Profoundly Reviews

Profoundly Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-31

Join 12 million+ people who are making new friends with Profoundly, all over the
world. Profoundly is not just another social networking app. We at Profoundly
believe that humans are much more than just images and true relationships start
with conversations, not swiping. HOW DOES IT WOR...

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Profoundly Reviews

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    I too fell for the one of your facebook friends sent you an anonymous message. And so I downloaded the app logged into it through Facebook and let me tell you it was a mess. For one going into my profile it had my age as 18, I’m 22 and it won’t let you change it. Two you can’t choose who you want to talk to. You have this tinderesk swiping and they’re all of the opposite sex. Even though it says you can just be there for friends. Also know way to pick your preferences either. So even if you wanted to use it as a dating site. If you’re gay good luck. And finally the message I got was from some person I probably don’t even know. How do I know that you ask? Because I’m engaged and all of my friends know this. This app is a train wreck full of false advertisements and just an overall money grab. Save yourself the download if you can

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    Cute when it was an anonymous fb thing.

    This app kept messaging me for months saying a fb friend sent me a message. After the profoundly fad ended on fb, I got over it and ignored the messages. Today I got another notification saying a fb friend sent me a message and thought “what the heck”. Clicked, and instead of just taking me to a website in fb like it use to. It had me downloads the actual app. Sure, a little annoying but it’s free and I’m obviously not doing anything. So I download and answer all the questions it ask to set up and realize it’s actually more of a dating app than a truth telling app like it was marketed on fb, making it a little more annoying as I have no interest in dating apps. finally after setting up I realize there is in fact no message and it was just a trick to get you to download. What a waste of time. 🙄

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    Doesn’t work !!!

    I got a message on Facebook saying that I have a anonymous message. It won’t allow you to view it unless you downloaded the app. I downloaded it & nothing there. This keeps on happening. I think they are lying to people about having a new anonymous message just to get them to download the app. Plus the app is probably the most confusing app I have every used in my life. It’s poorly put together & it’s so hard to navigate on it. Just throw the whole app away at this point. It was perfect when you received a message & you could just go to messenger then it would take you to the message. Now you can’t even see your message or get to them on the app. Also you have to pay to reply back which is stupid!!! Just save yourself some time & don’t bother downloading this app !!!!

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    A Profound Lie

    I enjoyed Profoundly months ago as a way to exchange sweet anonymous messages with my friends, but the craze died down and we all moved on. However, every couple of weeks I'd get a message from Profoundly asking me to jump back in or telling me that a FB friend left me a message. I finally decided to download the app to see the message. Spoiler alert: there was no message, it was just bait to get me to download this low quality dating app. Particularly annoying is that it asks for your gender but only lists male and female. It also asks for your age, but not your birthdate. It makes sure that you know these options CANNOT BE CHANGED LATER. Call this app what it is, and stop trying to lure people back by lying to them.

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    Great improvement

    I dunno how much the update changed, but I can tell that the app is functioning well and isn’t clunky to navigate. I suggest making a list of icebreakers that a poster can choose from while having the option to randomly look for icebreakers in case the poster wants a specific type of icebreaker. Also, perhaps try making the options at the top of the screen more noticeable? It might mess up with the minimalistic feel though, so maybe not.

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    New Update

    I can’t find a report of this update, but your feed is no longer just your friends; it’s now seemingly everyone that uses the app. Previously it was an interesting way for you to secretly and privately vent to people you know, or reach out to a friend in need. But now it’s just a jumbled mess of sexualized posts from strangers. This app used to be a way to reconnect to old friends, or privately air your feelings. I wasn’t mad when they got their own app, since it obviously blew up, and I understand them needed to monetize their product; but the pay-to-reply was the wrong way to do it. And the Public Feed is actually stupid.

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    Distasteful and false advertising

    I used to use this service once upon a time, before it was an app. Firstly when it first came out it was only available through Facebook messenger and was an anonymous messenger and that’s pretty much it. Reminded me of old school Sarahah website. Anyways I randomly got a message from the app saying a message was sent from a friend about me, am kind of forced to download an app to view it but it doesn’t exist. Disappointing model to get people to download a dating app. Yes, they completely recreated the app without informing me at all. It is now a location based dating app, no thank you.

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    Pay for private messaging?!

    Seriously? Now we have to pay to send private messages? This app is a joke. Don’t waste your time downloading it. Officially deleted. You want users to use your app, which I actually loved, but you need to change that. We should be able to privately reply, anonymously, so our identities would not be revealed on Facebook. There are things some people don’t even want their own families to know. You’re destroying the very definition of anonymity by forcing people to choose to send private messages.

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    Wow !

    I thought it would be like the fun game where ppl just message you like on Facebook . I’ve gotten numerous messages from Facebook saying a friend wrote me. This time I had to download it and instead of showing me questions it wanted to act as if a dating profile . It asked what I’m looking for on here, which is nothing . Just want to check my secret questions. It was almost a full on questionnaire. Of course I didn’t get through it because I deleted it just as fast as I got it! Hated it. Again I say Hated it !

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    Major system update and take off cost

    When messenger had it it was a fun way of communication to a mystery person kinda like honesty box but this is redundant then to make you pay for a private massage that’s absurd because it said I have a private message and I actually did have one but I have to pay to reply someone needs to go back to the drawing board because Anonymous status post is not cutting it and u can’t communicate well and if I’m not making sense cuz I’ve been on the app trying to understand that

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    I hate beginning stages.

    I see that it was updated but what about the anonymous message that already happened? Still not feeling this.

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    Limited response?!

    Before I go Amon a rant, let me just say the app itself is decent but the fact I can’t talk to people after like 3 messages (or at all if I don’t see it in time) is pretty ooo in my opinion...I get the idea of making money through people buying premium but really? The limits to even explore part the app for free makes me not even really want to keep it. I can’t even really test it out before purchase, you know?

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    Hate it. Doesn’t work.

    With so many people complaining about issues you would think something would be done. Stop sending messages saying I have a new “anonymous message” and then when I go to the app it says nothing is there. I liked the old profoundly much better idk why it needed to be changed to try to be just like Facebook smh I’ll be deleting it again and just ignoring future probe messages that are basically just click bait. Just horrible.

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    Not a well coded app or support.

    At first this was pretty fun getting anonymous questions. Now that there is an app for this, I lost interest. It’s become more like tinder and less like it’s original purpose. The most annoying part, I keep getting messages that someone sent me an anonymous question but when I go to messages in the app, nothing new is there. Of course, app support is not helpful because there is no app support to contact. Don’t download. Deleting it. Waste of time.

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    Tricked into making an account

    I received a message on Facebook saying I had an anon message from a friend. I went through all the trouble of making an account only to find out it was a trick, and that there’s no message. Everybody on the app says the same thing happened to them. Really disgusted with this marketing ploy, the developers at Profoundly should be disappointed. Expect your reviews to plummet; try marketing like an honest company next time.

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Is Profoundly Safe?

Yes. Profoundly is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 2,708 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.1/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Profoundly Is 37.3/100.

Is Profoundly Legit?

Yes. Profoundly is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 2,708 Profoundly User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Profoundly Is 37.3/100.

Is Profoundly not working?

Profoundly works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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