinking of. You can tell they care ! Thank you guys again for being a reliable trusted service ! You rock ! 🤟🤟🤟

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    Easy... sort of?

    I don't like the option of not having a second forward-facing photo... Such as a designated area for including an extra photo showing you are willing to include a hard stack or to show the proof for glow-in-the-dark pops. I just added in a post- it message with my first photo and included a glow photo in the "damaged" area so hopefully trying this out, my last post I submitted will still be approved! Otherwise so far seems very easy and I appreciate the shipping cost immensely.

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You can now contact Whatnot: Buy, Sell, Go Live customer service directly
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Is Whatnot: Buy, Sell, Go Live Safe?

Yes. Whatnot: Buy, Sell, Go Live is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 5,328 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Whatnot: Buy, Sell, Go Live Is 38.8/100.

Is Whatnot: Buy, Sell, Go Live Legit?

Yes. Whatnot: Buy, Sell, Go Live is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 5,328 Whatnot: Buy, Sell, Go Live User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Whatnot: Buy, Sell, Go Live Is 38.8/100.

Is Whatnot: Buy, Sell, Go Live not working?

Whatnot: Buy, Sell, Go Live works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 6 Comments

By Jessie mccaine
Aug 22 2021

I was cheated out of a card reaching out now to get it squared away really hope whatnot can make this right a seller randomized a game and I won a 500$ plus card then he said no he forgot something and had to re do it which is not right and I lost the card to someone else this needs to be corrected ASAP

By Christopher Sayre
Jul 29 2021

Been waiting 2 months to sell my small 30 box comic collection. I'm getting the feeling I might never get the chance to sell on whatnot.....as for buying, there's a few issues...especially shipping....first item you buy varies in price, then it's $1 dollar for every additional item, which is crazy because if i buy 40 comics I have to pay 40 dollars in shipping?? That's rediculous, hopefully in time they can fix that but I'm sure they won't since they're making money from it. Might just stick to Instagram since they don't charge you a percentage of your sale as well. I was really hoping this app could be the go-to app we all needed for collecting, but it's not looking good, unfortunately.

By Caban
Jul 14 2021

Worst platform/app ever! They take your money to purchase items and the seller looses items you paid for. In the mean time they refuse to give you your money back. Customer service sucks. Miserable to deal with. Sellers are NOT held accountable and practice deceitful and dishonest selling!!!

Blake Martinez in particular! He only gets away with it because of his “status” and the fact that he’s friends with one of the owners.

He lost a Charizard that my husband pulled! He also guarantees holos will be graded through Beckett. That’s a lie! He sent my husband a holo back not even hard sleeved. He has no idea wtf he’s actually doing.

You would think because he’s rich that he would do this for the love of it. On the contrary I’m convinced he does it to hit on J Blev “Ninjas Wife”! He stays up her arse!!!! Willing to bet money she ended up with MY Charizard- he would however know that if he was more concerned with what he’s selling/pulling vs calling out her name every 2 seconds. YOU THIRSTY AS HELL BRO! EXIT STAGE LEFT!!! YOU’RE NOT HALF THE MAN NINJA IS! GUARANTEE HE WOULD NEVER TREAT SOMEONE THE WAY YOU TREATED ME.

Mistakes happen. This was more then a mistake. It happened multiple times. That’s being irresponsible and careless! That’s you thinking you have so much money that you can do whatever you want! I’m holding Blake Martinez accountable and also Whatnot! What kind of world do we live in when even the owners of the app can’t do right by the customers!!!

After speaking with Blake about it he openly admits he lost the card. Then proceeds to say well you spent over 6 grand on 1 transactions NO BIG DEAL!!! I’ll just by you another one. He is an arrogant useless piece of crap! Another famous person who lets fame and money go to his head. He has NO accountability and throws everyone under the bus. Comes off smug as hell and his lack of carelessness comes across in his messages! Unlike him people actually work hard for their money and don’t appreciate being bluntly lied to and cheated out of stuff they rightfully deserve own!

BLAKE- the Pokémon community is far too good for you bro. You give all sellers and the app a bad name because of your crappy ways. Do all of us a favor and get off that platform so we can all go back to enjoying it drama and scam free!

By P
Jul 02 2021

This app is good the people who runs it is racist. There are not one black entrepreneur selling on the app. It is strictly made for the majority. I have made numerous attempts to host. Contacted support about a dozen time. No response, no respect to even answer back, no follow up on their behalf after u fill out the form about a month or 2 in. But right they are diversified. The only thing that is diversify is the damn items or collection you as a customer buys. They don’t support black business and only cater to those they deem their kind. The platform is not meant for us to host but only to buy. They do everything in their power to keep the platform all white. And keep reputable sellers who is black off it. Fucking joke. And that Grant dude the founder! He is the head of that racist ass company. And yes he is. Racist as well. Ask him to show you all the data. You won’t find one black seller on there. Becuz they are being held up in some wait list and Pushed to the back of the line in favor you know who!

By Joe
Jun 08 2021

Does anyone know if the app allows hosts to also bid on the items they list? Seems like if they are not monitoring that it would be a big problem..

By John
May 16 2021

I bought a $200 Mystery Pack containing things like Hit Card, Slabs, Sealed Product. In the pack was 1 card that sells on Ebay daily for $50. Now to me that don't seem fair. How can Whatnot let their sellers take advantage of their customers? Definitely some transparency issues going on for sure. Every seller should be clarifying every issue with the card before starting an auction. Its almost like some Streamers are like hey they if they don't ask I don't say. Don't get me wrong there is ALOT of great Streamers on there that will grow with the Whatnot brand and do big things.

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