American Funds PlanPremier401k Reviews

American Funds PlanPremier401k Reviews

Published by on 2024-01-31

About: This app is only for participants in American Funds PlanPremier
employer-sponsored retirement plans. It’s not meant for other retirement,
college or individual investor accounts.

About American Funds PlanPremier401k

What is American Funds PlanPremier401k?

The American Funds PlanPremier app is designed for participants in employer-sponsored retirement plans. It provides access to key account details, investment lineup, and allows users to make changes to their account as allowed by their plan.



- Personalized estimate of monthly retirement income

- Personal rate of return

- Balances across investment options

- Summary transaction history

- Future contribution allocations

- Beneficiaries (if available)

- Access and download plan forms

- Upload documents to request certain account changes

- View investment lineup

- Update contribution amount

- Adjust future contribution allocations

- Exchange between funds or rebalance account

- Manage beneficiaries

- Enroll in plan

- Update profile, including communication preferences, username, and password

- Request a loan and view active loan information.

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Positive experience


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Key Benefits of American Funds PlanPremier401k

- Functional app

- Touch authentication works after 3-4 attempts

- Easier than logging into the website

- Can print forms etc straight from the app

20 American Funds PlanPremier401k Reviews

4.7 out of 5


Somewhat Functional Is The Best I Can Say

Not user friendly, UI is counterintuitive. It’s not easy to add or edit additional income streams (if you have a Roth IRA outside of American Funds and want to track your contributions they have a manual option, but how do I go back and edit it if I decide to contribute more?) As it stands, I’ve scaled my 401k contributions back dramatically and increased my Roth IRA contributions on the assumption that taxes will be much higher when I retire in 30 years. What’s the point of allowing me to track outside income if I can’t edit it easily so that the math reflects my current situation?

To be fair, the tool is free. But the functions leaves much to be desired. If my employer did not use American Funds for our retirement, I would never ever utilize their services. It seems as if their app is designed to be opaque and difficult to use for more than the most superficial tasks, like a retirement calculator. There’s like 9000 of those online for free. I would expect more from American Funds. It never fails to boggle my mind that these companies that handle TRILLIONS of dollars a year have the most basic, bare-bones apps possible (also looking at you, Vanguard).


The web interface is easier to use than the App.

Before AmericanFundsPlanPremier401k became available for iPad and iPhone, access was available through a web interface. Actually the web interface was better and now AmericanFundsPlanPremier401k interface is clunky and more difficult to use. Additionally, within AmericanFundsPlanPremier401k , in the area for Statements & Notices, certain document types will not open and AmericanFundsPlanPremier401k doesn’t show the document type nor the type of error. For now, I just access the account on a Mac through the web interface. Much better. AmericanFundsPlanPremier401k needs a lot of work.


It’s fine. Please read.

AmericanFundsPlanPremier401k is for people who have their 401ks through their employers. That’s why I was able to get in. AmericanFundsPlanPremier401k itself seems functional so far. No issues. I suggest you read a bit before downloading an app that’s not meant for you (referencing all the negative reviews).


Lots of issues

Touch authentication works after 3-4 attempts, after updating new version touch authentication stopped working, tried 7-10 times. App just allows to see balance, can’t do much what’s possible in website. Needs lots of improvements.


Too much red tape!!

When I saw that there was a mobile app so I could check my Trader Joe’s retirement account on my phone, I was naturally pleased. What I wasn’t expecting was this nonsense about asset allocation (or whatever it was AmericanFundsPlanPremier401k was trying to get me to do)! All I want is a simple app that let’s me check on my retirement account and see its current value. That’s all. Nothing more. AmericanFundsPlanPremier401k was deleted within a few minutes. If it’s fixed, I MIGHT download it again and give it another try.


Amazing app

So much easier than always logging into the website. Can print forms etc straight from AmericanFundsPlanPremier401k


The widget is not working by design

Before you guys upgraded it to the latest update the widget was working. Not it’s doesn’t even work anymore like it use to. I went to AmericanFundsPlanPremier401k to turn the widget and I check it would show the information. But when refresh it it’s gone and it tells you to rest it up again. Please fix this issue.


Read Developer Responses here before downloading App

For whatever reason AmericanFundsPlanPremier401k doesn’t disclose up front that it won’t work for many American Funds and Capital Group portfolios.

So you type in a lot of personal information then get “locked out”. But you can still log into your account on a desktop.

Disappointed that this isn’t disclosed up front.


Updates took a step backwards

Old version of app was easier to navigate and to read. This version is bland and not intuitive so very difficult to find things and to make changes. It also did something to account aggregation where my other site asks for my credentials for this account upon every login.


Can’t access my account.

I’ve tried to use this to access my employer-sponsored 401k info. It doesn’t recognize credentials that work fine on the web and it can’t find my profile when I enter my personal info. It’s not worth it to sit on the phone with someone to fix.


Keep having to delete and download again

I have had to delete AmericanFundsPlanPremier401k and download it again 3 times in about 3 weeks now. It seems that every update they make I have to do this process to be able to log into AmericanFundsPlanPremier401k again. App is useful and would give it 4 or 5 stars if not for this issue as it is becoming frustrating.


Log in problems

I can’t ever log in on AmericanFundsPlanPremier401k but I can on the computer with the EXACT same information. It is very frustrating that such a prominent company doesn’t take the time to fix AmericanFundsPlanPremier401k . It is another way the company can exchange money very quickly. It would be very helpful if they fixed it simply for profit’s sake, but really fix it for customer satisfaction!!


Force closes when reviewing balance

When checking balance over time and changing to a different time range (YTD or 1-year, for example), AmericanFundsPlanPremier401k force closes.

Otherwise, AmericanFundsPlanPremier401k works well.


Great until update

App worked great until ios15.1 update. The login page is unresponsive after entering ID and password. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling, no luck.


User friendly

AmericanFundsPlanPremier401k is very user friendly.


Login button not working

For the last few months I have significant issues with the log in button not working on AmericanFundsPlanPremier401k . This is very frustrating. It won’t let me “click” it…..just acts like nothing ever happened. Can this please be corrected??


This is a really good app

All the info you need at your fingertips


Can’t log in.

American Funds - think about this from the perspective of the customer (account holders not companies) - it’s 2019 and users expect app-based access to their finances. This should be a standard feature for all your accounts - not just a premiere feature employers pay extra for.


Can’t find my account

As simple as that. Have a few investment accounts with them. When typing in my social, login you name it. It can’t find my account. Online in web browser I have no issues to login.



It’s great you made an app



American funds mobile app works well and has decent app features. But only problem I had is , it stops allowing me go to login after few weeks of use and give error message as contact plan admin. After I delete app and re-install it works well for few more weeks again. I request you to fix this issue, other than that good for me.


Crash !

App keeps crashing when I try and load my statement . Can you add a spot under account where we can see our account number ???

Is American Funds PlanPremier401k Safe?

Yes. American Funds PlanPremier401k is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 5,976 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for American Funds PlanPremier401k Is 22.0/100.

Is American Funds PlanPremier401k Legit?

Yes. American Funds PlanPremier401k is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 5,976 American Funds PlanPremier401k User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for American Funds PlanPremier401k Is 37.6/100..

Is American Funds PlanPremier401k not working?

American Funds PlanPremier401k works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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